We live in a culture that is so feminized that whenever a marriage is in trouble, the husband is to blame and some type of abuse is the reason. Take the Kendrick brother movies. It’s always the husbands who are at fault.

Here’s something one woman wrote on my social media?

“The woman that made the greatest impact on me was physically abused by her husband. She had a legitimate case of abuse. She was the gentlest, sweetest, most forgiving, and godliest woman I have ever met. Her husband was a heroin addict who was constantly delusional and would sometimes point a gun at her head. That’s true abuse! But most women’s stories are not like that. If a woman is in that kind of situation and her life is at risk, she should seek help ASAP. I think very few people on this forum would deny this.

“At my husband’s suggestion a couple of days ago, we sat down to watch Fireproof. We had seen it many years ago. About five to ten minutes in, l asked my husband if we could turn it off and watch something else. I just couldn’t stomach how the wife was being portrayed as being abused by a hot-headed husband. It makes me cringe that these movies are passed off in the name of Christianity.

“The things the husband was upset about was that there were no groceries, she didn’t cook, she worked an outside job, and she had very little respect for him. He also had his own issues. It’s sad that for many years our society lived on traditional values of women grocery shopping, cooking for their family, and not working outside the home and now, when a man expects his wife to be the homemaker, many women scream abuse and male chauvinism. So sad.”

What’s incredibly sad is how few women are actually being taught how to be good wives. They aren’t learning or being modeled by their mothers. They aren’t learning it at school or at church. They’re learning the complete opposite. They’re learning that everything is the husbands’ fault and makes everything the husband says and does abusive. Women are faultless.

Well, I found this not to be true when I began mentoring women years ago. First, they told me was how bad their husbands were. Then, I always asked them what kind of a wife they were. Not one knew anything about being a good wife. I wonder if there’s ever been a time in history when older women on a grand scale were teaching younger women what God commands they teach.

When you mentor women, remember that there are always two sides to the story. Never recommend divorce. If they are being physically abused, help them escape ASAP, although many don’t want to escape unfortunately. For the rest, teach the biblical principles on becoming the wives God calls them to be. Help them to see their fault in the marriage. Remind them that this is a spiritual battle. Satan likes nothing more than destroying marriages and families; for these are the foundation of strong churches and nations.

Let them know that they are only responsible for their own behavior, not their husbands. Always point them to God’s Word. They will reap what they sow. This is an eternal principle. Help them learn how to sow good fruit in their marriages that will build them up rather than tear them down. Meet consistently with each other if you can. They need someone to encourage them and give them wise counsel in their battle.

Likewise, ye wives, be in subjection to your own husbands; that, if any obey not the word, they also may without the word be won by the conversation of the wives; While they behold your chaste conversation coupled with fear.
1 Peter 3:1,2

Woman Worship is Occult

( Left. Isidore Marie Auguste Francois Xavier Comte (1798-1857)Over 160 years ago, the Freemason August Comte 
wanted to perfect society by removing men from procreation.
Disguised as “gender equality,” women would be elevated to “goddess” status.
This occult (satanist) plot has succeeded in destabilizing society 

because women are naturally hypergamous (seeking someone of higher status and power.)  Men are emasculated when women are put on a pedestal. Freemasons ensured that modern men loved women instead of virtue.
“In a word, the new doctrine will institute the worship of Woman, publicly and privately, in a far more perfect way than has ever before been possible. It is the first permanent step towards the worship of Humanity.” [ Worship of Humanity = Satanism]

“M. Comte aims at establishing …a despotism of society over the individual, surpassing anything contemplated in the political ideal of the most rigid disciplinarian among the ancient philosophers.” John Stuart Mill 
The Occult Plot to Idealize Women

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from Dec 12, 2018

By Henry Makow PhD

In 1852, Illuminati philosopherAuguste Comte said social progress required that human reproduction “depend solely on the woman.” He implied women should use artificial insemination to shut men out of procreation.  

“If in human reproduction, the man contributes merely a stimulus, one that is but an incidental accompaniment of the real office of his generative system, then it is conceivable that we might substitute for this stimulus one or more which should be at women’s free disposal…” he wrote.

The goal seems to be to eliminate sexual attraction altogether. 

“Woman, even in her physical functions, may become independent of men…The highest species of production would no longer be at the mercy of a capricious and unruly instinct, the proper restraint of which has hitherto been the chief stumbling-block in the way of human discipline.”  (System of Positive Polity,1851-1854, Vol. IV, P. 60, 61.)

In a chilling presentiment, he wrote, “A female friend, if well chosen, who could make herself a member of the family, would in most cases do better than the father himself.” -(Vol. IV, P. 195.)

The Illuminati believed they could control society by using women to emasculate men. This they called “the emancipation of women.” 

“The change would complete the just emancipation of women, thus rendered independent of men, even physically. it would no longer be possible to contest the full ascendancy of the affective sex over children which were its offspring exclusively.” ( Vol. IV, P. 244)

Mankind would be members of one great family as “the offspring of a spouse-less mother.” (Vol. IV, P. 359)


The first step in the “worship of humanity” (Humanism) was to make women goddesses. 

By substituting goddesses for gods, we sanction the legitimate preeminence of women…. In a word, the new doctrine will institute the worship of Woman, publicly and privately, in a far more perfect way than has ever before been possible. It is the first permanent step towards the worship of Humanity. (Vol. 4, 446; Vol. I, P. 205.)

While Comte himself was supposedly not a Freemason, he certainly was an admirer. According to one source, “Comte looked to Benjamin Franklin as inspiration for his own notion of a “religion of humanity” and referred to him as a “modern Socrates.” 

Aside from springing from a similar ideology as Freemasonry, [Comte’s philosophy] positivism played a particularly strong role in French Freemasonry in the nineteenth century.  Part of the reason for this partnership was positivism’s own political undertones of resistance against authoritarian means of knowledge, most notably from the Church. ” 


With the “Enlightenment,” the Illuminati embarked on a multi-generational project to wrest humanity from its natural and spiritual moorings, and re-engineer it into a large penal colony that serves their interests. 

For religion, which seeks to obey the Creator’s Design, the llluminists substituted the religion of man or Humanism. 

Man becomes “his own God” as he makes the world a heaven. This is just a ruse to re-engineer him according to elite specifications.  Comte is known as the “father of sociology” – an indication that the social sciences are really devoted to discovering the means to create a totalitarian society. 

Any substitute for God is satanic. As you can see, mankind is very deeply immersed in the occult. Auguste Comte is proof that modern social trends — the idealization of women, the destruction of marriage and family — are satanic in origin. Humanity indeed is satanically possessed. 

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This article is indebted to  Erica Carle for her article on Auguste Comte in 2010.——– Romantic Love is Idolatry
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Comments for ” Woman Worship is Occult”

rh said (July 21, 2024):

Perhaps the words, “wanted to perfect society”, or, there is a need to repair the world (Tikkun olam) or, to build a better Man (freemasonary) are give-aways for the rest of us to be on alert. It appears these people use demonology and sorcery (curses and witchcraft) to achieve their ends. Perhaps a need for them to learn first about the trickster would be in order. Why evoke him…he comes on his own to destroy? These people are deluded and their big talk, the idea of making a better man/world, is just a poor cover over their own greed and mischief. “Rules are for thee, not for me” is more their end game. 

John Galt said (December 12, 2018):

My reply, as a 78 year “young” man, having a great deal of experience with many women, has August Comte done a massive survey asking women how they feel about not having Men around, and more than just as company? Is he suggesting Women do not enjoy sex with Men? Is he arguing from the point of view of a HETEROSEXUAL man who was a failure or success with women?

Has he considered WHY the UNIVERSE “decided” on 2 sexes, not just one, in MOST biological species?

Further regarding his THEORY, and yes it is just a Theory, can he provide his TOTAL REASONINGS and ESPECIALLY, sufficient EMPIRICAL EVIDENCE to prove a society of only Women “procreating” without Men would be successful………..Such as, but not limited to, what would he suggest for the male children being Born.

I suspect but will not, as a RATIONAL being, PRESUME to KNOW his answers 🙂

Glen said (December 12, 2018):

I think the plot to “idolize women” is more than that. I believe it is more about the Satanic worship of the male/female, or dual sex being known as Androgyny: Androgyny– A combination of male and female characteristics. In biology, androgynous refers to having both female and male characteristics; hermaphroditic. Or, being neither distinguishably masculine nor feminine, as in dress, appearance, or behavior. The word became nominalized (that is, made the transition from an adjective to a noun) in the mid-nineteenth century. In psychological terms, a mixed personality style in which an individual displays psychological characteristics typically assigned to men and women, as opposed to one or the other (for example, nurturing and aggressive).

Are many of the women in high places really trans gender’s? Are the powers that be shoving their hermaphrodite worship down our throats? According to occultists, only gender-neutrals can rise to godhood. The fallen angels they worship are seen as androgynous, and this is driving the modern transgender program. I hope you will pass this video along as I feel it makes quite clear for the elite, it is all about the Satanic worship of the hermaphrodite.

George said (March 7, 2017):

Auguste Comte had a truly gigantic influence on philosophy. His personal life was a mess, as was that of Karl Marx, Rousseau, Nietzsche, and many other important cultural figures. As for the issue of whether he was a Mason or Illuminist, there is, IMHO, another way of looking at the situation. The so-called Illuminati may not be particularly creative. Marx lived in terrible poverty, resulting in the deaths of some of his children. He was apparently not lavishly subsidized. One may rather think of the Illuminati as latching onto ideas that serve their purposes and promoting them. They do not have to reward the creators of those ideas.

Dee said (March 7, 2017):

Henry, it’s not only the use of psychological and social engineering that is diverting masculinity into femininity (or some version thereof)….
One of the main culprits is food pharming, in which the deliberate spreading of glyphosate (in Monsanto’s Roundup, to name but one) throughout our food supply is but one of the estrogen imitators in a multitude of sources, toxifying our diets. So dramatic is the inclusion of these that the sperm count of the average male has reduced drastically over the past few decades. Just speaking of glyphosate, it exists in stupendous quantities, even in meat… because the animals eat the food…. and we eat them. It’s in non-GMO grains because it is used as a dessicant, to ready seeds for harvest, by killing the plants. It’s everywhere. 
I posed a question to Dr. Stephanie Seneff of MIT, of whom you must know, as to what the presence of these estrogen imitators in everything might be doing to females, who also eat the same food and live in the same environment: might the sexualization of women, who literally now objectify themselves rather than let men do it for them, have some relationship to our chemical diet?

Stephanie said nobody is doing that research (perhaps because they don’t want that information out there)… but that she suspected that there was indeed some relationship, because there was a hormonal effect going on, there had to be. At the same time as sex and love were divorced, our generations were being perpetually weakened by herbicide…. and more.

So it looks like there is a little chemical spice being added to the sour stew that is society right now.

G said (March 7, 2017):

Hard to believe this goes back more than a century and a half. You say he wasn’t a freemason; I wonder if there is any record of who may have been behind him or funding him. I mean “legitimate” organizations of the day? And I also wonder if he was a self-hating man, brought to his conclusions as a result of his own experiences, or just doing the business of the Satanic agenda. Always, it comes back to nature, doesn’t it? The beautiful flow of man and woman validated by how the parts fit, no special manipulations needed; risks extremely low. To go against nature is to go against God. There I said it. Comte is new to me, so I’ve much more to learn. Thanks, Henry.

I’m sure he was a mason-this is France! -h

JG said (March 6, 2017):

I call this “flesh worship”!

Men today have been programmed to want artificial beauty and not natural beauty. Cosmetic beauty is a deceiver and maybe that’s why they love it all the more. 

To worship anything or anyone other than God is idolatry.

Dan A said (March 6, 2017):

I wonder how this applies to the family law system in my country. I’m convinced that the law at least in my country is out to destroy men. It’s a deviant social engineering scheme specifically designed to destroy families. VAWA locking up innocent men over and over again. CPS stealing children from families constantly. The overt hateful nature of feminists towards men. My world is fucked up my friend.