Saturday, June 30th, 2018

Congressman: Rosenstein spying on me.

McCarthy: House Republicans grill Rosenstein over Trump-Russia

Fake Mueller investigation prosecutors still not ready to level bogus charges at Flynn.

Delusional Dem Megadonor calls for “Nuclear War” to provide “course correction” for Trump.

School board bans fact: Biological sex is no more.

Trump to announce SCOTUS pick on July 9th.

Tobin: The Democrats can’t block Trump’s next SCOTUS pick.

Sobieski: Ted Cruz for Supreme Court.

Darling: Senator Mike Lee is perfect pick for SCOTUS.

Lewis: Good riddance to Justice Kennedy.

Brent Smith: Not Right Vs. Left, but Right Vs. Wrong.

Lunatic from California, the land of fruits and nuts, charged with threatening to kill FCC chair Ajit Pai’s family, over net neutrality.

Anti Establishment grips ahistorical, debauched Dems. 

Michael Moore, unhealthy physically and mentally, prescribes mobs to subvert appointment of SCOTUS justice.

Walter Williams: Diversity and Inclusion Harm II.

Warner: Toward a better political elite.

Washington Compost’s Rubin: apply pressure to L.L. Bean in Maine to ensure Susan Collins votes to allow women to continue to murder their babies.

Shameless radical rabble rouser Luis Gutierrez: House GOP trying to put Rosenstein’s head on a platter for Trump.

“The Resistance” is turning into a national lynch mob.

Imagine how overturning Roe would transform U.S. politics.

Limbaugh: Trump’s clarifying effect.

Busler: The only way the Democrat party can save itself.

Erickson: This stuff actually matters.

Watch: Reporter attacked by left wing activists protesting ICE.

Another Trump win?  ‘Death to Khamenei’ protests continue in Iran.

Girl at center of Legal Fight for Life, dies during surgery.

Scientists observe coldest temperatures ever on earth’s surface.

Report: Save the oceans, stop recycling plastic.

Prager: Donnie Deutsch, Michael Hayden and the moral collapse of American Jewish Institutions. 

Journalists blame ‘fake news’ for shooting, claim they are off limits to criticism.

Manafort assistant gave FBI access to storage locker: testimony.

Seditious Democrats choose “Abolish ICE” as 2020 rallying cry.

Treasonous Democrat organizations plan rallies today to attack American sovereignty. 

Trump summer hot streak.

Can Trump counter soaring oil prices?

Two of top 25 internet influencers are of substance, Trump and Drudge.  The rest are a sign of our idolatrous culture.  Trump has shades of an idolatrous following as well as Drudge.  Until humans learn to be people of substance, they will continue to follow shallow charlatans.

In a nation dominated by libertine men, prostitutes leave Twitter for lecher haven, Switter.

Iran’s rulers face discontent as U.S. Pressure mounts.

Mexico’s presidential frontrunner promising a revolution.  Can he deliver?

Two men with 29 wives, 160 children arrested for polygamy.

Tucker: The left knows if we abolish ICE, “borders become irrelevant.”

Sessions reversal of four Obama positions validated by SCOTUS.

Charles Hurt: The Democrats flirt with an old fantasy.

Coffin: Scurrilous attacks on a potential Trump nominee, from the right.

Klayman: The judge Trump must not pick for SCOTUS.

Patrice Lewis: The left is losing it, here is what they plan.

Farah: the New SCOTUS.

Family Research Council calls out 2 Supremes for double standards.

Deranged, debauched, degenerate de Blasio calls for abolishment of ICE.

Trump Administration officially announces: Yes, you can do your taxes on a postcard.

Loudon: the rough life of U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill.

Nolte: CNN’s Jim Acosta caught on video manufacturing Very Fake News.

O’Malley: Are Republicans doomed?

Markovsky: America tried socialism, and did not like it.

Trinko: Those who live by the court.

Rogers: Wind and solar require massive subsidies.

Friday, June 29th, 2018

“Finish it the Hell  up!!”  Gowdy tells Rosenstein to either show evidence of Trump wrongdoing or end Mueller probe.

Judge: Even a blind person can see Mueller using Manafort to target Trump.

5 Dead in targeted attack at Capital Gazette.

Targeted attack.

Reporter shares details of attack.

Police respond in 60 seconds.

Killer posted revenge tweets branding enemies to death.

Accused newsroom shooters stalking victim: “I told police, “He will be your next Mass shooter””.  She moved 3 times, slept with a gun by her bed out of fear.

SEDITIOUS AND TRAITOROUS Lamestream  media irrationally and inexplicably blame Trump for Maryland shooting.

Update: Every mass shooting since Columbine has involved one or more of the following three factors: Porn use that escalated, psychotropic drug use, and Islam.  This latest attack appears to involve porn use and/or psychotropic drug use.  The reader will note nearly every shooter has been a troubled man, normally a young one.  This problem will get worse before it gets better, as the internet came along in 1993, and made porn into a disaster that humanity has never before encountered.  The solution to ensure the vast decrease of mass shootings is to ban pornography in America, as it just was fifty years ago before a rogue SCOTUS legalized it with the insane Stanley Vs. Georgia decision in 1969, ban psychotropic drugs, and to closely monitor Islam, ensuring Muslims here, and all Americans are CAREFULLY AND THOROUGHLY taught the Constitution and American history.   

Shapiro at Sacramento Bee: Get a grip over Kennedy, Liberals.

Hawkins: 7 things men love about women in marriage.

Why Trump’s SCOTUS pick matters so much: Protecting the innocence of children.

Watch: Trailer for Dinesh D’Souza’s new movie comparing Trump to Lincoln

Worst President in American history to Democrat voters, “You have a right to be concerned”.

Flashback: Obama the most biblically hostile president in American  history.

Wicked Witch of the East calls for “strength” to resist Trump.

Flashback: Hillary’s 22 biggest scandals ever.

Americans tired of lamestream news.

What’s wrong with Nancy?

Delusional leftists plan nationwide protests against Trump immigration policy.

Report Trump wants to leave WTO.

NeverTrump would have given radical lefties a 6-3 SCOTUS advantage.

Murderess Warren afraid Women won’t be able to murder babies anymore with new SCOTUS appointee.

Fight for SCOTUS nomination will be the most expensive ever.

Waters cancels weekend events over one very serious death threat.

June 28, 1098: The Battle of Antioch.

Thursday, June 28th, 2018.


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Jordan lambastes lying FBI director Rosenstein.  Democrats run interference to hide their criminal wrongdoing. 

Multiple people shot at newspaper in Annapolis

Federer: Why politicians aren’t the Fittest People for the Job!

Federal Cops move in on radical leftist ICE demonstrators in Portland to restore order to the lawless leftist lemmings. 

Chowka: ICE at bay: Siege at Portland continues as copycat insurrections spread nationwide.

ICE barricades DC headquarters to prevent protester “occupation”.

DHS agents interrupt news conference between lamestream media and delusional ICE “whistleblower”. 

Ahistorical Cortez, trying to destroy the nation with socialism.  The dangerous delusion of socialism is upon us, and the badly misinformed millennials are trying to immediately move upon the ignorance and corruption they were raised with.

Trump to “extremist” Democrats: We will not tolerate attacks on “courageous” ICE agents, Border patrol.

More evidence to disprove the liberal fairy tale of the “Noble Savage”.  Aztec “Skull Tower” revealed.  Archaeologists say THOUSANDS of still beating hearts were cut out of victims, then their heads were severed and added to a grisly monument. 

Liberal Meltdown over Kennedy retirement.

Democrat wailing over Kennedy retiring.  The virtuous rejoice, the corrupt mourn. 

The Day conservatives have been waiting for on SCOTUS.

Another SCOTUS selection for Trump?

Hollyweird implodes over Kennedy retirement.  Debauched and uninformed stars shriek hysterically.

No, THANK YOU, Harry Reid!

Wagner: SCOTUS pick: How Trump pick can remedy decades old Democrat racism

6  rulings that could be overturned by a Post Kennedy SCOTUS.

The Rundown: Here is what you need to know about Trump’s top five nominees.

Pro life leader Lila Rose issues bold statement on abortion after Kennedy retirement.

Deranged left plans full scale assault on Trump nominee.

Mike Lee puts himself back in running for SCOTUS.

Trump’s SCOTUS legacy could top Reagans.

French: What should America expect from a more originalist SCOTUS.

Good Riddance, Justice Kennedy.

Filozof: As Trump replaces Kennedy, time for some conservative judicial activism.

Huffy Puffy posts a picture of a cloths hanger, as Left mourns the threat to their ability to barbarously murder babies.

Hunter: The liberal mob won’t stop until someone gets killed, and then only maybe.

Larry Elder: Criminal behavior, not racism, explains “racial disparities” in crime stats.

Coulter: Country overboard! Women and children last!

Hurt: The New Civil War is upon us.

Ahistorical, radical communist in training Cortez wants to be President!!

Canadian Bus Driver arrested two years later for criticizing homosexuality.

London: Solzhenitsyn: 40 years later!

Hall: On the financial ‘wisdom’ of attending today’s colleges.

Herring: We are seeing the violence of the ’60’s again, but worse.

Victor Davis Hanson: Progressives should back up their rhetoric on illegal immigration.

Jones: ‘Hotel California’ and America’s decomposing values.

Weir: What’s the meaning of truth?

Wilhelm: No really, delete your accounts!

Gowdy obliterates Rosenstein over Russia investigation.

Jordan tells Rosenstein he has “a week to get his act together” over totally bogus Mueller investigation. 

Countries largest newspapers eliminate conservative sources.  Ideological purity a must in companies run by leftist tyrants.

Trump-Putin Summit set.

Cortez New Face of left.  Typifies the “Dumbest Generation”.  Ahistorical, with lots of enthusiasm for ideas they don’t understand.

Read “The Dumbest Generation” to understand the 18-29 liberals.

Cortez, the latest of the deluded, corrupt, and indoctrinated Democrat Pols who favor impeachment for no other reason than they don’t like Trump.

Cortez wants to move nation forward-doesn’t realize she’s headed forward right off a cliff into socialism and communism.

China caps film star pay, good example for idolatrous Americans who worship athletes and entertainers for no reason. 

Venezuela’s failing dictator Maduro calls Pence a “Poisonous Viper”.

Feds to begin distributing grant money to non-sanctuary cities.

Just 23% of adults get enough exercise.

WaPo: Tribal identities replace ideology in Dem Primaries.

Pelosi: Progressive activists call me “corporate pawn”

Expert: China refuses refugees due to belief in “ethnic superiority”.

Top 4 Democrat candidates for Prez in 2020 revealed. Hilarity ensues.

Watch: Ami Horowitz speaks with senior HAMAS leader in wild interview.

Justice Robert’s stomps on Sotomayor’s “wholly inapt” Travel ban dissent.

Schlichter: It is terrible to be a liberal in 2018, which is a good thing!

McCullough: The Bluer the Dems, the more Trump wins.

Klavan: Leftist justices don’t like the law.

The Democrats go full Venezuela.

For ‘migrants’ and ‘asylum’ spoofers, the parties nearly over.

Fields: Defining Deviancy down.

Domenech: Anthony Kennedy: The most important voter in America.

5 Questions the Cortez upset poses for Democrats.

Blake: 3 years of experience have only proved Obergefell was a huge mistake.

Noel: The left’s alternate universe.

Sobieski: SCOTUS echoes Jefferson on Dues and Don’ts

Feinstein: Donald Trump and the Supreme Court’s future.

Showalter: You know things are bad for the left when they start calling each other racists.

Favish: There is something “fishy” about one of Trump’s SCOTUS nominees.

DeAngelis: Silent Obama sends a message.

Dodd: The forces of political hate are waxing. 

James: Maxine in Dunceland.

Smith: The Democrats are done pretending to be moderate.

Lowry: The tawdry and dumb “Nazi” charge.

Wednesday, June 27th, 2018

HUGE!!!  Anthony Kennedy retiring!!

Liberals respond to Kennedy’s retirement with moans, curses, and hysterical predictions.

28 year old Democrat Socialist ousts a powerful 10 term congressman in New York.

Great news: Disastrous Catch and Release is back!

31% think U.S. Civil War likely soon.

59% afraid of violence from the haters.

Federer: Blind and Deaf, she saw God’s world, not man’s.

Walter Williams: Diversity and Inclusion, Harm II

SCOTUS rules that workers can’t be forced to pay dues to political causes they don’t agree with.  4 liberal justices, Kagan, Sotomayor, Breyer, and Ginsberg dissent.

SCOTUS deals back breaking blow to public labor unions. 

Compilation: Democrat leaders/ media figures glorify violence against Trump supporters.

Meet the ahistorical millennial socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.  Full of enthusiasm, empty of historical  and moral wisdom.

Historically illiterate 28 year old NY socialist congressional phenom supports impeaching Trump.

Poll: 72% of Americans believe media deliberately report fake news.

Walsh: There can be no unity in America.

In defense of free speech, Justice Kennedy brought the hammer.

SCOTUS gets the travel ban right.

In Public sector Union Fees case, SCOTUS strikes a blow for freedom.

Warning: Google forming Alliance with Deep State.

Star Parker: the End of reasoned discourse in America. 

Washington Compost: Harassing White House women is the right thing to do.

Shapiro: The rise of the Mob.

Portland ICE protesters gear up for confrontation with police, after eviction notices served.

Contempt, Impeachment in play for Rod Rosenstein as Congress- Justice Department showdown heats up.

Bruce: Maxine Waters advances a liberal strategy with her call for mob action.

Scrubbing Laura Ingalls Wilder is a dangerous step toward ignorance.

Leftwingers on SCOTUS are ready to destroy First Amendment.

House considers largest amnesty bill in history. 

Retirement speculation mars courts final day. 

As Merkel teeters, Austria’s Kurz shines as “new Rock Star of new Right.”

CNN’s ratings take another dive.

Ann Coulter to Trump: Authorize the U.S. military to build border wall.

Bill Clinton: Trump has poured poison down America’s throat.

A Tale of two business owners.

Goldberg: Politics can’t fill the holes in our souls.

CNN, MSNBC cast Trump voters as Nazi’s, rapists.

Four dissenting votes in travel ruling ban are a dangerous sign.

Harsanyi: Was Gorsuch worth a Trump presidency?  It’s starting to look that way.

Marcus: Leftist hypocrisy just keeps coming. 



Tuesday, June 26th, 2018

SCOTUS upholds travel ban, overturning lawless Hawaii ruling!!

Google, Obama, plan to control news.

Congressional Muslim: Travel ban will be “Marker of Shame” like Plessy.  Same Congressman has ties to radical Islamist organizations. 

Rogan: Chief Justice John Roberts Upholds Trump’s Travel Ban and makes Trump’s opponents look silly.

Buchanan: A Fascist Right, or a hysterical left?

Watch: Showdown: Waters refuses to talk with journalist, rudely dismisses her, just as white Democrats did to blacks in the 1950’s. 

Massie: On Harrassment of Trump, staff, where is GOP Congress?

Strikes down malevolent CA abortion law targeting crisis pregnancy centers!!

Judicial Watch files Ethics complaint against Maxine Waters for “Inciting Violence”!

Wicked and filthy mouthed late night hosts attack Sarah Sanders. 

Wayne Allyn Root: the Nazi, Hitler, Holocaust Issue.

Dershowitz: Strzok texts sound like collusion at the highest levels.

Davidson: With Cartels in control there are no easy solutions to border control.

Video: ABC reporter encounters smuggler with illegals at U.S/Mexico border!

Montage: Media framing Trump voters as Menace to Society!

Iowa Rep. King says America is headed for another Civil War.

Boeing unveils Hypersonic Airliner, capable of 4,000 MPH, NY to London in two hours!

NYT Op-Ed: Conservatives have no right to an audience.

Victor Davis Hanson: Mexico – What went wrong?

Nordlinger: A feast of vital truths.

Charen: The price of Feminism.

Farah: The Death of the First Freedom!

Harsanyi: Dear Judd and Kumail, You have no idea what a real Nazi was like.

Boorman: How the theory of White Privilege leads to Socialism.

Overstreet: The Battle for America is nowhere over- Here are 10 ways to fight.

Wulfsohn: If Democrats don’t condemn Maxine, there could be a bodycount.

Chantrill: They protest because they believe.

Peterson: Democrats rushing off a short term electoral cliff.

Moran: GOP introduces motion to censure Maxine Waters for inciting violence against Trump officials.

Mob gathers outside Stephen Miller’s apartment.

Lefist Mindless drones mob Jeff Sessions visit to Los Angeles.

Black: Criminal Justice Reform system out of control, and media are distracted.

Judge to hear alleged Islamic takeover of American schools.

Watch: Maxine loses it over Dem criticism over her calls for more harassment.

CNN rabble-rouser Jim Acosta has broadcast shut down.

Kanye rejected racial pressure to vote for Hillary.

In New England, Hillary trashes Electoral College.

Update: Why we use the Electoral College.

Screaming, incoherent woman on airlines flight.

Judge throws out climate suits against big oil by S.F. and Oakland. 

Even Swedes questioning welfare state.

Blind CA Democrats consider creating “Fake news Advisory Group” to monitor media.  Newspeak for shutting down conservative ideas.

Record $300 billion flows back into America.

Deranged and deluded survey ranks America as 10th most dangerous nation in the world for women.

Lowry: What Trump gets.

Why Did DOJ And FBI Ignore Lack Of Evidence For Russiagate? They Fell In Love With Their Source

Solway: A double injustice throws a scare into the nation’s judges.

Forest and Rayne: cooler heads need to prevail on Texas Climate Change predictions:)

Alexiev: Sultan Erdogan: Invincible and doomed.

Waters and Pelosi: the Twin Faces of the Democratic Party.

Lifson: The specter of Revolution haunts the mullah’s in Iran. 

Monday, June 25th, 2018

Trump: Be careful what you wish for Max!

Mike Huckabee: Ren Hen owner followed Sanders party to another restaurant and organized protest.

Waters history of praising mob violence!

Jim Jordan confirms Speakership bid plans.

Breaking: SCOTUS tosses ruling against florist who declined to make homosexual wedding arrangement.

Trump unloads on “dirty” restaurant that denied Sanders service.

Federer: The Scary Things George Washington saw in our Future.

How an affair between a reporter and a security aide has rattled Washington Media.

A dying, apostate church.  St.  Paul’s Lutheran Church in Benicia places homosexual, Pride flag on its flagpole.

Nolte: Border Hysteria Delivers Disastrous Week for Establishment Media

Trump advisor Leo: Trump will likely have two more SCOTUS appointments.

Representative Maxine Waters calls for political violence.

Rep. Waters harassment policy is going to make America a lot worse.

Insist on E-Verify.

Cost: The immigration debate is partially about political power.

Schlichter: Liberals hatred will inevitably turn into violence.

Brown: Maxine Waters, is this really the America that you want?

Ready to Rumble: Left losing it’s cool.

Shapiro: No, not all cultures are equivalent.

Congresswoman demands ethics probe into Sanders restaurant tweet.

Harsanyi: The real world is starting to resemble Twitter and that is a problem.

Chowka: Insurrection is here, how long do we have until Civil War 2.0 begins?

Sobieski: Leftist thugs guarantee another Scalise tragedy.

Fitzgibbons: Isn’t there some way Facebook and Twitter can be forced to stop excluding conservatives?

Prentice: A high stakes game of Get Trump poker.

Maxine calling in the Mob!

Key question for judge in Weinstein case: Can other accusers testify?

Xi says China must lead way in reform of global governance.

Takes spying to new heights, with flock of robotic birds.

Senator suffers cracked rib after colleague saves her from choking.

Laura Ingalls Wilder’s name pulled from literary award over “stereotypical attitudes” in books.

WaPo’s editorial board comes to Sanders defense.

Medvin: CNN’s Terror sided reporting.

Morefield: Ask liberals  how unlimited immigration benefits America, then watch their heads explode.

Jackson: Democrats five point plan for defeat in 2018.

NY Slimes Op Ed: All Trump policies trace back to “white extinction anxiety”.

Ellis: How the Constitution provides sufficient common ground to solve immigration.

Left Slams Refusal To Join Gay Weddings, Celebrates Restaurant’s Refusal To Serve Sarah Sanders

IG report shows James Comey lied about why he publicized new Clinton e-mails.

Joondeph: Remember when it was fashionable to be tough on immigration.

What to do when anti Trump zealots cross the line into violence or even chargeable menacing.

New Poll: Obama the worst president since World War 2.

Data: Death of white Americans exceeds white births for first time ever.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Trump: Border jumpers out “with no court cases or judges”

Maxine Waters orders more harassment of Trump admin officials.  Shades of the Hitler’s SA where thugs intimidated political opponents. 

Homeland Security employees warned of increased threats amid immigration uproar.

Restaurant owner who booted Sarah Sanders explains she did so after consulting staff, menu hacked. 

Yelp page bombarded!

ICE offices under attack around nation.

Jesse Lee Peterson: Democrats don’t care about American or illegal’s children.

SCOTUS poised to rule on Trump travel ban, Union dues, CA abortion postings in pregnancy centers.

Marijuana addiction is real and rising!

Uninformed Christians being suckered into supporting Marijuana.  They are sold into thinking it helps people.  They don’t research the harms.

Dems party hard on Martha’s Vineyard.  Mark Warner jokes about Mueller leaks.

Watch: Glenn Beck walks off CNN after question on Blaze layoffs.

Victor Davis Hanson: On the fate of the West, Trump, and the resistance.

Williamson: Venezuela’s future, and ours.

What Tocqueville can teach us about the Mueller investigation.

D-Day for Great American hero at center of Trump-FBI storm.

Farah: Trump Derangement Syndrome crosses criminal line.

Hunter: Liberals are pushing the country to the edge.

McCullough: Dear America, the left has declared WAR on you.

Jacob: Freedom’s essential hierarchy.

Feldman: Kidtrina

Spero: Many preaching morality are acting unethically.

Lifson: Who is the liberal news conductor?

Showalter: The bawl of the left.

Forrest and Rayne: Combined military expenditures of Russia and China now exceed America’s.

Buried in IG report, shocking revelations about Clinton emails found on Weiner’s laptop.

Hank Aaron on WH invitation: There is no one there I want to see.

9 times MS-13 posed as kids to enter America illegally.

Detained migrants promised reunification with kids when deported.

Erdogan wins.

The strategic blunder of Trump as Hitler.

U.S. imported more seafood in 2017, than any other year.

Virginia Lawmakers Rebuke Anti-Trump Restaurant Owner for Tossing Sarah Sanders out: Please Come Back

Gutierrez: Trump uses cruel and inhumane policies to gin up his base.

Flake: Trump too mean on immigration.

Simpson: Illegal aliens, your tax dollars at work.

Benham Brothers: America is a Christian nation?

Sex dancer hired to teach high school kids.

Democrat congressman: Taxpayers should subsidize the cost of congressional housing.

Americans bought more guns in the last 2 months than our military owns, and we bought more guns in 2017 than all the police forces in the world did, combined.

Bialosky: the FBI needs to be turned on it’s head.

Saunders: Separation Anxiety.

Margolis: The owners of the Red Hen in Virginia are the real bigots.

Heroic and inspiring stories about the Greatest Generation.

Gemma: Immigration and the Democrats.

DeAngelis: Red Hen bigotry or “moral conviction”?

James Comey: American Ozymandias.

Kuligowski: Illegal invaders place children in harms way.

Griffin: Whose child is crying?

Facing humiliation: Mueller backs away from prosecution of Russian entities.

Kay: Descriptions of evil, and their misuse.


Saturday, June 23, 2018

U.S. Liberals are clinically insane and care nothing about the American people. 

On the madness of modern liberalism.

Sarah Sanders, WH spokesman, asked to leave restaurant!! Mike Huckabee, her father, said restaurant is serving “hate plates”.

Little Russia media project tries to turn America against itself.

Fox news panel reacts to Sarah Sanders being kicked out of restaurant simply for working for Trump.

Landry: Despite media’s shameful propaganda tactics, Congress must stop illegal immigration. 

Komrade Kamala says Nielsen, Sessions should resign for enforcing the law on immigration. 

Look to Trump, not Trey Gowdy, to address bias at the FBI and DOJ.

Tobin: The immigration debate the Democrats don’t want.

McCain staffer had nasty plan for Tea Party.

Farah: One thing I thought I’d never see on

Lewis: The contempt for “breeders”.

Ellis: The U.S. must do unto China, as they do unto us. 

Klayman: Jefferson’s periodic Revolution, We’re here!

Trump “right” about Germany immigration.

Smith: A prediction on Trump’s EO on illegal immigration.

Brigitte Nielsen, 54, has given birth to her fifth child.

The ACLU abandons it’s free speech absolutism.

Turkey opposition candidate challenges Erdogan again in massive rally. 

Angry and erratic Erdogan on cusp of becoming more powerful than ever.

On eve of vote, only Erdogan gets hellivision time.

Comrade Bernie makes over $1 million for the second year in a row.  Continues to rail on those who work and are prosperous. 

FB’s relentless drive to track every aspect of user’s lives. 

Wane of social media “influencers” as big brands drop “stars” over fears of fake followers.

Out of control iguanas infesting South Florida.

Anti gun protester David Hogg, protected by armed guards?

Bozell and Graham: This is Seth Myers on drugs.

Hillary ought to be in jail.  Instead, she’s spreading sedition, by criticizing the legal practice of stopping illegal immigration. 

Report: California Democrats backing away from Pelosi.

Politico digs deep! Discovers Stephen Miller was trying to deal with liberal thievery and lawbreaking back in the third grade.

Fake reverend Sharpton up to his old race baiting ways. Says Trump wouldn’t tolerate white people being separated from their children. 

The “Mustard Seed” that liberated Spanish Christians from Islamic Rule. 

Smith: Was Einstein racist?

Alabama Muslim sentenced in ISIS bomb plot.

Trump shuts down federal office dictating guidelines for doctors.

China’s underground churches told to “Seek guidance” from government.


Friday, June 22, 2018

Top 20 cities for adultery all voted Democrat in the 2016 election. 

Trump pushes back on News media hysteria on children at border, calls news media “treasonous”. 

Flashback: Lincoln silenced the Democrat media who wanted free labor in 1861-1865.  Today, should we silence the Democrat media who want low wage labor?

Same Sex Wedding cakes case headed back to SCOTUS!

Supreme Smackdown: Must get warrant to track cell phone

Jim Jordan: We are prepared to impeach Rosenstein if he doesn’t comply with document requests.

R.I.P. Charles Krauthammer, beloved Conservative commentator.

From the Archives: Ten great Charles Krauthammer columns.

Charles Krauthammer: Critic in Chief.

TIME magazine’s shocking cover is a total lie.  No wonder American’s don’t trust the media.

Federer: Why Revolutionary War wasn’t simply a regime change.

Washington Compost won’t cover owner Bezos’s decrepit warehouse conditions of his other holding, Amazon.

Buchanan: Has the West the will to survive?

Poll: Majority say parents to blame for border crisis, not government.

Escalation: Protesters surround DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen’s home.

Trump official rips federal regulations at “Drain the Swamp” cabinet meeting.

What if Gen. Flynn didn’t lie?

Teacher aide punished for showing Jordan Peterson video.  Wildly popular speaker follows with $1.5 million lawsuit.

Treacher: Rules don’t apply to you if you are really angry.

Margolis: Open letter to school boards everywhere, stop renaming your schools after Obama.  He was the WORST president in American history, and anyone who disagrees knows little to nothing about American and world history.

Klimas: the real lesson of the Inspector General’s report.

Sobieski: Hillary and the children.

Hoff: Tommy Robinson’s last stand.

Ragesistance: Scarborough: Trump using rhetoric out of Hitler’s playbook.

MSNBC’s Deutsch: Trump voters at the border like Nazi’s.

7 recent lies from media on emotion driven immigration debate.

Walsh: There isn’t any nice or pleasant way to enforce the immigration law.

Shapiro at Newsweek: Why millennials are falling behind.

Leftwing’s PC gambits backfiring.

U.S. median age reaches an all time high of 38!

Nearly 400 people used California assisted death law in 2017.

Journalist: Washington Compost killed my story over retweet.

Tom Arnold say’s he’s teaming with Michael Cohen to take down Trump.

Arnold say’s Cohen has all the tapes.

OPEC strikes deal on oil production.

Inside the trials of Johnny Depp.

Thirty years on, how well do Global Warming predictions stand up?

Bill Gates engineered mosquitos to kill each other using sex.

U.S. faces unprecedented threat from China on tech takeover.

Mueller calls out NY Slimes, Washington compost over irresponsible reporting.

Poll: Nearly 5 in 9 Americans say U.S. should not become a migrant camp.

Watch: Don Lemon to Colbert, Border policy about whites losing their privilege.

Politico just ran the single stupidest story ever.  It’s about Stephen Miller.  In third grade.

Williamson: Enforce immigration law, or change it.

Mercer: Trump valiantly tried to save America.

Holbrook: Time for a history lesson about gun control.

Barone: SCOTUS’s Bartleby decision.

“Sex worker” seeks to destigmatize “sex work” in society.  Ummm, No thanks.

Cleveland: the FBI would be convicted of clear bias if it’s Trump investigation were a racial discrimination lawsuit.

Carroll: All campus speech codes are incompatible with the First Amendment and should be abolished.

Start here to discover the joys of reading to your child.

Alton: Why isn’t personal finance taught in the public school system.

Thursday, June 21st, 2018

Supreme Court upholds Big Daddy Government over Amazon, web!

Krauthammer no longer with us!!

We fought a Revolutionary War against “No taxation without representation”, SCOTUS now rules you can be taxed by unelected politicians and bureaucrats.

Online shoppers face reckoning!

Neuroscientist claims majority of diseases caused by negative thoughts.

Time magazine ignores infant holocaust of 60 million via abortion in the last 45 years, makes Trump out to be a big bully for following the law and sending men, women, and children back to their countries if they come here illegally. 

Outrage over Trump detention center’s. Actually, they are Obama’s.

NSA moves all it’s data to top secret cloud. 

IG report highlights FBI counterspy failings. 

47 Groups Weighing SPLC Lawsuit Warn ‘Editors, CEOs’: ‘You Are Complicit’ in Hate Group ‘Defamation’

Leaked memo reveals ACLU is wavering on free speech.

Ruscal Cayangyang: Why I voted against the school bond!

Marijuana users feel more pain.

Victor Davis Hanson: Scandals sanitized with linguistic trickery.

McCarthy: The IG report should end Mueller’s obstruction investigation.

Gingrich: Four key points every voter needs to hear from Republicans. 

Drudge: And no one on cable shed a tear.

The perils of quoting the Bible (As Jeff Sessions discovered)

Limbaugh: Media going to get someone killed.

Judge: Kansas cannot require citizenship proof from voters.

Coulter: Google “internet” clueless media!

Fake news: Iconic crying girl never separated from mother, according to father.

SPLC keeps denying. Black on white violence keeps happening.

Thomas: the Left and children.

Armed Pastor shoots, kills, gun wielding carjacker in Walmart parking lot. 

Jeff Sessions on the Bible, immigration and his critics.

Turkey’s Erdogan seeks new term with greater powers. 

Netanyahu wife indicted for fraud.

Janet Jackson reveals intense struggle with depression.

Starbucks burned by social justice appeasement as growth stalls, stocks plunge.

Google kills revenge porn bill.

New FTC chair wants to examinee market power of internet behemoths.

Facebook is taking everything: Rising rents driving out silicon valley families. 

NY Subway caving in on itself.

FBI warns about sexual assaults on airlines. 

GQ reporter asks Don Jr. if he wants to have sex with his mother.  Same reporter fired from Politico last year for similar incident. 

ABC falsely reports Manafort guilty of manslaughter.

Celebs still seething: Lying white trash child abusing monsters.

Media hides influence of donors, big business lobbyists in immigration debate.

Hispanic families support Trump EO keeping families together that are illegally crossing border.

Meadows throws down on Paul Ryan on heated immigration floor debate.

The Kochtopus crushes Nashville Transit.

The rise of robots: A bad argument for a bigger welfare state.

Report: White House to propose Dept of Labor and Education merger.

Voters: Crisis of border kids the parents fault.

Chastain: don’t be fooled by border hysteria.

Rush: the left’s dehumanizing rhetorical cesspool.

Elder: IG report, imagine such bias during the O.J. Simpson trial.

Zumwalt: IG report Hillary’s e-mail contagion and the big lie.

Melania fashion statement!

Hall: The cost of college.

There is nothing wrong with being white.