Friday, June 29th, 2018

“Finish it the Hell  up!!”  Gowdy tells Rosenstein to either show evidence of Trump wrongdoing or end Mueller probe.

Judge: Even a blind person can see Mueller using Manafort to target Trump.

5 Dead in targeted attack at Capital Gazette.

Targeted attack.

Reporter shares details of attack.

Police respond in 60 seconds.

Killer posted revenge tweets branding enemies to death.

Accused newsroom shooters stalking victim: “I told police, “He will be your next Mass shooter””.  She moved 3 times, slept with a gun by her bed out of fear.

SEDITIOUS AND TRAITOROUS Lamestream  media irrationally and inexplicably blame Trump for Maryland shooting.

Update: Every mass shooting since Columbine has involved one or more of the following three factors: Porn use that escalated, psychotropic drug use, and Islam.  This latest attack appears to involve porn use and/or psychotropic drug use.  The reader will note nearly every shooter has been a troubled man, normally a young one.  This problem will get worse before it gets better, as the internet came along in 1993, and made porn into a disaster that humanity has never before encountered.  The solution to ensure the vast decrease of mass shootings is to ban pornography in America, as it just was fifty years ago before a rogue SCOTUS legalized it with the insane Stanley Vs. Georgia decision in 1969, ban psychotropic drugs, and to closely monitor Islam, ensuring Muslims here, and all Americans are CAREFULLY AND THOROUGHLY taught the Constitution and American history.   

Shapiro at Sacramento Bee: Get a grip over Kennedy, Liberals.

Hawkins: 7 things men love about women in marriage.

Why Trump’s SCOTUS pick matters so much: Protecting the innocence of children.

Watch: Trailer for Dinesh D’Souza’s new movie comparing Trump to Lincoln

Worst President in American history to Democrat voters, “You have a right to be concerned”.

Flashback: Obama the most biblically hostile president in American  history.

Wicked Witch of the East calls for “strength” to resist Trump.

Flashback: Hillary’s 22 biggest scandals ever.

Americans tired of lamestream news.

What’s wrong with Nancy?

Delusional leftists plan nationwide protests against Trump immigration policy.

Report Trump wants to leave WTO.

NeverTrump would have given radical lefties a 6-3 SCOTUS advantage.

Murderess Warren afraid Women won’t be able to murder babies anymore with new SCOTUS appointee.

Fight for SCOTUS nomination will be the most expensive ever.

Waters cancels weekend events over one very serious death threat.

June 28, 1098: The Battle of Antioch.

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