Saturday, June 30th, 2018

Congressman: Rosenstein spying on me.

McCarthy: House Republicans grill Rosenstein over Trump-Russia

Fake Mueller investigation prosecutors still not ready to level bogus charges at Flynn.

Delusional Dem Megadonor calls for “Nuclear War” to provide “course correction” for Trump.

School board bans fact: Biological sex is no more.

Trump to announce SCOTUS pick on July 9th.

Tobin: The Democrats can’t block Trump’s next SCOTUS pick.

Sobieski: Ted Cruz for Supreme Court.

Darling: Senator Mike Lee is perfect pick for SCOTUS.

Lewis: Good riddance to Justice Kennedy.

Brent Smith: Not Right Vs. Left, but Right Vs. Wrong.

Lunatic from California, the land of fruits and nuts, charged with threatening to kill FCC chair Ajit Pai’s family, over net neutrality.

Anti Establishment grips ahistorical, debauched Dems. 

Michael Moore, unhealthy physically and mentally, prescribes mobs to subvert appointment of SCOTUS justice.

Walter Williams: Diversity and Inclusion Harm II.

Warner: Toward a better political elite.

Washington Compost’s Rubin: apply pressure to L.L. Bean in Maine to ensure Susan Collins votes to allow women to continue to murder their babies.

Shameless radical rabble rouser Luis Gutierrez: House GOP trying to put Rosenstein’s head on a platter for Trump.

“The Resistance” is turning into a national lynch mob.

Imagine how overturning Roe would transform U.S. politics.

Limbaugh: Trump’s clarifying effect.

Busler: The only way the Democrat party can save itself.

Erickson: This stuff actually matters.

Watch: Reporter attacked by left wing activists protesting ICE.

Another Trump win?  ‘Death to Khamenei’ protests continue in Iran.

Girl at center of Legal Fight for Life, dies during surgery.

Scientists observe coldest temperatures ever on earth’s surface.

Report: Save the oceans, stop recycling plastic.

Prager: Donnie Deutsch, Michael Hayden and the moral collapse of American Jewish Institutions. 

Journalists blame ‘fake news’ for shooting, claim they are off limits to criticism.

Manafort assistant gave FBI access to storage locker: testimony.

Seditious Democrats choose “Abolish ICE” as 2020 rallying cry.

Treasonous Democrat organizations plan rallies today to attack American sovereignty. 

Trump summer hot streak.

Can Trump counter soaring oil prices?

Two of top 25 internet influencers are of substance, Trump and Drudge.  The rest are a sign of our idolatrous culture.  Trump has shades of an idolatrous following as well as Drudge.  Until humans learn to be people of substance, they will continue to follow shallow charlatans.

In a nation dominated by libertine men, prostitutes leave Twitter for lecher haven, Switter.

Iran’s rulers face discontent as U.S. Pressure mounts.

Mexico’s presidential frontrunner promising a revolution.  Can he deliver?

Two men with 29 wives, 160 children arrested for polygamy.

Tucker: The left knows if we abolish ICE, “borders become irrelevant.”

Sessions reversal of four Obama positions validated by SCOTUS.

Charles Hurt: The Democrats flirt with an old fantasy.

Coffin: Scurrilous attacks on a potential Trump nominee, from the right.

Klayman: The judge Trump must not pick for SCOTUS.

Patrice Lewis: The left is losing it, here is what they plan.

Farah: the New SCOTUS.

Family Research Council calls out 2 Supremes for double standards.

Deranged, debauched, degenerate de Blasio calls for abolishment of ICE.

Trump Administration officially announces: Yes, you can do your taxes on a postcard.

Loudon: the rough life of U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill.

Nolte: CNN’s Jim Acosta caught on video manufacturing Very Fake News.

O’Malley: Are Republicans doomed?

Markovsky: America tried socialism, and did not like it.

Trinko: Those who live by the court.

Rogers: Wind and solar require massive subsidies.

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