Masonic Mass Murder on the Somme 106 Years Ago

October 31, 2022 


Left. “Testament of Youth,” poignantly dramatizes lives shattered by First Judeo Masonic World War.See Ukraine in this context – Satanists killing Patriots and Christians

Western Civilization Died on the Somme a Century Ago
On July 1,1916, General Douglas Haig, a Freemason, began the Battle of the Somme which by November resulted in the death of one million white, ChristianBritish patriots in their prime. Fathers, sons, husbands, brothers, lovers. War is a ruse by which the globalist satanic elite kills patriots under the guise of national duty.  

“When we started to fire, we just had to load and reload. They went down in their hundreds. We didn’t have to aim, we just fired into them. ” German machine gunner.


from July 12, 2015


by Henry Makow Ph.D.About 10 million soldiers died in battle on both sides in World War One, one of the costliest wars in history.  The needless slaughter in trench warfare is usually portrayed by the 

Masonic-controlled media and education system as an unintended consequence. 

In fact, these wars are orchestrated by the Illuminati Jewish bankers and their Masonic minions to kill Christians in order to degrade Western civilization in advance of the Satanic NWO now clearly manifesting itself. (See, World War One- First Christian Holocaust) Ritual human sacrifice to their god Moloch may also be a factor.

All wars are designed to enrich and empower the bankers while destroying and demoralizing humanity. Warmongering “patriotism” is a ruse. The sooner gullible non-Satanists stop falling on a sword, the better.

I’m going to focus on the Battle of the Somme, one of the biggest battles of the first world war. My information is based on John Laffin’s British Butchers and Bunglers of World War One, (1988, p. 63ff.) 

(left, Douglas Haig, Elgin Lodge #91)

Both General Douglas Haig, Commander in Chief, Western Front,  and his principal co-planner Sir Henry Rawlinson were Freemasons. The Somme offensive (“The Big Push”) was intended to end the stalemate and win the war. The Allies had 700,000 men, a 7-1 numerical superiority. Haig and Rawlinson anticipated losing 500,000 men. 

The plan was simple: to bomb the Germans for five days and nights then walk to the enemy trench and kill the remaining soldiers or capture those who surrendered. 

However, after 5 days of bombing, the German trenches and their defences were barely scratched. The English neglected to reconnoitre or observe this from the air.  The Germans just had to shoot their machine guns, reload and shoot again. The same type of attack continued from the 1st of July until November 1916. Over a million men died; 58,000 on the first day.
On July 1 1916, 

11 British divisions attacked on a 13-mile front. By 7.30 am the six German divisions finished breakfast, wiped their faces with their napkins, and carried their machine guns from comfortable deep cellars. They began spraying the attackers who were advancing in neat rows, “to maintain order.” 

A German machine gunner wrote, “We were surprised to see them walking, we had never seen that before. The officers went in front. One was carrying a walking stick…When we started to fire, we just had to load and reload. They went down in their hundreds. We didn’t have to aim, we just fired into them. “

A German officer reported his impression of the attack. “Whole sections appeared to fall. All along the line, Englishmen could be seen throwing their arms into the air and collapsing, never to move again. Badly wounded rolled about in agony, while badly wounded crawled into shell-holes for shelter. “

John Laffin: “Of the 110,000 men who attacked, 60,000 were killed or wounded on this one day. About 20,000 lay dead between the lines. Haig and Rawlinson were directly responsible for the assumption bombardment would cut barbed wire and render the Germans vulnerable.  The Germans lost an estimated 8000 men on July 1. 2000 were taken prisoner.” (64) 
A hospital station dealt with 10,000 casualties in the first 48 hours. A surgeon wrote:  “Streams of ambulances a mile long waited to be unloaded. The whole area of the camp, a field of six acres, was completely covered with stretchers placed side-by-side, each with its suffering or dying man. We surgeons were hard at it in the operating theatre, a good hut holding four tables. Occasionally we made a brief look around to select from the thousands of patients those few we had time to save. It was terrible. (73) 
Haig’s chronicler Colonel Boraston wrote that the attack, “bore out the conclusions of the British High Command, and amply justified the tactical methods employed.” (No doubt these men were all Freemasons.) 
Laffin writes: “This is an outrageous statement. It is more accurate to call 1 July 1916, as H. L’Etang does, ‘probably the greatest disaster to British arms since Hastings….Certainly never before nor since has such wanton pointless carnage been seen…’ (70)
Laffin bemoans the  complete “absence of cleverness” in the military strategy. He emphasizes that, 

“high casualties were a basic rule of the game and simply had to be accepted.” (76)
Who knows how the world would be different if the cream of that generation of Christians had not been trampled into the mud of France in 1915-18?

There is simply no explanation for sending wave after wave of men to their slaughter other than that this was the deliberate goal. Any sane general would have stopped the attack as soon as it became apparent that the strategy was a failure. 
Western society is controlled by a satanic cult whose goal is to degrade and exploit humanity.It’s time we stopped we being complicit in our own destruction.  

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First Comment from  Dan

Grand total of combat deaths, all sides 8,230,012

Total active duty including diseases 10,822,343

Total civilian deaths 2,235,457

“Spanish”Flu began in Jan 1918 and ran in two waves till Dec 1920

Death toll:  est, 20,000,000 to 50,000,000

500,000,000 were infected, so I’d go with the higher estimate.  My grandparents remembered it. Whole families died in two days.

Both waves killed the same age as combat soldiers.

It’s as if whomever wanted the fittest of that generation of European males culled, came up with a way to kill the girls too. Just one helluva coincidence.

St. Maximillian Kolbe: Freemasonry is a Jewish Proxy


(Maximillian Kolbe, 1894-1941, a Polish Franciscan friar murdered at Auschwitz. He was canonized in 1982 for sacrificing his life to save a Jewish family man. Pope John Paul II said he was “the Patron Saint of our difficult century.”)  

Humanity Blind to Masonic Control –  

Mankind is the victim of a hoax so mind boggling and monstrous, it is in denial. Humanity is controlled by a satanic cult, Freemasonry, rarely mentioned in public discourse. Masonry itself is a proxy for Cabalistic Jewish central bankers (the Illuminati.) This cult has manipulated political events and culture for more than 200 years. Our “freedom” is an illusion cultivated by their media. Our leaders are their witting or unwitting agents. 
Maximilian Kolbe was an expert on Freemasonry. Here are his chilling conclusions summarized in an essay by Antonio di Monda. 

from Aug 22, 2013

Father Kolbe Against Freemasonry” (transl from Italian)
by Father Antonio Di Monda
(edited/abridged by  

Freemasonry is a secret society,formed largely by Jews organized and founded by “freethinking” English in London in the year 1717… One of these purposes is the total liquidation of the supernatural world and the destruction of all religions, especially the Catholic Church.

 It is characterized by a mortal hatred for the Catholic Church and its Pope or Vicar of  Christ on Earth. . . They are declared enemies of the supernatural, morality and of all religions… And, in fact, explains Father Kolbe, “Freemasonry is infecting the school, art, theater, cinema and literature with paganism.”  

Freemasonry cultivates authentic Satanism, i.e. exercising the worship of Satan, even as it labels this as one of the “fairy tales” invented by the anti-Masonic groups, to slander an “innocent honest and association.” 

In addition to dominion over the world, the Freemasons are the authors of all the political movements, agitations and the most important revolutions in history: 

“From their workshop – says Father Kolbe – emerged the French Revolution, the whole series of revolutions from 1789 to 1815, and also the World Wars. 

Voltaire, D’Alembert, Rousseau, Diderot, Choiseul, Pombal, Aralda, Tanucci, Hangwitz, Byron, Mazzini, Palmerston, Garibaldi and others worked under their direction […]. . Freemasonry put them all on a pedestal…”


Freemasonry is a ‘association formed, for the most part, of Jews. The spirit of Freemasonry is certainly Jewish: “The connections (between Freemasonry and Judaism) are much more intimate than you might think… the spirit of Freemasonry is that of Judaism in its most fundamental beliefs, its ideas are Judaic, its language is Jewish, its organization is almost Jewish.  Every time I approach the sanctuary where Freemasonry performs its work, you will hear the name of Solomon, the Temple of Hiram […], the God of Abraham. “

Freemasonry proposes the liquidation of the supernatural and of every religion. Freemasonry, in fact, not only is based on the most comprehensive and radical naturalism, but rejects, by itself, every supernatural.  The very essence of Freemasonry – at least, for example, than the Italian – naturalism is Hence the exasperated worship, idolatry of human reason and the cult of unlimited freedom, unfettered by any law  ; his materialism complete, despite the more vague statements about God, the soul, etc. … Hence also the fight against all religion and especially the Catholic Church, founded so largely on the supernatural. “New Masonry (the sort after 1717) becomes militant in the service and defense of a naturalistic religion, a new religion of humanity stifles and destroys all forms of the supernatural.”

Freemasonry is the enemy, of course, of all morality.  And therefore fosters selfishness at full blast, even if everything is cleverly disguised under the guise of philanthropy.

So it sounds, for example, the oath of the 3rd Degree of Freemasonry shamelessly enhances the pleasures of sex, idolizing the generative force, without restraint and discretion.  In fact, the model of society today is based on hedonism …

Freemasonry has committed the greatest crimes, causing wars, revolutions and upheavals of every kind: “Freemasonry financed and supported the Russian Communist Revolution of 1905 , in 1918 financed the Communist Bela Kun in Hungary and the “Brother” Edouard Benes in Czechoslovakia in 1936, the Spanish revolution. In 1945, U.S. and allied troops could easily occupy, indeed had already done, the territories of ‘Austria, Czechoslovakia and Hungary, but to honor the agreements of Yalta the Mason Churchill and Roosevelt Mason left the field open to Stalin.’ 

It can be said, without exaggeration, that progressivism is now deeply tearing apart the Church after Vatican II (1962-1965), is a product of the influence exercised by Freemasonry on the Church: between progressivism and Freemasonry there is an affinity and thought  . And, to end with a note all Italian, the Italian Risorgimento is the work of Freemasonry. 


Father Kolbe writes that there is a Masonry within Freemasonry. Freemasons in fact are controlled by others.  “The outer garments are the so-called ‘blue Masons,’ while the so-called “red” belongs to a small number of people, mostly Jewish, who, fully are aware of their purposes, they direct the whole large mass of the “enlightened” Masonic organization.” 

 These leaders are unknown and always act in secret, making it impossible for the opposition.  They are the ones who prepare the work plans. Hence the ‘identification between Freemasonry and Judaism, at least in the terms suggested by what we have said. What is reflected eloquently in the famousProtocols of the Elders of Zion…the promotion of a” world revolution, which ultimately would result in a world dominated by the Jews, “is not a myth” . 

Great_Seal_of_United_States.jpg(Masonic symbol place on US one dollar in 1933. “Annuit coeptis” – ‘He has favored our enterprise .”)

Therefore, we can safely speak of a Jewish Freemasonry.  Or, if you want, Jewish or not, there is a Freemasonry which tends to world domination and is in charge of all subversive movements against God and the Catholic Church. 

Father Kolbe writes: “We can safely identify a criminal mafia called “Freemasonry “.  The hand maneuvering all this toward a clear and specific goal is “international Zionism”, as several studies show”. 

Freemasonry, considered especially in its leaders, apparent or hidden, is for Father Kolbe, the greatest enemy of the Church. 

“At first glance – he says – it might seem exaggerated the claim that the main, the largest and the most powerful enemy of the Church is Freemasonry . . But this is simply the truth: Freemasonry is the greatest enemy. In fact, with tentacles reaching everywhere, it is able to affect everything and everyone… Among its ranks, in fact, there are governors, ministers, businessmen, personality of the highest rank, so it can rule the roost everywhere and always  .  It has abundant means so they may have in their hands almost all the media: “The cinema, theater, literature, art (are) largely directed by the invisible hand of Freemasonry» 

 Rightly, then, Father Kolbe can speak of Freemasonry as the “head” of the infernal serpent! 

Paul Craig Roberts – UK/US Gangster States
———————– Illuminati Killed Communism to Reclaim Russia


Written By Foundation Father on Twitter

“Women should be workers in the home, primarily focused on domestic duties.”

Them: “Oh yeah, what if her husband becomes a quadriplegic from a car wreck? What if aliens invade and her husband dies in the resistance? What if I swallow a toothpick!”

“You shouldn’t get divorced.”

Them: “Oh yeah, what if he’s beating her within an inch of her life every single night? What if he’s sleeping with prostitutes and snorting coke on the kid’s changing table? What if he won’t DO THE DISHES?!”

“Any marriage should at least be open to more children.”

Them: “Oh yeah, what if they’re homeless? What if the woman has a rare disease that will cause her to explode if she gets pregnant again? What if the couple wants a third vacation home?”

It’s okay to speak in generalities. Almost everyone understands there are edge cases and exceptions to a truism.

Those who don’t understand this think they are wise to try and disprove the rule by yelling out exceptions and obscenities. They are just fools.

They think if an exception exists, somewhere in spacetime, somewhere in the multiverse, then they can assuage their own conscience when they ignore wisdom.

It also makes them feel smart.

The perfect drug for narcissistic individuals who want to avoid responsibility.

And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.
2 Thessalonians 2:11,12


God’s will for women is to marry, bear children, and guide the home (1 Timothy 5:14). This is God’s perfect path for us, yet feminism has steered women in the opposite direction so that they end up unhappy, unmarried, and childless. This is Satan’s goal, not God’s. God created us for the home and for children. He didn’t created us for the workforce and the stress that comes from this. He created men for this since they have ten times the testosterone as women, but women in their fight for “liberation” lost what was most valuable in their lives.

The Daily Wire had an article titled Feminism is Leaving a Wake of Unhappy, Unmarried, and Childless Women in Its Path. Instead of taking the old paths that God has ordained for us, they have taken the wide path that leads to destruction. Here are a few quotes from the article.

“So back to the original claim: the so-called sexual liberation of women is indeed screwing women, and not in a good way.

“Why would a man rush to settle down and marry someone if he can not only have sex with ‘liberated’ women without a ring, but even cohabitate with them, too? Moreover, the less chaste a woman is, the less preferable she will likely be to a man. Not to mention a woman’s increasing age and creeping near infertility as another massively undesirable trait.

“If women demanded more from men, did not sleep around in the name of feminism, men would settle into marriage at an earlier age.

“But, nonetheless, these simple truths will be rejected by feminists everywhere, clinging hard to their sad, lonely lives in exchange for empty Feminism, as they accuse any dissenter of being a misogynist.”

The sexual liberation movement wasn’t liberation at all. It was bondage for women. They give sex away for free without the commitment of marriage. They cohabitate without commitment for life. Their children, if they have any, have no father so they’re single mothers in the workforce. This isn’t liberation at all. It’s bondage and exactly what Satan gives. He loves people’s lives to be miserable and unhappy. Christ came to set us free and give us life abundant. Choose you this day whom you will serve, women. God or Satan?

He maketh the barren woman to keep house, and to be a joyful mother of children. Praise ye the LORD.
Psalm 113:9


“Women generally have more work-related cases of carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, respiratory diseases, infectious diseases, and anxiety and stress disorders. Social, economic, and cultural factors also put women at risk for injury and illness. While workplace exposures can affect both male and female reproduction, issues related to reproduction and pregnancy are of particular concern to women.” This is from the government’s own website!

God created women for the home. They weren’t created for the workforce. Men were created for the workforce since they have ten times the amount of testosterone than women. It was God’s curse on men’s lives after the Fall, not women’s. Our lives are to revolve in and around our home. The stress of the workforce is incredibly harmful for women as studies prove. Depression has skyrocketed among women since they left their homes. Adultery has skyrocketed too. Instead of being home caring for their husbands, children, and home, many women are caring for their bosses and strangers. This is NOT God’s will for us, women.

I worked for the first two years of my oldest daughter’s life and this is my biggest regret. I didn’t feel like I was a good wife, mother, or homemaker. I was always exhausted. It was far too much for me. (I made a video of my experience.) My 91 year old dad came to visit me last night. I told him about this. He told me he wishes he would have known. He would have made it happen for me to be home with my baby. I know he would have if we would have asked him, but we went along with the feminist agenda of having to work even after having a baby.

One woman directed me to an Instagram account called “weareteachers.” The post was called “Confessions of a Teacher Mom: It drives me crazy that having patience for other people’s kids means having less for my own.” Here are a few of the many confessions made by women who are teachers.

“It’s becoming harder and harder to balance motherhood, single motherhood especially with teaching full time. I’m tired and drained all the time.”


“My confession: spending more time and mental/ emotional/ physical energy on others kids than I am able to spend on my own. I don’t have less patience, just extremely less time. ”

“Leaving your own kids in daycare to go take care of other people’s kids.”

They can all see how being in the workforce is not right but they have believed the lie that this is what they were supposed to do; that a career and paycheck are far more important than raising one’s own children. God says otherwise. Go home, women. Take a step of faith and trust God to provide what He commands. If your husband is not on board, read “The Way Home” by Mary Pride and show him the studies she has found of the effect on children who have mothers in the workforce. Show him the government study I linked to but most of all, pray. God hears your prayers!

I will therefore that the younger women marry, bear children, guide the house, give none occasion to the adversary to speak reproachfully.
1 Timothy 5:14

Satanic Jews behind the destruction of America.

Profoundly insightful 3 minute video.

Black Scorpion Nationalists is a friend of mine out of Germany.

Jewish Decadence: The Fall Of Civilization

Because of satanic Jews, mankind hasn’t evolved in a long time. We are going backwards, not forwards. Instead of protecting our children, Jews promote the killing of them. Instead of leading women into nobility, the Jews want them to be rebellious. feminist whores. Instead of masculinity, the Jews want men to be feminine, weak pride flag waving fruitcakes. Instead of building, the Jews want to destroy us. Instead of healthcare, the Jews want to kill us with lethal vaccines, tobacco, alcohol and drugs. Instead of peace, the Jews send your children to fight their wars. Instead of God, they worship the devil. What we are witnessing is the degeneration of mankind, the implosion of our society and the fall of civilization.

Jews control both sides

An extremely important point is made, here.. by both men.

If you’re able to create the debate/framework, and atop it all put forth the leading players on both ‘sides’ of the issue, you then have total power in that sphere.

It’s a bit like our legal system in which a highly paid Jewish prosecutor often contends with a highly paid Jewish defense lawyer – a great theater, in which power quietly flows to a singular group as the public is transfixed on nonsense distraction.

The Jewish mind – especially after millennia of being the ‘other’ amidst otherwise healthy and homogeneous societies – has mastered the art of power acquisition. Not fundamentally improving the nations in which they live, in the average case, as this represents the goal of a man who loves his nation and people because he feels an innate kinship with them.. rather, just attaining power over them.

This is what makes the ‘clash of cultures’ and the interplay between the two peoples so toxic, unhealthy, parasitic.