Satanic Jews behind the destruction of America.

Profoundly insightful 3 minute video.

Black Scorpion Nationalists is a friend of mine out of Germany.

Jewish Decadence: The Fall Of Civilization

Because of satanic Jews, mankind hasn’t evolved in a long time. We are going backwards, not forwards. Instead of protecting our children, Jews promote the killing of them. Instead of leading women into nobility, the Jews want them to be rebellious. feminist whores. Instead of masculinity, the Jews want men to be feminine, weak pride flag waving fruitcakes. Instead of building, the Jews want to destroy us. Instead of healthcare, the Jews want to kill us with lethal vaccines, tobacco, alcohol and drugs. Instead of peace, the Jews send your children to fight their wars. Instead of God, they worship the devil. What we are witnessing is the degeneration of mankind, the implosion of our society and the fall of civilization.
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