News, Thursday, July 18th, 2019

Victor Davis Hanson: The War over America’s Past is really over it’s future.

Brown: The left’s demonization of Conservatives becomes dangerous.

U.S Warship downs Iranian Drone in Straits of Hormuz. 

Duke: The left is following Communism’s playbook for Revolution.  

Judicial Watch: Emails Show Dossier-Connected Top Obama State Department Officials Set ‘Face-to-Face’ Meeting on ‘Russian Matter’ in NY in September 2016

Killer released from prison, dubbed too old to be dangerous, kills again

Powerline Blog: Ilhan Omar Received Asylum Under False Name, Married Brother

Ahistorical Omar introduces resolution defending boycott of Israel, likens it to boycotts of Nazi Germany, Soviet Union

What the hookup culture has done to women.  

Ilhan Omar’s plan to end ‘Capitalist System’

Cashill: You can’t tell the racists without a scorecard

Steinberg: Ilhan Omar Happened Because Media Chose to Lie to You

Fake Pastor declares all Trump supporters are racist.

Dem Dotcoms Vs. Trump’s soldiers and steelworkers.

Hidden motives behind huge 2020 Democratic primary.

Miller: An angry old white guy on ‘AOC plus three.’

Fake News CNN frustrated in attempt to manipulate women into saying ‘Trump is Raciss’.

McOscar: The tragedy of returning to where I grew up.  

Showalter: Third wildcat bid to Impeach Trump leaves Pelosi with egg all over her face.

American Dream turns partisan: 88% GOP ‘attainable’, 38% Democrats ‘unattainable’.  

Pompeo Announces an International Alliance to Defend Religious Freedom

News, July 13, 2019

Trump Administration Wins Sanctuary Cities Case in Appeals Court (Ninth Circuit!)

Colorado ICE Protesters Tear Down American Flag, Replace it with Mexican Flag

President Trump slams former FBI deputy director as a ‘major sleazebag’

GOP Sen. Hawley: Tech Giants Must Quit Censoring Conservatives If They Want To Keep “Special Deal” With Government

Ferullo: Could I have some news with my emotions please?

Showalter: Leftists rip and deface American flag at migrant detention center, raise Mexican flag

Devin Nunes: Without jail time for Russia probe ‘dirty cops’, no Republican will trust DOJ for ‘generations’

Deputy sheriff enters IRS office to ask a question & guard pulls gun on him

Gloves Come Off: Far Left Democrat Insinuates Black And Hispanic Lawmakers Who Side With Pelosi Are Race Traitors

MALKIN: Epstein, Bean & Buck: The Democratic Donors’ Sex-Creep Club

Marcus: Pushing Back Against Anti-Americanism

Kaster: Nineteen Eighty-Four at 70: What Orwell Got Right

Curtis: What Are Human Rights?

News July 3rd, 2019

Trump: Stories About Government Dropping Effort to Put Citizenship Question on Census Are ‘Fake’

US media sector braces for brutal year for jobs

Lawson: To Remain Free, We Need To Deepen Our Understanding Of The Declaration

CNN Death Spiral continues.

Hoffman: Happiness Isn’t Just A Feeling. It Takes Work

Walsh: How to identify and destroy fascists. 

Donner: Racism, Socialism, communism, no border: Are 2020 Democrats blind to history?

Another rogue leftist judge blocks Trump order requiring asylum seekers to remain in detention pending hearings.

Globalist Financial Media Immediately Attacks Trump Fed Nominees Who May Bring Sound Money Policy

Hoffman: Earth to NYT: Yes, America is Still Great

WATCH: Trump Says You Can Thank DEMOCRATS For The FILTHY Cities

NOT GOOD: Dems Moving Forward With Bill To Allow Illegal Aliens To Hold Public Office

Limbaugh: We Face the Threat to Our Culture Right Now, Not in the Future


What That Gallup Poll Actually Found: Democrats Don’t Like America

Congresswoman who says ‘making fun of Congress members online’ is a crime is herself guilty

Left Out: Rasmussen Survey says majority want citizenship question

Our Take: AOC is a Total Liar

1/3 of young millennials, 18-24, aren’t sure Earth is round

Arizona Governor Yanks Nike Plant Money After They Drop American Flag Sneakers

Bufkin: Left Amps Up Justifications For Violence Against Their Political Opponents

Ridless: If Democrats Can’t Impeach Trump, Their Next President Will Simply Prosecute Him

Fazio: No, You Don’t Have A ‘Right’ To ‘Free’ Health Care, And Neither Does Anyone Else