“This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come. For men shall be lovers of their own selves…” (2 Timothy 3:1,2)

The big movements of our time (feminism, Women’s Rights, CRT, BLM, rainbow coalition…) are all built upon being lovers of their own selves without regard to anyone else.

Here’s what the commentaries of old say about being lovers of their own selves:

“Lovers of their own selves. Selfishness well heads the dreary list. It is the true root of all sin.”

“The selfishness which is condemned, is that regard to our own interests which interferes with the rights and comforts of others; which makes self the central and leading object of living; and which TRAMPLES ON ALL THAT WOULD INTERFERE WITH THAT.”

“For men shall be lovers of their own selves; that is, the generality of men shall be persons that will neither love God nor men, in comparison with themselves; charity, which seeketh not her own, shall wax cold, men shall be wholly for themselves.”

We are absolutely in perilous times, women. Love God, His Word, and others. Dwell on the true, honest, and pure. Be salt and light in this wicked generation.

Teaching us that, denying ungodliness and worldly lusts, we should live soberly, righteously, and godly, in this present world.
Titus 2:12


“The printing press puts into the hands of parents a means of good which they may use to the greatest advantage in the culture of their home-life and in the shaping of the lives of their household. But they must keep a most diligent watch over the pages that they introduce. They should know the character of every book and paper that comes within the doors, and should resolutely exclude everything that would defile.

“Then, while they exclude everything whose influence would be for evil, if they are wise they will bring into their home as much as possible of pure, elevating, and refining literature. Every beautiful thought that enters a child’s mind adds to strength and loveliness of character in after days. The educating influence of the best books and papers is incalculable, and no parent can afford to lose it in the training of his family.” (J.R. Miller, 1882)

Can you imagine if he were alive today? Parents no longer have to simply monitor books, they have to monitor everything! Satan has always been on the prowl looking whom he may devour, but our nation continues down the Romans 1 path of depravity. It’s everywhere! It’s on the TV, movies, books, Internet, stores, and all around us. You must be diligent mothers to proactively protect your children in these dark days. Don’t allow our culture to steal their innocence.

God warns us that bad company corrupts good morals. Protect your children from bad company and teach them to walk with the wise. Read through the Proverbs consistently with them since this is full of wisdom! Teach and train them daily. Lead them in God’s ways. Let them know why they’re so good. Show them the joy of the Lord in you! Remember, you are raising eternal souls.

Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.
Philippians 4:8


God’s description of a godly woman:

*Help meet to her husband
*Not false accusers
*Not given to much wine
*Teachers of good things
*Loves and obeys husband
*Loves children
*Keepers at Home
*Modest apparel
*Learns in silence with all subjection in the churches
*Forbidden from teaching in churches
*Forbidden from usurping authority over men
*Saved in childbearing
*Not slanderers
*Faithful in all things
*Subjection to own husband
*Reverences her husband
*Meek and quiet spirit
*Not quarrelsome or contentious
*Works willingly with her hands
*Rejoices in time to come
*Opens her mouth with wisdom 
*Looks well to the ways of her household
*Fears the Lord

I encourage you to find the Bibles verses that state these commands and look in the commentaries of old (Bible Hub is a great resource for this!) to find out what the ones you don’t understand mean, or you can search this blog for posts about anything written concerning biblical womanhood!

Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies.
Proverbs 31:10

Response to misguided query on whether I’m a “White Supremacist”

“I have the same opinions as every major tv news channel, newspaper, and social media giant.

I have the same opinions as every major corporation

I have the same opinions as the UN and almost every state and local government in the world.

I am a rebellious, free thinking renegade who is impervious to propaganda”

Quoted this directly from a meme. This largely is you, Arizona.

Why are you asking me what my views are of “white supremacy”?

You’re evil surmising that I’m a “White supremacist”, is that what you’re doing?

Go read my website. It has thousands of posts. See if you find evidence of “white supremacy”.

Let’s define our terms too.

Racism to me is anyone who believes their race is superior to others, and that all other races are inferior. Racism is also anyone who thinks their race is good, and other races are evil. Do you agree?

White supremacy would be someone who always prefers White people, and who automatically sides with Whites over non Whites. Is that fair?

And do you believe all races can be racist? Or do you believe the media narrative that only Whites can be racist because they have power? Do you not realize that’s a lie, since Jews control the money, media, schools, and information? So if people who have power are racist, then Talmudic Jews are racist, since they control all the money on earth, and their Talmud is definitely a very racist book. Go to Israel and ask yourself why there are no Blacks, Asians, or Latinos.

Do you believe Black, Latino, and Asian supremacy exists?

According to the media, if you oppose Communism, you are White, you support Christianity, you oppose sexual degeneracy, and you oppose corrupt Democrats and Republicans, you are a “White supremacist,” “Nazi,” “Fascist,” “antisemite,” “racist.”

Notice, your opinions are nearly identical to social media, television, newspapers, and the radio.

It’s not a mystery. You already admitted you only read your Bible and no other books. So, where are you getting your information and worldview from?

The lying media, that is where.

What I have learned about love and hatred in the last three months at Sacramento City Council meetings.

I have learned a lot about love and hate in the last two months I have been attending Sacramento, City, Council, meetings, and my next time up there speaking, I’m going to share it.

I have learned that telling the truth is hateful.

I have learned that criticizing Jewish wrongdoing is very hateful and is not allowed.

I have learned that. It is very loving to threaten people in city council meetings.

I have learned that love is expressed by coming up to people and telling them “want to go outside, Nazi“?

I have learned that it is very loving to interrupt people when it is their turn to talk.

I have learned that it is a great expression of love to push people who are sitting in the back of the city council chambers, and minding their own business.

I have learned that it is very loving to come up and claim that you’re a victim and that black and brown people are always being oppressed.

I am so appreciative of the mayor and the city Council constantly teaching me that love is interrupting citizens when it is their turn to talk.

I have learned that love is expressed by the mayor telling a man that he is vile and no one wants to hear his s*** when he tells the truth.

I have learned it is very loving when Councilman Loloee disagrees with a speaker and gets up and says “who is this M****r f****r?

I have learned that it is very loving for Jewish paid non-governmental organization activists to come to City Hall and create chaos.

I have learned that it is very loving for the city Council to violate its own decorum rules they just established in March of this year, and to coordinate with activists to interrupt speakers.

I have learned it is very loving for a young man who is supposed to be over seeing the police to get up in the middle of a meeting and interrupt other speakers.

I have learned love is when M, Samuel, and LV, the three brawling‘s women, who have the historical comprehension of a gnat, come up to city council meetings for five months, and hammer other people with their gross ignorance.

And I have learned that love is when someone who cannot figure out their own gender, who believes God was wrong when they created them the gender he did, that it is love when they come and force their fake identity on Sacramento.

I have learned that it is love when someone identifies themselves as they/them, which is only used in the Bible to refer to people with lots of devils.

I have learned that the Sacramento Bee is so full of love that they slander and libel those they disagree with. I have learned from the Sacramento Bee that love is distorting the truth terribly every single day.

I have learned from councilwoman Kaplan, that it is very loving to shut down a city Council meeting, because five people who disagree with you come and sit quietly in the back, and then, go on television, and let the entire city of Sacramento know that you were afraid. So hysterically Hyper ventilating is part of being a loving person.

I am grateful for all that I have loved about, hate and love, and I look forward to learning even more. Thank you very much!

City of Sacramento City Council Rules of Decorum passed 3/7/23. Violated dozens of times in just the past two months!

City of Sacramento Council Rules of Procedure
Resolution No. 2023-0066 Adopted on March 7, 2023 Chapter 5 – Conduct of the Public
A. General Conduct

  1. Decorum.
    a. Members of the public attending council meetings shall observe the same rules and decorum applicable to the members and staff as noted in chapters 3 and 4 of these Rules.
    b. No person shall engage in conduct that is intended to or is likely to provoke violent or riotous behavior, nor shall any person engage in conduct that disturbs the orderly conduct of the council meeting. Examples of disorderly conduct include:
    (i) Feet-stamping.
    (ii) Whistling or other abrupt noises.
    (iii) Yelling or shouting or interrupting a speaker who is addressing the council.
    (iv) Organized silent demonstrations and other demonstrations intended to disturb the progress of the meeting.
    (v) Physically threatening conduct.
    (vi) Verbal threats.
    (vii) Banging, slamming, or throwing objects.
    (viii) Interfering with other attendees’ ability to participate or address the council.
    (ix) Entering areas of the chamber not intended for the public.
    (x) Incitement to commit unlawful or disturbing acts or disrupt proceedings.
    (xi) Refusing to abide speaker time limits and leave the podium when directed.
    (xii) Placing physical objects in a manner that creates a disturbance or disrupts proceedings.
    (xiii) Interjection when not at the podium.
    (xiv) Refusing to heed the presiding officer’s call for order.
    xv) Approaching the podium or dais without permission of the presiding officer.
    (xvi) Signs may not be mounted to any solid item that would facilitate holding or waving and may not impede the view of other attendees.
    c. Enforcement. In addition to the presiding officer, the decorum officer and the sergeant-at-arms shall have primary responsibility for enforcing council meeting decorum. Additionally, any member may at any time call for a point of order, to request the timely enforcement of these rules of decorum.

(i) The presiding officer shall request that a person who is breaching the rules of decorum cease the conduct. If the person does not cease the conduct immediately, the presiding officer may order the person to leave the council meeting or order the sergeant-at-arms to remove the person.
(ii) In addition to the sergeant-at-arms, the decorum officer, who shall be a council-selected person who sits on the dais, may also exercise the duties of the presiding officer in Rule 5.A.1.c.(i) above.
(iii) The sergeant-at-arms shall assist in enforcing the rules of decorum, including removing disorderly persons upon order of the presiding officer or decorum officer.
B. Addressing the City Council

  1. Purpose of public comment. During regular meetings, the city provides opportunities for the public to address the council as a whole in order to listen to the public’s opinions regarding agendized items and unagendized matters within the subject matter jurisdiction of the city. At all other (special) meetings, public comment is limited to agendized items.
    a. Public comments should not be addressed to individual members nor to city officials, but rather to the council as a whole regarding city business.
    b. While members of the public may speak their opinions on city business, personal attacks on members and city officials, use of swear words, and signs or displays of disrespect for individuals are discouraged as they impede good communication with the council.
    c. Consistent with the Brown Act, the public comment periods on the agenda are not intended to be “question and answer” periods or conversations with the council and city officials. The limited circumstances under which members may respond to public comments are set out in Rule 8.D.2.
    d. Members of the public with questions concerning consent calendar items may contact the staff person or the member whose district is identified on the report prior to the meeting to reduce the need for discussion of consent calendar items and to better respond to the public’s questions.
    e. The presiding officer may stop a member of the public whose comments are not confined to the agendized item being heard. During the public comment portion of the agenda, the
    Presiding Officer
    The Presiding Officer is the person who presides over a meeting and is charged with maintaining order and decorum, recognizing members to speak, and interpreting the rules, practices, and precedents. In the city council the presiding officer is the Mayor. In advisory bodies established by the city council the presiding officer is the Chair. In the absence of Mayor or Chair, the Vice Mayor or Vice Chair shall preside.
    presiding officer
    may stop a member of the public whose comments are not within the subject matter jurisdiction of the

________________________________________________ City Council – 5PM Meeting Agenda May 16, 2023

  1. Designation of City Council Decorum Officer
    File ID: 2023-00661
    Location: Citywide.
    Recommendation: Pass a Motion designating the City Clerk as the city council’s decorum officer.
    Issue Detail: Chapter 5 of the Council Rules of Procedure identifies a “decorum officer” who is, along with the presiding officer and the sergeant-at-arms, responsible for enforcing city council meeting decorum. Pursuant to Rule 5.A.1.c.ii, the decorum officer shall be a council-selected person who sits on the dais.


The fashions of this world have never been that important to me. I wear very little make up. I don’t have my nails or toenails done. I don’t wear nail polish at all. I cut my own hair. I color it once a month. I wear clothes that are comfortable and modest. I’ve never cared about the fashion of the day. My house is uncluttered and comfortable. Most of our furniture is hand-me-downs from my parents or from Craigslist. Most of my countertops and tables have nothing on them. I don’t wear any jewelry except for my wedding ring. I am drawn to simplicity, and this is what I like.

One of my best friends is the complete opposite in these areas. She has her hair done, cut and colored, and her toenails done. Her fingernails are long and always perfectly manicured. She wears quite a bit more make up than me, but not over done. She’s always dressed fashionably. She wears beautiful jewelry on her fingers, her wrists, and around her neck. Her house is perfectly decorated in almost every corner. And I have to tell you, she’s probably the most godly woman I know.

She deeply loves her husband of many years. She tells people about Jesus almost everywhere she goes. If young women have marriage problems or are having trouble raising their kids, they love being mentored by her. She gives gifts to almost everyone. When she has us over for meals, she makes us feel pampered. She is filled with the joy of the Lord, and is salt and light wherever she goes.

Why am I sharing this? Because all of these things that I mentioned concerning our lives, in the way that we live and care for ourselves, and in what we wear, have nothing to do with godliness. Godliness is how much we love and obey God, how much we love others, and how well we serve them. My best friend does all of these extremely well. Her price is well above rubies.

Favour is deceitful, and beauty is vain: but a woman that feareth the Lord, she shall be praised.
Proverbs 31:31


As many of you know, I was extremely ill throughout my children’s childhood with parasites, neck fusion, brain tumor, two brain surgeries, and two intensive rounds of radiation. I had determined while they were young that I wasn’t going to make their lives miserable just because I was miserable.

I missed out on many Thanksgiving meals, Christmas celebrations, and Easter dinners with the family, birthday parties, and summer vacations. I had read that self-pity was satanic, so I decided I would not give into self-pity nor bitterness. How did I do this?

I learned that godliness with contentment is great gain. When I felt myself falling into a deep pit of depression, I would quickly remind myself that the joy of the Lord is my strength, and I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. This would immediately take me out of my dark thoughts. His Word is indeed powerful, and this is why we are to take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ.

My oldest daughter has told me recently that she doesn’t even remember my suffering since I was joyful and didn’t complain. I knew God would use this for my good, refine me, and make me more like Christ. He taught me many valuable lessons throughout this.

Life is fragile. Make the most of every day. Love and serve the people in your life. This world is passing. Our hope is in Christ alone. Dwell on the good and the pure. He is good and worthy of our praise! God’s grace is sufficient.

And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.
Romans 8:28