Response to misguided query on whether I’m a “White Supremacist”

“I have the same opinions as every major tv news channel, newspaper, and social media giant.

I have the same opinions as every major corporation

I have the same opinions as the UN and almost every state and local government in the world.

I am a rebellious, free thinking renegade who is impervious to propaganda”

Quoted this directly from a meme. This largely is you, Arizona.

Why are you asking me what my views are of “white supremacy”?

You’re evil surmising that I’m a “White supremacist”, is that what you’re doing?

Go read my website. It has thousands of posts. See if you find evidence of “white supremacy”.

Let’s define our terms too.

Racism to me is anyone who believes their race is superior to others, and that all other races are inferior. Racism is also anyone who thinks their race is good, and other races are evil. Do you agree?

White supremacy would be someone who always prefers White people, and who automatically sides with Whites over non Whites. Is that fair?

And do you believe all races can be racist? Or do you believe the media narrative that only Whites can be racist because they have power? Do you not realize that’s a lie, since Jews control the money, media, schools, and information? So if people who have power are racist, then Talmudic Jews are racist, since they control all the money on earth, and their Talmud is definitely a very racist book. Go to Israel and ask yourself why there are no Blacks, Asians, or Latinos.

Do you believe Black, Latino, and Asian supremacy exists?

According to the media, if you oppose Communism, you are White, you support Christianity, you oppose sexual degeneracy, and you oppose corrupt Democrats and Republicans, you are a “White supremacist,” “Nazi,” “Fascist,” “antisemite,” “racist.”

Notice, your opinions are nearly identical to social media, television, newspapers, and the radio.

It’s not a mystery. You already admitted you only read your Bible and no other books. So, where are you getting your information and worldview from?

The lying media, that is where.

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