Letter to Sacramento City Council requesting removal of Keyan Bliss, and his being banned from future Council meetings.

Dear Mayor and Council members,

We are now in talks with lawyers to sue Sacramento for at least a few million dollars for your continued and blatant violation of the rights of American citizens.

We have video footage of members of Antifa violently attacking us, unprovoked. We have video footage at the last meeting of Councilmembers Loloee, Kaplan, and Valenzuela inciting Keyan Bliss, who is paid by the city, to interrupt the meeting, thus justifying shutting the meeting down.  This deprived at least five community members of their First Amendment Rights.

We have had multiple occasions where the Mayor and City Council allow blatant interruptions of myself and others, and those who disrupt are not removed from the meeting.

We have video footage of the Mayor blatantly interrupting me and saying, on camera, “I’m tired of your s***.”  This is language no elected official should ever use.

We are requesting Keyan Bliss be immediately removed from his role as the Sacramento Police Review Commissioner.  His blatant disruption of the City council meeting was a disgrace.  A man who cannot control himself has no business overseeing the city’s police.

We are advising he ought to be immediately barred from attending any other City Council meetings until he agrees that any further disruptions on his part will result in a three-year ban.  

We are advising an immediate meeting with the Mayor and Council to ensure future council meetings have law and order upheld and the rude interruptions by radical activists are halted.  Anyone who interrupts should be warned, then removed from the meeting, and given at least a one-year ban.

It is a disgrace that the Mayor and City Council have allowed a literal circus at City Hall with no order and discipline whatsoever.  If chaos is allowed at City Council meetings in public, what is going on outside City Hall?

Public opinion is overwhelmingly against you.

The Sacramento Bee is on your side, and when Reporter Clift posted a loaded comment accusing us of “racism,” “antisemitism,” etc., it was swamped.  99% of the comments were favorable to us and against you for allowing a zoo at City Hall.

On the Twitter feed, not one of your supporters defended you.


Here’s another video with 60,000 views. Comments are 99% against you.


There are three choices you have, and all are losing.

You can quietly listen, and the more truth we tell, the more outraged Sacramento will become at the worst Mayor and the worst City Council in the history of Sacramento.

Second, you can keep interrupting, and allowing the audience to interrupt, which is going to draw more attention and make the message bigger.

Last, you can allow violence up to and including death to happen to us, and if that happens, I shudder to think what the future holds for you. Any finger laid on me or others will be punished to the full extent of the law. To your credit, the courts are often as corrupt as you are, but God is over you and the courts.

Thank you for your consideration,


Ryan Messano and every wise and virtuous citizen of Sacramento, California, and America