Sacramento PD being slandered as racist, massive crime problem being ignored by Sacramento Mayor, City Council

Why are we hearing the race of those filing complaints against police, but we aren’t hearing the race of those accused, arrested, and convicted of rape, violent crimes, and murders, and other crimes? You can look all over Google and you won’t find the race of those committing violent crimes, murders, and rapes in Democrat states and cities in America. Disgusting dishonesty.

This is deliberate deceit and it happens in Democrat cities across America, you destabilize the cities by ignoring race stats on criminals, but you emphasize race statistics in complaints or wrongdoing allegations against police. So you emphasize police wrongdoing by the race of victims, but you hide the race of criminals harming innocent people. Extremely wicked!

A good book is War on cops Heather Macdonald

There were 770,000 interactions with police and public in the last two years. So, if you have less than 60 issues that are disputed or agreed upon wrongdoing, you are doing very well!

Another point is the Sacramento Mayor City council has violated the First Amendment Rights of myself and others on at least ten occasions in the last two months. How can you oversee a police force, when you are violating the most basic civil right, the First amendment of citizens right in City hall? You actually had an Antifa thug violently attack my friends and I, on camera, May 23rd, at the City Council meeting, and you did nothing about it! Councilwoman Kaplan ended a meeting because “she didn’t feel safe”. So her feelings caused her to violate the First Amendment Rights of dozens of members of the community.

I think it’s great you want to be sure the police are doing their job, now why don’t you spend more time on the thousands of innocent crime victims in California, victims of murder, rape, theft, violent crime, robbery and more? Sacramento, California, and America have serious crime problems, and there are two root factors. 90% of your criminals in jail have these two factors in common.

Fatherlessness and functional illiteracy.