Whose fault is it that Willie McCoy died?

It was a tragic death.  A young rapper, whose criminal record is as yet unknown, was possibly on a drug of some nature (toxicology report will be released in the future) and fell asleep in a Taco Bell drive through.  On his lap, was a loaded stolen gun from Oregon, with illegal clips.  Normal citizens don’t drive around with illegal stolen guns, and they certainly don’t fall asleep with said guns on their laps.  However, this was not a cause for anyone to shoot the rapper.  Notice how the media sensationalizes the story saying “Executed by firing squad”.

The police were called, and, as expected in situations like this, they took serious precautions.  The shooting of police officers has been an epidemic of sorts.  We are waiting for the videos from the police body cams, but from what the police have said, and we have no reason to disbelieve them, when he awoke, he reached for his loaded gun.  Keep in mind, the police had no idea he was on drugs, and even if they did, a citizen on drugs can shoot a police officer just as well as a citizen not on drugs.  What sane citizen in the police officers shoes would have hesitated?  When you are trained to respond with force to neutralize OBVIOUS  threats, exactly what were the police to do?  Were they supposed to sit and wait to be murdered?  It doesn’t seem fair that the rapper was shot, as he was young and had  his whole life ahead of him.  But, whose fault was it that he was driving around on drugs?  Wasn’t that his choice?  Driving around while impaired is dangerous enough, but driving around with a loaded, stolen fire arm on your lap is dangerous beyond belief.  Exactly how do you defuse a situation like that is what I’d like to know from citizens who are parroting the media’s usual ‘police brutality’ narrative?

Let’s understand that the media hype the 10 or so controversial shootings of black men every year, and they hide the fact that far more whites are shot and killed by police.   The statistics on cops killing blacks are in a great article here.  The statistics on black on black killing are here.   So, the media are obviously lying to us, spreading the narrative that the police are out to murder blacks.  However, the liberal media is the real problem, because they are covering up the black holocaust they are perpetuating with abortion.

However, crime and poverty rates are highest in Democrat run cities.  If you look at the inner cities who voted overwhelmingly for Hillary, they have the highest rates of poverty and crime for the black community than any cities in America.  Vallejo’s schools are atrocious.  They constantly lie about systemic racism, while failing to teach kids basic math and english.  Then, when a child graduates like the unfortunate Willie McCoy, they don’t have the math and reading skills necessary to succeed in society and so they often turn to illegal activities.  Also, fatherlessness is an epidemic in America and in the black community where 75% of black children do not have a married father in the home when they are born.  Tragically, there is a rap video of young Willie McCoy rapping about how life was hard growing up without a Dad.  It was.  But, it is Democrat welfare programs, begun by LBJ in the 1960’s with his failed ‘War on poverty’, that he allegedly said would have ‘those N******’s voting Democrat for the next 100 years’ that pushed the black man out of the home, and have brung this fatherlessness epidemic to fruition.

It is liberalism and Marxism, spread by the schools, Democrat politicians, and the media that are responsible for young Willie McCoy’s death.  His death could have been averted, but greedy Democrat politicians, Democrat teacher unions, and Democrat run media want power and money, and sacrificed Willie McCoy at the altar of their desires.  Just as the Democrats murder tens of millions of babies, so their corrupt ideologies fail children, and leave them defenseless to deal with life.

Shame on you, Vallejo Democrats!!!!  The blood of Willie McCoy is on your hands!!  You Democrats have ran Vallejo for decades, and it’s your fault that young children don’t have fathers (you push porn, television, Hollyweird, and entertainment, which takes fathers out of the home), and don’t do well in school (10% of black students in Vallejo are testing at the 12th grade level when they graduate in reading and math, thanks to the Democrat teachers unions).  Of course, the usual suspects, the ACLU and probably other Democrat groups, who are to blame for creating high crime and poverty in Democrat cities, are saying it’s the police’s fault, and the problem is racism.  It never ends, these parasites will never stop lying.


Can someone sue liberal race-baiter Shaun King for his  usual lies?  He constantly gets facts wrong to spread his ‘America is racist’ narrative.  I was blocked from his Fakebook page 2 years ago for the crime of disagreeing with his stupid narrative that deceives millions of naive and gullible Americans.  Anyone who knows basic math and the stats where it shows a black man is 18.5 times more likely to shoot a police officer than to be shot by one, knows Shaun King is one big teller of Tall Tales.   Here, he doesn’t mention the driver is asleep IN THE DRIVE THROUGH!  He makes it sound like poor Willie stopped in the parking lot to get some shut eye, and the next thing you know he is being ushered into Glory by racist Vallejo cops who are just itching to shoot black men.  This is absolutely shameful that this continues!  It’s tragic, but the disinformation and lies that the lying and deceitful liberal press spread are even worse.

America’s dangerous lack of historical knowledge.

After having thousands of conversations with liberals, both in person and online, it’s become glaringly obvious that the vast majority of them lack any concept of virtue and of history.  While they are trained to use sophism to take apart anyone truthfully opposing their continual rubbish and nonsense, the fact is, at least 90% of Democrat voters can’t pass a basic Civics Test.


Late last year, it was discovered that only 33% of Americans can pass a basic citizenship test.


The test is right here, and any liberal who comments without posting at least a 70% score for the 96 question test will have their comment deleted.  I’d recommend all conservatives take it as well, and post your scores.  Not to boast, but just to show our liberal friends how much they don’t know, while they love to talk so much.  In the interest of full disclosure, since our liberal friends will ask this question, I got 100%.


If 90% of American voters could pass this test, there would not be one Democrat in elected office.  Instead, American voters are into porn, psychotropic drugs, hellivision, and they read of history practically not at all.  I’m sitting in a local library (where a sign plainly proclaiming ‘quiet zone’ is posted) right now, next to a person (not sure if they are a man or a woman) who has been mindlessly singing ‘It’s too late to say goodbye’ for the past half hour, as they interact with a Youtube video of some white rock group.  It’s an encouraging sign for diversity, at least, since the person is african-american.  That is the state of America.  I’m 99% sure this person either votes Democrat, or has no idea about politics and doesn’t vote at all.

Should we revoke the 19th Amendment and cease to allow women to vote?

In 1925, America witnessed the Scopes Trial, which saw evolution enter the public schools.  It started slowly, but now this fairytale is taught in every public school in America, and since you teach one fairy tale, the reasoning goes, why not teach more?  So, we also teach the fairy tale that racism is alive and well in America, the fairy tale that climate change is real, the fairy tale that drugs are healthy, and the fairy tale that a woman getting an education and getting a job is good, and a woman marrying, having children, and staying home is bad.  The last point is the one we shall focus upon.  Of course, when you teach children that they are animals, they eventually begin to act like them, and that describes every liberal in the world.  This my friends, is why we have today’s Democrat party.  They don’t understand virtue and wisdom, because after all, animals don’t have virtue and wisdom, and they think and act like animals.


When the 19th Amendment, giving women the right to vote was being considered for ratification in 1920, there were millions of men and women who advocated against it, saying that if a woman got the right to vote it would destroy the family and the nation.  They were right.  Our national debt is far higher, our crime is way higher, porn is legal, prostitution is more of a problem than it once was, and STD’s are present in a 1/3rd of America’s population.  We did not have these problems AT THESE HIGH rates, prior to women having the vote, and they are all directly linked to it.


As a result, the Western World and America are dying off.  It’s time to revoke the 19th Amendment.  The woman was the last creation of God, and the most perfect of all His Creations, and her sphere is in the home and teaching other women and children.  She was never designed to teach or lead men, and when the woman is out of her place, the entire nation falls apart, as has happened.  While our homes, and children are a disaster today, with fewer and fewer children being born each year, we see women reveling in going to college, traveling, and going into politics.  The price is the destruction of our nation.


By, 2100, it is projected that Africa will have 4.3 billion people!!! And all of North America will have 500 million.  Demography is destiny.  You cannot destroy the future population of a nation and expect for it to survive.  It’s time to stop being selfish, since if our Founders had our attitudes the nation would have been toast in 50 years, and to start being selfless and confining sex to marriage again, as we once knew to do, largely before the disastrous Kinsey Report sabotaged our nation.