America’s dangerous lack of historical knowledge.

After having thousands of conversations with liberals, both in person and online, it’s become glaringly obvious that the vast majority of them lack any concept of virtue and of history.  While they are trained to use sophism to take apart anyone truthfully opposing their continual rubbish and nonsense, the fact is, at least 90% of Democrat voters can’t pass a basic Civics Test.


Late last year, it was discovered that only 33% of Americans can pass a basic citizenship test.


The test is right here, and any liberal who comments without posting at least a 70% score for the 96 question test will have their comment deleted.  I’d recommend all conservatives take it as well, and post your scores.  Not to boast, but just to show our liberal friends how much they don’t know, while they love to talk so much.  In the interest of full disclosure, since our liberal friends will ask this question, I got 100%.


If 90% of American voters could pass this test, there would not be one Democrat in elected office.  Instead, American voters are into porn, psychotropic drugs, hellivision, and they read of history practically not at all.  I’m sitting in a local library (where a sign plainly proclaiming ‘quiet zone’ is posted) right now, next to a person (not sure if they are a man or a woman) who has been mindlessly singing ‘It’s too late to say goodbye’ for the past half hour, as they interact with a Youtube video of some white rock group.  It’s an encouraging sign for diversity, at least, since the person is african-american.  That is the state of America.  I’m 99% sure this person either votes Democrat, or has no idea about politics and doesn’t vote at all.

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