The traitorous, dying Vallejo Times Herald, and the rest of the fake news. An Open Letter to the Vallejo City Council, School Board, and concerned citizens

Dear Mayor, City Council, Superintendent, School Board, and fellow citizens,
I have been told to stay on one subject to be be brief, but there are so many problems, and they are so complex and interwoven, that I apologize in advance for badly violating both recommended tenets.
Last Tuesday’s City Council meeting was a raucous affair, and yet, I understand, disturbingly, it was an improvement over the 2012 meetings on the myth of ‘police brutality’.  It is very disturbing, that community rabble rousers, can round up 30-60 people, and come and decide a stage a take over of a City Council Meeting.  No one in Vallejo, to my knowledge, voted for these 30-60 people to represent our city, and I’m not sure where they get the idea they have the right to do so at any point.  It is a very dangerous situation, because reasoning with people with pent-up emotions, who believe America has always been racist, and that the police wake up dreaming about killing black and brown people, is extraordinarily difficult, if not impossible.  This e-mail will address the causes of this disruption, the movers and shakers behind it, their motives and what they hope to REALLY achieve, and the necessary improvements in the police and in Vallejo to ensure this does not occur again.
It is indeed tragic to witness family members who have had loved ones die in controversial interactions with the police.  We have court systems, both criminal and punitive, to address wrongdoing by law enforcement.  It is coming to the point where many family members of the slain refuse to acknowledge any wrongdoing on the part of their deceased loved ones, refuse to even consider why a police officer might have grounds to shoot, and simply assert the police are a murderous bunch of racists, who ought to be disbanded.  This is extremely dangerous, and is an attack on the law and order that upholds the rights of every American.  If we have no police, we have no guarantee of our Constitution and our rights in the Amendments to the Constitution.  However, it is difficult to fault the grieving family members of those who perished in controversial interactions with the police, when the media and schools have been distorting the truth for decades, painting all of America’s White male founders as rapist slave holders, and all of the police today as representatives of America’s racist past.  When someone believes in this, and further, believes that only people of their race, who tell them what they want to hear, are who they will listen to, it’s practically impossible for anyone to teach them anything.  They simply cannot be reasoned with, without force.  If the protesters at last Tuesday’s city council meeting really cared about Black Lives, they were at the wrong address.  The location they should have been at, which was a few blocks away, and which closed at five, was Planned Murderhood, which assists in the holocaust the white liberal Democrats are engaged in on the black community.  63% of all deaths in the black community are from abortion.   If current trends continue, the black race in America is endangered, as the fertility rate is far below the 2.1 necessary for replacement.
It is the Democrat run media and Democrat run teachers unions who are primarily to blame for this.  You see, the vast majority of our union and media owners and leaders never step foot in Vallejo.  They simply pay their representatives here to carry out their nefarious and destructive doctrines, that have been ruining and wrecking Vallejo and other Democrat cities for decades.
Also, they are aided by the Kinsey report, a devastating bit of sexual disinformation, which has ruined America’s family structure.  100 years ago, women were encouraged to marry, and have children.  Abortion and contraception were illegal, as was porn.  Masturbation was severely stigmatized, as was fornication and adultery.  We constantly have those who do not value or live virtue who will tell us that these evils have always been around, and will ignore the fact that they were present at vastly lower rates a century ago.  Either they are making money off the corruption, or they are indulging in the corruption themselves.
It is important to note that we were warned that women would not stay home and take care of husbands and children when they got the right to vote, and that is precisely what has happened.  Today, about 80% of the marriageable women seek 20% of the most powerful and wealthy men, and that leaves the 80% of the other men to themselves, which is dangerous for society.  When men do not enter marriage and have children, they often turn to dangerous alternatives, i.e. crime, poverty, and other societal and self-destructive behavior.  Last Tuesday’s city council meeting was dominated by women, who in turn, were dominated by their feelings, and had little to no grasp of all the relevant facts surrounding police brutality.  The few men who did get up to speak about police brutality were woefully unaware of the data surrounding police interactions with each race, and not one solitary person there mentioned the rates that each race commits crime.  One would expect that disproportionate crime on the part of any race would lead to disproportionate police involvement and incarceration.  Further, we never hear about the fatherlessness and illiteracy that are at the root of much of the police interactions in the community.  No, that would blow the female activists narrative out of the water, because it would expose the real problem -THEM.  Their refusal to stay married, and to obey the lead of righteous husbands is a huge problem.  Not interested in hearing all the exceptions involving men who abuse women, drugs, alcohol, kids, etc.  No one is saying women need to stay with or obey such men, but that is not the issue in most divorces.  80% of divorces are initiated by women.  IT IS NOT THE PLACE OF A WOMAN TO TEACH OR LEAD A MAN AT ALL.  Their role is to teach and lead other women and children, a role that many women in Vallejo perform quite well.  We understood this long ago, and our nation was stable.  Then, the woman was encouraged to vote, to go to college, and get a job.  Today, all hell has broke loose, and our nation is on the ropes.  There are zero improvements today from before the women got the right to vote, in regards to virtue or wisdom.  Of course, the argument will be made that we had segregation before women got the right to vote.  That certainly was so, but men did just fine getting rid of slavery before women got the right to vote, and we were on our way go getting rid of segregation as well.  Women were actually treated much better before they got the right to vote.  Pornography was illegal.  I have never heard a female elected official in Vallejo ever publicly denounce abortion, homosexuality, contraception, or pornography, which are all horrible and devastating to all women.  So we see, women are fiercely territorial, and aren’t really interested in helping women at all, only money and power for themselves and their interest groups.
Before I leave this topic, there are four recommendations that I have for the police department.  We used to have an all male police force.  Having served in the Navy on an all male Submarine Crew, I can attest to the cohesion we experienced.  We should return to an all-male force, as women, bless them for their efforts, simply are not equipped with the physical skills, overwhelmingly, necessary to deal with criminals.  They are also not equipped with the reason and logic men have to deal with tense and emotional situations.  Women’s nature is to believe her feelings are right, and this is largely why, at nearly every single council meeting or school board meeting, I have to remind feminized men and women that facts don’t care about your feelings.  The second recommendation is that police be trained to avoid any and all profanity.  It is disconcerting to hear police officers casually using profanity, and it’s especially jarring to hear police using profanity right before they shoot someone to death.  If they can’t avoid profanity in emotional situations, leave the police force.  I’ve been in plenty of emotional situations and I don’t use profanity.  The community can’t be expected to respect virtue in avoiding profanity if those tasked with upholding law and order don’t do it.  This is a problem in all levels of government, and it wasn’t as big a problem a century ago. The language the men of long ago used was elegant, prudent, and thought out.  It’s sad that right and wrong today are determined by many on nothing other than their emotions, one of the worst possible methods for determining right and wrong.  The last recommendation is to have training for all prospective police officers on the damaging effects of pornography.  Having watched many instances of police confrontations, there is too often a desensitization towards suspects/criminals, that is often rooted in drug use/ pornography use.  Pornography’s massive dangers should require that all school officials and police officials have training on it at least once a year.  You cannot expect police to respond with compassion, force, and reason when they are using drugs or porn.   Testing for drugs is the last recommendation.  Of all professions, the police ought to be drug tested the most.  If a police officer cannot pass a drug test at least twice a year, and I took them twice a year in the Navy, then they have no business being on the police force.
We do not need California or the US DOJ to interfere, we are well able to solve these problems on our own.  That said, kudos for opting for the US DOJ to help over California’s.  Asking for assistance from any Democrat entity is an exercise in futility.  The cure is worse than the disease.
Let us return to the issue of the media.  Jack Bungart has done a terrible job of informing Vallejo’s citizens of right and wrong, and it has gotten intolerably worse in the last two years.  John Glidden has done a rotten job of letting the public know the unbiased truth as well.  Instead of letting the public know there were two sides on any issue he reports on, he conceitedly and arrogantly decides he will judge what is right and wrong for the public, and that wouldn’t be a bad thing if he understood history thoroughly, but he doesn’t, and so he not only excludes opinions he doesn’t like, but he flat out promotes the worst possible choice in nearly every last controversial topic to come Vallejo’s way.  The Times Herald used to be fair minded, but then Jack Bungart got a severe case of Trump Derangement Syndrome, and he hasn’t even begun treatment for it.  The Times Herald, along with most of the liberal fake news on television, even Fox, and along with nearly every single newspaper in California, and the two biggest and most prestigious papers in America, the Washington Post, and New York Times, have conspired to lie to the American people for the last two years, hiding the biggest political scandal in American history, a coup attempt!!!  Yet, because of Jack’s lies, and filling the newspaper with 90% of information hostile to Trump, often refusing to publish any information friendly to him, and plastering the cartoons and opinion pages with garbage assaults on Trump nearly totally lacking objectivity and context, along with the other fake news, HALF OF AMERICA BELIEVES TRUMP COLLUDED WITH RUSSIA, AND does not comprehend that this is disinformation.
You have done a wretched job, Jack, and until you change, it is my unfortunate duty to drive the lying Times Herald out of business.  You already are a shadow of what you once were, and it will get worse.  The American people aren’t stupid, as your owners believe.  We relied on you to tell us the truth, and you miserably failed, feeding us lies and deception instead.  You are a disgrace to this nation, and you ought to be ashamed of yourself.
The same goes for John Glidden.  You sit at every single meeting, and you omit what readers need to know, and sensationalize the worthless and untrue.  For instance, John, this latest article on the council meeting.  You not only left out opposing opinions, but you failed to tell Vallejo that the entire police brutality narrative is a total myth.  Probably because you don’t know any statistics surrounding it yourself.  You are a disgraceful example of a journalist, and you ought to leave the position, unless you want to reform.  Your job isn’t to tell people what they want to hear, it’s your job to tell them what they need to hear.   If you cannot do this, then you need to find a new line of work, and let someone who can take your job.
It is only when our citizens are told the truth by the media again, and we realize that hellivision, Hollyweird, the media, and schools have been lying and deceiving us for decades, that order, wisdom, and virtue will once again be restored to Vallejo, California, and America,
Thank you, God bless you,

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A day in San Fransicko

Yesterday, I had the good fortune to attend an open townhall hosted by David Chu, Phil Ting, and Scott Weiner.  Weiner happens to be the biggest homosexual supporter in San Fransicko, which is saying quite a bit.  I was there to dispute their promoting these deviant sex ed courses that are trying to brainwash America’s children with sexual debauchery.  I was happily pleased when my friend and I saw an active Chinese contingent of 40 already protesting the excessive government overreach and corruption.  We joined them, along with Ellen Zhao, a Republican candidate for mayor.  Imagine the courage it takes for a Republican to run for mayor of SF.


Let’s not forget Scott Weiner, along with every homosexual in America, belongs in jail, as homosexuality is a crime against nature.  For the slow ones, the Declaration of Independence states that our laws come from nature and nature’s God.  Since it was written by 204 Christians, that means homosexuality, as a legal hero of the Founders, Blackstone, noted, was a crime against nature.  No, for those of you who have been deceived by Google, the lamestream media, Hollyweird, schools, and hellivision, the Founders all didn’t own slaves (the majority opposed it), they weren’t Free Masons (David Barton wrote a great book disputing this disinformation), they weren’t atheists and deists (Barton also wrote the “Jefferson Lies”, dispelling the massive disinformation written about him).  They were far wiser and more virtuous than any Republican or Democrat leader in America today.  SCOTUS had no right to legalize homosexuality in 2003.


Knowing this, it was very awkward to get to a townhall in America, and to expect politicians who belong in jail, running things.  Having a homosexual in public office is like asking the fox to guard the henhouse.  Of course, when I’m writing this, I’m picturing the cognitive dissonance going through nearly every liberals mind, and it’s pretty hilarious.  Conservatives aren’t exempt from  this as well.  Most conservative men are wimpy, and think standing up for absolute right is some kind of hateful action.  In reality, God says you Christians who won’t publicly speak up for what is right in public, have the blood of the wicked on your head.  (Ezekiel 33). That is a punishment far worse than anything the wicked liberals can do to you.  Christians are told not to fear the wicked, who can only kill your body, but rather fear God, who can destroy your body and your soul in this life and the next.


Anyhow, I sat down with about 40 conservatives, in the front row.  The meeting started with a KQED (NPR Radio) host asking questions.  ‘We are sunk’, I thought.  NPR is funded by taxpayers and is overwhelmingly liberal.  So we pay money to broke Democrats for them to keep running our cities and states into the ground.  Makes zero sense, but taxpayers have been doing it for decades.


‘SENATOR WEINER, WE NEED YOU TO HELP THE HOMELESS’, I was shocked out of my reverie with the voice of an audience member who decided to yell out and interrupt the introduction.  And this was only the beginning.  I was at first happy that this degenerate was being interrupted, but then, to my shock and surprise, I discovered the audience members shouting out were even more on the left than Weiner.  Who knows, he may have deliberately planted them in the audience himself.  After some deliberation, myself and a few other conservatives began outrageously YELLING BACK AT THOSE WHO INTERRUPTED.  Thoroughly indignant, and recognizing the dangerous resemblance to the rowdy beginnings of the Communist revolutions in Russia and China, I bellowed out, ‘LEARN YOUR HISTORY, AND SHUT THE HECK UP’!   Then, ‘THE MARXIST REVOLUTIONS KILLED 100 MILLION IN THE LAST 100 YEARS, AND THESE SHAMEFUL INTERRUPTIONS ARE FRIGHTENINGLY CLOSE TO WHAT HAPPENED THERE’.  Thankfully, that was the end of the interruptions.  Some people in the front row went back and almost got into fisticuffs with the members in the back.  I went back with my friend, and asked how many biographies of the Founders those who were interrupting had read.  It was weird, because they were in a Zen trance, and kept rhythmically chanting about free housing.  They weren’t even thinking, just repeating mantras.  Kind of tragic to deal with human zombies.  Once they ran out of steam, they were silent.

So the meeting progressed and ended finally.  Talked with a few people in the audience, and then left.

Across the street from the SF City Hall, was a wonderful park, with a seemingly innocent scene, of children playing happily in broad daylight.  But wait, all was not as it seemed.  Security was patiently trying to convince one man not to roll his joint and smoke it next to children, and another man was chased away by parents as he tried to dispose of his meth pipe right next to children.  All this in broad daylight.  And Weiner wants to legalize injection stations, so all of San Francisco can get high as a kite, SAFELY!  The absurdity!  A. P. Giannini founded Bank of America around here, and the noble entrepreneurs (most) who came here for the Gold Rush are turning in their graves.



Another wild day in one of the most evil cities in America.



The War on Police and the lying media, including the Vallejo Times Herald.

The liberal media has long waged a war on police in America.  Why, you may ask?  Well, the more the media can whip average Americans up to hate the police, and not trust them, the more lawbreakers can spread mayhem with impunity, and the easier it is to destroy America without firing a shot.  If you are China, and hoping for America to self-destruct, you are cheering the media whipping up Anti-police sentiment.

Do the police have an agenda to kill black men?  Not hardly if you look at the raw data.  Double the number of white men are killed by police than black men.  But, if you talk to the majority of people in your Democrat inner cities, they are convinced the police have nothing better to do than assassinate black men.


Simply judge the data for yourself.

In 2015, there were 995 fatal shootings.  Here is how the numbers break down:

Whites: 497
Blacks: 259
Hispanics: 172

In 2016, there were 963 fatal shootings.

Whites: 466
Blacks: 234
Hispanics: 160

In 2017, there were 987 fatal shootings by police officers.  Here is how the numbers break down:

Whites: 459
Blacks: 223
Hispanics: 179

In 2018, 998 were fatally shot.

Whites: 405
Blacks: 210
Hispanics: 148


For some reason, the Vallejo Times Herald, the New  York Times, and the Washington Post, never tell us the whole story about black on black crime. 

They never tell us the story about police and black men.

When will the media stop lying to us?  When will they stop trying to start a coup in America.  It’s all out in the open now.  The media don’t care about anyone in America.  They care only about lying to us, deceiving us, and following the orders of their malicious and deceitful owners, who obviously want to divide us and conquer us.  Time for us to stop paying attention to liberal media, get rid of our televisions, and start tuning in to Messanonews. com.  If Vallejo pays tens of thousands of dollars for the Times Herald to lie to them every year, then it’s time for them to shift their money to Messanonews, to learn truth.  The Times Herald owner has miserably failed Vallejo and it’s employees by recklessly pushing the most derelict and debauched lies.  They lied to Vallejo about police, about climate change, about systemic racism, implicit bias, Russian collusion, and they have no intentions of stopping the lying anytime soon.  They are having a grand time lying to this city and keeping it and it’s citizens in the dark, as we are having the shackles of slavery placed upon us by their diabolical masters.

The Vallejo Times Herald has been lying to Vallejo for two years about Trump colluding with Russia.  They have been caught red handed.  They have no intention of apologizing, and they plan to continue lying.  It’s up to us to strike back, put them out of business, and start a new News source that will tell the truth always, with no exceptions.  If the people don’t have the truth, they will not know how to respond to danger.