News, Saturday, April 13th, 2019

Trump threat: Flood sanctuary cities with illegals.

Walter Williams: Millennials for Socialism

Leonard: Worse than Watergate.

Perkins: GOP puts Social media on the spot.

Chumley: The return of the politicking pastors.

Ex-pope says sexual revolution led to abuse crisis, sparking debate.

Key to happiness? Just smile, survey says.

Greenspan: Economy to fade out due to entitlements.

Data: working class American men struggle to re-enter the work force.

The Anti-Bill Barr smear campaign. 

Continetti:  The Liberal media ‘Matrix’.

Butcher: Homer meets Generation Z.

McMillan: Why is the world filled with unhappy angry people. 

Ellis: Why Trump drives the Establishment crazy.

Bomberger: When Christian colleges teach students to fear, not to think.

Goodman: AOC, Paul Krugman and the culture of the left.

Hackers post personal information post personal information of thousands of federal agents, police officers. 

There are 10,000 illegals from terror states in America, ICE Reports

Michael Knowles attacked for crime of saying, ‘men are not women’, on a college campus.

Enraged students at Christian Taylor University left ‘physically shaking’ after Mike Pence for Graduation Speech.

Trump was able to weather the worst of the storm due to his incredibly strong constitution.

Tracking phones, Google is a dragnet for police, snaring innocent.

Malkin: False Accuser Shaun King’s record of harm.

Kessler: Roots of the lefts acceptance of pedophilia.

Royal: Questioning global warming.

Horrocks: The masters of the cyber-sphere can’t even master themselves.

Hollyweird melts down over transgender ban: ‘Truly F***k**g cruel’

How Alcoholics Anonymous lied to the American people.


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