Saturday, June 23, 2018

U.S. Liberals are clinically insane and care nothing about the American people. 

On the madness of modern liberalism.

Sarah Sanders, WH spokesman, asked to leave restaurant!! Mike Huckabee, her father, said restaurant is serving “hate plates”.

Little Russia media project tries to turn America against itself.

Fox news panel reacts to Sarah Sanders being kicked out of restaurant simply for working for Trump.

Landry: Despite media’s shameful propaganda tactics, Congress must stop illegal immigration. 

Komrade Kamala says Nielsen, Sessions should resign for enforcing the law on immigration. 

Look to Trump, not Trey Gowdy, to address bias at the FBI and DOJ.

Tobin: The immigration debate the Democrats don’t want.

McCain staffer had nasty plan for Tea Party.

Farah: One thing I thought I’d never see on

Lewis: The contempt for “breeders”.

Ellis: The U.S. must do unto China, as they do unto us. 

Klayman: Jefferson’s periodic Revolution, We’re here!

Trump “right” about Germany immigration.

Smith: A prediction on Trump’s EO on illegal immigration.

Brigitte Nielsen, 54, has given birth to her fifth child.

The ACLU abandons it’s free speech absolutism.

Turkey opposition candidate challenges Erdogan again in massive rally. 

Angry and erratic Erdogan on cusp of becoming more powerful than ever.

On eve of vote, only Erdogan gets hellivision time.

Comrade Bernie makes over $1 million for the second year in a row.  Continues to rail on those who work and are prosperous. 

FB’s relentless drive to track every aspect of user’s lives. 

Wane of social media “influencers” as big brands drop “stars” over fears of fake followers.

Out of control iguanas infesting South Florida.

Anti gun protester David Hogg, protected by armed guards?

Bozell and Graham: This is Seth Myers on drugs.

Hillary ought to be in jail.  Instead, she’s spreading sedition, by criticizing the legal practice of stopping illegal immigration. 

Report: California Democrats backing away from Pelosi.

Politico digs deep! Discovers Stephen Miller was trying to deal with liberal thievery and lawbreaking back in the third grade.

Fake reverend Sharpton up to his old race baiting ways. Says Trump wouldn’t tolerate white people being separated from their children. 

The “Mustard Seed” that liberated Spanish Christians from Islamic Rule. 

Smith: Was Einstein racist?

Alabama Muslim sentenced in ISIS bomb plot.

Trump shuts down federal office dictating guidelines for doctors.

China’s underground churches told to “Seek guidance” from government.


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