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Holy Radar – that’s the Kraken!!! Who knew it is a Department of Defense Cyber Warfare Program? It Tracks Systems and aquires evidence of nefarious activities and crimes committed by The Deep State!

When Sidney Powell stated she HAS RELEASED THE KRAKEN, most of us thought of Clash of the Titans and cheered her on for her gutsy remark. She never blinked and held a stern, a serious face when she said it. She wasn’t joking and now we know why! The “Kraken” is  a Department of Defense-run cyber warfare program that tracks and hacks various other systems to acquire evidence of nefarious actions by the deep state!President Trump and the loyal patriots in the Military and Space Command now have all the evidence of voter fraud and election related treason. This will be used against the enemies of America!

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What we are witnessing with the 2020 elections is NOT an election. We are witnessing the attempt of the overthrow of the United States Government. The CIA, FBI and DOJ are full of Treasonous Swamp Rats that are intent on stealing the Presidential seat, and taking over America for the global order. They are wicked globalist puppets who are boldly pushing their coup to destroy America and implement a global reset and usher in United Nations Agenda 2030 which is the revised version of sustainable development Agenda 21. They are in lockstep throwing all their punches at unsuspecting Americans while nations around the world are doing the very same lockdowns on their citizens. Will they succeed? The answer is NO!


Should any maligned actors underestimate our resolve or attempt to undermine our efforts, we will not hesitate to restore deterrents and defeat any and all threats. “

Certain sectors of Special Forces Operations now report directly to Acting Defense Secretary Chris Miller. They are aligned with Trump, the Constitution and the defending of America against its enemies, both foreign and domestic. So don’t panic and fear not. President Trump is in control and the battle lines are drawn. The Kraken has been released and it has everything. Special Forces assets are now being deployed to take down America’s domestic enemies and traitors.

Read full report at this link

US Electronic Warfare: You're Doing It Wrong « Breaking Defense - Defense  industry news, analysis and commentary

Sidney Powell declared that, “an algorithm was plugged in to steal votes from President Trump during the election” – which is exactly what the truth bearing media has been warning about for over a decade. (Elections have been rigged for at least the last twenty years, and probably longer…)

Fake news and the entire media cartel continues to lie to America and withhold all the overwhelming evidence of election fraud. This is nothing short of assisting in a government overthrow. Treason is the only way to describe it. However, I’m sure there are some that believe what they are told to read and others who are clueless and just go to work, do their job and collect a paycheck. The same as the grunts committing voter fraud on the front lines by following illegal procedures as though they were authentic and legal. Many just don’t know and others simply don’t care. 

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As long as fake news continues to lie to the American public, it is nothing short in a time of war such as we are into, as an act of betrayal and considered enemies of the people. Now I am not shouting for war, it has already been declared and those who resist have been told re-education awaits them along with other horrid ideas the Left has been leaking out daily. It’s all really, really bad and not to be laughed at. 

US Electronic Warfare: You're Doing It Wrong « Breaking Defense - Defense  industry news, analysis and commentary
This military graphic on electronic warfare will ruin your day - Task &  Purpose

Jeffrey Prather explains the “Kraken” and describes, “The Great Reset vs. the Great Awakening” He has released a bombshell video where he sums up the real war taking place behind the scenes: “The Great Reset vs. the Great Awakening.”

As he explains it, the CIA, FBI and DOJ are all treasonous swamp creatures who are dedicated to bringing down America, stealing the election, and imprisoning all the real patriots such as Gen. Flynn (and Roger Stone). Meanwhile, certain sectors of special forces operations and now Chris Miller as Acting Defense Secretary, are all aligned with Trump, the Constitution and defending America against its enemies, both foreign and domestic.

The entire video can be viewed at this link: The Great Reset: The Deep State vs the Great Awakening – YouTube

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Kraken Krew Flash V2 Morale Patch Prometheus Design 

Read article on “Army Releases The Kraken To Protect Foreign Fire Bases at this link: Army Releases The Kraken To Protect Foreign Fire Bases; ‘I’d Like To See The Taliban Try To Attack This Place’ « Breaking Defense – Defense industry news, analysis and commentary

To think that the deep state has infiltrated so deep it had operatives at every stronghold and to consider let alone to know it is a fact that the deep state was so bold to pull a massive government take down on the scale they are attempting is more than disturbing. Wake up people and call these globalists out now and help save the United States of America and the World at large!

Dianne Marshall


Antifa Counted the Nov. 3 Vote, Literally


Eric Coomer, left, is the director of product strategy and security and a vice president of Dominion Voting Systems, the election service company at the center of the 2020 vote fraud. 

Here is his  Manifesto listing Antifa’s demands which he posted online. 
“Don’t worry about the election; Trump’s not gonna win. I made f***ing sure of that!” he told fellow Communists. 

Here he is explaining how to rig the election. 

Is it any wonder Biden “won” despite not being able to draw a crowd, and being exposed as a traitor and criminal.  We’re supposed to believe Trump didn’t know about this company? 
What kind of banana republic is the US? 

by Faye Higbee( 
Rabid anti-Trumper and self-identified Antifa member Eric Coomer, the current vice president of U.S. engineering at Dominion Voting Systems, admitted on social media to rigging voting machines in order to prevent President Trump from winning reelection.
In a powerful interview with Michelle Malkin, Joe Oltmann, founder of FEC (Faith Education Commerce) United, revealed how he secretly infiltrated a local Antifa chapter and overheard discussions involving “Eric from Dominion,” referring to Coomer, and his role in steering the election.
Oltmann revealed that “Eric” had instructed his fellow Antifa comrades to “keep up the pressure” in their opposition to a second Trump win. When one of them responded by asking what Antifa should do if Trump wins, Eric responded with something along the lines of:
“Don’t worry about the election; Trump’s not gonna win. I made f***ing sure of that!”

Oltmann, who runs a data company, immediately launched his own investigation into Coomer, who it turns out has been exceptionally active on social media expressing hatred and vitriol towards the president.
Coomer not only hates the president, but he also hates those who support the president, law enforcement and people from Texas, based on his history of social media posts.
The guy also took aim at President Trump’s May 11, 2017, Executive Order on the Establishment of Presidential Advisory Commission on Election, saying it was “a fraud” that needed to be shut down.
“What about Trump’s Election Integrity Commission triggered Coomer?” asks Jim Hoft, writing for The Gateway Pundit.
“Was it the part about ‘Vulnerabilities in voting systems and practices used for Federal elections that could lead to improper voter registrations and improper voting, including fraudulent voter registrations and fraudulent voting,’ that caused Coomer to have a childish meltdown on his Facebook page?”

Part of this profanity-laden tirade by Coomer included a nasty section about how “our Cheeto-in-chief,” referring to Trump, was “stocking lie after lie on the flames of [former Kansas Sec. of State Chris] Kobach.”
Dominion, which is tied to both Nancy Pelosi and Dianne Feinstein, appears to have in its upper ranks a diehard Trump hater who expressed a willingness to do anything possible to prevent Trump from winning reelection.
Immediately after Trump won back in 2016, by the way, Coomer announced on Facebook that he would no longer be friends with anyone who voted for Trump, naming three specific friends whom he suspected did and urging them to “unfriend” him.
According to Coomer, only a “f***ing idiot” could ever possibly vote for “that wind-bag f***-tard FASCIST RACIST F***.”
At the end of a multi-paragraph tirade filled with this type of language, Coomer added a disclaimer stating that his “opinions are rational and completely my own.” He added that they “are based in reason and (are) highly credible,” hilariously concluding with the statement: “I am non-partisan.”
For daring to present this information on his Twitter account, Oltmann was reportedly banned from Twitter, as is usually the case whenever a bit of truth somehow slips through cracks and lands in a tweet.
Keep in mind that some 30 American states, including every critical swing state in the November election, used Dominion Voting Systems, which Coomer admittedly altered to help Joe Biden “win” instead of Trump.
“Sedition, treason, espionage all being committed by communist operatives within our government and all punishable by death,” wrote one commenter at The Gateway Pundit about these latest revelations.
“Question is … Are there any real American Constitutional Republic Patriots left in our government to see the sentences are carried out?”

Skeptical of Voter Fraud in 2020? Here’s Your Evidence.

Posted on  by Gil Sanders

Has anyone ever told you that “You can’t do it” and “You’re crazy” over and over? Perhaps they’ve told you this so many times, you’ve started to believe it yourself. This is what’s happening in our election today. The media is telling us “There is no evidence. You can’t prove it” and “You are just a crazy conspiracy theorist” over and over again. They’re gaslighting, ridiculing, and dismissing. But we all know something is up. 70% of Republicans suspect foul play; far lower than it has ever been in the history of U.S. elections. Something doesn’t smell right, even if we can’t quite put our finger on it. Can we do better than that though? Can we provide evidence? I will argue that we most certainly can. If you suspect fraud or you are open to the possibility, this article is for you. 


First, it is important we begin with a clear and precise thesis: 

We will be using BBC’s criteria to make the minimalclaim that we have good reason to suspect that there is targeted fraud in some key battleground states (PA, WI, MI, GA, and AZ). Their results do not pass the “sniff” test. We are not claiming there is decisive evidence of targeted fraud (yet), that there is nation-wide voter fraud in every state, that everyDemocrat and news outlet is conspiring together, or that there is massive fraud in the millions. Rather, we are making the more limited and the far more modest claim that we tentatively have good reason to suspect that targeted fraud exists in some of the key states, that several powerful figures are behind this, and that this fraud is significant enough to flip the election in Trump’s favor even if that is by a small margin. 

We are taking a minimal approach here because it is intellectually honest, easier to prove, and more persuasive. If instead we started with a claim like “There are millions of fraudulent ballots! Everyone is in on this!” then not only would it clearly be false, a skeptic would dismiss our case entirely and believe that there is nothing to it whatsoever. Now if you believe the evidence justifies a stronger thesis, that’s perfectly compatible with this thesis. I am not saying that the minimal, and only the minimal thesis is true. I am simply arguing that at least the minimal thesis is true. 

Second, we should make a distinction between radicalconspiracies and normalconspiracies. Radical conspiracies are like faked moon landings, lizard people ruling the earth from the underground, and all of that crazy stuff. Normal conspiracies are just normal human beings with normal motives conspiring to do bad things. This happens all of the time. North Korea’s leaders conspire to oppress their people, Nazi Germany conspired to murder Jews, Japan conspired to bomb Pearl Harbor, thieves conspire to rob banks, and you get the point. The idea that voter fraud took place in this election is a normal conspiracy. All this conspiracy requires in order to work is a few people with the means, motive, and opportunity in some key areas. That’s why I call it targeted fraud rather than massive fraud. 

Don’t let anyone get away with conflating targeted fraud with radical conspiracies. If they do, make this point: These same people accepted baseless conspiracy theories like the Russian Collusion hoax despite the fact that Leftists journalists like Matt Taibbi and Greenwald showed it was baseless. They also immediately rejected the Hunter-Biden emails as Russian disinformation without any evidence whatsoever. They’re  not in any position to ridicule us. To better understand why this is not a radical conspiracy, I would highly recommend Edward Feser’s articleagainst conspiracies. 

Now, my job is to provide evidence of targeted fraud. But before I do, I need to lay the foundation because that will help support our evidence. Four things will comprise our foundation: historical precedent, means, motive, and opportunity. As I was writing this, Edward Feser posted an article with a similar structure here. You should read that as well. 

Historical precedent

Has voter fraud happened before? Yes!

  • Heritage records 1,298 proven instances of voter fraud. 
  • 20 state elections have been overturned due to fraud. 
  • Abraham Lincoln faced the most elaborate election fraud scheme in America’s history with mail-in ballots. 
  • In 1994 the Democrats enforced a “massive scheme” to steal the PA’s Senate election.
  • A great plot to sway Montenegro’s election was uncovered
  • Significant voter fraud seems to have occurred in Bolivia.  
  • Both Joe Biden and Jimmy Carter were concerned about voter fraud. 
  • More recently, NJ had rampant voter fraud
  • The DNC conspiredagainst Bernie Sanders in the election process. 
  • Non-partisan experts discovered very extensive evidence of suspicious discrepancies in 2016’s election that “were overwhelmingly to Clinton’s benefit.”
  • Venezuela’s election had 1 million fake votes. 
  • There’s evidence that Al Franken won through voter fraud. 
  • A historian thinks Nixon may have been cheated out by 100,000-200,000 votes. 
  • Rod Blagojevich, a former governer of Illinois who was convicted of selling a Senate seat and other corrupt activities, claims voter fraud occurs on a regular basis
  • Most countries ban mail-in voting because of significant fraud problems
  • Steve Baker says “there is widespread abuse of postal votes…”
  • A 2007 report by Teresa James and Michael Slater found that “Vote by mail is more susceptible to corruption than voting at polling places.”  
  • 15 elections were thrown out because of fraudulent mail-in ballots
  • In 2012 the NY Times said mail in ballots are “more likely to be compromised.” 
  • NPR reports thousands of mail in ballots were rejected, admitting that it is “fraught with potential problems.”
  • Republican Steve Watkins was charged with voter fraud.
  • In 2016, NYC wrongfully purged 200,000 voters.
  • Former election official pleads guilty to stuffing ballot box for Democrats.
  • Some “fact checkers” use the Brennan Center Reportto dismiss voter fraud. John Glibbs provides a good response.
  • Georgia official admits1,000 people voted twice in the primaries.
  • For more evidence of mall-in ballot fraud, see herehere, and here
  • Just Facts estimates that probably 1 million non-citizens have voted in the past. Briggs refutes the fact checkers on this. 


Do the Democrats have the ability to commit targeted fraud? You bet. 

  • Tech experts were able to hack an election in seven minutes
  • Russians were purportedly able to hack our 2016 election
  • The Guardian criticized Dominion for acting like “they are above the law.” 
  • federal judge “expressed serious concerns’ about Dominion’s system in Georgia. 
  • An academic paper claims Dominon’s systems “cannot assure the will of the voters.” 
  • 96% of Dominon’s donations go to Democrats. They admit as much.
  • The Brennan Center for Justice claimed that election vendors are prime targets that require oversight. 
  • Voting machine firms reportedly added lobbyists. 
  • Elizabeth Warren and others filed a formal complaint over the machines switching votes. 
  • AP questioned the reliability of these new voting machines. 
  • A whistleblower on the NY post explains how voter fraud works.
  • An extensive study by Public Interest Legal Foundation suggests that there are 300,000+ dead people on voter rolls. 
  • One million dead peoplegot stimulus checks. 
  • There are 1.8 million possible ghost voters
  • One study shows that there are 353 U.S. counties with registration rates exceeding 100% of eligible voters.

All it takes is one hacker to affect this entire election. Just one. It’s also clear that politicians have the arsenal (dead people, ghost voters, illegal voters) and questionable voting systems to do damage. I am not saying that the full arsenal is being used – especially since some errors are gradually being corrected – but it leaves open the realpossibility of targeted fraud. 

Motive & Opportunity

Democrats have the king of all motives and plenty of opportunity. 

  • Trump and his supporters are the embodiment of all that is wrong with America.
  • They are white supremacistssexistsanti-Muslimanti-LGBTQ,despicable fascistssycophantshateful liarsneo-nazis, and anti-rights
  • Some even claim that Trump is more dangerousthan Hitler! 
  • Nancy Pelosi herself showed nothing but unprecedented contemptwhen she tore up Trump’s State of Union address. 
  • After Biden’s alleged win, the Left celebrated like crazy and shouted all kinds of profanities against Trump.
  • If given the opportunity, why wouldn’t Democrats remove Trump (aka Hitler) illegally? 
  • Voter fraud already occurs often enough at a smaller scale, and it has happened (although less commonly) at a larger scale. The opportunity exists.

As you can perhaps see now, there is some basis or evidence for our suspicion based on the data presented above. But that data and reason by itself is not sufficient to show we have good reason for thinking that targeted voter fraud took place in 2020. We need to look at the specific events that occurred in 2020 in order to justify our thesis. 

The Evidence

In 2016 BBC provided a very helpful set of criteria (or signs) of a rigged election. Elizabeth Blunt is an experienced BBC journalist who has witnessed many elections in Africa, some of which were proven to be rigged. There is no better source to use because she has no political axe to grind. Recall, however, that this article is notclaiming to provide decisive evidence. Just as a fire alarm going off, screaming, and smoke is evidence of fire, so too are these signs evidence of fraud. But these signs could obviously be wrong. The fire alarm going off, the screaming, and the smoke might be explained by a broken alarm, a loud horror movie, and a bachelor overcooking his food. It’s possible then to provide reasonable explanations of these signs but that shouldn’t be our first instinct. We should take it at face value, especially because of what’s at stake. We’d be perfectly justified in our belief that there is a fire until proven otherwise. Same applies here. When we take these signs together, it provides a good cumulative case for targeted fraud, which calls for further investigation. So without further, let’s go through a few of the signs and show how it parallels what is happening in this election. 

Delay in announcing results

It is an undeniable fact that results got delayedAs BBC says, however, this by itself is not “necessarily a sign of rigging” but it “is certainly dangerous.” No doubt these delays can primarily be explained by COVID-19 and by the unprecedented amount of mail-in ballots that require additional verification. But explaining why delay has occurred does not magically remove the fact that it greatly increases the risk of fraud and should be viewed with suspicion. Especially when tensions are as high as they are in the U.S. this year, it is simply disgraceful and dangerous that our country “has no ability to perform the simple task of counting votes in a minimally efficient or confidence-inspiring manner.” As Greenwald further points out, Brazil with a population of 210 million “holds seamless, quick vote counts about which very few people harbor doubts” despite being “much poorer and less technologically advanced country than the U.S.”  NY is so embarrassed by how slow their process is, they admit it would be a “national scandal” if they were a swing state.  

We not only had serious delays, but we had key states (MI, WI, and PA) suddenly flip from Trump to Biden overnight after some ballot dumps. PA suspiciously stopped countingmail in ballots at 9:30 PM. A Leftist source reports a very strange spike in Wisconsin for Biden. Another PA ballot dump reported a 92-8margin, while another ballot dump of 23,277 was for Biden. Michigan’s vote dump had 138,339 Biden votes, which Decision Desk HQ said was an error that added an extra zero.  Michigan gave 6,000 votes to Biden, but it was another glitch. Antrim County flipped blue due to another glitch. Another error in Georgia was found that reduced Biden’s lead from 7,000 to 4,000. 20,000 votes all came for Biden while 1,000 Trump votes disappeared. 2,600 uncounted votes, mostly for Trump, were found on a memory card. A thirdGeorgia county found the same. Why are memory cards, that can be easily disposed or lost, being used here? All of this raises red flags.

Too Many Voters

As BBC notes, even in areas where voting is obligatory, “turnout only reaches 90-95%.” If we see these numbers in our counties, it’s a red flag. MN had a 90% turnout and WI had a 89% turnout. These are highly abnormal turnouts, especially when we compare them to nearby or similar states like Florida and Iowa that had 10% less turnout. Olmstead saw a 90% voter turnout. Milwaukee had close to 100% turnout. The officials of Milwaukee scrambled to correct the numbers, which the fact checkers make use of, but it’s still problematic

High Turnout in Specific Areas

A study shows that in PA “Biden soared in three predominately R counties, by 1.24 to 1.43 times greater than either Obama run or Hillary” which seems to be quite a suspicious turnout. It is also odd that PA and MI had massive mail-in ballot numbers compared to the rest of the country. Another confirms that mail in ballots in PA and MI dwarfed other swing states. We also had an abnormally high number of Biden-only ballots in the key states: 98,000 in PA, 80,000 in GA, 90,000~ in MI, and 62,000 in WI. Biden’s absentee lead does not match up with other states. Another person observed that Joe Biden votes greatly exceeds the votes that Senate candidates received in swing states, whereas those cast for Trump and GOP senators are much closer. This is suspicious because the overwhelming vast majority of people said they’d vote a straight party ticket, and the great dissimilarity just doesn’t make sense. 

Large Numbers of Invalid Votes

This data is still forthcoming, but according to NPR, we already have 550,000 primary absentee ballots rejected that far outpaces 2016. NY Times says that nearly 100,000 invalid absentee ballots were sent. There’s a lawsuit, backed by eyewitness testimony with signed affidavits, claiming that 40,000 ballots in Detroit are invalid. There is evidence of tossed Trump-ballots. Kayleigh claims to have 230 pages of signed affidavits of questionable practices by various officials, some of which mention discarded votes. 

Miscellaneous Evidence

Other crumbs that raise concerns over our election’s reliability

  • More than 200,000 ballotsin Nevada got sent to the wrong address
  • Interestingly, Trump has been warning about voter fraud since 2012. This challenges the narrative that Trump screams fraud only for self-interest.
  • This year 80,000 ballots were disqualified in NYC. 35,000 in Florida.
  • CNN says 160,000 ballots were not delivered in Maryland. 
  • California rejected100,000 mail in ballots this year.
  • Wisconsin rejected 23,000 ballots because of a small error (Trump’s prior 2016 margins), which can make the difference between winning or losing.
  • 28 million ballots have been missing in the last four elections! 
  • 72% of Detroit’s absenteeballot counts were off.
  • PA rejects 372,000 ballotsbecause of duplicates, causing “mistrust in already-anxious voters.” They caught it this time, but what else is falling through the cracks?
  • First hand account of election workers kicking out GOP observers.
  • Secretary of PA Improperly ChangedDeadline 2 Days Before Election Day.
  • Some Dominion Systems are connected to the internet when they shouldn’t be.
  • PA count late ballots without postmarks as if they were received on Election Day
  • Russell Ramsland of Allied Security Operations filed an affidavit, stating that our systems have large vulnerabilities and the election has significant anomalies. 
  • Twitter user gives an interesting analysis of the election data. 
  • Benford’s law might have use for detecting fraud, but proceed with caution


Some may object, “If there is fraud, how do you explain the Democrats losing the Senate?” The answer is quite simple. A good thief focuses on the crown jewel; taking other jewels in the process radically increases the risk. A good thief cannot get too greedy. Trump is that crown jewel. If they tried to take over the House and Senate, it would not only be monstrously harder (requiring massive fraud as opposed to targeted fraud), it would infuriate the GOP and unite them under Trump. This objection is as silly as saying a robber cannot be guilty because he didn’t rob all of the money.

Another objector will use  “fact checkers” to dismiss my claims. I happen to agree with most fact checkers because I came across a great deal of false information as I did research on this. It’s for this reason that I have tried linking to good or at least verifiable sources. These checkers actually agree with me on most of the facts (that x irregularity / anomaly happened), but disagree that it is evidence of fraud. And they’re right. By itself it is not evidence of fraud, but taken together with other facts, it is obviously evidence in the same way a fire alarm, screaming, and smoke is evidence.

Lastly, you will probably hear “voter fraud is extremely rare, voter fraud is extremely rare!” as if this was a satisfactory response to our concerns. It’s not. We already established under historical precedent that voter fraud occurs more than people think. Even if voter fraud is rare in the past, that does not necessarily apply to the present. We live in unprecedented, polarized times. There’s far greater motivation to commit fraud now than before. It’s also much harder to detect fraud because they’re largely victimless crimes. Studies that show fraud is rare in the past are like studies that show secret crime is rare. Of course it’s rare because uncovering it is harder!


I will be quoting someone from a private email exchange (the links are my additions) because he sums this up very well: “Going into midnight on Election Day, President Trump was leading by historic margins in Florida, Ohio, and a dozen bell-weather countieswhich have been accurate in 90% of past elections. He was up across all voter demographics including African Americans and Hispanics. Still, Fox and others refused to call key states in his favor (even Alaska!). Everywhere you looked, Trump was outperforming. Then swing states with Democratic governors stopped counting with no explanation. Later, at 4 AM, massive dumps of unobserved ballots ostensibly tipped the key races in Biden’s favor.” What are the odds that most of these irregularities, high turnouts, and ballot dumps in key states consistently favor Biden? These are serious errors. What are the odds that Florida and other counties failed to predict this election’s outcome?  It’d be absurd to deny it’s improbable! Attach this improbability to the foundation we built earlier and we have a good case for targeted voter fraud.

What astounds me is how dismissive and arrogant some are. Imagine someone saw signs of a fire next door but kept mocking, “No decisive evidence you idiots!” instead of calling 911 or investigating it. It’d be absolutely unacceptable, if not downright immoral. That’s what is happening here. No good person could possibly claim to champion people’s rights while dismissing their concerns of possible fraud. The integrity of our vote and our elective system is at stake here. Now it may turn out that these signs, while normally reliable, are best explained by something other than fraud. I am perfectly open to being wrong. However, as of now it seems like we have good reason for believing this. Our view can be falsified if the DOJ, FBI, courts, and other independent agencies properly investigate and say otherwise. Time will tell. In the meantime, I would recommend further research using the articles below. I do not accept every claim made in these articles, but they remain helpful and interesting. 

Further Reading

  • Mark Chatham’s articleshows that our 2020 election would be considered fraudulent if held in a foreign country. A must read.
  • Daniel Horowitz gives a similar, carefully arguedcase for voter fraud.
  • ZeroHedge offers a good analysis of fraud in PA.
  • Libertas Bella has an extensive take on the evidence.
  • Every Legal Vote has a lengthy article explaining why this election is suspect.
  • The Red Elephants provide compelling mathematical evidence of fraud.
  • Michael Anton warned of a coming coup here and here.
  • Here Is The Evidencerecords irregularities and anomalies.
  • Jennifer Cohn presentsDominion’s suspicious history.

Skeptical of Voter Fraud in 2020? Here’s Your Evidence.

Election 2020: The willfully ignorant have topped themselves

By Donald N. FinleyI recall watching the White House’s unedited version of President Trump’s 60 Minutesinterview with Lesley Stahl, not the CBS version, and being shocked at her reaction to the president’s mention of the Obama administration spying on his campaign.  “This is 60 Minutes, and we can’t put on things that we can’t verify,” Stahl said.  She said several other current huge issues also couldn’t be verified.  I asked myself ‘Where has she been?  How could she not know these are all true?’  Then I got it . . . she only reads or watches CBS news sources.  Her view of reality is totally distorted by the bias within her own news organization.  She is willfully ignorant. Imagine if Lesley Stahl asked any public figure a question which granted a fact in the question that CBS had never put out in any way as true.  That could be a problem.  Does that mean CBS doesn’t want their television personalities to read any other news sources, lest an unintentional counter bias develop?  What a job it must be to keep up with what is allowed to be true, and what cannot be verified!  Willful ignorance is quite the rage these days.  The evidence is out there for anyone willing to look for it, and if you need help, five-time Emmy award-winning former CBS investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson has many links here.  But Democrats don’t want to look, I suppose for fear of a counter bias developing.  How could it not?  Literally every instance of a voting anomaly, every accusation of cheating, every case of voter fraud – every one benefits Joe Biden.  That means in each and every occurrence, it hurts President Trump.  Can we call that a trend?  Do we see a pattern here?Of course, we do.  The Republicans know it, and the Democrats know it, too. So how then could anyone call for the president to concede because his accusations are baseless conspiracy theories for which there is no evidence?  Willful ignorance.  Either real or fake, in either case, it’s still ignorance.  I’m not a mathematician, statistician, or computer programmer, and I understand the explanations of the impossible numbers.  To understand enough to develop a counter bias, just read this.  If you’re a real numbers person, read this.  If you want to just be convinced now, this will do it.  Reports were rampant immediately after the election about poll watchers in multiple states being forbidden to observe the processing of ballots.  Here’s one, and here’s another still occurring in a recount.  I’m not a lawyer, either, but I understand the Constitution says“The Times, Places and Manner of holding Elections for Senators and Representatives, shall be prescribed in each State by the Legislature thereof…”  That means, pretty unequivocally, that secretaries of state, governors, and courts can’t change the rules or standards for how ballots are processed.  This happened in Pennsylvania, where the secretary of state unilaterally changed the deadline for receiving mail-in ballots, and in Georgia, where Georgia’s chief elections official, Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, had a secret March 6, 2020 “Consent Agreement” with the Democrat Party to alter absentee ballot procedures.  The Constitution says that’s illegal! There are cases of dead people voting, ballots filled out and returned before they were even mailed to the voter, nursing home voter fraud, poll workers filling out ballots themselves, poll workers running ballots through the tabulation machines multiple times, and truckloads of boxed ballots coming into the polling places in the middle of the night through back doors.  There are sworn affidavits and there are videos. I’m convinced.  There’s a picture painted here and it’s an ugly one for the Democrats.  The willfully ignorant managed to top themselves, and committed a larger fraud than the Russia Hoax and the unjust impeachment.  The biggest question now is who will take the fall

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Racism is alive and well in America

Andrea Widburg

Lately, when it comes to racism, whites are America’s new blacks, circa 1900. Cut, a Seattle-based video-maker, is surfing that trend, with a video asking blacks “So what exactly are white people superior at?” The answers aren’t cute or funny – they’re the 2020 equivalent of accusing blacks of eating watermelons and “shufflin’.”

Cut isn’t some fringe company. It boasts 10.1 million YouTube subscribers. Whether funny or serious, its videos are meant to be hip in a leftist way. Here are some recent titles:

  • Sex Workers & Their Parents Play Truth or Drink
  • Queer Parents & Their Queer Kids Play Truth or Drink
  • My Trans Daughter & I Play Truth or Drink
  • What are the gun laws in your country (people all over the world explain how bad guns are)
  • Kids Share Their BLM Protest Signs

It’s all about leftist indoctrination and reinforcing leftist ideas.

Even for a site like Cut, it’s still shocking to watch “So what exactly are white people superior at?” (You must view at YouTubebecause age-limits mean it cannot be embedded here.)

Writing at Not the Bee summarizes what’s going on with the 100 black people interviewed:

The question seems to be a tongue-in-cheek take on the concept of white supremacy. [snip] But this video quickly devolves into a racist hate-fest demonizing all white people.

The first few answers to the question are fairly benign: White people are superior at talking about their pets too much, making bland food, extreme sports, corn mazes and liking mayonnaise. That’s all pretty funny, I suppose. I get it, humor sometimes pushes boundaries and we can laugh at our cultural idiosyncrasies.

But obviously, people would rightfully lose their ever-loving minds if a bunch of white people made a video just listing racial stereotypes about black people.


But the video takes a dark turn fairly quickly.

One young lady wearing a T-Shirt that depicts a police officer in a KKK hood firing a shotgun (yeah.), without a hint of mirth simply says white people are superior at “smelling funky.”

Attributing negative qualities to people because of their skin color is classic racism. As I said, above, what these people are saying is indistinguishable from someone in a KKK hood, circa 1900, throwing out ugly answers when asked “what are black people superior at?”

Rose nails the root of the problem:

If you haven’t already noticed, latent in many of these answers are the same ideologies behind BLM, the 1619 Project, and movements to defund the police. These are devotees of the religion of Wokeism. True believers.

The leftism behind their answers isn’t subtle: “Conquering.” “Imperialism.” “Colonizing.” “Colonialism.” “Violence.” Genocide.” “Taking our ideas.”

Leftism destroys everything – absolutely everything – that it touches:

  • It took first and second wave feminism (right to vote, equal pay for equal work) and turned it into third wave man-hating feminism.
  • It took the Great Society and welfare, and turned them into the destruction of the black family in America, with all the pathologies that follow.
  • It took the concept of avoiding cruel and unusual punishment when dealing with criminals, and turned it into no punishment at all, which increases crime, destroys societal trust, and puts criminals at grave risk of vigilantism.
  • It took the idea that the state cannot promote or interfere with religion and turned it into a state hostile to religion.
  • It took the Civil Rights movement, one premised on the fact that we are all equal before God and the law, and turned it into a foundation for dangerous, divisive, and tragic anti-white hatred.

Trump tried hard to be president for all Americans. Unlike other Republicans, he did reach out to the black community (prison release, support black colleges, creating opportunity zones) but he also refused to embrace a racial divide in America. He talked about values, not skin color. He talked about jobs, not victim politics. It was the left that forced racism upon him. None of it came from Trump.

If — God forbid – Biden gets into the White House, expect his administration to stir up more racial animus than Obama ever did. In the four years since Obama left office, the left has been busy fomenting the type of hatred America last saw with George Wallace and Orville Faubus in Alabama and Arkansas.

COVID-19 flare-up and tyrannical edicts: Just a coincidence right after the election fraud?

C.M. MentorWell, here we go again. COVID-19 hysteria is peaking once more and it’s coming just days after a momentous presidential election. What a coincidence! Is there any possibility that this is happening because the Democrats feel the need for a big, attention-getting distraction from the stench of a fixed election? It is becoming very apparent that there was a mind-blowing level of vote fraud, in several states at least, to rob Donald Trump of a landslide victory. Not the usual, criminal Democrat vote fraud, but industrial-strength, highly criminal, highly coordinated fraud. Fraud using every known trick and what looks like a bunch of new ones, too. The usual tricks include dead people voting, people voting multiple times, paid-for votes, miscounted votes, deleted votes, created votes, etc. etc. These things seem to happen every election when Democrats are in control. This election, however, might involve ballot creation and vote-tabulating computer software jiggering on a massive scale. Truckloads of ballots delivered in the middle of the night, pristine ballots for only candidate Joe Biden with printer-accuracy selection marks or machine manipulated irregular marks, large vote blocs suddenly moving from Trump to Biden, all vote blocs marking only Biden, and exactly the same percentage of votes favoring Biden versus Trump in numerous state precincts, and many other very odd anomalies. All of this stinks and everyone knows it. Fair-minded people know that Donald Trump’s campaign was light-years ahead of sleepy, masked, basement-dwelling Joe Biden’s. Trump often had four or five events every day which drew tens-of-thousands each. He did this day after day and he is 74 years old! There was tremendous enthusiasm for his candidacy. Joe Biden often drew about 10 people at his events, and sometimes voters literally ignored him. Fortunately, they were all in their safety circles with face masks on. Donald Trumps outstanding campaign, the success of down-ballot Republicans, and his resounding vote lead well after polls closed all point to his highly-probable, amazing victory. When confronted with the Trump vote margins, Democrat web-spinners obviously said to themselves “Whoa, Nellie!” They instructed their comrades in the various swing states to stop the vote count to give time to get more Biden ballots and “adjust” the vote tabulating computer settings and software. The fact that the vote counting was stopped at all and that it was done in multiple states at the same time is an obvious tip-off to coordinated fraud. It is reported now that the Dominion Voting Systems computer hardware, which are widely used in many of the swing states, have software with settings that can be altered in real-time, either locally or remotely, via the internet, and sure enough, some were hooked up to the internet. Their computers also have built-in settings that can be altered locally to adjust the weighting of candidate votes in selected races. This is not a sick joke. One can only imagine the mischief (fraud) that is possible by fiddling with the vote totals once the ballots have been counted and are in the “system.” Josef Stalin knew the power of vote counting versus vote casting and commented on it many years ago. Some of the very interesting things to start appearing after the election are the forensic data analyses of the voting and its patterns. Many of the techniques are frequently used in financial and other fraud investigations. Such things as Benford’s first-digit rule, Bernoulli trial analysis and just-plain logic and common sense reveal much that is very wrong in the vote patterns of many swing states. Ballots being received before they were mailed out is one indicator that pops out of the voting data. Many private-individual data experts have performed extensive analysis and found strong evidence of manipulation. This kind of evidence may not satisfy courtroom requirements, but it does represent billowing clouds of suspicious, dark smoke rising from the election. Where there is smoke… The oddities might also be just like fingerprints at a crime scene. Questions about the integrity of the elections started arising almost immediately after the election. So what an appropriate time to goose-up the ante on the COVID-19 hysteria to distract people’s minds from the complexities of voting, vote counting, undecided state elections, fraud and all manner of related things. It is much easier for people to understand a plague-like death from a horrific pandemic and the need to wear masks everywhere and at all times. Simple…and once masked Joe Biden is safely in the White House everything will be fine. The pretext for the renewed hysteria is the increase in the number of “cases” of COVID-19 that we have now. You know, the cases resulting from the inaccurate, ever increasing, and often over-sensitive tests that are being performed. Tests that have produced a ‘positive’ in one nostril and a ‘negative’ in the other nostril on the same person. Tests that trigger a ‘positive’ when only harmless fragments of a virus are present due to overly-sensitive test thresholds. The reality is that healthy people under about age 65 have minor or no symptoms when they test positive for the virus. The vast majority of the population does not need to be locked down or wear masks. Let them live their lives. Older people, especially those with health problems, need to be careful – just as they must during flu season. The CDC recently announced that the number of people who died from the COVID-19 virus alone is less than 10,000. The rest of the deaths involved people with two or three other, major health problems. The average age of the deceased is around 78 the same as it is for all other death causes. I don’t trust any of the COVID-19 death statistics. They are filled with false positives and actual death causes that have nothing to do with the virus. COVID deaths have been so financially incentivized that the statistics are very tainted. Yes, testing reveals that people are getting the virus, but spreading is what viruses are very good. There is nothing known that can stop this. Lockdowns and masks do very little, at best. There is no science or data that show otherwise. Viruses must propagate through society to the point where there are no more hosts. This is herd immunity which commonly means that roughly 20% of the population is susceptible to the virus and 80% has immunity for various reasons. The best that can be done is to limit the viral load by maintaining distance from others and washing your hands. Stuff people do during flu season. By the way, don’t viruses always flare up in the fall? Stop the testing and case insanity and let people live their lives. It is a struggle to comprehend what kind of people inflict such harm on their fellow citizens as the governors of the states that have just ratcheted up their tyrannical lock-down, shut-down, curfew and gathering edicts have. These people are almost all Democrats. The harm is enormous and it affects untold millions of people. Ruined businesses, lost revenue, drug addition, domestic abuse, child abuse and suicide. This array of social harm far outweighs any possible good that the edicts produce which is miniscule at best. In fact, we have many months of lock-down and mask-wearing experience already. See all the good that did? Sane, thinking people don’t, but tyrannical, mostly Democrat governors apparently do. Maybe they should pay attention to their beloved WHO that recently announced that lock-downs and shut-downs really aren’t such a good idea due to their immensely harmful impact on society. However, cranking up the COVID-19 hysteria right now might just be the ticket for a timely fear-filled, distraction from massive Democrat vote fraud and criminality.