Racism is alive and well in America

Andrea Widburg

Lately, when it comes to racism, whites are America’s new blacks, circa 1900. Cut, a Seattle-based video-maker, is surfing that trend, with a video asking blacks “So what exactly are white people superior at?” The answers aren’t cute or funny – they’re the 2020 equivalent of accusing blacks of eating watermelons and “shufflin’.”

Cut isn’t some fringe company. It boasts 10.1 million YouTube subscribers. Whether funny or serious, its videos are meant to be hip in a leftist way. Here are some recent titles:

  • Sex Workers & Their Parents Play Truth or Drink
  • Queer Parents & Their Queer Kids Play Truth or Drink
  • My Trans Daughter & I Play Truth or Drink
  • What are the gun laws in your country (people all over the world explain how bad guns are)
  • Kids Share Their BLM Protest Signs

It’s all about leftist indoctrination and reinforcing leftist ideas.

Even for a site like Cut, it’s still shocking to watch “So what exactly are white people superior at?” (You must view at YouTubebecause age-limits mean it cannot be embedded here.)

Writing at Not the Bee summarizes what’s going on with the 100 black people interviewed:

The question seems to be a tongue-in-cheek take on the concept of white supremacy. [snip] But this video quickly devolves into a racist hate-fest demonizing all white people.

The first few answers to the question are fairly benign: White people are superior at talking about their pets too much, making bland food, extreme sports, corn mazes and liking mayonnaise. That’s all pretty funny, I suppose. I get it, humor sometimes pushes boundaries and we can laugh at our cultural idiosyncrasies.

But obviously, people would rightfully lose their ever-loving minds if a bunch of white people made a video just listing racial stereotypes about black people.


But the video takes a dark turn fairly quickly.

One young lady wearing a T-Shirt that depicts a police officer in a KKK hood firing a shotgun (yeah.), without a hint of mirth simply says white people are superior at “smelling funky.”

Attributing negative qualities to people because of their skin color is classic racism. As I said, above, what these people are saying is indistinguishable from someone in a KKK hood, circa 1900, throwing out ugly answers when asked “what are black people superior at?”

Rose nails the root of the problem:

If you haven’t already noticed, latent in many of these answers are the same ideologies behind BLM, the 1619 Project, and movements to defund the police. These are devotees of the religion of Wokeism. True believers.

The leftism behind their answers isn’t subtle: “Conquering.” “Imperialism.” “Colonizing.” “Colonialism.” “Violence.” Genocide.” “Taking our ideas.”

Leftism destroys everything – absolutely everything – that it touches:

  • It took first and second wave feminism (right to vote, equal pay for equal work) and turned it into third wave man-hating feminism.
  • It took the Great Society and welfare, and turned them into the destruction of the black family in America, with all the pathologies that follow.
  • It took the concept of avoiding cruel and unusual punishment when dealing with criminals, and turned it into no punishment at all, which increases crime, destroys societal trust, and puts criminals at grave risk of vigilantism.
  • It took the idea that the state cannot promote or interfere with religion and turned it into a state hostile to religion.
  • It took the Civil Rights movement, one premised on the fact that we are all equal before God and the law, and turned it into a foundation for dangerous, divisive, and tragic anti-white hatred.

Trump tried hard to be president for all Americans. Unlike other Republicans, he did reach out to the black community (prison release, support black colleges, creating opportunity zones) but he also refused to embrace a racial divide in America. He talked about values, not skin color. He talked about jobs, not victim politics. It was the left that forced racism upon him. None of it came from Trump.

If — God forbid – Biden gets into the White House, expect his administration to stir up more racial animus than Obama ever did. In the four years since Obama left office, the left has been busy fomenting the type of hatred America last saw with George Wallace and Orville Faubus in Alabama and Arkansas.


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