Eric Peters- Satanists Use WW2 Rhetoric to Sell Lockdown Scam

November 2, 2020 


Eric Peters draws a distinction between the COVID hoax andWorld War Two but the ugly truth is that both are wars against societywaged by the Satanist Jewish banking cartel using their Masonic minions. 

The goal is to dispossess and enslave non-Satanists. 

WuFlu Apples & WWII Oranges

by Eric Peters(


A reader brings up the use of the “we’re at war!” trope being used to justify the metastasizing medical police state. In a way, it’s true – but in a very different way than it was.
He writes as follows:  
I have recently heard comparisons between the “home front” in World War II and the WuFlu situation, saying that just as the wartime generation made sacrifices (rationing, curfews, etc.) that we need to do the same with Face Diapers, bans on gatherings, etc., to “fight” WuFlu. I do see some parallels in propaganda use. I remember seeing a poster online from WW2 that showed a man driving his car and a “ghost” of Hitler in the seat beside him, with the tag line “When you ride alone, you ride with Hitler!” to encourage carpooling to save fuel & the curtailing of rights such as the internment of Japanese-American citizens. However, I think there are some significant differences, including:1) In general, “it’s been done before” doesn’t mean something is right and is thus a weak moral argument.2) With the war restrictions, there was an end in sight — once the war ended, the wartime rules were expected to end as well; it wasn’t just open-ended, “whatever we feel like imposing.”3) Although most Americans supported the war, they wished it over as soon as possible– therefore, good news “from the front” was eagerly awaited and welcomed.  I don’t imagine many people saying. “we’re really winning this war, but let’s pretend we’re losing so we can continue these restrictions indefinitely.” In contrast, as you’ve mentioned in your articles and talks, there’s a certain mean-spiritedness in the diaper-pushers. They absolutely refuse to acknowledge any good news about WuFlu and seem to take a perverse pleasure in how miserable they can make others (through harassment, degradation, stealing of joy by canceling events and traditions, etc.).  Unlike the wartime generation, it’s as if they never want the WuFlu hysteria to end. Have you heard these comparisons of WW2 and WuFlu, and do you feel there are parallels to be drawn between them, or is it comparing apples and oranges?
The basic problem with the analogy is that WWII wasn’t based on mass hysteria. There really was an Axis; the United States was actually at war with serious powers.
WuFlu is a contrived war against a “virus” that is the equivalent of Grenada in terms of its ability to “conquer” the United States. It is actually a war against the American people, using the American people as pawns.
It is based on manufactured fear, produced by suppression of relevant facts.
There is no legitimate (i.e., no medically valid) reason to imprison (i.e., “lock down”) the population, force-close businesses, impose bizarre kabuki-cult rituals such as “social distancing” and the wearing of old rags and dust “masks” as the condition of being allowed to be in proximity of other people.
Because this “virus” has proved to be a very slight threat to the population. It is now very clear that for the most part, only a small percentage of the population – the very elderly and those who are afflicted with serious chronic – and ultimately fatal – health problems such as COPD and advanced heart disease are in any real danger. The same danger they were in before anyone heard of the WuFlu. The danger of old age – and serious, chronic illness, which tends to result in people dying.
One of the many odd things about this mass hysteria is the rise of the belief that it is unnatural for the old and very ill to die in greater numbers than the young and healthy, accompanied by the dangerous delusion that any and all preventative measures are warranted to prevent this.
Which is almost the equivalent of attempting to prevent the sun from setting.
We are at the point now that when an elderly or very sick person dies it is taken as a surprise – and cause for a kind of shaking of fists – at others, who are blamed for it. They are the “Japs” and “Krauts” in this “war.” Granny died, they rail, because someone refused to wear a “mask.”
As opposed to sadness at the passing of granny, but acceptance of the inevitability.
For all of us.
Just not all at once.
No sane person is indifferent to the death of an elderly person or a person laid low by COPD or advanced heart disease. Death is always sad.
But it used to be understood that this sort of death was part of life. Now it is taken as the excuse for shutting down the lives of people decades ahead of their natural deaths, for the sake of preventing, King Canute-style, the deaths of people who are nearing the end of their natural lives.
And it is not even that.
Or rather, it is worse than that.
Because this “prevention” is phantasmagorical. How does it prevent the death of anyone to force people who can’t transmit a sickness they haven’t got to walk around wearing a neck scarf or dirty old bandana or dust mask over their faces?
This is not medicine.
It is theater – as the doctor who has appointed himself the head of this cult of sickness admitted a few months ago, before changing his mind. The man is therefore either a liar or an incompetent or something far worse – and either warrants dismissing everything the man says.
It is also a play in that people know it’s an act. Nothing else explains the weary going- through-the-motions. They wear a “mask” – just the right word, because that is the true purpose – loosely around their mouth, their nose exposed. They wear it for the ten steps it takes to go from the entry door to the place where you order, then take it off while they sit down to eat.
This is not the behavior of people afraid of a virus. It is the behavior of people who are afraid.
Of being seen as not believing. And not obeying. Their mask-wearing is no different than the armband wearing in another country, another time. They, too, wore the cloth out of fear of being seen as not belonging. Of being excluded. The parallels are obvious but few are willing to say so openly much less show so openly – as by not wearing the cloth – because they are afraid.

Because this “war” is directed at them. It is also meant to be an endless “war.” If the casus for this belli is that some people might get sick and die each year and the chance that this might happen is intolerable, then the “war” will go on forever.
There will be no VE Day. No demobilization. No end to the dreary hysteria and black-and-whiting of our lives.
Orwell had something to say about this in The Book within his book, 1984.
The Book was an explication of the principles of the Party, including its slogan that War is Peace. Which it is when war becomes perpetual when there is no longer any end to it. War becomes the natural condition – the new normal – and people acclimate.
It becomes “peace.”
[Makow: “Peace” is Death.]

God commands women to be silent in the churches.

“For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace, as in all churches of the saints.

“Let your women keep silence in the churches: for it is not permitted unto them to speak; but they are commanded to be under obedience as also saith the law.

“And if they will learn any thing, let them ask their husbands at home: for it is a shame for women to speak in the church.

“What? came the word of God out from you? or came it unto you only?

“If any man think himself to be a prophet, or spiritual, let him acknowledge that the things that I write unto you are the commandments of the Lord” (1 Corinthians 14:33-37)

These are “commandments of the Lord” and they are for “all the churches of the saints.” Women are to be silent in the churches. These verses have nothing to do with women teaching/preaching in the churches specifically. They have to do with women being silent in the churches; for it is not permitted unto them to speak and it is a shame for women to speak in the church. Are you silent in the church? Are you careful to not speak in the church? Of course, you can sing with the congregation. Singing is not speaking. I say this since some people will ask as if they don’t know that there is a difference.

“Let the woman learn in silence with all subjection.

“But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence.

“For Adam was first formed, then Eve.

“And Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived was in the transgression” (1 Timothy 2:11-14)

In these verses, women are once again reminded to be in silence in the churches. We are also told that women are not to teach nor usurp authority over men in the churches. Then we told the reasons why. Adam was created first, therefore, this was God’s authority structure was from the beginning (Patriarchy), and Eve was deceived.

These verses are as clear as day for all who want to hear. Many don’t want to hear, and this is why there are so many female preachers/teachers in the churches and no one seems to care. Women are breaking God’s clear commands and “preaching” His Word in the churches. They are in sin. Do not be deceived by them and if you have a female on the elder or deacon board, I encourage you to find a new church.

When I was growing up, no women spoke in the churches that I attended. There weren’t female worship leaders who gave little mini-sermons and prayed in between the songs, essentially being in authority over the men. There weren’t even women giving announcements. It was all done by the men, and no one thought anything of it since most churches were this way.

We must live according to God’s principles no matter how out of date that they appear to be. They are good and perfect for us, women. Trust that His ways are best and obey Him. Find a church that obeys His Word without compromise.

For we are not as many, which corrupt the word of God: but as of sincerity, but as of God, in the sight of God speak we in Christ.
2 Corinthians 2:17

God Commands Women Be Silent in the Churches

Countering ‘You Ain’t Black’ with the Facts

When comedienne Chelsea Handler noticed a pro-Trump tweet posted by her ex-flame 50 Cent, she became apoplectic and launched a bizarre social media crusade to change his mind.  Dripping condescension, she asked if he knew what his race was and insulted his intelligence, saying if he’s black he can’t vote Trump.  In an Instagram post, she addressed him “Hey f—–!,” offering to pay his taxes if he changed his mind on Trump.  And in an interview with Jimmy Fallon, she even dissolutely proffered renewed intimacy to 50 Cent: “I might be willing to go for another spin, if you know what I’m talking about.”

Her inability to accept that a black might support Trump is of a piece with presidential candidate Joe Biden’s comment to radio host Charlamagne tha God: “If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black.”  Like many liberals in the public sphere, Handler insists that American blacks should assert race über alles, and their candidate choice should be monolithic and unidimensional — Democratic, that is — based solely on loyalty to the color of their skin.

The false equation “black = Democratic” has long been taken for granted by the Democrats, who conflate blacks’ allegiance to their party with being true to their race.  American blacks who dare to break free of this shackling assumption end up facing the ostracism of “cancel culture.”  It’s an experience well known to black conservatives like Larry Elder, Candace Owens, Shelby Steele, and others.

But the fallacious presumption that the Democratic Party offers the best deal for blacks has begun to unravel in the four years of the Trump administration.  Myriad policies and programs initiated by him have benefited blacks immensely.  It makes sense for them to examine the many ways in which they have prospered under the Republican president and question the expectation of unwavering allegiance to the Democratic party.

According to a 2018 economic report from the U.S. Census Bureau, black poverty ratesdropped to 20.8% from 24.1 % in 2015.  Trump’s “hire American” and other economic policies, which foster growth in place of direct tax-and-spend transfer payments, have done much to spur job creation and wage increases and combat inequality.  Before the coronavirus pandemic, the black jobless rate had fallen to an unprecedented 5.5%.

In July, in the throes of an economic shutdown, Trump made sure that black workers matter with an executive order to suspend most guest worker programs and curtail the rewarding of green cards for those not in the country.  These policies help minorities, who disproportionately compete with foreign labor.  In other efforts to improve the economic conditions of minority communities, Trump designed the Opportunity Zone (O.Z.) program and the Platinum Plan. 

The O.Z. program has spurred economic revitalization in distressed communities by providing tax benefits to incentivize private investment in community improvements such as the creation of much needed housing and essential infrastructure.  Investors work in concert with local leadership and government officials to achieve a positive economic impact for residents.  It’s a win-win scenario for both parties.  The revitalization potentiatesjob growth; increases demand for housing, restaurants, and entertainment opportunities; and improves access to transportation.

The Platinum Plan calls for increased investment in black businesses and greater availability of capital for black entrepreneurs.  The stated goal is to create 500,000 black-owned businesses, provide $500 billion in capital investment, add three million jobs, and increase homeownership.  The plan is now in the proposal stage, but it’s certainly indicative of the president’s continued commitment to the black community.  In stark contrast to the unending cycle of dependency fostered by government programs historically offered by Democrats, Trump’s plan offers the possibility of wealth creation, independence, and prosperity.

In educational reforms, President Trump has championed school choice, which, according to the National School Choice survey (2016) by the American Federation for Children, is supported by 76% of black Americans.  Providing alternatives to public education through school choice is an effective way of breaking the cycle of poverty and ensuring a more successful future.  So black parents definitely want to exercise more power over the education available to their children.  Stanford University’s Center for Research on Education Outcomes found that black charter school enrollees achieved significantly greater success in math and reading.  Similarly, the Black Alliance for Educational Options has found measurable learning gains for black students in public charter schools over traditional public schools.  Other studies, too, have noted such gains.

A hundred days into his administration, President Trump solidified his commitment to educational opportunities for black Americans by signing a bill providing $250 million per year to the country’s historically black institutions of higher education.  And with the White House Initiative to Promote Excellence and Innovation at Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU), the president affirmed that HBCUs are a “priority” for his administration, something that disappointed black leadership had expected over eight years of the Obama administration.  As part of the initiative, he signed an executive orderestablishing an executive director in the office of the president: instead of the Department of Education, the White House will  directly  oversee these efforts.  The vision is for enhanced planning and development, private sector collaboration, and infrastructure upgrades.

The Trump administration’s  First Step Acthas been hailed as the most significant criminal justice reform legislation, designed to change federal sentencing laws “that have wrongly and disproportionately harmed the African-American community.”  It gives nonviolent offenders “the chance to reenter society as productive, law-abiding citizens” and allows for early release from prison, sentence reduction, and better opportunities for rehabilitation.  Ninety-one percent of inmates freed by the legislation were black Americans, and sentences were reduced by an average of 73 months.  States have been spurred to follow suit with similar legal reforms.

When massive violence, looting, and destruction were perpetrated in cities across the country by Black Lives Matter (BLM), Trump asserted that the extremist, anti–law and order, Marxist organization is harmful for blacks.  BLM wants the nuclear family destroyed, police and prisons abolished, border security eliminated, and school choice to end.  Should these happen, they would no doubt work against the black community.  Trump made no bones about saying BLM was insincere in claiming to care for black lives.

BLM does not seem to care about the over 7,000 blacks murdered annually by other blacks and the dire consequences of absent fathers in the black community.  While BLM demands abolition of law enforcement on hyped charges of racism, a recent Gallup pollindicated that 81% of blacks want police to stay in their neighborhoods.  Of BLM’s anti-police stance, Trump said, “This pushing to defund the police is hurting black communities the most.”

Three recent polls (The Democracy Institute, Emerson, and Zogby) show a surge in black voter support for Trump with 19–20% stating they would vote for the president, compared to just 8% in 2016.  Blexit, an organization founded by conservative commentator and political activist Candace Owens, has recently emerged as a grassroots political force for black Americans who have exited the Democratic Party and are tired of the victim mentality and dependency it fosters. 

With all that Trump has accomplished for black America in four years — compared to eight years of the Obama administration — the charge of “you ain’t black” if you vote for Trump rings hollow.

October Surprise: This race is over

By Jerry Cave and Bill Thomas

We now know — thanks to October — who will win on November 3. The reason we know is found in early voting data.

October voting is no longer the exclusive domain of the Democratic Party. Both parties vote early and in ever-increasing numbers. Which makes the October vote an early “action report” on the election outcome that’s more reality based than the polls or the mainstream media.

Who you vote for is a secret. When, where, and how many voters cast their ballots is not.It’s data. In this case, data in its most meaningful form: the number of early votes by registered Democrats and the number of early votes by registered Republicans. 

Convincing the other party’s voters to vote for your candidate is a long shot. Getting your voters to turn out for your candidate is how elections are won. It’s called GOTV, for Get Out The Vote.

GOTV plus voter enthusiasm invariably equals winning results at the polls.

In the final weeks of the campaign, enthusiasm for Donald Trump, demonstrated at multiple daily rallies, has been far beyond what it was four years ago. Will enthusiasm help produce another winning voter turnout for Trump?

Spoiler alert: Data generated by early voting says “yes.”

To understand why history will likely repeat itself, it’s important to look at voter turnout in party strongholds, districts where support is expected to be high. The highest Democratic voting percentages are often in districts with large majorities of African-American voters. The black vote is a key component in the strategy of every Democratic election campaign, especially Joe Biden’s. Accordingly, black turnout provides the best way to measure enthusiasm for the Democratic Party’s candidate and ultimately to project a winner.

Take North Carolina. In 2012, black voter turnout for Barack Obama was understandably high. Black voters made up 27 percent of North Carolina’s total number of voters that year. In 2016, Hillary Clinton’s turnout among blacks in the Tar Heel state dropped to 22 percent. This year, with Biden running, North Carolina’s black turnout for early voting is 19.5 percent. 

Then there’s this: the black vote that iscoming out is not all coming out for the Democrat. 

poll by the University of New Orleans of likely Louisiana voters reported that 28 percent of blacks preferred Donald Trump. That’s driven largely by black men, among whom Trump’s 43 percent edges Biden’s 42 percent.

Rasmussen national survey, reflecting the same trend, shows Trump’s approval among likely black voters at 46 percent. Approval does not translate directly into votes, but there is too much action — in the form of early turnout — behind that number to dismiss it.

In 2016, Trump asked African-Americans what they had to lose by backing him instead of his Hillary Clinton. Apparently, now they know. Under Trump, blacks saw record employment, the creation of economic opportunity zones, increased funding for black colleges, and the lowest incarceration rate for blacks since 1995.

If the most reliable Democratic voting bloc loses its enthusiasm for Biden, his chances in the South and elsewhere disappear.

Florida shows how that looks. Sunshine State Republicans outperformed expectations in early voting. Democrats are ahead in mail-in ballots, but not by the numbers needed to beat the GOP on Election Day when Republicans traditionally come out to vote in droves. 

Rasmussen’s Daily tracking poll found that by the end of October over 31 percent of black Florida voters said they would vote for Trump.

Trump broke through the Democrat’s Blue Wall defense in 2016, and now he looks like a serious threat to their Black Wall in 2020. Trump is still going to lose the black vote. He’s just going to lose it by less.

The question, again, is how many early-voting Democrats actually voted Democratic. Trump won with backing from Democrats in 2016. Why would they abandon him now?

Donald Trump has “overwhelming support among Republicans,” says Pew Reports. Biden’s support from fellow Democrats stems largely from their dislike of Trump more than an affinity for Joe. And Biden can’t attract a crowd much larger than his Secret Service detail. That’s certainly not true of Trump.  

In fact, there’s no better source of actionable data than a Trump rally, because everyone who wants to attend has to provide contact information to get a free ticket. The campaign then uses this data to turn every event into a force-multiplier. First, each rally reaches millions of voters live at the venue, on cable TV, and on YouTube. Then millions more engage on Facebook and Twitter.

After the rally, a campaign team targets those who attended with digital ads that recipients can retarget to their contacts as look-alike campaigns on social media.

The party also mines the same data for useful insights and information it can convert into turnout. Republican National Committee Chair Ronna McDaniel noted that 45 percent of the attendees at an October New Hampshire rally were not registered Republicans and 20 percent did not vote in 2016.   

Who would wait in line for hours to see a Trump rally in October and then not vote for Trump in November? It’s easy to predict there will be many new Trump voters this year in more states than just New Hampshire. 

In modern times very few vice-presidents or serial losers in primaries succeed in winning the White House. Joe Biden has both of those things going against him. And that’s before factoring in China/Burismagate allegations directed at him and his family, Barack Obama’s low-impact performance on the campaign trail and the anti-police riots in Philadelphia, all of which will help Trump.

Finally, there’s the matter of polling. Most polls are commissioned by media organizations that are openly hostile to Trump. Why should anyone believe them now making basically the same anti-Trump predictions that were completely wrong in 2016? 

One polling company, though, stands out. The Trafalgar Group accurately predicted Trump would win Michigan and Pennsylvania in 2016. Now Trafalgar forecasts Trump will take FloridaMichigan, and Arizona.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer could be more disappointed than Joe Biden on election night. Trafalgar has African-American GOP Senate candidate John James slightly ahead in Michigan. Trump may drag Sen. Martha McSally over the finish line in Arizona, and Alabama will return its Senate seat to the GOP. 

It’s also hard to see how a cresting wave of Trump enthusiasm won’t create a GOTV result that keeps Colorado Republican Sen. Cory Gardner in his job.

The bottom line is simple math. When you add the electoral votes from reliably red states to any breach in the Blue Wall, Trump wins again, possibly even bigger than he did last time.

That may not be the October surprise you expected, but then that’s why they call it… a surprise.  

Jerry Cave is the president of Cave Communications and has written for a number of publications, including The Atlantic where his 2016 article The Shock Jock Candidate, predicted Donald Trump’s presidential victory six months in advance.

Bill Thomas is the author of Club Fed: Power, Money, Sex and Violence on Capitol Hill and other books. He has written for Vanity Fair, The New York Times Magazine and many other publications. He is also a former editor and writer with The Economist Group.

Eight hard questions for the Democrats

Patrick Garabedian

We are close to Nov. 3, and too many polls predict victory for the Biden-Harris ticket for conservatives to feel comfortable.

Democrat candidate Joe Biden’s voters have already shown their willingness to overlook his senescence and history of corruption, and they may well also overlook the evidence of utter corruption revealed in the new Hunter Biden computer drive. 

The reality is that the Democrat/media/academic/tech industry behemoth has shown its willingness to do anything to get the Biden-Harris ticket elected.  The time for subtlety and finesse is past for Republicans — it’s time to hammer home again and again a finite number of points to point out the radicalism and deceit of the 2020 opposition.  The injustices done to President Trump from 2016 to the present — the Russia hoax, the special counsel, the impeachment — are water under the bridge.  The injustices planned by the left  for the American people after a victory in this election  should be concentrated upon, drummed into the public consciousness over and over again. 

Questions to ask the 2020 Democrats:

1) Why are you opposing respected American traditions and Constitutional freedoms?

Why such anti-Americanism in your convention platform and in numerous acts and statements of policy?  Why opposition to the rights to assembly, to worship, to freedom of speech, to the right to bear arms, to the Electoral College?  Why support for open borders, for Medicare for illegal aliens, for abolishing ICE?  Why support for “defunding the police” and then support for violent rioting and looting?  Why support for packing the Supreme Court and for minting new “states” for political advantage?  You Democrats are even endorsing the enormities of the “transgender” movement, where people can supposedly change their sex by flipping a mental switch, and enter women’s bathrooms or be transferred to women’s prisons at will.

2) Why do you want to prolong the damage of the Wuhan virus to our economy? 

Why extend lockdowns with endless “states of emergency” in supposed respect for bogus “science” when Texas’s, Florida’s, and other states’ experiences show that the economy-murdering lockdowns of businesses and schools do not lessen virus contagions over the long term — they just extend individual suffering  through unemployment, economic suffering, isolation, and harm to children?

3) Why do you support the Green New Deal and the presumption of man-made global warming?   

The GND would pole-axe the American economy,  even without lockdowns and the rest of the Democrat program.  Yes, the climate is always changing, and it may be getting warmer.  That does not mean that it is caused by human activity or that it can be reversed by our shedding a few centuries of human progress.  Man-made climate change is a weird New Age faith, not anything remotely scientific.  There was so much water stored in immense glaciers only 10,000 years ago, including giant glaciers over Wisconsin, that a land passage existed between Britain and Europe.  Then it melted, and the seas rose, and the English Channel was created, and it was not caused by the campfires of the mammoth-hunters!

4) How can you justify your suicidal attitude to national policy? 

Democrats keep harping on the Russian danger and on the Hillary Russian election hoax, while downplaying the threat of a one-party totalitarian, tyrannical, and aggressive China (where, let us not forget, the Wuhan virus originated and whence it was gifted to the world).  China is the unfair trader and the thief of our technologies and industries.  Democrats are even worse in their Obama-like downplaying of the danger from the mad mullahs of Iran, with their unbridled pursuit of nuclear weapons and of aggression against their neighbors, against Israel, and against the West in general.  Democrats are ostrich-like.

5) Why do you pursue the politics of the big lie, endlessly repeated? 

About police brutality against blacks, from “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” to the causes of George Floyd’s death?  About white supremacists supposedly rioting in the streets?  About President Trump supposedly causing 200,000 deaths from the Wuhan virus by not using the magic wand that you claim he has but no other national leader possesses?  And what about your endless repetition of the undying Charlottesville hoax about the president supposedly praising white supremacists and neo-Nazis (Rabbi Dov Fischer’s “The Protocols of the Elders of Charlottesville” should put an end to that hoax in a rational world)?  Goebbels would be proud of today’s Democrats.

6) Why do you support anti-American racial divisiveness and violence?

The left is always eager to create verbal constructs with which to limit our freedoms — thus their acceptance of “Critical Race Theory” about the alleged existence of systemic/structural racism in America and the following spread of Maoist indoctrination sessions nationwide.  Why your acceptance of the false and  ignorant “1619 Project,” designed to simply smear America?  Why your “woke” acceptance of the Smithsonian African-American History Museum’s idiotic listing of “white” as opposed to “black” character traits?

Marxism is a violence-loving doctrine, seeing conflict and subsequent violence as necessary for history’s inevitable progress.  This has resulted in the Left’s tolerance for endless “protests” and the ensuing rioting and looting in Democrat-run cities and states. In June idiot “revolutionaries” were eager to recreate 1917 Russia in 2020 America by pulling down the statue of Andrew Jackson in Lafayette Park in D.C., setting a nearby church on fire and making moves to attack the White House itself.  Black lives do NOT matter to the Marxist-racist BLM organization, nor is the Marxist-anarchist “Antifa” movement against a nonexistent fascism — it is anti-U.S. Constitution and anti-freedom. Why do Democrats not condemn such groups?

7) Why your deceptive offer of a presidential candidate? 

A malleable , mediocre, now-senile, angry hack politician with decades of non-accomplishment and with a history of personal and family corruption.  A record of personal nastiness and lying and fantasy stories, of personal subservience to special interests (Delaware’s banks) and exponential enrichment of his family through obviously corrupt multimillion dollar bribes from China, Ukraine, and Russia. Biden is just a temporary front man.

8) Finally, why your equally deceptive offer of your real ( stealth ) Presidential candidate?  

The real head of the Democratic ticket is the supposedly vice-presidential candidate, Sen. Kamala Harris. She is the one who still has all her marbles, and who will become president as soon as the doddering Biden dies or is declared too senile to be president. She is deceptively presented as a Black American, while she is actually of a privileged East Indian-Jamaican background, and advanced in California politics by being a political kingmaker’s sexual toy. She has surpassed her lack of principles as California’s Attorney General only by her record of being the most far-Left senator since entering the Senate (and what competition she beat).  Although one must acknowledge that, unlike Hunter, she had the wits not to allow any video or other type of camera in the neighborhood when she engaged in “shenanigans-for-rewards” with Willie Brown, the married Democratic kingmaker thirty years her senior.

To conclude all this, President Trump could  put a cherry on the cake with two promises:  If reelected, he would do everything legally possible to revive the American economy by putting a speedy end to States’ unreasonable economic lockdowns; and make the cost-free rioting, violence and destruction in Democrat-controlled areas stop. 

Since March, for seven months, the “emergency” and “temporary” economic and social lockdowns have attacked Americans’ freedoms and livelihoods. And since May, for five months, Marxist-inspired and organized violent rioting and looting have taken place with virtual impunity in Democrat-controlled cities and states. Both the lockdowns and the riots can fall through the cracks of our federal governmental system and be considered only local responsibilities, but the extent and especially the length of both lockdowns and rioting have by now made them national problems. The president could promise that if reelected he will restore the freedoms, rights and safety stolen from Americans by these “local” policies by :

a)  asking Attorney General William Barr to look at all possibilities of federal action to restore those freedoms and rights ;

b) by himself taking all possible action by executive order to do the same;


c)  if there is still not enough national authority to deal with problems which have become national in their effects, by asking Congress to pass appropriate legislation.

How nice it would be to see law and order reintroduced again after this half-year of insurrectionist activities by invoking the Insurrection Act, so that these “black block” Molotov-cocktail and brick-throwing insurrectionists who want to do gladiatorial combat with the police will face federal troops and federal prison sentences. Let’s see how they like being dressed in orange rather than black.