Eric Peters- Satanists Use WW2 Rhetoric to Sell Lockdown Scam

November 2, 2020 


Eric Peters draws a distinction between the COVID hoax andWorld War Two but the ugly truth is that both are wars against societywaged by the Satanist Jewish banking cartel using their Masonic minions. 

The goal is to dispossess and enslave non-Satanists. 

WuFlu Apples & WWII Oranges

by Eric Peters(


A reader brings up the use of the “we’re at war!” trope being used to justify the metastasizing medical police state. In a way, it’s true – but in a very different way than it was.
He writes as follows:  
I have recently heard comparisons between the “home front” in World War II and the WuFlu situation, saying that just as the wartime generation made sacrifices (rationing, curfews, etc.) that we need to do the same with Face Diapers, bans on gatherings, etc., to “fight” WuFlu. I do see some parallels in propaganda use. I remember seeing a poster online from WW2 that showed a man driving his car and a “ghost” of Hitler in the seat beside him, with the tag line “When you ride alone, you ride with Hitler!” to encourage carpooling to save fuel & the curtailing of rights such as the internment of Japanese-American citizens. However, I think there are some significant differences, including:1) In general, “it’s been done before” doesn’t mean something is right and is thus a weak moral argument.2) With the war restrictions, there was an end in sight — once the war ended, the wartime rules were expected to end as well; it wasn’t just open-ended, “whatever we feel like imposing.”3) Although most Americans supported the war, they wished it over as soon as possible– therefore, good news “from the front” was eagerly awaited and welcomed.  I don’t imagine many people saying. “we’re really winning this war, but let’s pretend we’re losing so we can continue these restrictions indefinitely.” In contrast, as you’ve mentioned in your articles and talks, there’s a certain mean-spiritedness in the diaper-pushers. They absolutely refuse to acknowledge any good news about WuFlu and seem to take a perverse pleasure in how miserable they can make others (through harassment, degradation, stealing of joy by canceling events and traditions, etc.).  Unlike the wartime generation, it’s as if they never want the WuFlu hysteria to end. Have you heard these comparisons of WW2 and WuFlu, and do you feel there are parallels to be drawn between them, or is it comparing apples and oranges?
The basic problem with the analogy is that WWII wasn’t based on mass hysteria. There really was an Axis; the United States was actually at war with serious powers.
WuFlu is a contrived war against a “virus” that is the equivalent of Grenada in terms of its ability to “conquer” the United States. It is actually a war against the American people, using the American people as pawns.
It is based on manufactured fear, produced by suppression of relevant facts.
There is no legitimate (i.e., no medically valid) reason to imprison (i.e., “lock down”) the population, force-close businesses, impose bizarre kabuki-cult rituals such as “social distancing” and the wearing of old rags and dust “masks” as the condition of being allowed to be in proximity of other people.
Because this “virus” has proved to be a very slight threat to the population. It is now very clear that for the most part, only a small percentage of the population – the very elderly and those who are afflicted with serious chronic – and ultimately fatal – health problems such as COPD and advanced heart disease are in any real danger. The same danger they were in before anyone heard of the WuFlu. The danger of old age – and serious, chronic illness, which tends to result in people dying.
One of the many odd things about this mass hysteria is the rise of the belief that it is unnatural for the old and very ill to die in greater numbers than the young and healthy, accompanied by the dangerous delusion that any and all preventative measures are warranted to prevent this.
Which is almost the equivalent of attempting to prevent the sun from setting.
We are at the point now that when an elderly or very sick person dies it is taken as a surprise – and cause for a kind of shaking of fists – at others, who are blamed for it. They are the “Japs” and “Krauts” in this “war.” Granny died, they rail, because someone refused to wear a “mask.”
As opposed to sadness at the passing of granny, but acceptance of the inevitability.
For all of us.
Just not all at once.
No sane person is indifferent to the death of an elderly person or a person laid low by COPD or advanced heart disease. Death is always sad.
But it used to be understood that this sort of death was part of life. Now it is taken as the excuse for shutting down the lives of people decades ahead of their natural deaths, for the sake of preventing, King Canute-style, the deaths of people who are nearing the end of their natural lives.
And it is not even that.
Or rather, it is worse than that.
Because this “prevention” is phantasmagorical. How does it prevent the death of anyone to force people who can’t transmit a sickness they haven’t got to walk around wearing a neck scarf or dirty old bandana or dust mask over their faces?
This is not medicine.
It is theater – as the doctor who has appointed himself the head of this cult of sickness admitted a few months ago, before changing his mind. The man is therefore either a liar or an incompetent or something far worse – and either warrants dismissing everything the man says.
It is also a play in that people know it’s an act. Nothing else explains the weary going- through-the-motions. They wear a “mask” – just the right word, because that is the true purpose – loosely around their mouth, their nose exposed. They wear it for the ten steps it takes to go from the entry door to the place where you order, then take it off while they sit down to eat.
This is not the behavior of people afraid of a virus. It is the behavior of people who are afraid.
Of being seen as not believing. And not obeying. Their mask-wearing is no different than the armband wearing in another country, another time. They, too, wore the cloth out of fear of being seen as not belonging. Of being excluded. The parallels are obvious but few are willing to say so openly much less show so openly – as by not wearing the cloth – because they are afraid.

Because this “war” is directed at them. It is also meant to be an endless “war.” If the casus for this belli is that some people might get sick and die each year and the chance that this might happen is intolerable, then the “war” will go on forever.
There will be no VE Day. No demobilization. No end to the dreary hysteria and black-and-whiting of our lives.
Orwell had something to say about this in The Book within his book, 1984.
The Book was an explication of the principles of the Party, including its slogan that War is Peace. Which it is when war becomes perpetual when there is no longer any end to it. War becomes the natural condition – the new normal – and people acclimate.
It becomes “peace.”
[Makow: “Peace” is Death.]

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