5 More Ways Joe Biden Magically Outperformed Election Norms

Surely the journalist class should be intrigued by the historic implausibility of Joe Biden’s victory. That they are not is curious, to say the least.By J.B. Shurk

In all the excitement among objective journalists for Joe Biden’s declared victory, reporters are missing how extraordinary the Democrat’s performance was in the 2020 election. It’s not just that the former vice president is on track to become the oldest president in American history, it’s what he managed to accomplish at the polls this year.

Candidate Joe Biden was so effective at animating voters in 2020 that he received a record number of votes, more than 15 million more than Barack Obama received in his re-election of 2012. Amazingly, he managed to secure victory while also losing in almost every bellwether county across the country. No presidential candidate has been capable of such electoral jujitsu until now.

While Biden underperformed Hillary Clinton’s 2016 totals in every urban county in the United States, he outperformed her in the metropolitan areas of Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania. Even more surprising, the former VP put up a record haul of votes, despite Democrats’ general failures in local House and state legislative seats across the nation.

He accomplished all this after receiving a record low share of the primary vote compared to his Republican opponent heading into the general election. Clearly, these are tremendous and unexpected achievements that would normally receive sophisticated analysis from the journalist class but have somehow gone mostly unmentioned during the celebrations at news studios in New York City and Washington, D.C.

The massive national political realignment now taking place may be one source of these surprising upsets. Yet still, to have pulled so many rabbits out of his hat like this, nobody can deny that Biden is a first-rate campaigner and politician, the likes of which America has never before seen. Let’s break down just how unique his political voodoo has been in 2020.

1. 80 Million Votes

Holy moly! A lot of Americans turned out for a Washington politician who’s been in office for nearly 50 years. Consider this: no incumbent president in nearly a century and a half has gained votes in a re-election campaign and still lost.

President Trump gained more than ten million votes since his 2016 victory, but Biden’s appeal was so substantial that it overcame President Trump’s record support among minority voters. Biden also shattered Barack Obama’s own popular vote totals, really calling into question whether it was not perhaps Biden who pulled Obama across the finish lines in 2008 and 2012.

Proving how sharp his political instincts are, the former VP managed to gather a record number of votes while consistently trailing President Trump in measures of voter enthusiasm. Biden was so savvy that he motivated voters unenthusiastic about his campaign to vote for him in record numbers.

2. Winning Despite Losing Most Bellwether Counties

Biden is set to become the first presidentin 60 years to lose the states of Ohio and Florida on his way to election. For a century, these states have consistently predicted the national outcome, and they have been considered roughly representative of the American melting pot as a whole. Despite national polling giving Biden a lead in both states, he lost Ohio by eight points and Florida by more than three.

For Biden to lose these key bellwethers by notable margins and still win the national election is newsworthy. Not since the Mafia allegedly aided John F. Kennedy in winning Illinois over Richard Nixon in 1960 has an American president pulled off this neat trick.

Even more unbelievably, Biden is on his way to winning the White House after having lost almost every historic bellwether county across the country. The Wall Street Journal and The Epoch Timesindependently analyzed the results of 19 counties around the United States that have nearly perfect presidential voting records over the last 40 years. President Trump won every single bellwether county, except Clallam County in Washington.

Whereas the former VP picked up Clallam by about three points, President Trump’s margin of victory in the other 18 counties averaged over 16 points. In a larger list of 58 bellwether counties that have correctly picked the president since 2000, Trump won 51 of them by an average of 15 points, while the other seven went to Biden by around four points. Bellwether countiesoverwhelmingly chose President Trump, but Biden found a path to victory anyway.

3. Biden Trailed Clinton Except in a Select Few Cities

Patrick Basham, a pollster with an accurate track record and the director of the Democracy Institute in D.C., highlighted two observations made by fellow colleagues, polling guru Richard Baris of Big Data Poll and Washington Post election analyst Robert Barnes. Baris noted a statistical oddity from 2020’s election returns: “Biden underperformed Hillary Clinton in every major metro area around the country, save for Milwaukee, Detroit, Atlanta and Philadelphia.”

Barnes added that in those “big cities in swing states run by Democrats…the vote even exceeded the number of registered voters.” In the states that mattered most, so many mail-in ballots poured in for Biden from the cities that he put up record-breaking numbers and overturned state totals that looked like comfortable leads for President Trump.

If Democrats succeed in eliminating the Electoral College, Biden’s magic formula for churning out overwhelming vote totals in a handful of cities should make the Democrats unbeatable.

4. Biden Won Despite Democrat Losses Everywhere Else

Randy DeSoto noted in The Western Journal that “Donald Trump was pretty much the only incumbent president in U.S. history to lose his re-election while his own party gained seats in the House of Representatives.” Now that’s a Biden miracle!

In 2020, The Cook Political Report and The New York Times rated 27 House seats as toss-ups going into Election Day. Right now, Republicans appear to have won all 27. Democrats failed to flip a single state house chamber, while Republicans flipped both the House and Senate in New Hampshire and expanded their dominance of state legislatures across the country.

Christina Polizzi, a spokesperson for the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee, went so far as to state: “It’s clear that Trump isn’t an anchor for the Republican legislative candidates. He’s a buoy.” Amazingly, Biden beat the guy who lifted all other Republicans to victory. Now that’s historic!

5. Biden Overcame Trump’s Commanding Primary Vote

In the past, primary vote totals have been remarkably accurate in predicting general election winners. Political analyst David Chapman highlighted three historical facts before the election.

First, no incumbent who has received 75 percent of the total primary vote has lost re-election. Second, President Trump received 94 percent of the primary vote, which is the fourth highest of all time (higher than Dwight Eisenhower, Nixon, Clinton, or Obama). In fact, Trump is only one of five incumbents since 1912 to receive more than 90 percent of the primary vote.

Third, Trump set a record for most primary votes received by an incumbent when more than 18 million people turned out for him in 2020 (the previous record, held by Bill Clinton, was half that number). For Biden to prevail in the general election, despite Trump’s historic support in the primaries, turns a century’s worth of prior election data on its head.

Joe Biden achieved the impossible. It’s interesting that many more journalists aren’t pointing that out.


Many Studies Find That Cloth Masks Do Not Stop Viruses Like COVID

A thorough marketing campaign for the use of low-quality masks has convinced millions of people that masks will reduce COVID-19 spread, but do they really? By Lisa Mair

State governments are enthusiastically mandating that everyone, even those who aren’t sick, wear masks when in public. While that might seem like a logical and even patriotic thing to do, what does the science actually say about mask efficacy and safety?

Top Doctors Initially Acknowledged Masks Don’t Work

In the early days of the COVID-19 outbreak, Dr. Anthony Fauci told us masks probably weren’t going to help protect us from the Wuhan virus. Joe Biden’s COVID-19 adviser Dr. Michael Osterholm similarly agreed that wearing masks is “largely” nonsense and that “trying to stop the flu [another respiratory virus] is like trying to stop the wind.”

These expert opinions were based on a meta-analysis of multiple studies about masks on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC’s) website. It concluded, “We did not find evidence that surgical-type face masks are effective in reducing laboratory-confirmed influenza transmission, either when worn by infected persons (source control) or by persons in the general community to reduce their susceptibility.”

Fauci and Osterholm were also likely aware of numerous studies concluding that masks during surgery don’t prevent wound infections from particles doctors emitted from their mouths and noses. One study found that tracer particles placed on the inside of a surgeon’s mask ended up in the surgical wound.

Another study in Clinical Orthopedics blamed redirected airflow, saying, “The wearing of a surgical face mask had no effect upon the overall operating room environmental contamination and probably work only to redirect the projectile effect of talking and breathing.” Most recently, a September 2020 meta-review concluded, “Surgical mask wearing among individuals in non-healthcare settings is not significantly associated with reduction in acute respiratory illness incidence in this meta-review.”

Much Recent Pro-Mask Research Is Deeply Flawed

The only statistically significant data on preventing viral spread is for N95 masks worn indoors when one can’t socially distance, which is not the type of mask required nor typically worn by the general public.

In favor of a few new, poorly designed studies, government leaders are ignoring the previous solid research that clearly demonstrates the typical cloth masks don’t work. The researchers in these new inferior studies somehow conclude that masks help, but you have to read the fine print: They have an unrealistic experimental design, confounding variables, and a “low certainty” of evidence.

Speaking of fine print, while the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends masks to the public, it acknowledges elsewhere, “At the present time, the widespread use of masks by healthy people in the community setting is not yet supported by high quality or direct scientific evidence.”

One analysis published in the well-known medical journal The Lancet concluded masks help, but the study subjects wore masks along with all other protective health measures, meaning the contribution of masks to the study result can’t be conclusive. To its credit, it rated its evidence on masks as “low certainty,” yet this study is held up as “proof” that masks work.

Other studies, such as one from Nature, had participants blow into a tube or a box while wearing and not wearing various masks. If fewer particles were emitted from the front of the mask, researchers deemed that mask to be effective. That would be great, except measuring only the forward projection of particles completely misses the aerosols that escape from the edges of the mask. A person’s fogged glasses are a clear demonstration that masks do little to contain aerosols. Masks simply “redirect airflow,” as the Clinical Orthopedics study stated.

Another “definitive” study put rats in adjacent cages separated by a small hole completely covered by a new, dry mask. This experiment does not come close to approximating the effectiveness of the moist, bacteria-laden masks people wear in public, which leak aerosols out of the edges. Comparing masks covering rat air holes to those covering human faces is comparing apples and oranges.

All of these studies also used fresh masks only for a few minutes. The authors acknowledge that when masks get moistened by breath, they might allow for increased emission of viral particles. Indeed, it has been well demonstrated that masks accumulate microorganisms.

Finally, in one case study, a pair of COVID-19-infected hairdressers worked with masks, and their clients didn’t become ill. While this case is also widely viewed as proof masks work, important details were ignored.

First, many of the hairdressers’ clients declined to get tested, so we don’t know if they contracted COVID after contact with the hairdressers. Second, the clients who were in contact with the stylists when their viral load would have been highest were not included in this case study. Third, the hairdressers obviously had mild cases, otherwise they wouldn’t have been able to nor allowed to work.

When did the science bar get so low, especially for something forced on the entire population?

Are Masks Actually Causing Harm?

“Maskne,” face rashes, “mask mouth,” and sore throats point to bacteria building up in masks due to the humid, stagnant air and changes in the oral microbiome, which can cause systemic inflammation and downstream disease. A 2015 studyfound that health-care workers who wore cotton face masks suffered from significantly more respiratory illness than those who wore surgical masks.

Previous research conducted by Fauci himself found that the main cause of death in the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic was from bacterial pneumonia. Inhaling higher bacterial counts with every breath sounds like an especially bad idea.

The WHO specifically recommends against wearing a mask while exercising because “masks may reduce the ability to breathe comfortably. Sweat can make the mask become wet more quickly which makes it difficult to breathe and promotes the growth of microorganisms.”

Abundant research demonstrates masks cannot help prevent the spread of coronavirus, while much recent research claiming to support masks is weak and poorly designed. Frequent mask use by the general population increases bacteria and dust in our mouth and airways. A government mandating that everyone wear a mask based on such low-quality evidence is reckless and potentially harmful.

For now, let’s stick with the measures that do help: social distancing, hand hygiene, and avoiding chronic disease. Only don a fresh, clean N95 mask for short periods of time when you’re unavoidably close to others indoors.Lisa Mair has a Master’s of Science in Food Science and Nutrition and has been an advocate for natural health for decades. She works in private practice.


How The Bible Inspired The American Founding From The Beginning

The depth and durability of the 400-year-old biblical roots among most Americans have been consistent with the separation of religion and state, but not the separation of religion and society.By Yoram Ettinger

The following essay is part of The Federalist’s 1620 Project, a symposium exploring the connections and contributions of the early Pilgrim and Puritan settlers in New England to the uniquely American synthesis of faith, family, freedom, and self-government.

Four hundred years ago, in late 1620, the 102 pilgrims of the Mayflower landed in Plymouth Rock, which they considered the modern-day Promised Land. They were inspired by the Bible, in general, and the Mosaic legacy, in particular, which features a civic covenant, cohesive peoplehood, 12-tribe governance, and a shared vision.

These beliefs and values planted the seeds of the Federalist Papers, the 1776 American Revolution, the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the overarching American political and justice systems to come. These seeds vaulted the United States into the leadership of the Free World, economically, technologically, scientifically, educationally, and militarily.

The 102 pilgrims of the Mayflowerviewed themselves as “modern-day Biblical Israelites,” seeking freedom from the bondage of the “British Pharaoh,” King James I. They sought biblical-driven liberty, planting the roots of the uniquely thriving, mutually-beneficial kinshipbetween America and Israel, historically, spiritually, culturally, technologically and geo-strategically.

Indeed, these roots eclipse the political beltway of Washington, D.C., transcend the pertinent role of the Jewish community, and run deeper than geostrategic considerations and formal agreements. They precede both the 1776 U.S. Declaration of Independence and the 1948 reestablishment of the Jewish state, Israel.

These critical bonds have yielded an exceptional bottom-up international relations phenomenon, whereby pro-Israel sentiments among most Americans have played a key role in shaping the mindset of their state and federal legislatures, as well as the actions of the person sitting behind the Resolute Desk of the Oval Office.

The First Pilgrims

The Bible was the most widely read book in colonial America, inspiring the early Pilgrims, the Founding Fathers, educators, the clergy, political leaders, and the public at large. The early Pilgrims referred to King James I as the modern-day Pharaoh; their departure from England as the modern-day Exodus; the sailing across the Atlantic Ocean as the modern-day Parting of the Sea; and the New World as the New Canaan and the New Israel. Truly, they considered themselves the modern-day People of the Covenant and Chosen People.

Hence, the litany of biblically named towns, cities, mountains, deserts, rivers, national parks, and forests throughout the United States for a total of 18 Jerusalems, 30 Salems (the original name of Jerusalem), 83 Shilohs (where the first tabernacle stood), 34 Bethels, 27 Hebrons, 26 Goshens, 19 Jerichos, 18 Pisgahs, and more.

William Bradford and John Winthrop, the leaders of the Mayflower (1620) and the Arabella (1630), were called Joshua and Moses, respectively. Moreover, the 1620 “Mayflower Compact” and the 1639 “Fundamental Orders of Connecticut” highlighted the rights of the individual — and the limits of centralized government — and were partly inspired by the Mosaic laws and covenant.

In 2020, the 400-year-old roots of the special American-Israeli ties are reflected by the statues and engravings of Moses and more than 200 Ten Commandments monuments, which are featured in the U.S. House of Representatives, the U.S. Supreme Court, the Library of Congress, the Justice Department, the National Archives, and throughout important buildings and landmarks across the United States.

Early America and the Hebrew Language

Familiarity with Hebrew was quite common among the early Pilgrims’s intelligentsia and the better-educated clergy. In fact, the initial ten colleges in the colonies offered Hebrew courses.

Moreover, the first two presidents of Harvard University, Henry Dunster and Charles Chauncy, were ardent Hebraists. So were Harvard’s 6th and 11th presidents, Increase Mather and Samuel Langdon, who proposed to make Hebrew an official language in the new colonies. Valedictory addresses at Harvard, Yale, and other institutions of higher learning were offered in Hebrew. King’s College (Columbia University) founding President Samuel Johnson installed Hebrew as a required course, and stated that “Hebrew was part of a gentleman’s education.”

Yale University’s 7th president, Ezra Stiles, spoke, read, and taught Hebrew in addition to astronomy, chemistry, and philosophy. He corresponded with Hebron’s Rabbi, Hayyim Carregal, and noted that “Moses assembled 3 million people — the number of Americans in 1776.” He urged graduate students to be able to recite Psalms in Hebrew, “because that is what St. Peter will expect of you at the Pearly Gates.”

The official seals of Yale University(“Light and Truth”), Columbia University(“Jehovah” and “Divine Light”), and Dartmouth College (“G-d Almighty”) feature key biblical terms in Hebrew. The official seal of Princeton Universityfeatures an open Bible with the Latin inscription: Old and New Testaments.

The special role of Hebrew in the formation of American culture and university curricula was demonstrated by Prof. George Bush, the great grand-uncle of President George H.W. Bush. The first Hebrew professor at New York University, this Bush wrote books on the Bible and Hebrew, and urged the ingathering of Jews “to the Biblical Zion.”

Hebrew words have been integrated into the English language. For example, the origin of Jubilee is the Hebrew word Yovel (liberty in Hebrew), Jehovah is Yehovah (He was, He is, He will be), amen is a’men (faith in Hebrew), hallelujah is halleluyah (praise God in Hebrew), Abracadabra is Evra keDabra (creating while talking in Hebrew), evil is Eyval (the Biblical Mount of Curse), kosher is kasher (proper in Hebrew), etc.

The Founding Fathers and the Mosaic Covenant

The Bay Psalm Book was the first book printed in 1640 in the New World in Cambridge, Mass. One thousand, seven hundred copies were printed, containing Hebrew characters. In 2013, one of the 11 existing copies was sold for $14.2 million, a record for a printed book. Currently, some 20 million copies of the Bible are sold annually, making it still the best-selling book in America.

According to a February 2020 Pew Research Poll, 49 percent of Americans say the Bible should have at least some influence on U.S. law, including 23 percent who say it should have a great deal of influence.

Even the name of America’s political system — the federalist system — is a derivative of Foedus, which is the Latin word for the biblical covenant between God and Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Moses, as well as the civic covenant among the biblical Israelites during the 40 years following the Exodus.

Moreover, the inscription on the Liberty Bell is from Leviticus, Chapter 25, Verse 10: “Proclaim liberty throughout all the Land, unto all the Inhabitants thereof.” This inscription is the essence of the Jubilee, which is the biblical role model of liberty — freeing slaves and prisoners and returning land to original owners.

Furthermore, Thomas Paine’s “Common Sense,” which was the moral and intellectual touchstone of the American Revolution, was influenced by the Old Testament: “For the will of the Almighty as declared by Gideon, and the prophet Samuel, expressly disapproves of government by kings.” Harvard University’s 11th president, Samuel Langdon, opined:

The Jewish government … was a perfect republic. … Let us therefore look over [the Israelites’s] constitution and laws. … They had both a civil and military establishment under divine direction, and a complete body of judicial laws drawn up and delivered to them by Moses in God’s name. … Instead of the twelve tribes of Israel, we may substitute the thirteen states of the American union…

James Madison was deeply influenced by his study of Hebrew and the Old Testament at the College of New Jersey (Princeton University). In a 1778 speech at the General Assembly of Virginia, he stated, “We have staked the future of all our political institutions upon our capacity … to sustain ourselves according to the Ten Commandments of God.”

John Quincy Adams, the 6th president, asserted, “The Bible is the best book in the world. … The law given from Sinai was a civil and municipal as well as a moral and religious code. … The Bible is the book to be read at all ages.”

The Abolitionist Movement and Moses

Moses and the Exodus played a key role in the formation of the Abolitionist anti-slavery movement. Thus, Harriet Tubman, who was born into slavery and escaped in 1849, was called Mama Moses, since she was among the initiators of the Underground Railroad, which freed black slaves through a network of secret routes and safe houses.

In 1862, the anti-slavery informal anthem of black slaves was composed of lyrics from Exodus 8:1: “Go Down Moses, way down in Egypt land, tell old Pharaoh to let my people go.” This black spiritual regained popularity in the 20th century when sung by Paul Leroy Robeson.

Martin Luther King, Jr., a leader of the U.S. civil rights movement from 1955-1968, based many of his sermons and speeches — including “I have a dream” — on Moses and the Jewish liberation from slavery in Egypt, as well as on the biblical books of Psalms, Jeremiah, Isaiah, and Amos. His battle cry was: “Let My People Go” (Exodus 5:1).

President Abraham Lincoln was a student of the Bible, which bolstered his determination to abolish slavery. In his second inaugural address, he stated the Bible was “the best gift God has given to man,” and “The rebirth of Israel as a nation-state is a noble dream, shared by many Americans.”

The Bible, in general, and the Moses legacy, in particular, provided American slaves with much hope and strength, striving for their own Exodus, trusting that God opposes black slavery in the United States as he opposed Jewish slavery in Egypt.

400 Years of American Identification with the Jewish State

The chief engine behind the unique U.S.-Israel kinship was the spirit of the early Pilgrims and the Founding Fathers. They considered the idea of a Jewish commonwealth in the land of Israel an authentic implementation of the biblical vision. President John Adams, for example, supported the idea of a Jewish state in the land of Israel: “I really wish the Jews again in Judea an independent nation.”

Most notably, on March 5, 1891 — six years before the convening of the 1897 First Zionist Congress by Theodore Herzl, the father of modern-day Zionism — 431 American leaders, including the chief justice, House and Senate leaders and chairmen of congressional committees, governors, mayors, businessmen, clergy, professors, and editors, signed the Blackstone Memorial, which called for the re-establishment of a Jewish state in the land of Israel. Pastor William Eugene Blackstone was a Christian Zionist, who dedicated his life to the reestablishment of the Jewish commonwealth in its homeland.

In 1917, the Blackstone Memorial influenced President Woodrow Wilson’s support of the Balfour Declaration, and on March 3, 1919, President Woodrow Wilson stated: “… In Palestine shall be laid the foundation of a Jewish Commonwealth,” and “The Bible is the Magna Charta of the human soul.”

In 1918, President Theodore Roosevelt wrote in his best-selling “History of the American West”:

It seems to me entirely proper to start a Zionist State around Jerusalem. … Many of the best backwoodsmen were Bible-readers. … They looked at their foes as the Hebrew Prophets looked at the enemies of Israel. … No man, educated or uneducated, can afford to be ignorant of the Bible.

Highlighting the potency of these roots, on June 30, 1922, Congress passed a joint resolution, introduced by the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Henry Cabot Lodge, R-Mass., and Rep. Hamilton Fish III, R-N.Y., which was signed by President Warren Harding on September 21, 1922. It states its purpose as “Favoring the establishment, in Palestine, of a national home for the Jewish people.” The resolution was opposed by the State Department and the New York Times, which also opposed the re-establishment of Israel in 1948.

On June 10, 1943, Alabama Gov. Chauncey Sparks signed a unanimous Joint Resolution of the Alabama State House and Senate, which called for the establishment in Palestine of a Jewish homeland, following the 1917 Balfour Declaration, as was approved by the 1922 joint congressional resolution and the 1924 Anglo-American Treaty.

On May 12, 1948, during a critical session at the White House, Clark Clifford, a special assistant to President Truman (and defense secretary under President Lyndon Johnson), confronted Secretary of State Gen. George Marshall, who opposed the recognition of the Jewish state: “Behold, I have set the land before you; go in and possess the land which the Lord swore unto your Fathers, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, to give unto them and to their seed after them (Deuteronomy, 1:8).”

On May 14, 1948, during a special broadcast upon Israel’s declaration of independence, American radio icon Lowell Thomas stated: “Today, as the Jewish state is established, Americans read through the Bible as a historical reference book.”

The Biblical Effect on Modern American Leaders

While the U.S. Constitution does not require presidents to be sworn in on a Bible, almost every chief executive since George Washington has chosen to do so. Furthermore, almost all American presidents have integrated biblical verses in their inaugural addresses and major speeches.

In just one example, on May 3, 1925, President Calvin Coolidge said: “Hebraic mortar cemented the foundations of American democracy … If American democracy is to remain the greatest hope of humanity, it must continue abundantly in the faith of the Bible.”

Still more instances abound. On February 15, 1950, President Harry S. Truman told the Attorney General’s Conference:

The fundamental basis of this nation’s laws was given to Moses on the Mount. The fundamental basis of our Bill of Rights comes from the teachings which we get from Exodus and St. Matthew, from Isaiah and St. Paul. I don’t think we emphasize that enough these days…

On September 10, 1968, President Lyndon Johnson told a B’nai B’rith conference, “Bible stories are woven into my childhood memories as the gallant struggle of modern Jews to be free of persecution is also woven into our souls.”

In his 1969 inaugural addresses, President Richard Nixon referred to the book of Isaiah: “And they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks. Nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more (Isaiah 2:4).”

President Ronald Reagan was known for his biblical references, such as when he said, “Within the covers of the Bible are all the answers for all the problems men face. … Of the many influences that have shaped the United States of America into a distinctive Nation and people, none may be said to be more fundamental and enduring than the Bible.”

President Bush’s deep biblical conviction was evident during his May 15, 2008 speech at Israel’s Knesset:

When Israel was declared independent, it was the Redemption of an ancient promise given to Abraham, Moses, and David. … The source of our friendship runs deeper than any treaty. … It is grounded in the shored spirit of our peoples, the bonds of The Book, the ties of the soul. When William Bradford stepped off the ‘Mayflower’ in 1620, he quoted the words of Jeremiah: ‘Come let us declare in Zion the word of God.’ The Founders saw a new Promised Land and bestowed upon their towns names like Bethlehem and New Canaan. And, in time many Americans became passionate advocates for a Jewish State. … Our alliance will be guided by clear principles, shared convictions rooted in moral clarity, and unswayed by popularity polls or the shifting opinions of international elites.

President Barack Obama frequently used biblical quotes, such as when reciting Psalm 46 at the unveiling of the 9/11 Memorial upon the 10th anniversary of that Islamic terror attack on the United States: “God is our refuge and strength … therefore we will not fear.”

America’s Civil Religion

The depth and durability of the 400-year-old biblical roots among most Americans have been consistent with the separation of religion and state, but not the separation of religion and society. It is demonstrated by the institutionalization of “In God We Trust,” inscribed above the seat of the speaker of the House of Representatives, and since 1974, Congress opens daily deliberations with a prayer. In 2020, the state constitutions of all 50 states refer to God.

In 2012, the National Democratic Convention reinstated God and Jerusalem into its platform. On October 31, 2011, the House of Representatives voted 396:9, reaffirming “In God We Trust” as a national motto, as did Joint Resolution #396 (July 30, 1956), and a May 26, 1955, resolution to inscribe “In God We Trust” on all U.S. currency.

According to an NBC May 2019 poll, 86 percent of Americans favor “In God We Trust” and retaining “under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance. An April 2018 Gallup poll showed that 45 percent and 39 percent of Protestants and Catholics attend church each Sunday. About 20 million copies of the Bible are purchased annually in America, there are more than 300 Christian TV (nine in 1974) and 3,000 Christian radio stations across the United States.

On June 28, 2005, Chief Justice William Rehnquist ruled that the Ten Commandment monument on the grounds of the Texas State Capitol was constitutional, underlining the effect and the legacy of Moses and the “Ten Commandments” on American culture and civic life:

Since 1935, Moses has stood, holding two tablets that reveal portions of the Ten Commandments, written in Hebrew, among other lawgivers in the [Supreme Court’s] south frieze. … Moses sits on the exterior east façade, holding the Ten Commandments. … Since 1897, a large statue of Moses holding the Ten Commandments alongside a statue of the Apostle Paul, has overlooked the rotunda of the Library of Congress’s Jefferson Building. A two-tablet-medallion depicting the Ten Commandments decorates the floor of the National Archives.

In the Justice Department, a statue entitled ‘The Spirit of Law’ has two tablets representing the Ten Commandments. In front of the Ronald Reagan Building stands a sculpture that includes a depiction of the Ten Commandments. A 24-foot-tall sculpture, outside the Federal Courthouse [in Washington, D.C.], depicts the Ten Commandments and a cross. Moses is prominently featured in the Chamber of the U.S. House of Representatives … a lawgiver, and a religious leader, and the Ten Commandments have undeniable historical meaning.

The Lasting Kinship

While there has been a gradual erosion of the 400-year-old roots of the shared, core values that created the healthy foundation of relations between Israel and the United States, they have been notably resilient and broadly cultivated by the state of mind of most Americans.

The recent dramatic enhancement of such a unique and mutually beneficial relationship — militarily, industrially, technologically, agriculturally and medically — has evolved in response to mutual threats and challenges, but in defiance of the State Department bureaucracy and much of the “elite” media, which opposed Israel’s establishment in 1948.

Israel remains the top unconditional ally of the United States in the Middle East and beyond, wholeheartedly reciprocating the value-driven heartfelt identification by most Americans with the Jewish State. And, as “The Ethics of the Fathers,” a second-century compilation of Jewish ethical teachings suggests: “Conditional love is tenuous; unconditional love is eternal.”


Why Gratitude Is Key To Worshiping Our Creator

NOVEMBER 23, 2020 By Scott Aniol

In 1863, President Abraham Lincoln established an annual national holiday of Thanksgiving to be observed on the last Thursday in November. Most of us look forward to this holiday, a day on which we eat good food, enjoy time with family and friends, and perhaps watch some football. Many will also probably set aside at least a little time to thank God.

We all likely recognize the importance of being thankful. But how many of us truly see gratitude as an important part of our worship? We might associate praise, love, and joy with worship, but thanksgiving?

The affections of our hearts are central to true worship. Yet while praise, joy, contrition, and love are all important affections for worship, I believe gratitude is the most important worship affection. Here’s why.

First, gratitude isn’t a feeling. All true spiritual affections of worship have an object, and their object is always God. This is why true spiritual affections are different from what we often mean when we talk about our feelings.

Feelings often have no object. When we experience only feelings apart from spiritual affections, our focus is not on any object; our focus is purely on ourselves and the feelings themselves. We love the feeling of love; we delight in the feeling of joy.

But the thing about the affection of gratitude is that there is no feeling we associate with it. Think about it: what is the “feeling” of gratitude?

Therefore, second, gratitude always has an object. You might say, “I just feel happy, but not for any particular reason.” But you would never say that about gratitude. If you are grateful, there is always a reason. You always are grateful toward someone because of something they did for you, or something they gave you, or simply because of who they are.

Third, unlike most feelings, gratitude isn’t something you can artificially work up through external means. If you feel sad, you can work up happiness through something external like upbeat music or funny entertainment. In that case, you just feel happy because the music or the entertainment made you feel happy.

But how do you work up gratitude? You can’t. It has to have a reason; it has to have an object. That distinguishes gratitude from just about every other kind of affection.

Therefore, gratitude is always affection that we give to God in response to his gracious gifts to us. We often direct feelings like delight toward the gift rather than the giver. But if we are truly grateful, by definition, by essence, gratitude is directed toward the giver.

This is the central reason I believe that gratitude is the most important worship affection: while love or joy or praise could certainly be directed toward God as a result of his grace toward us, many times what we call love or joy or praise are, in reality, mere feelings that are more about us or the gift than the one who showed grace toward us. Gratitude ensures that we are directing the affections of our hearts to God above all.

This is why God says in Psalm 50:23, “The one who offers thanksgiving as his sacrifice glorifies me.”

We often think of praise or joy or love as the ultimate expressions of worship toward God. We expect that true worship will be characterized by intense emotion, heightened praise, and excited joy. But really, the affection most associated in scripture with worship is something perhaps less flashy, less viscerally intense, and less directly connected to particular feelings; the affection most associated in the Bible with worship is thanksgiving.

Listen to how God characterizes Christian worship at the end of Hebrews 12: “Therefore let us be grateful for receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken, and thus let us offer to God acceptable worship, with reverence and awe, for our God is a consuming fire.”Scott Aniol, Ph.D., is an author, speaker, and teacher of culture, worship, aesthetics, and church ministry philosophy. He is an Associate Professor and Director of Doctoral Worship Studies at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He founded Religious Affections Ministries and has written several books, the most recent being “Draw Near: The Heart of Communion with God.” He can be found on Twitter @ScottAniol.


Mike Stone: Prepare to Resist Left’s Meltdown


(Toddler tantrum) Makow- We are witnessing satanic possession in real-time. Communism is Satanism. Satanism is turning reality upside-down. 
White is black and black is white. Good is evil and evil is good. Truth is false and lies are truth. Healthy is sick and sick is healthy. 
Vote fraud. Casedemics. Democratic principles like free speech and honest elections are trampled in the dust. Black Lives Matter but White Lives Don’t. People who pretend to be morally superior bludgeon freedom-loving patriots into accepting their diktat.  
Satanism is the worship of death and destructionWar is its highest expression. 

by Mike Stone(henrymakow.com)


Listen. Listen very carefully. Do you hear it? That moanful cry in the distance? That far off wail of anguish? 
Brace yourself, because it’s coming, oh yes, it’s coming. 
Trump is going to win the election and you are going to witness an emotional meltdown from the left. It will be the most intense, the most outlandish, the most mind-bogglingly insane display of raw emotion and street theater you’ve ever seen in your life. It won’t be the Great Reset. It will be the Great Recount.
The evil queen bees of Black Lives Matter and their beta male followers will kick things off, faithfully following orders to riot, loot, and burn. They’ll be joined by the ugly skanks and eunuchs of Antifa. Televisions will be taken, cosmetics will be confiscated, liquor will be liquidated, but not a single pair of work boots will be stolen.
Colleges across the country will be forced to set up emergency safe spaces, stocked with teddy bears, blankets, pacifiers, and hugs for their distraught students.
Professional sports will shut down due to protesting players. Schools will close. Leftist cities across the country from Los Angeles to Philadelphia will cease functioning due to union strikes and teachers taking to the street.
Democrat governors and mayors will order instant lockdowns of their states, cities, and towns to punish their citizens.
Hollywood celebrities will howl with indignity and threaten for the millionth time to leave the country.
The Twitter overload will be so massive, so gargantuan, the system will collapse.
The entire mainstream media will jump in with their usual outcry of manufactured outrage, only magnified by a million. You will see nothing – absolutely nothing – in the news cycle for days on end other than grown men and women crying, shrieking, and bawling like babies.
You’ll hear calls to secede, calls to resist, calls to overthrow the government by the same people who just attempted their own overthrow of the government.
Sales of anti-depressants will skyrocket. Alcohol consumption will quadruple. Suicide hotlines will crash from the overflow of callers.
Misery loves company and you’ll be pressured to join in. Dare to laugh or show a smile and you’re apt to be attacked. Hang a flag on your window and it’s liable to be met with a rock. Show your face anywhere in public without a hangdog look and a tear in your eye and you’ll be forced to run for cover. This is one time when it might actually make sense to wear a mask.
The uproar will be loud and long. You’ll hear from the fake conservatives, those not-so-hidden traitors; you’ll hear from the controlled opposition pundits, those wolves in sheep clothing; you’ll hear from leaders around the globe who have sold out their own people for their thirty pieces of silver.
Keep the faith through it all. It’s up to good people, such as yourself, to help those in need, to keep America great, and to combat the forces of darkness that surround us. Without you, President Trump can do very little. With you, he can move mountains.
Don’t think this is the end of it. On the contrary, it’s only the beginning. There remains much work to be done. But for a few days at least, enjoy the show. Pat yourself on the back for a job well done. It’s going to be quite a ride. Get your popcorn ready.———-Mike Stone is the author of A New America, the first novel of the Alt-Right, a dark comedy set on Election Day 2016 in Los Angeles – – Available on Amazon.

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Not one woman was called to be Jesus’ disciple. Not one woman wrote a book in the Bible. Not one woman is called to be an elder or deacon since they are to be “the husband of one wife.” All throughout Acts, it was men who preached. Not one woman in the entire Bible preached. Women are to “learn in silence with all subjection” in the church gatherings. If they have a question, they are to ask their husbands at home.

One of the reasons God gives for women learning in silence with all subjection in 1 Timothy is that Eve was deceived. The perfect first woman was deceived, and this is why women are not to preach/teach in the churches. If the perfect woman Eve was deceived, then all women can be deceived IF they are not careful but instead disregard God’s teachings to them.

If women are not to teach in the churches because they are more easily deceived, then I don’t think they should be teaching the Bible except for how it pertains to biblical womanhood. God does command wise, older women to teach the younger women biblical womanhood.

How are women more easily deceived? It’s easy to tell by listening to female preachers. Instead of interpreting Scripture as is, they twist it to mean what they want it to mean. “Women are to learn in silence with all subjection.” They don’t agree with this verse so they give a laundry list of why this verse and other verses that back it up aren’t applicable today. Throughout my past teachings on this topic, I have shown how each of those exceptions weren’t exceptions at all. They just want to preach and many women want to listen and learn from female preachers.

I have also noticed that once these female preachers compromise on the issue of learning in silence with all subjection, they begin compromising on other areas in the Bible too. They begin accepting things that God clearly calls sin. It’s not a good path to be on, women. Stick to what God’s Word plainly teaches. Eve was deceived because she questioned what God had commanded her. Women are easily deceived because they question God’s commands to them. Don’t be one of them.

Many women try to twist submission to one’s husband and being a keeper at home. They don’t want to obey their husbands like Sarah obeyed Abraham. No, they want to have it their own way. They also don’t want to be a keeper at home. “It doesn’t really mean a woman must be a keeper at home full time,” they will say. Oh, really? Keeper AT home seems like God wants women’s work to revolve around their home as the Proverbs 31 woman’s did; for she was known for looking well to the ways of her household, NOT having a career.

Why doesn’t God command husbands to ask their wives at home or for women to go to Women’s Bible Study if they have a question? Because God made men the heads of the homes, and wives are to submit to their leadership. If women aren’t to teach in the churches because they are more easily deceived, who gives them the authority to teach other women God’s Word while completely neglecting what God specifically commands they teach, namely biblical womanhood? Don’t be led astray by false female teachers/preachers.

Most Women’s Bible studies are worthless in my opinion. If a Women’s Bible study doesn’t teach biblical womanhood, I encourage you to not support nor attend it. Besides, they are usually studying female preachers’ material. This is why Christian marriages and homes aren’t any better than ungodly homes. Learn God’s Word from godly preachers like John MacArthur or Michael Pearl. Learn from your pastor at church. If you have a question, ask your husband at home. If he’s not a strong believer, asking him might just get him into the Word and want to study more. God’s ways are perfect.

For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace, as in all churches of the saints. Let your women keep silence in the churches: for it is not permitted unto them to speak; but they are commanded to be under obedience as also saith the law. And if they will learn any thing, let them ask their husbands at home: for it is a shame for women to speak in the church.
1 Corinthians 14:33-35

Women are Great at Twisting Scripture

2020 Election is a Miscarriage of Justice

The basic structure of our litigation system and the misbehavior of Biden supporters may be depriving the president of a remedy, and leading to a miscarriage of justice.By Jay Whig

November 22, 2020

On Thursday, President Trump’s legal team held a press conference.

At the presser, Rudy Giuliani claimed, extravagantly, that there had been widespread, coordinated ballot-box stuffing, carried out via mail-in ballots and the obstruction of observers. Giuliani maintained that rejection of these ballots, which were either defective or whose integrity could not be verified, would be sufficient to overcome large deficits in battleground states.

Giuliani also claimed his litigation team would be able to prove these complicated schemes in court.

Most television media did not show the press conference.

CNN’s infotainment impresario Brianna Keilar refused to air the press event on the grounds that “it is so bananas that we can’t even bring it to you.” Keiler, of course, meant “will not” rather than “can’t.” Keiler doesn’t seem to grasp that if the Trump team’s claims were really “bananas,” the most persuasive thing a respectable cable news channel could do to demonstrate that fact would be to show it. The media is running the show!

But the media are only running the sale of eyeballs to advertisers.

In truth, the bench and the bar are running the show.

In the case of a presidential election, litigation is uniquely complicated by two things. One, the presidency is the only office elected by the entire nation. Two, the presidency is also the only office in the country too powerful to sit vacant, even for a moment. The disruption of the transfer of the office from one holder to another is a great danger.

The scale and timing of presidential elections mean Trump’s litigation team has very little time to uncover and prove a very complex scheme. Ordinarily such litigation would take years. Let’s understand why.

In 1938, the promulgation of new Federal Rules Civil Procedure changed the conduct of litigation in the United States (the states later copying the federal rules). Prior to 1938, pre-trial discovery did not exist. Plaintiffs brought a case with the information they had and facts emerged in real time in the courtroom. Litigation was full of surprises, but was relatively efficient. It was an imprecise vehicle to resolve disputes, not a precise instrument.

The new rules created a comprehensive system of pretrial document production and depositions. This was known as “pretrial discovery” for the obvious reason that the litigants “discovered” the facts prior to trial. The idea was that pretrial discovery produced better, more precise justice. Noteisthstanding, litigation is still a blunt instrument.

The reform did, however, make litigation manpower-intensive, expensive, and time-consuming. Today, as a result, litigation is largely a luxury of large corporate interests and wealthy individuals. 

The discovery system for civil trials, like all persistent systems, creates expectations and habits. The judiciary is now, by habit, uncomfortable with partial evidence and surprises. Burdens of production burden the burden of proof. 

Additionally, the American system of justice is an adversary system and depends on the clash of advocates. An effort has been afoot since Election Day to deprive the president of access to experienced counsel. Lawyers representing Trump have been threatened and harassed, leading to counsel withdrawing from this unusual case as a result of intimidation. 

In the American judicial system, if there are not sufficient advocates on both sides of a case, there is no justice.

So Trump’s remaining  (and shrinking!) litigation team is prosecuting a litigation strategy at odds with the design of the civil justice system while being deprived of adequate assistance from the bar. A tragedy is unfolding in front of the American people, and the media—which is by and large is an extension of the Biden campaign—cheers it on.

The media bleats that Trump’s litigation team has no evidence, which is not true. They are developing evidence as time allows. The media—and Biden supporters—also bleat that the mere questioning of the integrity of elections is unpatriotic. They argue, circularly, that election integrity is proven by the unquestionability of election integrity.

The facts tell a different story. The American election system is a mess, and never more so than in this year in which mail-in ballots, severely restricted elsewhere due to their vulnerability to fraud, were pushed on the American people on the false premise that in person elections could not be safely conducted (although trips to Home Depot, Walmart, and Costco could). The mail-in ballot scheme reminds one of the Seinfeld episode where Jerry, in order to get the bad smell out of his car, parks it in a bad neighborhood with the keys ostentatiously left inside.

This presidential election is littered with anomalies, including the reverse coattails, misalignment of historical bellweathers, violations of Benford’s Law, suspension of counting, and compromised observation in key canvasses. The basic structure of our litigation system and the misbehavior of Biden supporters may be depriving the American people of a remedy, and leading to a miscarriage of justice.

2020 Election Is a Miscarriage of Justice

What Gavin Newsom’s Inevitable Political Doom Means for Democrats

There is a seismic wave building in the Golden State. It’s still far away, but it’s coming in with the tide. By Edward Ring

November 22, 2020

Just in time for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, California Governor Gavin Newsom has ordered 38 California counties moved to the “purple tier” of coronavirus prevention mandates. This means Californians are now subject to a curfew, wherein “non-essential work, movement, and gatherings must stop between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m.”

Including all the major population centers in the state, this curfew comes on top of a reestablishment of a ban on eating indoors in restaurants, as well as a requirement that people wear masks whenever they leave their homes, and “limit mixing, practice physical distancing and wash their hands.” It also comes on the heels of Newsom’s recently updated “Mandatory Requirements for All Gatherings,” which specifies in preposterous detail exactly how families and friends may gather during the holidays.

The irony in all of these mandates coming from Newsom is that despite enraging millions of Californians who are not convinced they are at all necessary, the pandemic and Newsom’s aggressive response to it are providing political cover for Newsom among those other millions of Californians, more numerous, who believe lockdowns and curfews are necessary. Once this political cover goes away, that equation, favoring Newsom, is going to change. And the speed and ferocity of that change, when it happens, is going to surprise a lot of people.

Nowhere to Hide

When the pandemic is over, Newsom will have nowhere to hide. Newsom, along with the Democratic Party he represents, will preside over an economy battered beyond anything Californians have ever seen. Apart from the tech billionaires who have shamelessly profitedas an entire population was driven into the virtual world, California’s economy will be a smoking ruin. The COVID-19 shutdown will expose the fragile foundations of California’s alleged prosperity, and blast it to smithereens.

Before COVID-19 came along, California had the highest rate of poverty and nearly the highest income inequality in America. It had the highest cost-of-living and some of the highest taxes. It had crumbling infrastructurefailing schoolsdevastating wildfires caused by negligence, avoidable shortages of water and electricity, a housing industrydestroyed by overregulation, and an explosion of the homeless—people who could be helped if it weren’t for the toxic progressive combination of misguided compassion and rampant corruption.

All of these problems will be worse when people are allowed back on the streets. The homeless encampments, unregulated and not subject to the pandemic mandates affecting everyone else, will have become permanent. Small business owners everywhere will survey the financial wreckage, and move elsewhere. Tech companies, their bubble valuations topped out, will not be sufficient sources of tax revenue to make up for the imploding tallies from everyone else. The only thing standing between state and local government agencies and financial catastrophe will be a federal bailout.

Newsom is more than just an incompetent, hypocritical, corrupt governor. He exemplifies the entire fraud that constitutes the Democratic Party in California.

California’s voters are at a tipping point. Newsom’s polling numbers, still high back in September and October, were mostly just a reflection of an anti-Trump electorate being supportive of anything that seemed to defy Trump. When mismanaged and neglected forests burned down half the state, and Trump said Californians needed to revive the timber industry, Newsom instead signed an executive order requiring electric cars, and California’s anti-Trump voters cheered. When COVID-19 struck, and Trump said we must be careful not to let the cure become worse than the disease, Newsom instead imposed a statewide lockdown, and California’s anti-Trump voters cheered again.

The problem with all this anti-Trump enthusiasm in California is that it only buys time for Newsom. In the recent election, with votes still being counted, Californians edged out Texas to cast the most ballots of any state in America—5.9 million so far—for President Trump. And in this high-turnout election, Trump even improved his percentage performance, rising from 31.6 percent in 2016to 34.2 percent in 2020.

It’s a safe bet that every one of those Californians are ready to throw out Newsom and every other Democratic lawmaker. In fact, the ongoing populist movement to recall Newsom, fresh on the heels of a 120-day extension up to March 17 to gather signatures on a recall petition, has a very good chance of making him fight for his political life in a special recall election in the spring of 2021. And while Trump voters provide ample prospects to sign these recall petitions, the ranks of Californians who’ve had enough of Newsom are growing.

The Hypocrisy of the Party of the Rich

The apparent perpetual nature and increasing severity of what amounts to martial law are driving voters away from Newsom, a process exacerbated by Newsom himself, when he failed to comply with his own mandates. In afaux pasthat will go down in history, on November 10 Newsom and his wife joined at least 10 other people, sans masks, for a dinner paid for by lobbyists at the French Laundry in Napa County, one of the most expensive restaurants in the United States.

Newsom is going to have a hard time talking his way out of this. The hypocrisy of a man who built his image on his aggressive mandates to cope with the pandemic; the brazen display of privilege, lobbyist patronage, and stupefying wealth at this elite restaurant while small business owners, including restaurateurs, have no privilege, have no customer patronage, and must helplessly watch a lifetime of hard-earned wealth slip away rightly enrages many Californians.

Newsom’s initial response? “I should have modeled better behavior.”

Californians, whether they’re Left, Right or centrists, like most people everywhere, dislike hypocrisy. The Democratic litany, which claims Republicans are the party of the wealthy, is about to be broken, and Newsom’s hypocrisy is helping that along. While the vast majority of Californian parents are watching their children try to learn while being locked out of their public schools for nearly a year, Newsom’s children go to a private school, where attending classes was never seriously disrupted.

This reality, that the wealthy are exempt from the consequences of curfews and lockdowns, and these same wealthy are providing the backing and the agenda for the Democratic Party, is a ticking time bomb. Republicans already understand this. Republicans understand that their party is now the party of the worker. And every time a Democratic politician slips up—like Newsom with his dinner, or Pelosi with her two freezers filled with $12-a-pint ice cream—more voters realize that identity politics and environmentalist panic is a smoke screen, a con job, a way to get them to keep voting for the party of the rich.

Ultimately, when Californians emerge from their “dark winter” and try to resume their lives, they are going to have less tolerance than ever for the rhetoric of the Left. For example, compassion for the homeless is going to wear thin when your business is ruined and your bank is foreclosing on your mortgage, and meanwhile, thousands of homeless people took over the streets where you live and trashed them. They’re stoned out of their minds and shitting on the sidewalks. 

And what is the answer? Round them up, put them in tent shelters in inexpensive parts of town? Get them off drugs? Dry them out? Helpthem? No. Of course not. Democrats will propose to spend additional billions to give them free housing on the beach at a cost of between $500,000 and $1 million per unit, and not even require them to stop using methamphetamine. 

Of course they’re homeless and high all the time. Democrats reward them for it.

Similarly, next summer, when another 4 million acres of forest burn in California, and burned out homeowners can’t get fire insurance unless they move into a city where, thanks to overregulation, it costs $1 million to buy a bungalow with a backyard so small you can’t even set up a swing for your kids, Democrats will claim that the timber industry is the problem instead of recognizing it as the solution, and that absurdity will finally be heard for what it is: elitist, quasi-communist, clueless, baseless, misanthropic, opportunistic bullshit.

In every area of public policy, the progressive fraud that constitutes the Democratic Party, led by Gavin Newsom, will be exposed as threadbare posturing, designed to make the rich even richer, while everyone else gets broken financially and herded into subsidized hovels to save the earth and foster “equity.”

But perhaps the most egregious crime of the Democrats, inviting the biggest backlash, will be the performance of California’s public schools.

Returning to the classroom after being almost completely abandoned by teachers who never missed a month of pay despite not having to do much teaching, parents will demand a return to education fundamentals. They will demand a return to classroom discipline and teacher accountability. Who knows, maybe they will even demand school vouchers, to break the Democratic union monopoly that’s turned public education in California into a cruel joke.

One may go on and on. How many of California’s Latinos, who voted for Trump in record numbers, are going to stay loyal to Democrats, led by the likes of Newsom—white as snow and filthy rich—who have decided, without asking, that their ethnic group is no longer known as “Latinos,” but is now “Latinx,” pronounced “Latin-Ex.” Exactly who among the Democrats thought this act of cultural imperialism would be welcomed by Latinos? They’re in for a rude shock, and it’s about time.

There is a seismic wave building in California. It’s still far away, but it’s coming in with the tide. And when it reaches the shore, it is going to sweep away everything in its path. Most definitely including Gavin Newsom, and his rotten, corrupt, wealthy, dirty, grasping, lying, worthless party.

What Gavin Newsom’s Inevitable Political Doom Means for Democrats