OAN Reports: Seized SCYTL Data 2020 Election Map By New California State President, Paul Preston

By Paul Preston, AENN“We’ve been telling everyone that New California State is a strong Red State. Now the real facts are emerging from the 2020 election that proves we were right all along”……. Paul Preston, President, Founder of New California State
The massive voter fraud we are now seeing exposed is all because President Donald J. Trump won the 2020 election in a major landslide. The basis of the voter fraud by the Democrats was their anticipation President Trump would win re-election unless they could come up with a way modify the election to such a degree as to cancel out the anticipated surge in Trump votes at the polls.

The strategy was a simple ballot stuffing solution. Ballot stuffing has been around as long as the idea to have voting and elections. The first recorded popular elections of officials to public office, by majority vote, where all citizens were eligible both to vote and to hold public office, date back to the Ephors of Sparta in 754 B.C., under the mixed government of the Spartan Constitution.

Ballot stuffing or ballot box stuffing is electoral fraud which a greater number of ballots are cast than the number of people who legitimately voted. The term refers generally to the act of casting illegal votes or submitting more than one ballot per voter when only one ballot per voter is permitted. Ballot Stuffing has been with every election in some way shape or form.

Recent acts by the U.S. government to prove election fraud in the U.S. 2020 general election have turned up information found in servers located in Germany and Spain. The servers were obtained by U.S. agents and military operators who raided the offices of SCYTL a vote counting company owned by George Soros. The map above is a representation of the actual electoral votes President Trump won on election night without the “ballot stuffing”. It is suspected this map gave a reference point to the Democrats as to how many and in which states they needed to stuff ballots.Have an idea of the number of necessary ballots they needed to overcome Trumps enormous lead in so many states allowed them to marshal the necessary tools and people to provide either physical ballots or electronic vote transfers.

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