Why Measure S, the school bond, is bad for Vallejo, and why I oppose it.

Many times in America’s, and in Vallejo’s history, we face financial crisis, and those most responsible for it, urge us to run to the polls, to vote to give them more money, and they will fix the problem.  Having the fox guard the henhouse never fixes the problem, but we are supposed to believe this, and to be naïve and gullible.  We are told to vote for the bond to help the children, and that classrooms are leaking, so why don’t we taxpayers fork over more money?  Well, that’s not the answer.  Our government is way too big already, and the school district is CHOCKFUL of wasteful expenses, mediocre teachers who can’t be fired and do not get results, and unnecessary bureaucratic costs.

The vast majority of those who are involved in nearly every school board election, are in it only to enrich and empower themselves and to hell with Joe Taxpayer.  It doesn’t bother them a bit that the schools pump out 70% of 12th graders who can’t do math and English at the 12th grade level.  They actually kind of like this, because the more uninformed voters there are, the more their parasite media can mislead millions to vote them more power and money.  Of my seven colleagues, Tony Ubalde, Ruscal Cayangyang, Allan Yeap, Christy Gardiner, Ralph Gross, Burky Worel, and John Fox, I am the only one with no ties to current board members.  Let us remember, the same people who we liked, voted for, saw their signs on the side of the road, got their mailers in the mail, and who Vallejo’s power players supported in the past, are the ones responsible for the current mess.  As politicians, they rarely ever take responsibility.  The candidate who has currently been on the board for the longest, insists we need to have joy in our heart.  Mr. Ubalde, I agree we need to have joy, but the Bible says, ‘those who sow in tears, shall reap in joy’.  Joy is not an end, it is a byproduct of right choices.    Also, if you say you are a pastor, exactly what kind of pastor are you?  When kids are being taught destructive lifestyles like homosexuality, and their curriculum is dumbing them down, a man of God would SPEAK UP!  But you are quiet and silent, and think being quiet in the face of evil is a good thing.  Let me quote from Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a brave man who died defying Hitler.  “Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless.  Not to speak is to speak.  Not to act is to act.”  No current board member or potential board member has served longer than  you, and yet, while you boast of increased graduation rates, the reading and math testing rates in the district are ATROCIOUS!!  There is nothing to be proud about when your school district is graduating children who can’t do math and reading.  You fail to recognize the problem and I’ve yet to hear a solution from you.

We are in these money problems because of societal issues, like a decreased fertility rate and a shrinking youth population, fatherlessness, and apathy of citizens and parents.  We have had poor past management, and that needs to change.

There was a similar moment in history when our nation faced a financial crisis.  It was back when Herbert Hoover was president, and we had an economic downturn.  Instead of the people turning to themselves to fix the problem, they went running to Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and asked the government to solve their problems for them.  We got federal welfare programs which were supposed to be temporary, but have only grown and are still with us.  Turning to government to solve our personal problems is never the answer.  If the community wants more money for schools, then they need to send more of their children to the schools, and start having more children.  Which means the schools need to start achieving academic excellence again.  What parent wants to send their child to a school where school safety is missing, and their child is likely to graduate without learning math and English at the 12th grade level?  Not one wise parent, that’s who.    We spend, on average, around $13,000 a year per child in school.  If we put 1,000 more children into the schools, that is $13,000,000  per year.  If we put 8,000 more into the schools, back to our 1990 levels, that is $104,000,000 a year.  That is plenty of money.  We ourselves have the seeds of the solution to this problem in ourselves, literally too, when it comes to men:).  And, I’m not talking about kids outside of heterosexual marriage.

The argument will be made, ‘but what about cost, it’s too expensive to have kids and home prices are through the roof’?  Well, every American won the ovarian lottery, and those born here are the top 10% richest in the world.  If we can’t afford to have kids, it’s because of our materialism and priorities.  The housing crisis is caused by an atrocious permitting process, and by environmental Chicken Little’s, who run around with the Gospel of Climate Change, and overpopulation, both myths.  China and Russia love American environmentalists, because they handicap American industry and energy, and give Chinese and Russian industry and energy tremendous profits.  A basic law of economics is supply and demand.  When demand is high for homes, we need to build more.  But due to massive taxation and regulations, our bureaucratic Democratic Government is stifling growth.  Vallejo has a terrible hospitality record with businesses as we have activists who viciously attack businesses trying to re locate here.  Also, our schools are in terrible shape, so what business wants their employees to move to a city where the schools are horrible at educating children, and where a violent environment is tolerated in schools?  None, that’s who.  Amazing that the left supports a death culture.  They love porn, homosexuality, contraception, psychotropic drugs, and abortion, all death lifestyles, and hate to take steps that lead to life and prosperity.

Please vote against Measure S, and avoid big government bureaucracy from expanding. The schools are failing to properly educate our children and throwing even $500,000,000 at the problem isn’t going to fix it.  Fixing the exterior of the schools won’t fix the problem, fixing the interior hearts of our educators and society, will.  Circumstances reveal us to ourselves.  They reflect who we are.

Fire is the test of gold, adversity is the test of strong men.


On Voter apathy

Plato once said, “The price of apathy towards public affairs is to be ruled by evil men”.

He also said, “No man is hated more than he who tells the truth”.

Thus, as men grow more uninformed and corrupt, they hate to be corrected, and love to be ruled by evil men.

The stages of deterioration of a nation were described very well by Plato.

In Vallejo today, many of those in leadership positions constantly advise us to be calm and not to disagree, as massive problems confront us.  They say the worst thing is to be disagreeable.  Umm, with problems like these in front of us, disagreeableness in the past would have saved us from a lot of them.  We are advised to be quiet and not rock the boat.   The boat can use a good rocking, by a person who knows how to get it to it’s best destination.  The same city wide power players, who rarely attend public meetings and rarely speak publicly, as they think they are too important to be bothered with the common people, throw their money around and try to influence elections.  They have been doing this for decades, and they seek the acclaim of man,  power, and money. That is the only reason why they are involved in politics at all. Judge them by the results.  Their leadership and lack of foresight is what got Vallejo into this mess.

Vallejo and America has a huge problem with indifference and apathy towards public affairs.  In a city of over 110,000, a typical city council meeting attracts less than fifty citizens.  The school board meetings have the same issues.  What are the voters doing that is so desperately important?  Most are spending 9 years of their lives watching television.  70% of all clicks online are for pornography.  70 million Americans are on psychotropic drugs.  So, they aren’t avoiding these meetings, often, for good reasons.  It is because they place their selfish personal cares above that of the community at large.  Yet, these same people, are some of the ones who holler the loudest when anything goes wrong.

Vallejo has tens of thousands of eligible voters who don’t vote, and tens of thousands of eligible voters who do vote, but have not thoroughly researched the candidates and topics they are voting on.  Also, many of the voters have never bothered to learn history and are convinced their liking a candidate, a candidate being given a lot of money, or a candidate being backed by a lot of other popular people in the city is a good reason to vote for them.  Critical thinking is at all time lows.  We ought to be evaluating candidates by the standards of virtue and wisdom early Americans were evaluated on.  The common response to this, by the intellectually lazy, who are drones obeying the Google Gospel, is that there were faults in the past, so we don’t need to learn from it.  That’s totally false, history repeats itself.  Google, Silicon Valley, and the tech industry is woefully unaware of the fact that Greece and Rome were once the tech leaders of their day and ARE NOW IN RUINS.  WE ARE HEADED THERE.  The common man, when he hears something he finds interesting, but does not know much about, will run to Google, where he will be hopelessly muddled by the algorithms Google uses to sucker tens of millions all over the world. 

So, how do we deal with voter apathy?  We exercise our individual intellect, and we refuse to listen to those who constantly have been leading us astray for decades, in academia and the media.  We learn the logical fallacies and we learn to stop trusting and believing in ideas that are logical fallacies.

We learn to live virtuous and wise lives, for if we do not, our liberty is in jeopardy, and we will surely be slaves. 

The reader may be advised that the local News Papers, from the Vallejo Times Herald, the Contra Costa Times, the San Francisco Chronicle, the Sacramento Bee, along with national papers like the New York Slimes, and the Washington Compost and most of the others, may as well have editors in China.  They suppress the truth, and they post the most scurrilous nonsense.  Hellivision is the same way.  Even Fox news is not even conservative.  CBS, ABC, CNN, NBC, MSNBC, and PBS are decidedly left wing.  So is NPR.  Online, Google will eliminate conservative views with it’s algorithm, and Facebook will delete and block conservative commenters.  Huffington Post, CNN and the vast majority of left wing news sources are horribly biased disinformation sources who haven’t got any standards or historical concept at all.  Yet, they are paid vast amounts of money, and they are the major source of information for the vast majority of voters in the People’s Republic of California.

My experience is that 90% of Democrat voters in California have never read seven conservative news websites for two months of their entire lives.  Does any reader believe that anyone can reach a logical conclusion on any topic without thoroughly examining both sides?  If not, then we have a severe problem with tens of millions of voters becoming mindless drones, and simply allowing the media and Democrat puppet masters to manipulate them.

Worse, though 90% of Democrat voters have never read Breitbart, Daily Wire, National Review, TownHall, PJ Media, the Federalist, and American Thinker for two months of their lives, they will not find a problem with that.  They will defend their being uninformed on it, often.  A wise person will learn when they are shown new information, but a foolish person will scoff and scorn, and that is the attitude of most voters on the left.

The media shows us what they want us to see, to get us to say and do what they want us to do.  It wouldn’t work if the average voter was wise and virtuous, but they increasingly aren’t.  ‘My people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge” said a wise man long ago.

So, will we awake to knowledge, wisdom, and virtue, or will we remain lethargic, in a stupor, and comatose?  The choice is ours.  Our future depends on it.

On Homophobia

In the last fifty years, there has been a massive assault, via the media and academia, on America’s virtue backbone, in an attempt to legitimize behaviors that destroy societies.  The attempts come from those who wish to destroy America from the inside.   America will never be destroyed by foreign powers.  As a 28 year old Abraham Lincoln said, we will live for all time, or we will die by suicide.  “How then shall we perform it?–At what point shall we expect the approach of danger? By what means shall we fortify against it?– Shall we expect some transatlantic military giant, to step the Ocean, and crush us at a blow? Never!–All the armies of Europe, Asia and Africa combined, with all the treasure of the earth (our own excepted) in their military chest; with a Buonaparte for a commander, could not by force, take a drink from the Ohio, or make a track on the Blue Ridge, in a trial of a thousand years.

At what point then is the approach of danger to be expected? I answer, if it ever reach us, it must spring up amongst us. It cannot come from abroad. If destruction be our lot, we must ourselves be its author and finisher. As a nation of freemen, we must live through all time, or die by suicide.”

Many in Vallejo are aware that I am accused of being a ruthless, relentless, merciless, pitiless homophobe.  This is based on my condemning the homosexual community, after they commended themselves, and being rewarded by an escort out of City Hall by the Police Chief, and two police officers, at the behest of our Mayor Sampayan.  Mayor Sampayan is in receipt of nearly 20% of his campaign contributions from the homosexual community, and apparently believes you cannot criticize members of the community who contribute heavily to him.  Irregardless, let us explore how we got to the point where homosexuality was accepted as normal, and those of us who disagree with it are called hateful bigots.   The reader may note Communist Goal number 26, as read into the Congressional Record in 1963.  It says, ‘Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as “normal, natural, healthy.”   The reader may also note that the Democrat party of today and the Communist party of today are nearly identical.   The reader may also consider that communism just murdered as many as 140 million in the last century.

To completely understand this topic of homophobia, tens of millions of Americans must unlearn what they have learned.  For decades they have been exposed to non stop disinformation.  Disinformation was described very well by a former Communist era disinformation minister.  Disinformation was also shown by one of the highest ranking KGB defectors, Yuri Bezmenov, in his 1983 interview.  This is not new.  What is new is most Americans waking up to the fact that we have been unsuspecting dupes for decades.   To begin with a phobia is an irrational fear of a person or a thing.  I am not afraid of homosexuals, I simply disagree with their choice, which I consider a vile perversion of nature.  To call someone a homophobe is a form of name calling, and name calling is a form of hatred.  Truth sounds like hate to those who hate truth.

This largely started when the junk science Kinsey Report was released in 1948.    Based upon this, our legal system began to adjust to deal with allowing more deviant behavior outside of marriage.  As a result, we have societal chaos, and marital dysfunction that have never been known in our nation before.  The only reason why this is allowed is the left has it’s media, Google, and academia, that constantly assure us  not to worry, that we are in the best of all times, and that we have wild imaginations if we think the past is any better than today.  Anyone who understands basic math and statistics knows that is simply not true.  The explosion of Crime is not some random happening.   The rape rate alone has tripled since 1960, and actually, it has probably gone up at least ten times, since police are cooking the books, and women are less likely to report it since men who use porn are not likely to believe them.  Naturally, most people who read my data will run to Google, will be fed more disinformation by the Google Gospel, and will content themselves that I am full of it, and my cheese has slid off my cracker, not suspecting they are duped, deluded, and deceived.

America was then subjected to a psychological terror attack to normalize homosexuality via three methods: Desensitization, jamming, and conversion.  A book named ‘After the Ball’  advocating this was released in the 1980’s and was phenomenally successful, resulting in a rogue SCOTUS legalizing homosexuality in 2003, with the ‘Lawrence Vs. Texas’ Case.  They never had that right, since our laws are based, according to the Declaration of Independence, on the laws of nature and of nature’s God, both of which strongly condemn homosexuality.

And so today, there are thousands of people in Vallejo who believe anyone who disagrees with homosexuality is a bad person.  These people are deceived.  Children are actually being taught that homosexuality is a wonderful lifestyle choice in CLASSROOMS by rogue teachers who are indoctrinated.

Our local media is complicit, as the Vallejo Times Herald has demonstrated a spineless irresolution at honestly discussing problems associated with homosexuality.  I’ve had letters censored to remove my criticism of the homosexual lifestyle.  The Times Herald has flat out refused to publish some of my letters because it criticized homosexuality.  The Times Herald is not alone.  The New York Times, the Washington Post, Google, Facebook, ABC, CBS, CNN, ABC, MSNBC, NBC, and most of the media networks, and academia have bought the lie that homosexuality is normal, and if you don’t agree with it,  you are a hateful bigot.

In this election, I believe in protecting the health of children, and will address why our children are being taught deviant sexual choices in our classrooms.  Anyone who understands our Constitution knows the Supreme Court and rogue SCOTUS justices never had the right to legalize homosexuality, and it ought to still be a crime.  Those who disagree will commonly say ‘But I have a friend who is nice and is gay”.  Well, that doesn’t matter, because that is a logical fallacy known as the appeal to anecdote, and is never an indication of truth.  We should not be teaching sexual education in schools at all.  That is the parents job.  Children should be allowed to retain their innocence, and should never be encouraged to do anything but remain abstinent until marriage.  You would think we would learn when we have so many kids deprived of a father, 110 million Americans with an STD, a pornography epidemic, and assault and rape of women at all time highs. But no, this is still an issue.  It is time to return to the morals we once had in 1940, when about 90% of us waited for marriage for sex, and contained sex in marriage.

The reader is advised not to run to Google to try and disprove or prove my remarks.  Reading books on both sides and matching them up with history is how to determine the truth.


“The only thing new is the history you don’t know”

Harry Truman

“If you don’t know history, you don ‘t know anything.   You are like a leaf that doesn’t know it’s part of a tree”

Michael Crichton

On how Media is leading us to destruction

In 2006, I happened to like public speaking and wanted to study the topic.  I came across a wonderful site, called American Rhetoric.   In the course of my studying the many amazing speeches on there, I began to realize most were from movies and popular entertainment.  Also, I noted that the 2004 DNC keynote address by Obama was given considerable attention.  I had listened to the speech, and was emotionally swayed by the powerful oratory, the call to unity, and the promises of healing from America’s racial divide.  When 2007 came and Obama announced his run for President, I was thrilled.  While I had a very conservative upbringing, I simply assumed all the media had my best interests at heart, and were all telling me the truth.  From television and CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, PBS, to NPR on the radio, to the New York Times, Washington Post, San Francisco Chronicle, Vallejo Times Herald, and Contra Costa Times, I never dreamed that the media would conspire to hide information from me and promote information that would be to further their own interests.  Every Google search I did seemed to proclaim that Obama was the next Messiah.  I was sick of the Iraq war, and thought we should not have gone.  So, Obama’s opposition to the war rung a chord for me.  With Google, the local newspapers and national ones of note, and most of television united behind Obama, I believed the media harangue, that it was only racist white people who opposed Obama.  I supported him enthusiastically, though I did not vote.  I bought my former boss at Allstate an Obama biography, and I myself bought both of Obama’s books and voraciously read them.  A few days before the 2008 presidential election, I attended an Obama rally in Las Vegas where he personally attended and spoke.  It was thrilling.  And then he was elected.

The first few years I was angered by the Republicans opposition to Obama.  ‘Why did America have so many racists’? I wondered.  When I had older white clients who voiced their opposition to Obama, I secretly thought they were racists.  I didn’t understand the underlying concepts of the Constitution, that our nation was designed for a moral and a religious people, and that small taxes and small regulations were what our government was designed for.  I didn’t understand anything about Roe Vs. Wade.  But, the key moment was when Obama reversed his campaign stance of saying he stood for marriage between a man and a woman.  California had voted for Prop 8, which limited marriage to a man and a woman.  I expected Obama to uphold that, as he had promised in his campaign.  I was depressed when I realized he wouldn’t.  I was then outraged when I learned he had been a proponent of homosexual marriage back in 1996, back in Chicago, and merely said he supported traditional marriage to get the support of the black church.   All of a sudden, I realized Obama was not who he said he was, that the Democrats were wicked, that the media  were corrupt liars, that the tech industry was corrupted as well, and that tens of millions of American people were deceived.  In hindsight, I realize that Obama was the most biblically hostile president in American history.   I then learned his administration was one of the most scandal ridden ones in all of American history.

So, I rapidly changed my views in a few short years.  Also, I seriously learned about the First and Second Amendment, as they had never really been emphasized in schools at all.  I learned about the lives of our Founders, in depth, as those had been neglected in public schools as well.  When 2012 rolled around, I hoped that Obama would lose, and was disappointed when he won.  When 2014 rolled around, I was very terrified that he would be replaced by Hillary.  I supported Ted Cruz, and when Trump announced his candidacy, was horrified at the thought of him winning, with his checkered past.  When Trump prevailed, I was initially indignant, but I quickly realized he was a million times better than anyone the Democrats had to offer, if we were to keep the Constitutional model of small government alive.   So I supported Trump, and was ecstatic at the biggest election upset in American history, when Trump pulled off the victory over the wicked and corrupt Hillary. Then, I endured the Democrat lies and their deceitful and lying claims about Russian collusion, inventing a myth when they themselves were responsible for planting all the fake evidence that suggested Trump colluded with Russia.  I was horrified to see that over 50% of the American public agreed with this assessment, and were mindless drones, controlled by Google searches, television, and local newspapers.  These mindless drones were programmed by their televisions to think Fox news was bad, and conservatives were all racist, homophobic, misogynist, xenophobic, sexist, islamophobic bigots.  I suddenly realized the media’s crafty wiles had resulted in nearly every white American who opposed Obama being labeled a hard core racist.  It was a shocking realization for a man who once enthusiastically supported Obama.  Now, I was very angry.  This had nothing to do with racism, it had to do with the Constitution and moral values, and Obama quite possibly might have been among the bottom 1% of black Americans in our history who would have made a good first black president.

I learned about the conservative news sources.  I realized the reason why California and New York vote overwhelmingly Democrat every election, is because they are indoctrinated by television, newspapers, Google, Facebook, and Twitter.  I was blocked 6 times by Facebook for at least 30 days each, for the crime of speaking conservatively.  I finally deleted my account in January.  Initially, the Vallejo Times Herald published my letters, but finally, the heat from the liberal left, and their own Trump Derangement Syndrome led them to no longer publish any of my letters.  When they did publish my letters, they often censored out whole sentences and paragraphs, with no notice to the readers, who thought they were reading all of my ideas. They didn’t realize they were reading what the Times Herald wanted them to see.  90% of Californians have never read five biographies of the Founders, and another 90% can’t name 9 SCOTUS justices.  This is how those in control like it.  They love uninformed voters, as they are easy to manipulate and control.  The teachers unions, which overwhelmingly monetarily support Democrats, kind of like the idea of keeping citizens uninformed and voting Democrat.  It allows them to accumulate massive power and money that they otherwise would never be able to obtain.  So, it doesn’t appear that the 70% rate of 12th graders in Vallejo who can read and do math at the 12th grade level at graduation is an accident at all.  If all students understood world, and American history,  understood the classics, and could do 12th grade math, the Democrats would not have a prayer of winning any elections.  So the Democrat machine can’t have that.  Have to keep the people uninformed. That is why they hate people like me who tell the truth.  They don’t want people to wake up.  Some of the Democrat leaders would prefer people like me shut up, and there are few methods they will not use to make that happen.  The Mayor of Vallejo already tried to use the Police chief and two police officers to remove me from City Hall, simply for expressing my disagreement with homosexuality and homosexuals.

So, Dear Reader, I am running for School board, and I ask you for your vote to help reclaim Vallejo for the average citizen, to end the corruption of the special interest groups, to ensure children are given excellent educations again, and to ensure safety and discipline are restored once more.

Also, to understand truth, we need to leave television, the newspapers, Google, Facebook, and the rest of the corrupted sources of information.  A poisoned well gives forth poisoned water.  The truth is in accord with history, and that never changes.   My experience has been that the leftist media ruthlessly slanders conservative media or ignores it. The leftist media not only lies, but they also lie about conservative media to keep people from finding the truth for themselves.  Further exacerbating the problem, the colleges are indoctrination stations, filling students minds with nonsense that America is evil and wicked and we have never been great.  Russia and China love our media and colleges, as they help erode our nation from the inside out.  When you attack the morale and morals of a nation, you can destroy them without firing a shot.  I’ve included conservative news sites for your review.  My experience is that 90% of Democrat voters in California have never read seven conservative news sites for two months of their lives.  Its scary, because I was raised conservative, and I never found these websites until 2014, and some I found even later than that.  ‘And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free’.  It’s fine if people know both sides and vote Democrat, but the overwhelming majority of Democrat voters cannot intelligently discuss both sides and pride themselves on their ignorance of conservatism.  It’s pretty shameful when we have teachers in the schools who haven’t learned critical thinking yet.  How in the world are our children going to be taught critical thinking when the teachers themselves haven’t learned it yet?  Exactly what did the colleges teach them?  There are many good teachers though.


National Review



PJ Media

American Thinker

The Federalist

Washington Times

Washington Examiner

Path to prosperity for Vallejo Schools. Elect Ryan Messano to the Vallejo School Board on November 6th!

Update:  Thank you very much to viewers!   In a little over two months, the site has had nearly 50,000 views!  It would be tragic if every Vallejo voter did not read this before November 6th, and before they vote.  If they read it and disagree, that’s fine, but thousands vote without considering all aspects of the issues at all.   Thank you very much to those who share!  I cannot alone do this.  If Vallejo is to change for the better, we all must get involved.  I don’t ask for your money, only that you share this with as many people as possible.  Thank you kindly!

Vallejos children, like the children in all Democrat controlled schools, are being indoctrinated.    Our children are being turned into savage mindless drones in modern educaysion.

Please share with family and friends.  Not all will love truth, but Vallejo is waking up.

Please contact me with any questions or comments at (707) 580-1849.

Thank you for visiting, thank you for reading, and thank you for caring about Vallejo’s schools and children!  Thank you to the many teachers, students, community members, business owners, elected officials, and retired officials who support me.  The day will come when the evil forces who seek to terrorize the righteous into silence will be no more.  The most effective way to destroy an enemy is to make them a friend.

 ‘And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free’


’Knowledge makes a man unfit to be a slave’

Frederick Douglass 

First, an introduction.  My name is Ryan Messano, I am running for school board, and I humbly ask for your vote on November 6th.  I love Vallejo, and am writing a book about the wonderful childhood I had in this city, including the years I spent in schools here.  I had many wonderful teachers, some of whom still teach, and I am grateful to them all.  I am first grateful to God, who is in all, and above all, and to my wonderful parents who sacrificed to have 18 wonderful children, of whom I was honored to be the eldest, and raised us with love and values.  We had little money, but we had something money can’t buy-love, and that is all that mattered.  And I cannot fail to mention thanking the wonderful church that helped raise me and my siblings,  for without God and His church,  the story of me and my family is impossible.

I did not get a high school diploma, and joined the Nuclear Navy.  I passed the rigorous nuclear Navy training school,  which some have compared to a four year Harvard or Yale compressed into two years.  I feel compelled to share with the pedants, that Abraham Lincoln  had exactly one year of a second grade education for his formal education, yet, his writing and grasp of math, philosophy, and history, far exceeds the vast majority of most college graduates today.  Not that I feel defensive about my lack of college, but, in today’s society there is often a mistaken belief that knowledge and wisdom are only possible with a college degree.  While a college degree is commendable and meritorious, it appears that nothing taught in college cannot be learned in the library for free.  As long as schools give a child the ability to do math, and english at the twelfth grade level, they have the potential to learn and become anything, in my opinion.  Our society may do well to remove formal obstacles currently in force for those who are qualified but may have become so without college.

After receiving an honorable discharge, I returned to Vallejo in 2002, and ten years later, in 2012, bought an insurance agency.  After selling this agency in 2015, I still work in insurance, am working on a realtors license, am writing a book, and am maintaining this website.  As the eldest of eighteen children, all of whom attended the Vallejo School System, I have seen the deterioration of the Vallejo Schools up close and personal, and am convinced that I understand why it happened, and how to repair and heal the schools.

Vallejo’s schools have serious problems.  Our schools are crumbling within and without.  Many of the same people responsible for the schools dysfunction assure us that if we trust them, they will fix the schools.  Is not insanity doing the same thing and expecting different results?  The citizens of Vallejo have a choice in the upcoming election.  Do they allow the usual Vallejo interest groups, who are involved in electing school board and city council candidates  for no other reason than to line their pockets and increase their power to proceed apace, or do they take a brave stand and reclaim the excellence and virtue our schools and citizens once had?  If we are free, we will reject the heavily funded establishment candidates, who pretend to be for our best interests, but in reality, they seek to enslave us.  If we are already slaves, we will vote for Ruscal Cayangyang, Tony Gross, John Fox, Christy Gardner, Hakeem Brown, and  Katie Miessner.  These candidates have good stated intentions, a few real principles, however many are cloaking DANGEROUS ideologies!!  They are discussed at length in other posts.  I started this website because the media is censoring the truth.  The Vallejo Times Herald has deteriorated into an anti-Constitutional  megaphone, routinely censoring opinions it doesn’t like.  Most Vallejoans know this, and reject the Times Herald, which is why it’s subscriptions, like most print media, have dramatically plummeted in the last twenty years.   There is virtually no where else but here for voters to get the honest truth about all candidates in Vallejo.  The indoctrination is so powerful that a whisper campaign has been started against me.  Notice, dear reader, my opponents do not dare come out in public and speak against me.  Oh no.  They do their deeds in darkness.  Like the conspirators from Shakespeare’s ‘Julius Caesar’, Cassius and Brutus, and like the malevolent Iago, from Shakespeare’s ‘Othello’, they plot in private, as evildoers always do.  My opinion on that is cockroaches do not like the light.

There are five basic steps to improve the schools.  

  1. Improve school safety.  Consider in 2011, Vallejo schools had 14,000 students, and had NEARLY 80,000 referrals, suspensions, and expulsions.  THAT IS NEARLY FIVE INCIDENTS PER STUDENT!    The solution is NOT TO STOP PUNISHING UNRULY STUDENTS.  The solution is to enroll community assistance, and ensure kids are being disciplined at home, so they come to school knowing how to behave.  What parent wants their child going to school where they might be beaten up, or where unruly kids dominate the classrooms?  No sane one, that is for sure.
  2. Seek to create good and virtuous citizens, not just students who can get good grades
  3. Return reading, writing, and mathematical skills to excellence for students of all races, from all backgrounds. 
  4. Foster an environment of academic excellence and safety which will attract skilled teachers
  5. Encourage the community to do it’s part and to become the wise and virtuous citizens required to have wise and virtuous students and a wise and virtuous government. 


Three necessary tenets to face the problem are:

  1. Ban cell phones from all Vallejo Schools.  94% of children have seen porn by age 14.  That is a disgrace and it is a travesty that parents and teachers do not eliminate the risk this poses to our children.  The potential disadvantages of cell phones far outweigh the greatest potential benefits.  It’s irrational to give children, whose brains are not fully developed until 25, a device that they lack the capacity to use wisely.  It is inexcusable that children are exposed to evil while our society sits silently by. 
  2. Educate children on the pervasive influence of media, including television, and educate them how the tech giants are indoctrinating children and adults.  Get children into classics, literature that empowers, and math and science.  Once they possess the building  blocks of math and english they can use the past and innovate brilliant new solutions to the problems we face today.  How can we train children to be objective when 90% of the staff of the schools and many of the voters in Vallejo have no problem naming seven liberal Democrat news sources, but are utterly incapable of naming seven conservative news sources?  Respectable opinions are formed by THOROUGHLY EVALUATING BOTH SIDES, and then concluding.   I have done this, as I once was deceived and enthusiastically supported Democrats.  There is a reason why the Democrats target young voters.  They understand the young are particularly susceptible to their control of the media and schools, and so their ideological attacks are focused on our weakest link. The near utter lack of objectivity is leading to massive groupthink, and tribalism, and this is tearing us apart.  While adults squabble amongst themselves, the children are taking advantage. 
  3. Enforce equal discipline for all students of all races.  There should be no minimizing or emphasizing misbehavior due to a students race, AT ALL. 

In addition, there are societal issues that play a major role in the dysfunction in our schools that need to be addressed as well.  Three factors figure prominently in the discussion.  While it will be said it isn’t the role of the school board to address these issues, the fact is, if we don’t all address these issues, our schools will never be fixed.  We cannot throw money at the problems and think they will fix themselves.  These are only listed to inform the public.  This is not saying that we on the school board have the power to directly change these problems.  We don’t.  However, our vision can empower the people to make positive changes personally, in Vallejo, in California, and in America.  The people can only be as good and wise as their leaders are, and the leaders can only be as good and wise as the people wish to be.  A corrupt people will not have wise and virtuous leaders, and a wise and virtuous people will not have corrupt leaders. 

Seven of the societal issues are:

  1. The average American wastes 9 years watching television, which may quite possibly be the worst communication medium in human history.  Two books on the topic are here and here.
  2. 70 million Americans are on psychotropic drugs.
  3. 70% of all internet clicks are for porn, it is responsible for 47% of families having issues due to it, 56% of all divorces, and an infidelity rate that balloons by 300% when it is used by either spouse in a marriage.  The facts are here.

4) Until our community addresses the rampant illiteracy and illegitimacy which plagues all races in Vallejo, we will continue to have problems.  Fatherlessness is a huge problem that cannot be ignored, nor will it be dismissed with social engineering.  Further, while we are having all kinds of relations outside of marriage, our fertility rate in America has gone from 3.7 children per woman in 1955-1960, to 1.7 kids per woman as of today.  The Vallejo schools have shrunk from 24,000 children approximately in the 1990’s when I attended, to approximately 12,000 today.  This massive funding decrease has contributed hugely to the decaying school buildings.  It is impossible to have a successful society short and long term with a low fertility rate.  China just got done making this mistake, and, with it’s economy in shambles today due to it’s mandated 1 child birth rate, it just removed the one child limit, and now is headed towards removing the two child limit. 

5)  The unawareness and lack of being informed on Civics among the community. 90% of voters cannot name the nine Supreme Court Justices, and they also cannot name just five of the 204 biographies Founders of America they have read.  60% can’t name even one Supreme Court Justice and can’t name the 3 branches of government.  Only 33% of Americans can even pass a 100 question Civics naturalization test that foreigners have to pass to become American Citizens.  People who are very unaware of Civics and politics need to educate themselves and should not be voting.  But, what we often see is these people are voting the most and are the most enthusiastic.  They are naïve and gullible, and easily manipulated by the media puppetmasters.

6)  The ethnocentric crowd, which has members among all races, demanding revisionist history in the schools.  This crowd believes if only kids learn about people of their color, their self esteem will improve and they will perform better in school. Ethnocentrism is judging another culture solely by the values and standards of one’s own culture.  That is total nonsense, as Black, Asian, and Latino students performed much better in the schools in the 1940’s and 1950’s, and there was no ethnocentric education model used. 

7) The 16th and 17th Amendments.  The 16th Amendment legalized the income tax in 1913, and it has made a big and bloated government which does more harm than good.  This bureaucratic government has made for poorly managed, inefficient schools.  This has enabled the ruinous Cloward-Piven Strategy.  The 17th Amendment took the election of state senators away from the state legislature and placed it in the hands of voters with direct elections.  This has proven to be disastrous, as special interests have hijacked the elections and control who is appointed senator.  They then control the senate.  This is a huge reason why we had this huge fight over the appointment of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court because special interests were controlling their senators to oppose him.  They could give two figs about the Constitution, their only law is that which promotes their money and power. 

Our nation was sabotaged in 1948, and it is important that every Vallejoan learn about it. 

No civilization in human history has ever removed sex from heterosexual marriage and lived to talk about it.  Unfortunately, our nation is being fed prodigious amounts of disinformation by Google, and reason, truth, and virtue are under fierce assault by those who wish to tyrannically rule over us all.  John Fox and Tony Ubalde, whether consciously or unconsciously, have talked about partnering with Google, when Google talks about being a ‘Good Censor’.  They are, wittingly or unwittingly, may the reader decide, bringing Big Brother, into the classroom, to control the thinking of our children, to form them into unthinking, mindless drones.  Like Mao, Stalin, Lenin, and Hitler, these tech totalitarians promise us equality and prosperity, but in reality we are headed to the same horrors these four dictators spawned in their nations. Ion Pacepa was a master at spreading Disinformation in Romania, and he shares how it is done, and his occurring here in America.   Yuri Bezmenov, a high ranking KGB defector, taught us how it works in 1983.

We have to  be brutally  honest and ask ourselves, has the advent of the Internet in 1993 benefited us and our children, or has Silicon Valley gotten fabulously wealthy, we have gotten poorer, and our children have gotten badly misinformed, and are dumber than they have ever been before in American history?  Why is it that Silicon Valley chooses to keep it’s own kids away from cell phones and computers in school?  Simply ask how is it that in 1912, before we paid an income tax, our 8th graders were able to answer non-multiple choice questions that were more advanced than today’s college graduates? 

Additionally, our children and many of us are being taught fake and revisionist history.  It is inexcusable that any child graduates high school without being mandated to have read at least five of the 204 American Founders biographies.  The lack of comprehension of Civics and history is creating a dangerous environment where the media controls entire populations.  We are going back to the feudal ages where we had serfs and peons, and the Lords who ruled them. 

Let us ask ourselves, if slaves were not permitted to read in 1861 when the Civil War broke out, to keep them enslaved, what does that make us if we voluntarily don’t read?  Others and myself would argue it makes us slaves, and I’m running for school board to liberate the city and it’s children from the slavery of mindless groupthink which those who seek to rule us seek to impose upon us.

We cannot, fellow citizens, have freedom and liberty if we are not wise and virtuous.  So the question becomes, are we free or are we slaves?  This election will determine the answer to this question.  Thank you for reading this, I humbly ask for your vote, and hope for a Vallejo that can be the best she was created to become.

Thank you to Norman Reece, Michael Brown, Rochelle Connor, and many others who did not wish to be named,  for their endorsements.  Though few in number, the endorsements of the righteous mean a lot to me.  I am happy to say that those who promote ideas damaging to children did not support me, but they did support many of my opponents.  Thank you to all of the others who encouraged me, inspired me, and supported me.   Thank you to the silent majority, who may not have the time to get involved, but who passionately want to improve Vallejo, and will vote for me on November 6th.

Update: Summary of the September 22nd Vallejo Unified Cultural Competency Academy.  Ten points.  Vallejo must resist Afrocentric indoctrination, tribalism, and the multicultural mafia. 

I attended the Academy, along with school board candidate John Fox, and School Board member Burky Worel.  First, it would be interesting to find out if even half of the school district turned out.  It would be interesting to find out what those who didn’t come had to say, as I’m pretty confident some had legitimate reasons for not attending.  I wonder if any did not speak up if they disagreed with the event for fear of reprisal or of losing their jobs.  I was reluctant to even offer a differing opinion for fear of being labeled with my ‘white privilege’, or being told I was part of ‘systemic racism’.  How do you even reason with someone who believes your entire race has issues and it can’t be helped?  Admittedly, America had this issue sixty years ago, but did we overcome it just so the roles could be reversed?  Most of us thought we were overcoming slavery and segregation so that all Americans of all races could have an equal opportunity, not an equal outcome no matter what our choices are.  We didn’t think we’d overcome it so that future generations could have vengeance taken on them for the crimes of their long dead ancestors.  I commend Dr. Clark for attempting to address the problem of poor academic performance and excessive disciplinary action among black students in the district.  It is a noble goal, and while I disagree with the methods used to improve the problem, I do agree the problem does need to be addressed.  It would be wise to remember that evil surmising is to believe evil exists in another when it doesn’t, and that our law is based on Blackstone’s dictum, “It is better to let ten guilty men go free, than to wrongly convict one innocent man”. It is also wise to ensure that injustices of the past do not lead to avenging injustices today.

Second, it would be interesting to find out why practically none of the Vallejo community at large turned out.  It appeared that teachers just showed up, and at least half of them would not have showed up if they had not been paid.  Surprisingly, the black community in Vallejo was stunningly under represented.  Fewer than 30 members of Vallejo’s black community who were not affiliated with the school district showed up.    I believe this was a gross waste of taxpayer dollars.  In a time when we are scrounging for money for aging structures and to pay teachers, how is it we can pay tens of thousands of dollars to pay for an event that is not even close to the root of the problem of disproportional performance of black students in Vallejo?  The city of Vallejo deserves to know how much the speakers were paid. At a time when we are struggling to pay the bills, we need absolute accountability. 

Third, there are many other individuals in the black community who do not agree with the Keynote Speaker, Amar Saheli’s, message of systemic racism at all.  Why is it that less than 10% of the teachers and attendees can even name ten black conservatives?  Why do they not know Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, Larry Elder, Jesse Lee Peterson, Star Parker, Mychal Massie, Ken Blackwell, Jason Riley, David Clarke, or Candace Owens? Why were these individuals not allowed to speak?  If the event was stated to be a cultural competency training, then why are all parts of the culture not represented? 

Fourth, Why was there little to no feedback allowed, and the little feedback that was allowed was derisively dismissed and alluded to as examples of white privilege, etc?  In one class, a white teacher raised her hand and requested that the ‘white people in the room just be quiet’.  Unbelievable!  What would happen if it was requested that the blacks or latinos in the room just be quiet?  We would have had a full scale riot.  So why is it alright to silence the majority race, but not others?  Last I checked, the validity of our ideas  has absolutely nothing to do with our skin color.  Last I checked, we are all guilty of our own wrongdoings, and not that of everyone else who has our skin shade, and certainly not for the crimes of those who went to their graves long ago.  Only 3% of America today is even blood related to the Confederates who owned slaves, so besides creating racial tensions, what is the purpose in pushing the ‘systemic racism’ myth, that has been repeatedly disproven? 

Fifth, why was there absolutely no discussion of Marxism, which pushes race division in order to rule and conquer us?  Why did we not hear about how KGB agents from Russia sowed racial unrest in America in the 1960’s, and that the remainders of that still plague us?  Why were we not taught on how communism infiltrated the Civil Rights movement, and poisoned a very noble cause?  Why didn’t most attendees even understand the basics of how Communism wiped out 100 million in a little less than a century, and yet we are here imitating the stereotyping of populations and sowing unrest?

Sixth, why were there logical fallacies present in the presentation?  From the appeal to expert, meaning assuming something to be true just because someone has a degree or professes to be an expert, to the appeal to anecdote, meaning we assume something is true just from personal experiences a person had, there were massive amounts of information delivered that weren’t objective in the least.  Numerous times we had presenters and people in the audience share experiences they had of alleged or perceived racism from white people, with no other side of the story, and this was shared as if this indicates that all of white America has an issue with racism.  That’s totally bogus and is stereotyping.  Meanwhile, no instances of racism from blacks to whites was shared.  These exist as well, and I saw much more of the latter than the former in my years in the Vallejo schools.  The definition of racism is: ‘prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior.’  We have taken a different tack and are now saying that if one race can claim wrongs against it in the past, it gets special rights today.  Every single race has been the victim of and has had racism towards every other race.  It is a problem every single person needs to address.  It is totally bogus to ignore the fact that America is the only nation in world history to fight a war to overcome racism, and that it was white Americans who made overcoming segregation and electing Obama possible, yet still be lectured that our nation is racist.  That is unconscionable and is a distortion of the facts.  It is just as racist to vote for Obama because he is black, as it is to not vote for Obama because he is black.  No one deserves anything because of the skin color they were born.  We are badly mistreating any individual when we make them expect anything based on their skin color.  Entitlement leads to pride, and pride destroys.  Martin Luther King Jr. gave a speech, “The Drum Major Instinct” and he said that we all want to be great, but our greatness is in direct proportion to how we serve others.  He never said our greatness had anything to do with our skin color. 

Seventh, why were the underlying causes of disproportionate poor performance in schools from black students and and high incarceration rates in the black community not addressed?  Not once did I hear fatherlessness or a low literacy rate among black boys discussed.  Yet, illegitimacy in the black community is currently at 75%, up from 14% in 1942, and functional illiteracy among black boys is at 75% as well, according to the San Jose Mercury News of last year.  Consider that when Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation only 2% of the black community could read, and that 20 years later, 99% could.  So the problem in illiteracy and illegitimacy cannot be slavery or segregation, because these problems didn’t exist even when slavery and segregation were in full force.  This is not to say slavery and segregation were not heinous evils, they were, but it is to say that illiteracy and illegitimacy are problems in the black community for reasons other than ‘systemic racism’.  We cannot cure a problem when the cure is worse than the disease, and when we misdiagnose a problem, as we are doing by saying it’s due to systemic racism, the cure is indeed, worse than the disease.   The job of making sure a child has a father and can read is the parents job, it is not the schools, or the communities job.  One of the presenters, Dr. Mary Bacon, who had a wonderful disposition, and quite a bit of wisdom, was asking teachers how the responses of the black students in their classes differed from the responses of other students. The teachers said that they were often loud, often liked to dance, often were unruly, and often did not raise their hands before talking.  All of these behaviors have nothing to do with being black, and everything to do with not having a father in the home to discipline, and a child not reading.  God bless the single mothers, but they do not have the capacity to be a man.  While the community does need to step up and help the single mothers, still, it is the men’s job to be there for the children they have.  It all starts in the home.  Education, discipline, and self control begin and end with the parents.  Children do not leave home as angels and turn into devils at school.

Eighth, why did I enter a classroom which was a part of the Bethel Law Academy, and the walls were plastered with sports and sports stars?  There had to be over 100 pictures of entertainers in the last 100 years, and I didn’t see more than five lawyers on the wall? What kind of class is it?  It should have been called entertainment idols academy.  What kind of message are students being sent when they are encouraged to idolize sports stars, entertainers, singers, and other famous performers?  If these are the ideals we give them, no wonder why they don’t learn Math and English.  You don’t need to know Math and English to play sports or be an entertainer.  Also, why are we teaching kids homosexuality and pushing the homosexual agenda when parents are not aware of this and would never approve of it?  It was pretty ironic in one classroom where the presenter was giving her speech, and behind her was a sticker of the poorly named “Human Rights Campaign”.    The logo is a blue background with two yellow lines going through it.  It should be called the “Human Rights Perversion”, since it teaches an aberrant sexual behavior and represents a public health disaster to kids as perfectly normal.  So while the instructor is addressing the myth of systemic racism, she is ignoring the very real threat to kids from teaching them public health disasters.  On my way out of Bethel High School I saw a decaying paper in a drainage ditch, which invited students from age 12-20 to attend a Solano ‘Pride’ event ( a homosexual organization), taking place in Fairfield.  Since when did any community in America vote to teach their students homosexuality or represent it as normal?  Who gave the schools the idea that it’s alright to teach homosexuality, when the Supreme Court never had the right to legalize it in 2003’s bogus “Lawrence Vs. Texas’ ruling, and California voters in 2008, just voted to keep marriage between a man and a woman with Proposition 8?  Who is going to take responsibility for this and make sure teachers shape up or ship out? 

Ninth, Are we deliberately trying to turn our children into mindless drones?  There seemed to be very little in the way of educating children on actual history, and a lot in the way of indoctrinating them with ideas that are parroted from the media.  Apparently, our children are supposed to simply shut up and listen to what the liberal media and schools teach them, not question it, and graduate to vote Democrat for the remainder of their lives.  How depressing and how wrong it is to deprive a child of information on the history of the greatest nation on earth, because the teachers themselves don’t even know it, apparently in many cases.

Tenth, why are there so many teachers in the Vallejo School district who are incapable of having a reasonable discussion on ideas they disagree with?  If they can’t keep an open mind on ideas they don’t like, how in the world are students going to be taught to do this?  Once a member of the school district pointedly said she had no idea about conservative sources, and could care less about them.  So she had strong beliefs and had never searched out the matter thoroughly.  A second time, an actual principal of a school in Vallejo had the impudence to inform me that ‘I don’t want to continue this conversation with you’, when she heard details she disagreed with.  If what I said was wrong, I’d be happy to be corrected, but it’s very rude to just interrupt some one in a conversation, with zero regard to what is right or wrong, and simply say you aren’t interested in what they have to say.  If the principal of a school acts like this, I’d hate to see what the kids are like.  I had a conversation last week with another teacher, who continued to ask me “When was America ever great”? and could not answer a question about how many biographies of the Founders she had read?  How are you going to ask another person when was America great, when you’ve never researched the topic thoroughly ever in your life?  This same teacher shut the conversation down and refused to speak, informing me that I couldn’t be reasonable?  What??? What is wrong with this picture?  She can’t defend her position and then accuses me of being unreasonable.  She is badly indoctrinated, as are many of the teachers in Vallejo.   That needs to end ASAP, or we need to start firing those teachers, and replacing the board members and superintendents responsible for them.  No wonder Vallejo has a hard time attracting teachers.  Intelligent and reasonable teachers do not want to work in a district where they are discriminated against if they happen to not be a minority, and informed that they are responsible for America being such a horrible place.  They also don’t want to work in a district where kids have no discipline, the parents are given a free pass, and the teachers are blamed for students acting badly. Then, if a minority student acts up and is punished, a white teacher will be corrected for being ‘racist’ if their class happens to have more blacks and latinos who misbehave than whites.  When we hear about ‘disproportionate’ punishment and ‘disproportionate’ academic achievement, we are never told every single case that make up the statistics and how each case was a mistake.  We don’t hear complaints that the NBA is 75% black.  That’s because many black boys dream of being an NBA star, and many realize their dreams.  Is it discrimination against whites?  No, many black men are far better at basketball than white men are.  Is it discrimination when we have zero place kickers in the NFL?  No, because very few black boys grow up dreaming of being a place kicker.  So, maybe we have misplaced goals and dreams and that is why we have poor academic achievement in the black community?  Also, the black community has the highest rates of television watching of any race in America, and this can contribute to the over emphasis on sports and entertainment in the black community.  If black children constantly see entertainers idolized, then if they don’t become that, what are they going to fall back on?  If they don’t fall back on another career, aren’t their chances of going to prison, or ending up in poverty much higher? 

Lastly, there were a few reasonable teachers there.  I don’t want to take away from the many wonderful teachers in the district.  One very courageous African American teacher, who was a joy to be around, actually spoke up when the white teacher tyrannically requested all white people to be quiet, and said she would like to hear the opinions of all races.  There are others who are willing to listen to ideas they may not agree with, but at least they will hear it.  Personally, I can relate to the idea of systemic racism, because I once believed it too.  When I read only the newspapers, Google, and watched television, I was outraged by police brutality, and thought that blacks were always being unfairly victimized. But then I started to look deeper, and to consider all the voices on the spectrum, right and left.  And a different picture emerged.  I began to realize that racism is a problem in all races towards all races.  I can personally recall discussing the Vallejo police and how bad they were after the latest shooting involving a Vallejo police officer and a black man that happened over six years ago.  But, I only had the media’s information, I didn’t have the whole story.  I wrote a published letter to the Times Herald condemning Dylann Roof’s shooting at a black church, and I also wrote a letter condemning a black man in Vallejo who attempted to shoot two innocent police officers in a Starbucks.  Justice is supposed to be color blind.  A great book about a black man who had a huge change of heart that changed my mind was Jesse Lee Peterson’s ‘The Antidote’.  I really wish that book could be given to every teacher in Vallejo.  It would prove to be the antidote to the racial divisions in Vallejo’s schools, as Mr. Peterson has been on both sides of the issue. 



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Greenwald: Trump plays hardball with Turkey.

Canto Jr.: The shootings in Brazil just keep on going.

Rail: Keep an eye on China.

Ledeen: How to fix the intelligence community.

Conservative women challenge Ocasio-Cortez to a debate (Since Ben Shapiro is too ‘sexist’ for her liking.)

The alienation behind the madness of Unite the Right.

George Will’s unhinged anti-Trump position.

Watch: Antifa protesters attack NBC News reporter in Charlottesville.

Kaplan: Apoplectic critics can’t answer Dinesh D’Souza’s ideas.

Muslim on rape, ‘yes I did that, why not?’

Trump sanctions intended to change Iranian behavior.

2nd city tries to tell state how to run gun law

Woman protests sharing abuse-shelter room with man who says he’s female

Expert: EU can’t bypass sanctions on U.S.

Resurgence of China, Russia, forcing U.S. to rethink defense strategy 

Virginia Judge who let rapist walk free, let’s admitted pedophile free too.

Clancy: The Day Andrew Cuomo got religion.

Horvat II: The advantage of keeping the economy human.

Curtis: A funny thing happened on the way to the forum.

Harrod: New bill insures America first.

Moran: Democratic Socialist gets 6% in Hawaiian primary.

Conservatives call for Constitutional Convention last seen 230 years ago.

Hakim: Ben Shapiro and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez do not belong in the same ring.

Google-Facebook dominance hurts ad tech firms, speeding consolidation.

Williamson: Celebrity activists do not help

Whelan: This day in Judicial Activism.

Tada: The myth that the Christians destroyed the classical world dies hard.

Latzer: Is the Crime boom over?  Even after Chicago?

Will: If you want peace, prepare for war.

Saturday, August 11th, 2018

Trump condemns ‘all types of racism’.

Jury rules Roundup caused groundskeepers cancer.

Charlottesville is in a panic over a few Nazi’s who may not show up.

Newspaper calls for war of words against Trump media attacks

Monsanto ordered to pay $290 million in damages.

ChicagoLand: 20 shot in one night.

Solway: The problem with Gay Marriage

Favish: Declassified: Did Rosenstein make false statements in the FISA document?

How did he do it?  Authorities probe how mechanic stole plane.

Flaherty: Trump falls for ‘criminal justice reform hoax

Rogers: Wind and Solar Energy, good for nothing.

Chadwell: Are millennials Educable?

D’Souza: Who are the White Nationalists?

Omarosa ‘n’ word contradiction, Interview contradicts book.

Exclusive–Twitter Target Gavin McInnes on Solution: ‘Trump Has to Step Up’

Woman killed by pitbulls.

Kamala Harris Unable to Name a Legislative Accomplishment When Asked

Crews make progress battling So Cal fires

Teen television consumption drops by half in five years!

Daniel: Big tech is sowing the seeds of it’s destruction

Rapper Ice Cube: Cowboys QB Dak Prescott Should Stand His Ground on Patriotic Support for National Anthem

Friday, August 10th, 2018

Kupelian: Google, Facebook, and the wild future of the Internet.

Thursday, August 9th, 2018

Hawkins: The Liberal hate for white people should cost them big at the ballot box.

Federer: Indian Missionaries were critical in settling the West.

Victor Davis Hanson: The Ancient war between the Press and the President.

Curry: the Pitiful roots of Anti-Americanism.

Man arrested at New Mexico compound is son of imam with possible link to 1993 World Trade Center bombing

Why Resurrecting The Old Stories Of Confederates, Cowboys, And Indians Will Do America Good

LaRue: Trump and the media war.

Harsanyi: Social Media Giants shouldn’t be arbiters of free speech.

Giuliani on Russia Investigation: ‘It’s Going to Blow Up’ on Mueller

Cashill: The Big Lie in Jay-Z’s Trayvon series, Part 2.

Farah: First they came for Alex Jones.

Treacher: It’s a Mistake to ‘Deplatform’ Alex Jones (Or Anybody Else)

Antifa Prof Who Bashed Trump Supporter in Head with Bike Lock at Berkeley Given Slap on Wrist

MacDonald: Sarah Jeong is a typical boring product of the American Academy.

Trump’s Welfare Ban On Immigrants Would Save Americans $57 Billion

Chastain: What the liberal media won’t admit about South Africa.

Brown: Every Customer of Planet Fitness needs to read this.

Holy War: Franklin Graham shreds Vile Media.

Elder: NY Times hires left wing bigot for editorial board.

Farah: President Trump, Google must be stopped.

Coulter: Sarah Jeong better drive carefully.

Female terrorists 4 times deadlier than men.

Russians could have ‘thrown the power switch’ on U.S. power grid.

D’Souza: Left set to exploit ‘Unite the right’ again.

Drunk driver tells cops she is a ‘clean, thoroughbred white girl’.

Professor Allegedly Assaults YouTuber Who Slammed Social Justice Gaming

Jobless Claims Unexpectedly Fell and Inflation Ticked Down, Suggesting Strong U.S. Economy Unfazed by Trade War

MAGA vs. CNN: How Trump Supporters Debated Trump Regretters, Then Came Together Afterwards

Ohio Race Just Got Even Closer as Hundreds of Uncounted Votes Discovered

Hunter: Are journalists the enemy of the People?

Schlichter: The Elite freaks out when Trump puts Americans first.

Chumley: Censorship has no part in the American Story.

Chumley: Michigan Muslim emerges as next Anti-Trumping tool of the left.

Fields: Women rise to defy the sleaze-slingers

Atlanta charter school cuts Pledge of Allegiance from morning schedule

Defiant China draws spotlight away from Trump’s progress in trade talks

Dunphy: the Real Reasons for Chicago’s deadly crime wave.

French: The Great White Cultural War.

Memo to Google: Don’t go back to China.

Master: Liberal media, keep up the false predictions.

Bernie Sanders once agreed with Trump on media.

FDA contract buying ‘fresh’ baby parts.

Dr. Singleton: Mission Possible: Saving freedom in health care.

Adams: Life, Death, and Moral inconsistencies.

Trailer for Michael Moore’s Trump documentary ‘Fahrenheit 11/9’ released: Watch

Thomas: Advice for the President

Michael Moore: Trump last president of USA.

South Carolina Churches shrinking.