Wednesday August 8th, 2018

Walter Williams: Colleges: A force for Evil.

Billboards are yanked because Bible is shown.

Goodwin: Why it’s time for Trump to play his ace in the hole.

30 Amazing years of failed climate alarm predictions.

Ohio House seat stays Red.

Trump boasts  he went 5 for 5 in Tuesday’s election.

Dems blame Russians for defeat, turn on Green Party.


Green Party Spoiler Candidate in Ohio says his ancestors were from another planet, can’t remember own campaign website address.

Lott Jr.: The media is encouraging violence against themselves. 

Toplansky: Millennials, Socialism, and Equality.

Sobieski: Paul Manafort and Dianne Feinstein’s Office Spy.

Weingarten: Dianne Feinstein’s ties to China go way deeper than an office spy.

Harsanyi: Hey Buzzfeed, Che Guevara was a bloodthirsty terrorist.

Villalobos: Racism against Whites.

Canto Jr.: I remember when we called them mobs.

Lifson: Out of the Shadows: FBI corruption probe about to put Bruch Ohr on the hot seat.

McCarthy: Dinesh D’Souza’s ‘Death of a Nation’: Rectifying Revisionist History.

Tuesday, August 7th, 2018

Victor Davis Hanson: The Police were not policed.

China using Apple as bait.  Will tech companies sell America out for money?

China defiant, ‘Will not Surrender’.

China shuts down Christian churches, confiscates Bibles, terrorizes worshipers.

Facebook rejects GOP candidates ad about parents persecution by Communists.

Google consumes 1/3rd of our digital minds.

Senate Dems circulating plans for government takeover of internet.

Dunaway: Abortion was never meant to be government funded

Simon: Infowars and the rise of the tech fascists.

Rahn: ‘Eat Endangered Species’.

Chumley: Alex Jones winning: He’s now more popular than ever

Elizabeth Warren under fire for jab at ‘racist’ justice system

Emery: Democrats in the Trump era: The Coalition of the self-destructive.

Shapiro: What Tech Giants’ Alex Jones Ban Got Wrong

Lowry: Elizabeth Warren’s lie.

Watch: Homosexual Don Lemon goes on 9 minute rant attacking Trump as a racist.

LAPD Union: The ACLU wants cops prosecuted and jailed

Allie Stuckey: Make men masculine again.

Watch: CNN claims to support the First Amendment, they are full of it.

U.S. Sen. Chris Murphy: Big Tech ‘Must Do More Than Take Down’ InfoWars

Delingpole: What the alarmists aren’t telling you about Europe’s heat wave.

Pollak: The attack on Jones is an attack on free speech.

43% of Republicans want to give Trump the power to shut down the media.

670 ballots cast in a Georgia precinct with 276 registered voters.

NC GOP candidate one of few politicians in nation with a spine to teach a wife should submit to her husband, homosexuality is a choice.

Antidepressants change songbirds courtship rituals.

Facebook asked to change rules for journalists, scholars.

List: 700 examples of good news coming from tax cuts.

Centrist, Far-Left Pundits Warn: InfoWars Purge Sets Precedent to Silence Marginalized Communities

Facebook Wants Banks to Hand Over Your Financial Information

LeBron James’ School To Cost Taxpayers Significantly More Than He’s Donating

Instagram blocks Tommy Robinson.

On Iran, Trump’s hard-headedness is smart

Hammond: Rubio’s paid-leave plan.

‘Survival of our democracy’ depends on banning sites like InfoWars, Dem senator says

Chuck Grassley rejects Democrats’ ‘fishing expedition’ on Brett Kavanaugh

Trump looking to limit citizenship for legal immigrants who use public welfare programs: Report

Chumley: Making sense of Ana Navarro and other fake conservatives

Pruden: Creative Writing about Donald Trump’s troubles.

Bolyard: Is Gov. Kasich Trying to Torpedo Ohio Congressional Candidate on the Eve of a Critical Special Election?

Treacher: Trump insults anyone who angers him, regardless of race.

Tomckzak: Losing Christian youth in college?  Never again.

4-H executive who pushed LGBT agenda booted.

Black Lives Matter protesters crash police officer’s wedding: ‘You’re a murderer!’

Monday, August 6th, 2018.

Jesse Lee Peterson: Choose Black America, Good or Evil.

Brown: Conservative Speech be banned!

Donald and the Di-Spy.

Apple regulates ‘Hate’.

Alex Jones 86’d on 8-6.

Bozell: Censoring Infowars not a slippery slope, it’s a Dangerous Cliff.

WALSH: The Left Claims That Only White People Can Be Racist. Here’s Why That’s Insane.

Joondeph: Summertime blues for the left.

Flashback: Matt Drudge Warns Not to ‘Get Famous’ on YouTube, ‘Google’s Hell Pit’

Morabito: The NY Times has embraced the bigotry of Identity politics

Jeong And Owens Prove Twitter Censorship Weighs More Heavily On Conservatives

Maitra: The NY Times anti-white hire is exactly what Western Education trains students to be. 

CNN, Democrats successfully lobby big tech to silence their opponents.

Tech Giants working together to censor conservatives?

Social Media making children regress to mentality of 3 year olds.

Cohn: Social media worse than pre-crisis banks.

Murray: Russia and the Sunni Muslim threat.

4 things we learned from the FBI’s mostly redacted Steele files.

Hurt: As The Press Turns: Democracy dies in dimwittedness

Google refuses to help U.S. Military, bends over backward to help Chinese censorship.

Schlichter: Get it through your head that Progressives hate you!

Medvin: Racism is racism, it’s black and white.

Reimer: I stand with Ted Cruz

Kris Kobach faces Kansas voters tomorrow in his run for governor.

Trump follows through: Sanctions on Iran imposed at midnight.

Seven data points that show Trump’s economy is booming!

Elder: Lebron should blame his party for dividing America.

Free the Carmakers!

Colleges are failing to teach students how to write well!

D’Souza movie critics deride his movie based on their own poor concept of history. 

Simon: Will someone please review Dinesh D’Souza’s new movie?

40% can’t name single First Amendment right.

Do you really care about Free Speech?  Conservative news under attack from the internet Cartel of Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Twitter.

Trump, Limbaugh erupt over Feinstein’s ‘Spy’ driver

‘We have to regulate every aspect of people’s life’.

Cohen: Yes, there is a war, but not on women.

Hammond: Marco Rubio’s Paid-leave plan shows how conservatives can embrace working-class families.

Facebook, Spotify, Apple and YouTube Remove Alex Jones Content, Citing Violations of Standards

3 Reasons ‘Obama Day’ Is a Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Idea

Antifa Behind Several Assaults at Patriot Prayer Rally in Portland

Trump blames California for wildfires, not climate change.

Knight: A Maoist moment in America.

NAACP to portray Trump as racist to score election points.

Details of Dianne Feinstein’s spy driver emerge.

Trump mocks Feinstein for her Chinese Spy driver

ESPN’s ‘First Take’ on Trump-LeBron Feud: ‘Of Course This Is About Race’

2.8 Million People Drop Off Food Stamps Under Trump

WATCH: Leftist Mob Screams At, Throws Drink On TPUSA’s Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens

What I Learned From Attending ‘Transgender 101’ At My Local Library

The New York Times’ Hit Piece On Mike Pence Is Anti-Christian Bigotry, Plain And Simple

Showalter: It’s time to hold Democrats responsible for Chicago.

Moran: Violence in Chicago raises serious questions about police reform plan

Ford: the First fake-media induced mental illness.

Candace Owens run out of Philly coffee shop during protest: ‘F– white supremacy’

NYT’s embattled, ahistorical Sarah Jeong: Trump is ‘basically Hitler’.

Chumley: Trump the ‘Not a food stamp” president.

York: 12 times Christopher Steele fed Trump-Russia allegations to FBI after the election

Senator’s Cotton, Hatch: Close the loophole that is allowing violent criminals go free.

Mueller indicts the Washington Swamp.

Planned Parenthood Claims Forcing Taxpayers To Pay For Abortion Is ‘Economic Justice’

Moran: Progressives betting the farm on Identity Politics for midterms.

Curtis: Britain confronts the problem of Sharia Law.

Riley: Leftists love the memory hole.

Massachusetts Fails To Ban Therapy For Unwanted Same-Sex Attraction

Lott Jr.:Politicians, Media Unfairly Single Out Football’s Concussion Risk

White House Reinstates Harsh Sanctions on Iran and Trump Takes a Shot at Europe Over Nuclear Deal

Alison Lundergan Grimes, Kentucky Democrat, jokes Rand Paul ‘can be beaten’: ‘Just ask his neighbor’

Russia: ‘Inhumane’ for U.S. to attack Hiroshima.

Professor slams ‘hegemonic masculinity’ of homeless men.

Antifa Behind Several Assaults at Patriot Prayer Rally in Portland

57 People Shot, 6 Fatally, in Chicago Over Weekend

Arnn: Mr. Friedersdorf, Hillsdale is hale.

Most ‘refugees’ actually come from ‘normal’ circumstances.

Russian meddling in 2016?  Chomsky blames Israel.

Newest electronic spying: Recording you while you are on hold.

Woman alleges repeated abuse by superstar pastor.

Atkinson: Who lost China?

Crowe: The virgin Islands fiscal profligacy.

On a Quiet Sunday, Trump Tower mania strikes again.

Sessions signals DOJ will appeal ruling to continue DACA.

Paulson: America’s Better Than This

Jackson: Trump and LeBron James Would Make Better Allies Than Foes

86 year old man offered ride in SF; Beaten, robbed.

Smith: Supply and Demand in the land of Potatoes and lobster.

Sunday, August 5th, 2018

Chumley: This War on the Bible must stop.

President Trump: The Fake News Media is ‘Very dangerous and very sick!’

Jacob: Their turn is a falling blade.

Patriot Prayer, Proud Boys, and Antifa square off in Portland.

Ellis: How Progressive ‘Christianity’ is targeting children.

Cohen Should Be Disbarred — Davis Next — While Press Stews in Its Own Hatred

Abortion accounts for 61% of black deaths in America.

Federer: How to treat the Indians, Greed V. the Gospel.

Hunter: Double Standards are the only standards the left has.

Gutknecht: If you can’t communicate.

Venezuelan President Maduro survives apparent assassination attempt.

ANC shocks Twitter by calling all white people ‘murderers’.

South African Farms to be taken from owners without compensation.

South Africa on brink of Anarchy!

Anarchy breakout in Portland, with Mayor’s blessing.

Sally Pipes on why Single Payer Healthcare is bad for America.

Feldman: Three-card Mueller

Wisdom: the Islamic threat can be countered.

Showalter: Always a showman, Trump spots a star in Jim Jordan.

McSwain: Actually, white people have contributed quite a lot.

Donohew: CNN sucks a nice change of pace.

Words Matter: Different Definitions of Racism Create Confusion for the Masses

On taxes, eat-the-rich envy wears a mask of concern.

Morrison: Immigration will not make America great again.

Goldman: individual rights and the nation-state.

Williamson:  ‘Look upon my works, Ye Mighty, and despair’.

Transgender campaign ‘surgically mutilating’ children.

Pro-gun student subjected to gauntlet, sues school.

Court approves starving brain-injured to death.

State slaps down doctor who wants to cut patients imaging costs.

Palestinian official who pays murderers salaries now in bull’s-eye.

Charity kicked out of fair for being pro-life.

Congress may need ‘to act’ against chemical weapons.

3 Strikes: Alex Jones Takes a Hit From Another Digital Platform

Whoopi slams Jake Tapper for mocking Obama’s DNC toll.

Deval Patrick: ICE ‘sadistic’.

NBC’s Chuck Todd: Trump’s ‘Dehumanizing’ Tweet on Press Is Rationalizing Violence

Ocasio-Cortez: ‘There Is No District Too Red for Us To Flip’

Watch Delusional CNN commentator explodes, compares ICE with slave traders.

Holland: Educational choice must be truly free.

Saturday, August 4th, 2018


Portland tense: Fears of violence ahead of Patriot rally.  Leftwing Antifa is vicious and often resorts to violence, which is allowed and ignored by police in Democrat cities.

Right wing Constitutionalists face off against evil Marxist Antifa in Portland.

Rogue Judge to Trump: Restart DACA.

Bailey: Marxist masses arise: ‘Tsar’ Trump must die!

Obama lawyers ‘kowtowed’ to Clinton over e-mail evidence. 

Dinesh D’Souza’s Death of a Nation.

Bin Ladin’s mother: My boy was ‘brainwashed’ in college.

Logis: Lebron misses easy activist layup.

Herring :Socialism can’t fluorish without ignorance.

Crouere: Racism is alive and well at the NY Times.

McCarthy: Trump Vs. Mueller: Bill Clinton’s Starr strategy meets Twitter

Feinstein’s driver groomed for spying by China.

Trump Friday Nite Twitter blast: Drudge, Lebron, Feinstein.

D’Souza: ‘Moral Disgrace’ That Democratic Party Has ‘Become the Champion of Illegal Immigration’

Six times the Obama Administration should have appointed a Special Counsel.

Bombshell: Parkland shooter asked for help before massacre, was denied.

Report: Abortion makes up 61% of deaths in black community.

Solway: Socialism and equality.

Lifson: Six things the NY Times didn’t think about before it hired Sarah Jeong.

Showalter: Sneaky Pete: FBI kept buying scurrilous anti-Trump documents from Chris Steele even after ‘firing’ him for lying.

Washington Compost ‘Fact check’ excuses vicious harassment of Sarah Sanders.

Donald Trump Jr. calls out New York Times racist Sarah Jeong.

Pelosi confuses millions, billions, trillions.

Hundreds line up for gushing West Texas oil jobs.

NY Slimes editorial board member: Kill all men, F*** the police. 

Adams: The selective abortion of free speech.

Erickson: What does it mean to be Conservative?

Feds face demands to give up stats on Cell Phone spying.

Christian pastor who beat Iranian death sentence, back in jail.

Sex Neuroscientist: Sex differences biological, not social construct.

Police chief OD’s on drugs taken from evidence room.

Goldberg: Why racism begets more racism.

Hobbs: The DOJ’s Religious Liberty task force is a breath of fresh air.

Watch: NAACP official urges people to ‘jack up’ senators who don’t oppose Trump.

Reporters Shocked at MAGA Hats, ‘Fake News’ T-Shirts Sold at Newseum: ‘Insult to Journalists!’

Mueller Siccing ‘Jack the Ripper-Like’ Prosecutor on Manafort to Make Him ‘Flip,’ diGenova Says

Cory Booker bemoans ‘Savage Injustice’.

Wallace: Trump and the Bannister effect.

Rasmussen: Black approval rating for Trump is now at 29%

Deluded Ana Navarro defends CNN as ‘balanced news’.

Degenerate Maher: Trump is a traitor.

Degenerate Maher again: Trump, Murdoch, and Koch are Axis of Evil.

Potential American political hell: Dems with subpoena power.

The NRA’s future rests in the hands of one court case.  Here’s why.

Lewis: Parenting in the age of fear and feelings-as-fact.

Ellis: China’s trade war over the plastic in your wallet.

6 ‘citizen’s’ of Al-Qaida hotbed smuggled into Texas.

Holy Toledo: Pro-Lifers sue city over rights.

Man dies after officer puts him in chokehold.

Man assaulted on bus for being white.

Ex GOP official says he is second coming of Christ, sacrifices mother’s dog.

Study: ‘Kardashian’ viewers cold hearted to the poor.

Bozell & Graham: CNN Pits Lebron James against Trump.

Is Senator Booker auditioning for the Presidency or a daytime drama.

Comrade Bernie smitten with Cuba’s healthcare.

Waddy: Is Trump emerging as the ‘grown up in the room’?

Walton: Trump’s EPA must stand firm in fight over fuel-economy laws.

D’Amato: Government Job-Guarantee programs guarantee nothing but fewer jobs.

Hawkins: Why am I in favor of liberal and conservative states seceding.

D’Souza: ‘Bigotry’ is ‘unifying glue’ of ‘Progressives and the Democrat party’.

Sobieski: Chicago’s blacks turn against Rahmbo.

Regan: Rajneeshpuram: A microcosm of today’s Democrat.

Kirk: Calling out the nonsense victim narrative.

Folks: Florida’s Mr. Nowhere man faces a challenge.

Showalter: ‘Socialism or death’ gets creepily literal in Canada.

Solomon: To those who say just let the Mueller investigation run it’s course.

Friday, August 3rd, 2018

Straker: The liberal media are the enemy of the rule of law and civil society.

Last Antifa altercation may forecast worse this weekend in Portland.

Reports: Dianne Feinstein’s personal driver for 20 years was a Chinese Spy.

Parents SHOULD NOT give their children cell phones, under age 11.  Wise parents don’t give kids cell phones under 18.

My son, Osama: The Al-Queda leader’s mother speaks for the first time.

Blackwell: the left wants to control elections in Ohio.

Richards: Why is Trump fighting a trade war?

Markus: 1066 A.D. in 2018

Six times the Obama administration should have appointed a Special Counsel.

Record 155,965,000 employed under Trump.

Hispanic unemployment record low in July.

Farah: Google: King of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Anti-Sharia activist psychologically tortured in British Prison.

Federer: So just why did Columbus sail the ocean blue?

Klavan: Hey media, you started it.

Flashback: Frenzied, angry mob turns on reporters in dangerous altercation.

Delusional Washington Compost: Wringing Sarah Sanders neck different from choking her.

Geller: Unmasking the Creation of “Islamophobia’ in the academy.

Let’s all thank Sarah Jeong for showing us what liberals think of white people.

New York Times defends double standard in hiring writer with a history of explicit, hateful racism directed at whites

The New York Slimes must explain why it’s racial double standard is good for society.

NYT’s Sarah Jeong anti-cop, anti-men tweets.

Warner: Trump and his war on fake news.

Judge Ellis loses patience with Manafort prosecutors, ends court early.

Delusional April Ryan: Jim Acosta’s life was ‘in danger’ at rally.

CNN’s Jim Acosta continues to prove he is a political activist, not a journalist.

Jim Acosta is okay with bullying a woman as long as she’s Sarah Huckaby Sanders.

Pruden: The Derangement virus stalks the land.

Prabhu: How SpyGate is turning Democrats like me against our party.

Multiple people arrested for threatening Republican Representatives Smith and Scalise.

Walsh: If you support abortion, your opposition to the death penalty is idiotic and deranged.

Prager on Western values, Leftist Jews, and censorship.

Green: How to read the news like a pro.

Trump kills Obama’s unhelpful emissions standards.

Diane Black loses Tennessee GOP gubernatorial primary to political newcomer in major upset.

White House: China economy is slipping.

Imani: Iran’s regime is falling apart.

Don’t be evil, unless it’s worth untold new riches.

Survey: many who shun church are believers.

Break the law, get a free plane ticket

Bobby Bowden to Supremes: Let Coach Kennedy pray.

Huckabee-Sanders rejects CNN demand she contradict the President.

David Limbaugh: Congratulations to Rush for 30 remarkable years.

Judge: Twitter can be sued for falsely advertising free speech.

Mercer: White men, Republicans, and other scum.

Buchanan: Would war with Iran doom Trump?

Gornoski: The ‘Starry Night’ House: A win for freedom.

Geraghty: There are a lot of reasons to feel optimistic about America’s Future.

Lowry: the John the Baptist of the Left.

Simon: Are liberals and progressives sabotaging the economy?

Fakebook hires team of psychologists to help snowflake employees deal with objectionable content.

O’Keefe catches Antifa teaching activists to inflict pain

China moves to take part in Syrian Civil War.

Congress: Let’s see Bruce Ohr interviews.

Confusion: Ocasio-Cortez once viewed herself as a capitalist, viewed feminism as a ‘relic’.

Hospitals to post prices online under new Trump administration rule.

Thursday, August 2nd, 2018

Herland: The West is all about Sex – and much of it deviant.

Price: K-12: Parallels with Venezuela.

Safi: Porn and human trafficking.

Rail: This isn’t a culture war, it’s worse.

Acosta: Journalists should chant: ‘We’re not the enemy of the people in front of the White House’.

Sarah Sanders: I was attacked at a restaurant and mocked for my looks, and it’s the media’s fault.

Farah: Does Trump know how much Google hates him?

Federer: What JFK thought made America great.

Federer: Captured by Cannibals? Not your everyday experience.

Victor Davis Hanson: The American Art of Renewal.

Enraged by Trump bumper sticker, Massachusetts woman rams into mans car.

French: Yes, Anti-White racism exists.

Levy: France, the Nazi’s, and gun control

Fields: Lost in the Deep Blue Sea of fakery.

New York Slimes newest hire sent tons of anti-white racist tweets.

NY Slimes newest editor a white hating bigot. 

Sammin: It’s not white threat harming our politics, it’s tying race to politics.

Schlichter: It is the sacred duty of all conservatives to own the libs.

Hunter: Are we really a fundamentally racist nation?

Vietnam Vet killed by police after fighting off naked intruder who attacked his grandson.

Drowning in debt: These states are approaching a point of no return.

Watch: MSNBC host bans Sanders,  fans herself, ‘makes her sweat’.

Trump and Sulzberger on media bias.

Jerry Falwell Jr. slams Sessions as a phony.

Sessions targets those branding religious groups as ‘hate groups’.

Rush Limbaugh gets huge surprise on 30th anniversary.

Zumwalt: What Rosa Parks would think of Diversity Absurdity.

Elder: Anne Hathaway is making ‘race relations’ worse.

Coulter: ACLU won’t rest until every illegal gets in.

Hatch fed up with Democrat obstructionism.

Curtis: Israel defines itself.

Moran: Congress moves to blunt Trump’s shutdown threat.

4 Dentists accused of raping woman in Las Vegas Suite.

Here’s Ivanka’s ‘low point’. 

Delusional female Don Quixote blocked deportation of man jailed for assault.

‘I’m confused’: Dem senator gets a law lesson from ICE

Black pastor: Trump more pro-black than Obama.

Abortion pill fast tracked by Bill Clinton kills at least 22.

Facebook: Heartwarming ad ‘shocking, sensational, disrespectful’.

See top white nationalist confess he’s a progressive.

Delusional NPR: ‘climate change agenda’ is solution to wildfires.

Debauched Dems demand their questions on 2020 Census.

Chastain: We are to forgive Moonves but crucify Trump.

Brown: Isreal’s looming (cold) Civil War.

Williamson: ICE breakers.

Blackwell: Protecting the integrity of our elections.

Sobieski: 3-D plastic gun hype misfires.

Scaros: Our Statue of Liberty is really more a ‘statute of limitations’. 

Jackson: Government permission to petition.

Lifson: Mueller team signals it may not call it’s star witness against Manafort.

Lifson: Mueller prosecutors go low in Manafort trial and are rebuked by judge.

Showalter: Politico reporter calls Trump supporters ‘garbage people’, then lectures us.

Hakim: Lebron needs to change his game off the court.

Moran: Young Democratic Socialist chapters springing up on campuses.

Dunlap: Eugenics are back and the reasons are as selfish as ever.


Wednesday, August 1st, 2018

BREAKING: Trump slams Mueller, urges Sessions to end Witch Hunt NOW!

Walter Williams: Some ideas to think about.

Safi: The porn industry and trafficking reinforce each other.

Blake: How Identity Politics fuels hatred.

Flaherty: The Wicked Witches of Silicon Valley.

Trinko: Freeing people from Left-Wing lies.

This is catastrophic for Democrats.’  Woman gets first refund of union dues.

This is how it feels to have an Alcoholic Relapse.

Farah: Book banners and news controllers.

Farber: Since 1918, 39 socialist nations, 0 successes

Kamala Harris’s rent subsidy would help landlord’s, not renters.

Watch: Trump supporters give rude Jim Acosta a dose of his own medicine.

Trump predicts demise of ‘fake news media’, taunts deluded CNN’s Acosta.

Tommy Robinson Freed!

Cashill: Paramount owes America an apology for Jay-Z’s Trayvon series.

Ward: Lebron James is perpetuating the problem.

27 times people predicted a political catastrophe for Trump that didn’t materialize.

Ellis: Trumpservative nation at a precipice.

Trump in Florida: ‘The time has come for photo ID’ in voting.

Florida governor candidate DeSantis: Civics ‘ignorance’ led to Ocasio-Cortez win. 

DOJ’s religious liberty arm set to investigate the SPLC?

Bruce: Liberals still hysterical over Hillary’s loss get their own ‘disease’.

CNN’s hapless Jim Acosta responds to hecklers: ‘hostility will result in someone getting hurt’.

Connecticut town official kneels for Pledge of Allegiance, met with backlash from community

DHS official on what would happen if Dems do ‘abolish ICE’.

Pope: Sacrificing children for career is ‘idolatry’.

Showalter: What part of ‘illegal’ does Sen. Mazie Hirono not understand?

South Africa to change Constitution to legalize taking away white Farmers land.

Malkin: Free Valentino Dixon

The baseless attack on Marc Short.

D’Souza: White nationalists on left, not on the right.

Charlie Daniels warns NFL: offend handful – or millions

Strzok argued to keep FBI privileges.

Just a ‘crock’, Limbaugh slams FB claim.

More than 450 in Florida ordered to surrender guns.

Muslim immigrant: Nothing wrong with sexually abusing 13 women.

Parker: Trump’s economic renaissance.

Schlafly: Trump right to push back against Koch brothers.

Smith: The strange world of Kavanaugh opposition.

Sandefur: Native American children at risk need protection too.

Shapiro: Being a socialist means never having to say you’re sorry.

Chinese media: U.S. Marines in Taiwan would be ‘invasion of Chinese soil’.

Harsanyi: Let’s debunk the misleading panic over 3-D Guns.

Berryhill: Trump’s economy is destroying Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s fantasies.

Hall: The election that creates the most problems.

Syrios: Ending online outrage mobs.

Gottfried: Trump and Carl Schmitt: an Unlikely association.

Lifson: Are the Democrats actually trying to build a bad image of being bad sports?

Skurkiss: Trump Derangement Syndrome at National Review Online.

Tuesday, July 31st, 2018

USA:666 minutes every day on daily media consumption.

Florida Governor Candidate DeSantis: Civics ignorance led to Ocasio-Cortez win.

Federer: Booker T. Washington: Advice for everyone.

Top ten cities for homelessness in America, all run by Democrats.

Massie: No group more evil: White Progressives.

Victor Davis Hanson: Origins of our second Civil War.

Chalk: Don’t let your kids waste their summers and lives on video games, like I did.

Analysis: Here are the stunning tax hikes required to pay for single payer healthcare’s $32.6 trillion price tag.

Wildfires barrel toward California lake towns.

Threaten 10,000 homes.

Firefighters battling fatigue.

Record breaking heat brings unprecedented destruction.

Video shows massive fire cloud.

Fifty Years on, warnings on contraception have been proven correct.

Marcus: All hands on deck for Operation midterm.

Solway: Is there a cure for the modern university?

Rail: Doing what we must.

Watch: Armed man tells cops to ‘leave me alone’ before being fatally shot.

Raleigh: China’s latest vaccine scandal illustrates the dangers of socialized medicine.

Lowry: The battle over socialism is joined.

Buchanan: Will America again see secession?

Dr. Vliet: SCOTUS, the Constitution, and your health

Dunaway: Goals of socialism, Christianity, irreconcilable.

Margolis: The left is working overtime to normalize fascism.

Media workforce down 23% in last decade.

Smith: Poor Facebook.

RIP Ron Dellums: Anti-American, Pro-Communist to the end.

Ahistorical Lebron sez ‘ feels like we are going back to slavery or Jim Crow’.  Funny how that works when you are making hundreds of millions, and no one in slavery or Jim Crow ever had your riches. 

Ebenhack: Trump vs. The NY Times.

Patriotism: The secret of Trump’s success.

Levin: Interrupt Obama and reporters are racist, interrupt Trump and they’re heroes.

Reprobate Durbin calls on Nielsen to resign over immigrant separations. 

House prepared to hold Rosenstein in contempt.

Giuliani: It’s time for Mueller to put up or shut up.

FBI still has relationship with discredited SPLC.

Cooke: The unserious face of an unserious movement. 

Whatever happened to Obama’s ‘unmasking probe’?

Hollywood star to Joy Behar: Move to a socialist country.

Coulter: Trump’s numbers through the roof if he does just one thing.

Texas: Muslim immigrant kills Christian son-in-law.

New video game: Shoot the unborn baby.

DOJ deal to post 3D printer gun plans online in crosshairs.

Prager: Why millennials don’t have hobbies.

Moore: Trump’s trade triumph.

Tomczak: 4 things Spurgeon would have said in a podcast.

DeSanctis: Progressive reactions to the religious liberty task force: Prove we need it.

N. California wildfire 9th most destructive ever.

Jackson: Black professor projects  her own racism onto Trumpsters.

Shapiro: Boys and girls are different, let’s celebrate that.

Crypto ‘Assassination’ market let’s users bet on whether or not Trump will be killed.

The rise and fall of Paul Manafort.

Ninth circuit: Trump supporters brutalized by liberal mob, can still sue San Jose police department.

McAleer: Michael Moore and his ever changing lies.

Kataline: Donald Trump is dragging kicking and screaming down the road to prosperity and peace.

Root: Everyone hates Trump.

Thomas: What’s not to like about Trump’s policies.

Trump taunts fake news, when I’m gone, you’re ratings will crash.

Andrea Mitchell compares Trump to Josef Stalin, calls his attacks on press ‘very dangerous’.

Lebron: Trump using sports to divide us, I would never sit across from him.

Minneapolis police under fire for fatal shooting of black man; new report reveals suspect fired at officers.

Woman discovers husband renewed porn subscription, then she gets her gun.

It’s war, Trump slams ‘total joke’ Koch brothers, mocks them as ‘overrated’.

China’s Latest Vaccine Scandal Illustrates The Dangers Of Socialized Medicine

Konrad: The return of the Valkyrie.

Chantrill: The enlightened superstitions of Stephen Pinker.

McCarthy: Alysin Camerota is from Mars, Rudy Giuliani is from earth.

Rail: The ever receding Socialist Paradise.

Hakim: Off with their security clearances.

McSwain: The latest concept liberals don’t get.

Monday, July 30th, 2018

NY Slimes publisher complains to Trump about ‘potential’ violence against journalists – ignores over 500 violent attacks on Trump supporters.

NY Slimes millennial publisher, whines ‘Stop calling us fake news’.

Imani: Robert Spencer’s ‘History of Jihad’ opens eyes.

Moran: The collective American media are mentally ill.

Perkins: The FBI, Hillary’s computers, and the Russians.

Vicious War on freedom loving media gets hot.

Federer: How persecution led to religious freedom.

James Dobson warns Christians to vote – or lose freedoms.

Schaper: Trump will continue to prove the president wrong, here’s why.

Hawkins: 5 reasons why Hillary Clinton was the worst presidential nominee in American history.

Nunes: American people ‘will be shocked’ when they read redacted portion of FISA application.

Knight: On the run at  UVa

Trump’s fight against deranged lamestream media intensifies.

Pompeo: U.S. will oppose China’s play for regional dominance.

Feinstein, other Senate Dems have plan on Brett Kavanaugh, stall.

Dem race baiters fraud Blumenthal: ‘Americans should be really angry’ about Trump’s ‘consciously and purposefully inflicted cruelty’ on immigrants.

Krumholz: The Facts behind the Trump Tower meeting are incriminating, but not for Trump.

Schlichter: Millennial Socialism: Stupid, evil, or both.

Adler: De Leon’s nightmare tax program for the wealthy.

Morefield: Pastor Robert Jeffress, Christians, and ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’, Reality Vs. Rhetoric.

Nazaryan: Fantasyland.

Murray: the Savagery of Isis.

Geraghty: The liberal faith in the inevitability of impeachment.

Watch: Cory Booker’s split personality.

Lifson: Iranian economy collapsing

Cost: Why a Democratic wave in November looks likely.

Armstrong: The SCOTUS is destroying national unity.

McKinley: Twitter banned me for ‘hate speech’ when I opposed trans troops, honor killings.

Braunstein: Lawyers seven miscarriages lead to infertility memoir everyone needs to read.

Calder: Women are worse off in ‘democrat socialist countries’.

Dems plan to crack down on big tech.

Trump demands funding to build the wall faster.

Ginsburg, one of the worst SCOTUS justices in history, suggests she will clog up SCOTUS for five more years.

Study: Medicare for all projected to cost $32.6 trillion.

MSNBC legal expert: Cohen flipping puts Trump one witness away from catastrophe.

Justice Department creates religious liberty task force.

Ledeen: Why the CNN reporter ban doesn’t bother me.

Illegal aliens in court over bad burritos, cold soup.

Feds: New rules needed for Jetson’s like flying cars.

D’Souza’s new film claims Democrats once too racist for Nazi’s.

Joondeph: Michael Cohen already exonerated Trump.

Blackwell: Unleashing America’s entrepreneurial spirit.

Thau: Once upon a time, small business made America great.

Peterson: The Republican party, not much of a horse, but the only one in the corral. 

Bargo Jr.: How Mitch McConnell stole the 2016 congressional elections.

Showalter: Greece’s fire disaster another gift of socialism.

Straker: NH working hard to make state less white.

Club for growth targets female voters in McCaskill race.