Jewish media explodes with outrage over 4 callers at Walnut Creek City Council meeting 6/6/23, who disagree with Jew supremacy

Wow, Sensitive Jew owned media flipping out.

Umm, we have the right to criticize any belief system. If you don’t like that, move to China, where they don’t have free speech.

Four calls, makes statewide news.

Judge for yourself, do the comments seem “racist” or “antisemitic” to you?

And why does the media leave out 90% of what was said?

Is this what you’d expect from the media, since it’s owned by Jews?

Here is what was said,

Here is the media’s response.

Walnut Creek City Mayor, when commanded by Jewish councilman, censors criticism of Jewish wrongdoing.

What really happened at the Walnut Creek City council meeting. Note Jewish council member frantically gesturing to the female mayor to “shut it down”, when the first caller begins criticizing Jewish wrongdoing. She immediately obeys, shows you who runs things.

Here is what the lying Jewish media said happened, notice they will tell you only that “antisemitisms” happened, but will ignore that what was said was true.