5G towers behind coronavirus hoax. Irrefutable proof included.

Our problem today is not the coronavirus. It’s the 5G towers.

Late 1800’s, Telegraph came out, nationwide, rates of cancer, obesity, and heart disease increased in humans and wild animals.

1918, radio came out, so did Spanish flu.

1957, radar came out, another flu epidemic.

2017, book “The invisible rainbow” released, meticulously documenting electricity harms to humans that have happened, and predicting the release of 5G in 2019 will lead to massive health harm to humans and animals.


October 2019: 5G towers switched on in Wuhan, China. Worldwide Coronavirus outbreak begins at the same time and place, in Wuhan, China.

Today: Scientists have documented that 5G is harming wildlife. When scientists first began studying 5Gs effects on animals in the 1960’s, the effects were so devastating, they declined to study the effects on humans. Now, the vaccine companies, and the telecommunication companies have passed immunity from liability laws, so no one can sue vaccine manufacturers for death or injuries from their vaccines, and no one can sue telecommunication companies for death and injury caused by their 5G towers.

The rollout of 5G towers and their satellites, did not happen all at once.

That is why those who were older and had pre existing conditions got the “virus” first and were getting sick and dying first. They keep steadily switching the 5G towers on in America, as they have not yet completed the rollout. They also keep shooting satellites into the atmosphere. They will keep steadily increasing the levels of the harmful electricity these 5G towers are emitting, until nearly all of us are impacted by it. Solution is to take down all 5G towers in the world, that the Jewish bankers put up over the last ten years, for control, and to depopulate earth. They want the human population down to about 500 million, from 8 billion, which means, 7.5 billion of us have to go. They even say this on their Georgia Guide stones.

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