Mike Stone – Is The Agenda to Control Not Cull?


If depopulation is the agenda, why is construction booming?“I’m not discounting the 100,000 or so people that have already died after being vaccinated, but people shilling mass genocide appear to be way off the mark.”
by Mike Stone


Like a lot of you, I often struggle to keep up with everything that’s going on in the world. 
There’s so much new info coming down the pike every day and so much of it is unreliable. 
You just don’t know who to trust anymore.
Take the virus hoax. The official story is a global pandemic that’s killed millions of people and will continue to kill millions more if the entire world isn’t vaccinated every year. 
Well, we all know none of that is true.
However, on the other end of the spectrum we’re told that billions of vaccinated people are going to die and Creepy Joe’s goon squads will soon be kicking in doors and force vaccinating people. 
Neither of those scenarios appear likely either. I’m not discounting the 100,000 or so people that have already died after being vaccinated, but people shilling mass genocide appear to be way off the mark.
I used to think that those selling us gloom and doom meant well, but their claims, not just on this issue, but on many other issues as well, are so consistently off the mark, that I have to wonder if their purpose is to demoralize the population with false information.
So what exactly is going on and who can we trust?

Sometimes you can discover the truth in an oblique way. Take global warming. We know it’s a con by the simple reason that Barack Obama bought a $15 million house on the waterfront at Martha’s Vineyard.
If global warming and rising sea levels were truly what the liars tell us they are, he never would have done that. And Obama, of all people, knows what the truth is. As president, he received daily intelligence briefings, and probably still does.
If his intelligence material contained even a hint that global warming was real, he would have never spent $15 million for an oceanfront home that will be under water in ten years. Case closed.
As for our current situation, I look around my neighborhood and I see nothing but non-stop construction. Huge apartment buildings and office skyscrapers going up on every block.
Friends around the country tell me the same thing. Construction is booming all over the country. So if mass genocide is right around the corner, who is going to rent those apartments and offices?
The people paying for all this new construction aren’t stupid. They know far better than the average Joe what the future holds. Would they be spending all that money, knowing that no one will be alive to occupy their new buildings? It doesn’t make sense.
BlackRock, the financial firm, is buying every single-family house they can find at 20-50% above asking price. Why would they be doing that if everyone is going to die and no one will be alive to rent from them? It doesn’t make sense.
Supposedly 100% of the NFL’s coaches and over 70% of the players are currently vaccinated.
If we don’t see at least some of them dropping dead on the field, can we still put any trust in the mass genocide theory?
Obviously, there is some kind of agenda going on. But the available evidence seems to indicate that rather than mass genocide, it is an attempt to get everyone subservient and microchipped.
Of course, some would call that a fate worse than death.

Mike Stone is the author of Based, a young adult novel about race, dating and growing up in America, and A NewAmerica, the first novel of the Alt-Right, a dark comedy set on Election Day 2016 in Los Angeles – – Available on Amazon.


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