Goyim Defense League (GDL) activists criminally impersonate my voice, using computer technology, then use the n word at Modesto City Council.

Anyone have any idea how to sue @HandsomeTruth (https://gab.com/HandsomeTruth) and the GDL?

I was invited to the Modesto meeting, on zoom comments, and the usual GDL activists did their thing using racial slurs and profanity.

This time, they took it to a whole new criminal level, as puppets of the banker overlords commonly do.

They had a caller call in, identify themself as Ryan Messano, and used my real voice to state the n word.

Before I was able to call in to correct the record, the Mayor shut down public comment, so now, everyone who was listening thinks I used the N word.

The level of evil these devils
are capable of is truly epic.

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