Comments on agenda items 9/5/23 Sacramento City Council meeting. Was skipped and passed over on Zoom as I was out of town.

#1) Comment on consent calendar.

Ryan Messano of

I find it incredible that my hand was raised during the consent calendar and i wasn’t Called on, but all the GDL controlled opposition was called on. First, I oppose racial slurs and profanity, and I reject and denounce all these callers using these disgusting and deliberate tactics to try to hide the truth being told.

I agree that profanity and racial slurs be censored. They aren’t protected by the First Amendment, neither is porn. Even though I think the mayor is incompetent and inept at best, I agree with him censoring profanity and racial slurs. Now, if only the mayor would censor criticism of Whites, not just criticism of his own religion, which he doesn’t even follow. Mayor only censors profanity against him, not from his supporters, showing he has no principles and is a moral midget.

Second, the public should be able to comment on presentations. The government doesn’t get to pick presentations, then shield them from all criticism. I’m not wasting my time in public comment to address this, when we ought to have had the time after the presentation.

Since no opportunity to address the presentations by the public was given, since the City Council and Mayor don’t think public input is important; as they demonstrate by putting public comment dead last at meetings, and giving speakers a lousy two minutes, I’ll do it now.

On hip hop, I listened to it as an kid too, though thankfully my parents didn’t have a television and stopped us from listening to mostly corrupt music and watching television and movies, all controlled by, well, if I say it, the Mayor will have a temper tantrum, so I’ll let the hearer fill in the blanks. My website tells the truth.

However, while many of us enjoyed it, and some were involved and have happy memories, we need to zoom out. In the 1960’s, we had Lyndon Baines Johnson, who lost of us know as LBJ, pass his disastrous “War on Poverty” after he got into office with JFK’s assassination, this war on poverty was a catastrophe for the black community as it incentivized black women to get on welfare and to kick the black man out of the home. This led to an explosion in black fatherless rates from 10% in 1940 to 75% as im speaking. Hip hop was introduced into the black community right after LBJ’s war on poverty kicked out the black man, so young and vulnerable boys and girls had no men to protect them from the invasion of hip hops emphasis on crime, drugs, and promiscuity. Zooming out, there are no positive impacts on

The black community or America from hip hop, movies, or television.

In addition, 75% of black boys are functionally illiterate. The leading factors contributing to criminality, regardless of race, are fatherlessness and functional illiteracy which hip hop has only served to cause to explode.

So, we shouldn’t be celebrating hip hop, facts don’t care about feelings, and it’s shameful our leaders nearly every week celebrate some other emotional agenda, they have more planned for the future, and fail to do their homework. Good leaders are wise and aren’t easily deceived.

#2) Comment on police receiving militarized weaponry.

This is Ryan Messano of

I don’t know why a commission paid for by the government gets more time to speak than American citizens. Another clever ploy by the Sacramento mayor and city council to push their agenda and to silence and drown out truth. Anyone who is paid, is going to find the results the people paying them want them to find. And Keyon Bliss shouldn’t be on the commission, he’s a race baiting, rabble rousing, grossly ignorant speaker of nonsense. Further proof of the mayors corruption,. He immediately censors criticism of certain religions, but allows corrupt Bliss more time.

Anyone commenting on this or listening is advised to read “War on Cops” by Heather Macdonald, which shatters the “Police are racist” narrative. Further why is it that I constantly hear comments and anecdotes about how police are racist; which aren’t supported by any objective statistics at all, but never hear these people talk about the crime, especially murder, rape, and violent crime.

I’m opposed to military equipment for the police. Yes, we do have a crime explosion, nationwide, caused by government policies that attack the family. Go to any prison, and no matter race, you’ll find the vast majority of criminals are men, and 90% of these male convicted prisoners were raised without a married father and are functionally illiterate, I have heard this council talk for hundreds of hours, and I haven’t heard you discuss the root problems of the crime problem once. Halfway to fixing a problem is acknowledging you have a problem, how can you fix a problem if you won’t identify it and the solutions.

Why has our rape rate gone from 9 women per 100,000 in 1960, to officially 40 rapes per 100,000, and actually it’s closer to 100 rapes per 100,000 women, because police are cooking the books and many women are afraid to report it. Dysfunctional families.

Police overreach is dangerous, and the police arresting people for not wearing masks and getting vaccines is dangerous constitutional overreach.

#3) Matters not on agenda

Anyone not agree that no race and no religion is above criticism?

Let’s discuss history. My website is By learning the past we will understand who is behind all of todays chaos. And let’s keep an open mind. It’s very likely the group screaming the loudest, and desperately trying to Silence legitimate criticism is the culprit behind every evil Agenda in America today. The apostle Paul told us, 2,000 years ago, in 1 Thessalonians chapter 2 verses 14-15, who was behind evil agendas in his day, and nothing has changed in 2,000 years.

1910, 6 men representing a quarter of the worlds wealth met at Jekyll iskand, GA, secretly, and planned the Creation of the Federal Reserve and income tax. This is detailed in the excellent book, “The Creature from Jekyll island”. Kindly don’t research this with Google searches or Wikipedia searches, as bankers control the information online, and algorithms.

1912, bankers funded Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson, so, this caused Teddy Roosevelt to split the 60% Republican vote with Taft, allowing Wilson to sneak in the White House with 40% of the vote. Wilson’s White House handler for the bankers,, Edward Mandell House, anonymous wrote a book “Philip Dru Administrator” in 1912, detailing how a small group of men can run the world. Wasting no time, the bankers passed the 16th and 17th Amendments in 1913, which were the income tax and direct election of senators, along with the Federal Reserve.

Once the bankers had control of the Americas money with the Federal Reserve and income tax, they immediately triggered World War 1 in 1914, having Freemason Gavrilo Princip murder the archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria. Much more to be revealed, but I’ll end by saying they arranged the murder of the Tsar of Russia and his entire family in 1918, in the worlds biggest robbery, as the Tsar was worth nearly $1 trillion in todays money, not counting land and jewels. Of the early Bolshevik Russian leaders, 300 were Jewish, only 12 were Russian. 40 million Russians were then murdered.