Conversation with a man who believes in Covid

That went unexpectedly well. A man pulled up at the library with two young boys, on a bicycle, and told one to get a few free Covid tests out of the vending machine.

Direct attacks seldom work. The indirect approach is far more effective, let people convince and persuade themselves.

Me: “Do you agree all the media is controlled”?

Him: Surprisingly agreeing, “Well, it has to be controlled”

Me: yes, all the radio, television, newspapers, are run by the same people.

Him: assents.

Me: “Who prints out all the money?”

Him: “The Mint?”

Me: “Yes, and who owns the Mint?”

Him: in an uncertain and questioning tone “We the people?”

Me: “No, it’s owned by private citizens who likely aren’t even American citizens, and if you say who they are you are called an anti-semite”

Him: he’s been active all along, and agrees, while riding off with his sons. At least three other people are listening.

Not much, but having non-confrontational conversations and allowing people to save face is necessary.