Porn is Why Men Don’t Resist


The reaction to the totalitarian takeover has been pathetic.Why is that? 

By Henry Makow PhD
A commentator recently remarked that seven million men have dropped out of the work force. What are they doing? 
Apparently, they spend 40 hours a week “in front of a screen.”
Well, they are not reading this website. Most days I get zero response. My books don’t sell. No one wants to know that the West is becoming a Communist dictatorship, let alone do anything about it. 
Why is that? The central bankers (Demonrats) stole the 2020 election effectively ending democracy. They rebranded the seasonal flu and used it as an excuse to poison billions of people and lock down the planet. They are encouraging our children to literally embrace homosexuals, change genders and take puberty inhibitors.

California State Assembly has just passed a bill allowing parents to lose custody of their children if they refuse to accept their child’s gender transition.They want your kids. 


With breathtaking cowardice, we don’t stand behind people who resist. J-6 protesters are being handed 20-year sentences and held in deplorable conditions. Yet there is not so much as a vigil outside the prison.

In a Twitter poll, I asked why the response of American men to the Communist Jewish takeover has been so “lackluster.” 

hat is distracting them? Four hundred men replied. 45% said porn is the reason. 42% said Sports.About 7 percent mentioned cannabis and day trading. 
There were 41 comments. They mentioned video games, fluoride in drinking water, soy products, media indoctrination, and just plain fear. 
“What would you have us do?  Have you seen what they’re doing to people who protest, organize, speak out, educate?“Fear of cancellation, you have to self censor or life becomes harder!“Christianity is the number one reason for the cowardice and inaction. It has brainwashed these fools into thinking that they should sit back and do nothing so as not to interfere with Jesus’ return.

Doreen had an interesting take. “What happens in abusive relationships is what’s happening in the world around us. The goal of the abuse cycle is for the target [abused] to comply, and maintain extraordinary loyalty to the abuser while remaining in the abuse system.”

Porn has always been used as a way to degrade and pacify men. The Nazis encouraged porn in occupied Poland. The Israelis did the same in occupied Palestine. 
I suspect that porn has addled the brains of millions of men. 
Key Porn Industry Statistics
The global pornography industry is worth an estimated $100 billion. 

The United States alone accounts for about $13 billion of that $100 billion.

Over 36,000 people looked for help and support for porn addiction in 2021.

84.4% of males and 16% of females between 14 and 18 years old consume pornography.  
46% of American men (136 MILLION) and 16% of American women regularly consume pornography
Every minute of every day around one million people consume online porn content.

The Bedbible Research Center surveyed 14,710 people, which included interviews with CEOs, porn actors, producers, and psychologists to dig deeper into the industry to gather more data and insight into this industry. 

According to this research, there has never been a time in this world where the profits and revenues from porn have been as high as they are today. 

It’s believed that the global pandemic has had a major impact on the increase in pornography consumption. 
This has resulted in a higher “supply in demand”. As a result, more porn is created and available now than ever in the past. 


One comment said people won’t fight until they can’t feed themselves and their children. 

That day is surely coming.

The Illuminati believe in telling us what they plan. This seems to have a paralyzing effect on its sex-addled victims.
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