Letter to Modesto Mayor and City Council on criminal impersonation at 9/26/23 City Council Meeting

Dear Mayor and City Council, 

An associate invited me to comment in Modesto, as we do in different city councils. As some of you know, the newspapers, television, social media, schools, libraries, and virtually all sources of information are controlled. For those willing to research and with the self-control to avoid emotional dismissals of new information, the truth is on my website, Messanonews.com.

I am writing to you this evening about the City council meeting. You all heard a caller call in and identify himself as Ryan Messano and use my voice. That was not me. The caller also used the racial slur of the n-word. This was a criminal impersonation, using computer technology to replicate my voice, and I hope you can publicly announce this at your next City Council meeting, as I don’t appreciate my name being dragged through the mud by corrupt Goyim Defense League (GDL) activists. 

I was going to comment on Zoom, but the mayor stopped the Zoom calls before I could explain myself. 

Thank you for your attention to this; I await your response to assure me this will be publicly corrected or that I’ll be allowed to publicly call in at the next meeting to correct the record.

Sincerely yours, 

Ryan Messano

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