Matt Braynard’s data analytics have paid off

Andrea Widburg

Over the course of two days, I introduced American Thinker readers to Matt Braynard. The first time I wrote about him, he’d run a successful GoFundMe campaign to fund research into fraudulent votes. The second time, I reported that GoFundMe had deplatformed him and returned all the pledged money. I can now update you about Matt’s work: He was able to complete his project and it’s paid off in the form of support for Trump’s legal challenges to the election.

Just three days after the election, I wrote about Matt Braynard, who had made a successful GoFundMe pitch for money he planned to use for a sophisticated data analytics program. It would allow him to determine how many “voters” in the contested states were dead people, non-residents, or infrequent voters whose identities were stolen.

Only one day later, I wrote about Matt’s travails with GoFundMe. The platform had kicked him off because it disagreed with the project he sought to fund:

We raised $220k on GoFundMe before we were deleted for “Prohibited Content.” None of the money was disbursed to us.  This is the same platform that raises money for bail for terrorists. Help us out by 2x’ing what you gave before to help make up what we lost.

That’s how the left rolls: It pretends to create a free and open marketplace of ideas and then, when it attains dominance in the market, it silences views with which it disagrees.

Fortunately, Matt was able to obtain crowdsourced funding again through GiveSendGo, a Christian crowdfunding site.

One day later, with money again flowing in, Matt published a video explaining the project he was creating with that money. It’s a fascinating video.

Matt explains the complex computer program he and his team were creating to track cemetery votes, out-of-state votes, and other improper votes. Every time a living person was identified who shouldn’t have been voting, Matt would have someone call that person to determine whether his or her name had been used to cast a fraudulent vote. If his team identified someone whose identity had been stolen, Matt got an affidavit to that effect from the voter:

(Incidentally, when an exhausted Matt recited his resume, he inadvertently stated that he’d worked on the “1996” Trump campaign. He later tweeted out that, of course, he’d meant the 2016 Trump campaign.)

On Saturday, Matt was able to update people with the results of his project:

Matt also took some time out from his extraordinarily busy schedule to remind Democrats that they once supported weeding out illegal activity connected to voting:

When you hear one of Trump’s lawyers talk about affidavits proving massive, on-the-ground voter fraud, you’ll now understand how they were able to get that information: Matt Braynard had a good idea and, despite GoFundMe’s best efforts to block him, enough people sent money his way that he was able to put that idea into effect.

In this fight, we all matter. Let’s hope, now, that an honest judge is willing to do the right thing.

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