From ‘Don’t tread on me’ to obsequiousness

Leftists have long-since taken over our schools. They have tossed out the classics and an honest teaching of Western Civilization. They have bastardized and rewritten American history to serve their own nefarious aims. 

They have weaponized ignorance.

As a result, too many sheeple people have no idea what’s happening around them. 

Many believe the Black Lives Matter and Antifa protests have been “mostly peaceful” and that these groups just want equal justice and a more tolerant society. Most still don’t know that Antifa is a domestic anarchic terrorist group that believes violence is the only legitimate form of protest against American society. Most still don’t know that the heads of Black Lives Matter openly state that the group is pro-Marxist and intends to “disrupt” the nuclear family.

And most are utterly unaware that Democrats used COVID-19 as a Trojan Horse to get them into the White House despite the incumbent’s impressive record of accomplishments. And that they will now attempt to crush all dissent so they will never have to relinquish power again. (Conservative sites are being attacked and de-platformed as I write this, and you read it.  Let us expend every effort to make sure that doesn’t happen.) 

And, while I wholeheartedly support people’s right to wear facial masks if they so desire, particularly during the ongoing pandemic, there are many conflicting studies on the efficacy of doing so. There are studies that purport to show that mask wearing has little or no effect on the transmission of the coronavirus. There are also valid reasons for believing that the long-term deleterious effects of mask wearing, like lockdowns, outweigh any benefits. 

What is most remarkable to me, however, is that the majority of people don’t see that masks are, literally, an in-your-face symbol of our rulers’ control over us. They tell us to cover our mouths and shut the hell up, and the vast majority of us do as we are told, unquestioningly. Unbelievable. Even some Europeans have been revolting against mask mandates. But we Americans have been good little compliant chumps. (Except for Antifa and BLM, but those groups are anti-American and, as such, are sanctioned by our elite Democratic politicians and their sycophants in the media.)

Does anyone seriously believe Washington, Adams, Madison, Franklin, Jefferson, et. al., would have donned masks had George III mandated that the colonists do so? Inside their own homes as Pennsylvania now demands of its citizens? The answer to that question goes a long way towards unmasking why our leftist leaders detest them so much.

Americans have gone from telling oppressive governments “Don’t Tread on Me” to telling them: “You want me to obstruct my breathing apparatus and never leave my home for a year or two? Okay, I’ll do it. Anything else, master?” 

Mask mandates rob us of our humanity. 

Our servility does too.

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