Cops terrorize Ontario woman in self- quarantine

ober 7, 2020


Law-abiding citizens are treated like criminals. I hope your family does not become a target of Doug Ford’s single-minded drive to prevent an infection like ours was in the early morning hours of Tuesday, October 6, 2020. 
by Anon
The weaponizing of public health directives is turning a healthy, kind, gentle, and patriotic people into a suspicious, polarized, angry, and distressed society at graceless odds with one another. 
At 1:22 AM I received a highly panicked call from my daughter who was abiding by self-isolation orders following international travel. My 32-year-old single daughter was “holed up” for 14 days at her brother’s vacant rural property as he himself works abroad. 
For her, being in remote rural property far from any neighbors in a creaky old farmhouse was already a scary stretch. But to comply with our citizenship responsibilities, we all agreed to endure the risk and do our part to not be accused of importing Sars-2. 
At the other end of the phone was my daughter, in hushed, breathless, bursts of sheer terror, telling me someone was trying to break into the house–her worst fears and ours! 
She told me she was locked in a downstairs bathroom and someone was pounding on the doors and yelling. On her way to the bathroom, she said she had peered out and could see people (she didn’t know how many), with flashlight(s) and car lights in the laneway of the farmhouse. 
I had to listen to my daughter ask her “daddy…what do I do if they take me away?”
I’m 2 hours by car away and helplessly hearing my daughter ask me to give her one more piece of advice, maybe for the last time. 
Please join me as you emotionally empathize with our moment at 1:22 AM this past Tuesday morning. 
Please embrace that moment dads with daughters. We did what anyone would do, while I kept my daughter on the line, waiting for the inevitable discovery, our other son, involved by this time, called 911. 
And we waited to see who would get to my daughter first, the aggressive intruder or the police, commissioned to protect and to serve. 
Deep down inside I knew the answer because the intruder was already there and the nearest OPP detachment was at least 20 minutes away.
 Might an officer miraculously be on patrol in that remote backroad? What seemed like forever but was probably 10 minutes, a response came back from the police. 
The aggressive intruder with headlights in the laneway and waving a flashlight around this remote rural property at 1:22 AM in the night was an OPP officer doing a COVID compliance check! 
No warning, no text or phone call, no police car lights flashing, just an OPP officer out enforcing the Trudeau/Ford government’s healthcare. 
No apology from the officer–just a cop out “doing his job” as he put it, terrifying young single women abiding by the law at 1:22 AM in rural northeastern Ontario. 
It’s a beautiful country up there, as is most of Ontario–a great place to be alone unless you are in the crosshairs of COVID eradication orders.
 A subsequent afternoon call from the attending officer to a very disturbed father, you would think, would be filled with concern and empathy and understanding and maybe even an apology for being the catalyst to a night we all thought would be our last with our beautiful daughter–who herself was in process of being mentored to comply with government directives, even if inconvenient.  She was keeping the law. We all were understandably shaken by the evening events. 


Instead, the attending officer calls and when asked to explain his actions proceed to shout me down with the declaration that he has “20 years’ experience and knows how to do his job and doesn’t need to take any “excrement” from me!” 
I presume, as he was aggressively and belligerently hanging up on me, he was exercising the same lack-of-judgment policing style he employed the night before? 
I have been advised by political leaders and others to escalate this story because something is very wrong everywhere. Folks, we all need to look around and ask ourselves if leadership is producing a better Canada, a better Ontario, and the answer is obvious. 
We have never been more uncivil and angry and polarized. Criminalizing healthcare is dead wrong! It must stop. 
There is an Independent Police Review Division to address the brutal treatment of law-abiding people. Our family will make use of it. It’s the least I can do for my severely traumatized daughter. 
What are we going to do about our beloved province and country? In the process of caring for each other in our sicknesses, maybe making healthcare laws and empowering compliance policing is a very wrong approach. As a father to all other fathers out there: this could happen to your family if we don’t insist upon a leadership course correction and quickly!
Thanks, K!
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