Pence demolishes the lying bankers pawn, Kamala, in VP debate.

I had significant increases in my blood pressure last night, multiple times, as I have an allergy to liars, and it makes my blood boil that a candidate for Vice President can lie so suavely and brazenly.

Kamala Harris, while outwardly beautiful, is inwardly very ugly. Her arrogant and condescending manner, while she clearly doesn’t know what she pretends to know, is downright aggravating.

One wonders if she had an earpiece, because it’s extremely doubtful she knew about the SCOTUS appointment of Lincoln in 1864 on her own. As it was, she predictably butchered the reference, as Lincoln didn’t replace Taney’s replacement in 1864, not because he wanted the next election to decide it, but because the senate wasn’t in session.  When they came into session, they appointed Chase in a day.

Mike Pence masterfully took apart her many lies, her prissy tone, her audacious “I’m talking”, when he tried to correct one more of the many lies she is notorious for telling.  He was patient and didn’t lose his cool.  It’s hard to do that when your opponent is constantly slandering you on national television.

Harris lied about Charlottesville, insinuating that Trump called racists “very fine people”.

She proposed high taxes and government health care as great ideas, when they are only good for her banker overlords.

Woe to America if this wicked woman is elected.