Ghana President Exposed World Lockdown Plot Last June

October 20, 2020 


Listen to this 14-min speech. 
In June, Ghana President Nano Afuko-Addo basically outlined what is now happening in October, and confirms the Ottawa World Lockdown Leak posted here.   This pandemic was planned ten years ago down to the last detail. 

by Henry Makow PhD( On June 21, Ghana President Nano Afuko-Addo went public with the plan to destroy the world economy and enslave mankind. He said he was reading from a 2010 Rockefeller Foundation document but it must have been another Rockefeller “Operation Lockstep” document which I have not yet identified.
Here is a brief outline of his main points which confirm our worst fears. This pandemic was planned ten years ago down to the last detail.
1. Create a low mortality virus at Fort Detrick, NJ.
2. Create a weaponized high-mortality version as a backup to be used if needed.
3. For “added deniability” have it transferred to the bioweapon lab in Winnipeg where it will be stolen by Chinese scientists and smuggled out to Wuhan.
4. Make its spread seem like an accident. Blame the wet market in Wuhan.
5. Do a real-world simulation in Oct 2019. This is Event 201.
6. Plan to vaccinate the human race, enforced by a digital ID and “heath passports.” (This is ID 2020.)
7. Allow human to human contact to enable the strain to spread before lockdowns begin.
8. Expand lockdowns.
9. “Hype” the number of deaths in order to spread fear. Attribute all deaths to Covid 19.
10. Keep lockdowns as long as possible in order to destroy the economy, break supply chains and create social disruption.
11. Relieve lockdowns for a short time, and then blame “increase” in cases on this respite. Blame increase on protesters. “We told you so.”
12. Quell outrage with brutal force and depict dissenters as “public enemies.” Army checkpoints.
13. Roll out vaccinations and passports. People will not be able to participate in society without both.
14. If the majority wakes up to this conspiracy, release a new virus with a 30% mortality rate and say, “We told you so.”
I urge you to listen to the video. It may be the most important 14 minutes of your life.