Vallejo Mayoral Candidate Hakeem Brown ought to resign.

Every human has some things in their lives that they are ashamed of, so the recent Open Vallejo article about Hakeem Brown is understandable.

But, what we learn is that Hakeem has been violent for decades, was married to multiple women at the same time, punched a pregnant woman in the stomach, causing her to miscarry, and tortured women. That is never qualities you want in a leader, regardless of whether they have repented or not.

I can understand Hakeems frustration with today’s feminist movement, which is evil and wicked, and teaches women not to obey their husbands, but brute violence is not the answer.

Hakeem should resign, as he does not have the moral authority to lead. It’s one thing if it was a non violent crime, but, regularly beating women and dealing drugs all his life is absolutely outrageous!