It Is Time For Courage, Commitment And Confrontation – Christians Obey And Serve God, Not ‘Man’, And The 1st Amendment Doesn’t Have An Asterisk Explaining Exceptions

– ‘What the government funds, it runs. With nickels go nooses. With shekels come shackles – always.’ 

By Don Boys, Ph.D. for All News Pipeline

“Government has no authority to control a church!”

Well, that’s not precisely true because if a church receives tax dollars, it is obligated to give an account for the use of that money and slavishly obey the government’s demands. If a church takes its currency, they must accept state control. With nickels go nooses. What the government funds it runs. And finally, with shekels come shackles—always. 

That is a good reason for church officials to refuse any government money. A free and independent church can and should refuse to obey any government order to close or limit attendance. Moreover, a church should never send information to the government except to support a member’s giving record. I would never send any other information to any government agency. After all, what does no mean? No law means no rule or regulation or requirement. 

Because of the recent crisis with the Chinese coronavirus and subsequent shutdown, some arrogant governors have ordered churches and synagogues to close, often permitting other entities to remain open. And they always permit protestors to do their thing even if it involves rioting, looting, and burning of private property. 

It seems local, and state governments are quick to protect the constitutional rights of liberal protesters to protest—even if they are violent; while very hesitant to protect a Christian’s constitutional right to attend church. 

Some churches have been permitted to meet but with restrictions as to the number, practicing social distancing, mask-wearing. But no singing, shaking hands, or hugs. However, there are no loopholes; the federal and most state constitutions forbid any control of a local church or synagogue. 

Restrictions may seem reasonable during a crisis, but the First Amendment doesn’t have an asterisk explaining exceptions. If a church decides to disobey the government—local, state, or federal—then the church membership had better be sure they agree with that decision—they will not back down; they will not pay any fines; they will not close down temporarily or permanently. 

If government is going to close a church, church officials should force the government tyrants to close it in full daylight with the cameras rolling. 

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The unprincipled mayor or governor will probably campaign for reelection by saying, “I closed down those dangerous churches, and will do it again if necessary.” 

If a church is closed, the members should rent a store building or meet in a home while suing the government for ten million dollars. After all, church freedom is supported by the U.S. Constitution. You can still pray for officials while you sue them for a few million to teach them a constitutional lesson. 

Because of the failure of American Christians to impact culture and impress upon the Supreme Court a sense of decency and law, we are about to see the equivalent of a major war: the clash between our government and churches. When the nation and faith have been in conflict, American Christians have usually modified their faith rather than confront the authorities. Now is not the time to modify anything. It is a time for courage, commitment, and confrontation. 

And jail time if necessary. 

The U.S. Supreme Court declared, contrary to thousands of years of almost unanimous belief, that same-sex “marriage”was constitutional. Well, even if everyone agrees that it is acceptable as well as constitutional, it is a convoluted, controversial confrontation with a holy God who spoke authoritatively long ago. Moreover, all dedicated Christians who are more concerned about offending a sovereign God than offending pathetic pompous politicians and judges will reject that illogical, illegitimate, and illegal ruling. 

Here is one citizen who will resist the first day it becomes illegal to preach that homosexuality is an abomination or that Islam is a politically protected religion. I will preach on the steps of the U.S. Supreme Court (or declare on a national television talk show) that the U.S. has overstepped its bounds and is a rogue government. Resistance may mean persecution, prosecution, and prison, so I’ll have my toothbrush with me since I may be dragged off to jail. Maybe Christians should fill the jails in civil disobedience and be obedient to the Bible. 

Is this generation better than present-day Christians in Red China, Red Russia, or Red Korea? Are we to be protected from persecution while our theological ancestors were not protected? 

Disobedient churches may lose tax-exempt status, but we probably shouldn’t have had it anyway. Preachers and church leaders have been bowing before the golden calf of tax deduction for many years, and such obvious idolatry must stop. While no church should ever pay a tax to a government (since a sovereign never pays taxes to another sovereign), the personal tax deduction is not a biblical principle. Some churches have already repudiated their 501 (c) (3) status and continue without problems. 

Many nations don’t permit citizens to deduct gifts to their churches when figuring taxes, and that policy hasn’t harmed churches. It liberates church leaders from bowing before the golden calf. Government should stop all, and I mean all tax deductions for all charitable, educational, and scientific (religious and secular) giving! 

No Christian should give because of a tax advantage anyway. He or she gives because the ministry or charity is a deserving institution. 

The Chinese philosopher Confucius (551-479 B.C.) and some of his disciples were expelled from one Chinese state, traveled to another, and came upon a woman weeping beside a newly dug grave. Confucius asked her why she wept, and she told him that a tiger had killed her husband, father-in-law, and now her only son. Confucius asked why she lived in such a dangerous place, and she replied, “Because there is no oppressive government here.” 

Walking away, Confucius told his disciples, “My children, remember that oppressive government is worse than a tiger.” All governments are getting more and more oppressive, and while they are not as oppressive as China, North Korea, Russia, etc., the difference is in degree. 

I’m not surprised at the arrogance of Canadian, British, and American politicians and judges, but I am surprised at their lack of shame. Proponents of restrictive laws strut through government buildings wearing jackboots, and Canada, Britain, and America are only a goose step away from the formation of miniature Mussolinis who will try to control all churches. Even those who reject 501(c) (3) status will not be safe for long. 

An old dog may not learn new tricks, but a dedicated Christian can and should learn to do right rather than wrong. It’s a matter of the will, not the mind. Maybe modern church failure is a result of a faulty mind and a feeble will—as well as failed leaders. 

Church leaders must disobey intrusive laws and fill the jails in peaceful protests. Like the Disciples in Acts, we must obey God rather than man. 

Government not only cannot control a church, but it cannot control my conscience either. 

Here I stand. I can do no other. 

I believe someone else said that five hundred years ago. 

(Dr. Don Boys is a former member of the Indiana House of Representatives who ran a large Christian school in Indianapolis and wrote columns for USA Today for 8 years. Boys authored 18 books, the most recent being Muslim Invasion: The Fuse is Burning! The eBook is available here with the printed edition (and other titles) at Follow him on Facebook at Don Boys, Ph.D.; and visit his blog. Send a request to for a free subscription to his articles, and click here to support his work with a donation.)

Councilman Hakeem Brown must resign

For the past eight years, I’ve spoken against the legalization of pot in Vallejo and America, being rewarded with threats, bullying, intimidation, and attacks on my business for my efforts.

I warned that pot was directly related to violence, and that the legalization of drugs was closely linked with the downfall of nations, states, and cities, as we saw with China over two hundred years ago. After opium was introduced, she completely collapsed in a century, and had Communism take over, murdering 60 million Chinese.
Was this warning heeded? No, it wasn’t. Though Osby Davis valiantly fought against it, the rest of the City Council buckled to it, including former police officer and cureent a Mayor Sampayan, who definitely knew how much drugs and crime are related from his years on the force.

The City Council meetings to legalize pot from 2013-2015, were some of the most rowdy, chaotic, and disruptive meetings ever to be held in Vallejo. One meeting had to be halted ten times because of interruptions, IN A SINGLE NIGHT. Councilmember McConnell and Councilmember Miessner were the two biggest proponents for weed legalization, and there was a young man who kept coming to speak up for legalizing weed, and lecturing the city on their “systemic racism”. His name was Hakeem Brown.

My first encounter with Hakeem Brown was back in 2014-2015, when I attended a meeting the city put on to discuss avenues for legalizing pot. As was my habit, I showed up to discuss why I opposed pot legalization, and spoke for about three minutes, with the usual effect of being ignored and given sour looks by pot dealers who loved their profits more than the people their product poisoned.

After I spoke, in the same manner I opened this correspondence with, remarking that drug legalization resulted in populations being enslaved, a young man approached me and said my comments sounded “rayciss”. Back then, I was young and dumb, and didn’t know about the Cultural Marxist hoax, and how that was being used to silence the 63% of Americans who were white, and the smaller percentage who happened to be conservative, and Christian. So, I honestly thought I had offended Hakeem, and tried to placate him by explaining I wasn’t a racist. Little did I suspect this was simply a tactic Hakeem and others use to silence those who disagree with them, make us feel guilty, and to give themselves an unearned air of moral superiority.

I sporadically saw Hakeem at City Council meetings in the next few years, only to speak up for his drug dealing, and he occasionally spoke at hot button meetings, like speaking against the Orcem Cement Factory. This earned him many radical leftist fans, who immediately turned on him a few years later when he was supported by the police and the pro-Orcem Jumpstart committee. Understanding the Hegelian Dialectic and how the Democrat party has functioned since Woodrow Wilson’s election to the presidency in 1912, I wouldn’t be surprised if pro-Orcem and pro-police, Jumpstart forces are funded by the same folks who fund anti-police, Anti-Orcem, anti-Jumpstart forces. However, I digress.

In about 2016-2017, I was volunteering at the former Franklin Middle School, and Beverly Hills Elementary School, two schools I once attended, when Hakeem came to attend meetings as well. At Franklin, we got into a conversation, the details of which I don’t especially remember, but I do remember that Hakeem, when disagreed with, brought the race card into the conversation, and that it was tense. I remember the teacher facilitating the event nervously trying to mediate, which, considering Hakeems temperament and clout in the community, was quite a task. If I was afraid of criticizing Hakeem in public, because of the intimidating aura and demeanor he used to bully people with, I am certain others felt the same way, especially women public employees, who could lose their jobs for offending a high ranking Democrat.

Hakeem has many good qualities, and it should not be forgotten, that the list of rules he gave his wife, which she and others viewed as “controlling”, are nothing different from the order God created for the genders to excel in their respective spheres. That said, these rules cannot be enforced with brute and cruel violence. A woman’s suitability to be a wife should be determined before marriage. If she refuses to obey her husband, no wise and virtuous man will have anything to do with her. She will have to settle for a cruel and a foolish man, who will often enforce his will brutally, as Hakeem demonstrated in his younger years.
However, Hakeems criminal past, including the murder of his own child by punching the mother in the stomach, leaves him unqualified for any leadership position. He has no moral authority, and would invite the lawlessness and disrespect of authority that is already running rampant in Vallejo, to multiply. It is no coincidence that the election of Hakeem to the City Council, who easily has the worst criminal background of any candidate in Vallejos history, has coincided with the explosion of crime, with Vallejo on pace to have the highest levels of murder, violent crime, and rape in its entire history.

Hakeem must resign, and forsake his campaign for mayor, for the sake of the city, his family, and all that is decent and good. His story is powerful and can be used to instruct others with, but not in a political leadership position. The crimes committed, which can be forgiven, are too serious of a nature to permit political leadership.
It is also necessary for all those who supported Hakeem for City Council and Mayor, to seriously evaluate themselves, and to ask themselves how is it they could have supported someone so obviously unqualified for public office?
Thank you,God bless.