Presidential debates and Amy Coney Barrett

  • Much ado has been made about the Presidential debate.  There are a few  ideas to consider.  The debate is a charade.  The entire Democrat party has been controlled by the Talmudic Jewish owners of the Federal Reserve since Woodrow Wilson was elected in 1912.  Joe Biden is the Democrat presidential candidate not because he has any merit, but, because he is the best corrupt puppet the puppetmasters have.  He’s a corrupt, doddering, pathological liar, who has done nothing but attack truth, honor, and virtue in his 47 years in office.  His repeated and disgusting fondling of women and girls, in public, is just a small fraction of how he has been abusing America.  His vicious and slanderous attack on Judge Robert Bork, an honorable and wise man, in Borks 1987 SCOTUS nomination, will forever be remembered for how it’s possible for evil liars to prevail in public.   He even lied about the tragedy that happened with his wife and child being tragically hit and killed by a truck driver.  Law enforcement cleared the trucker of any wrongdoing, yet, lying Joe Biden pushed the trucker to suicide by claiming he was drunk, when there was zero evidence for that.

Was the debate “presidential”?  Certainly not.  Trump lacks decorum and tact, and, strictly speaking, he’s the second President in American history, besides Reagan, to be re-married.  In Reagan’s case, his divorce wasn’t prompted by adultery, Trumps marriage was.  The Bible is clear, a man or woman who remarries for any reason beside adultery of the other party, or being widowed, regardless of whether they were married before or after becoming a Christian, is guilty of adultery (Matt 19:9).

While Trump is a million times better than any Communist/Democrat, his administration is full of Rothschild pawns, like Mnuchin and Wilbur Ross.  Ivanka even dated a Rothschild.  He comes from the world Talmudic Jewish banker heaven, New York.  His stance on many issues is morally questionable.      However, the Democrat party is the party of Satan and is full of liars and puppets.  Every single issue on the Democrat platform, of researched carefully is a lie.  Problem is, most Americans don’t have time to research, which is why we have Democrats in office.

Which leads us to our next topic, Amy Coney Barrett.  First, women should not be voting.  There are millions of wonderful conservative women in America, but, women are far easier to emotionally manipulate than men.  The Talmudic Jewish bankers owner media, schools, tech companies, Hollyweird, BLM, and other organizations is doing a great job indoctrinating women, and the majority of women have no idea their beliefs are shaped by propaganda.  The simple fact is, the bankers wanted to give women the vote to rip apart the family.  They flat out admitted it 108 years ago.  Edward Mandell House was the bankers pawn in the White House to control Wilson.  He wrote an anonymous book in 1912, the year Wilson was elected, called “Philip Dru, Administrator”, detailing how a tiny band of men could control the whole world.  He advocated women voting, insisting that was necessary for a tiny group of men to run the world. That’s exactly what has happened.  When women got the vote, that spawned the welfare state, and it substituted Daddy Gubmint for the husband being the leader of the home.  That has resulted in a dramatic increase in the out of wedlock birth rate, from 3% in  1947, to 40% today.  It has also dramatically reduced the fertility rate.  In 1955, women had  3.7 kids each, now they have 1.7 kids each, the lowest fertility rate in American history.  Replacement rate is 1.7, Islam is having 3.1.  Demography is destiny.

Women voting has been bad for them.  They are raped, molested, abused, and enslaved in prostitution and porn, at higher rates today than ever before in American history.

So, while Barrett is far better than the devilish Ginsburg, and every Democrat, she is still far from ideal.  It must be said, that her having five children, and adopting children who were African American, demonstrates remarkable womanhood, as most women have been conditioned by selfish and corrupt men who want lots of sex and no children or responsibility, to be selfish and not have children.   Its also problematic that she’s Catholic and the current pope is a Marxist.  It’s so bad now, that if you disagree with conservative picks, conservatives will slander you with the Cultural Marxist demonic libels, that you are a “sexist”, “anti-Semite”, “bigot”, “misogynist”, “homophobe”, “Islamophobe”, etc.

What is needed for the Supreme Court and in politicians, are morally upright men, who understand the Constitution, Bible, and history, and who aren’t afraid to tell the unflinching truth.  For example, they should not be afraid of calling out the evil robbers at the Federal Reserve, the biggest liars and murderers in world history.  They should not be afraid to courageously defy the lying media, schools, and tech companies, and publicly call for the bans on porn, drugs, homosexuality, contraception, and abortion, that America just had in 1960, largely.

Without virtue, we can have no liberty.

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A restoration of marriage and the Christian church is needed, as both were the backbones of America.



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