Tuesday, July 24th, 2018

FB likes Jihadists, not anti-Jihad Muslims.

Walsh: The deadly disease infecting Christianity in America.

Victor Davis Hanson: Russianism

Nunes pushing for House Russian Hacking report to be declassified.

More and More of what we do depends on government permission.

D’Souza: Five phases of the Democratic Plantation.

4 year olds are smarter than Democrats: Study finds kids dislike freeloaders.

U.S. Appeals Court: 2nd Amendment protects right to carry gun in public for self defense.

Buchanan: Is Putin’s Russia an ‘Evil Empire’?

Nunes: Certain members of the media working for the Democrats.

Bill Federer: Tennessee has one rich heritage no one can take away.

Farah: The Pope and the Prosperity Gospel

Prager: The Greatest Hysteria in American History, Right now.

Brown: NY Slimes posts article from pseudo professor perverting Bible to endorse sodomy.

Dunaway: Progressives war on truth and reason.

Morally bankrupt Dems refusing to meet with Kavanaugh.

Moore: the Liberal War on Work.

Rooney: Time to free workers from corrupt unions.

Denver Post runs letter to the editor demanding Trump’s execution.

Sessions: If you want crime to go up, let ACLU run the police departments.

Muslim Keith Ellison demands Amazon stop selling books that the debauched SPLC hates.

Thomas: The name of the game, votes for the Democrats.

Murchison: the Socialist Surge that’s not coming.

Hsiao: No one has a ‘right’ to immigrate into the United States.

Davidson: How the Iraq and Afghanistan wars soured America on NATO.

Xu: If America’s aristocracy works hard to stay on top, so can everyone else.

Spineless Paul Ryan: Trump just trolling with threat to revoke security officials clearances.

Tobin: An Inconvenient Amendment.

Jackson: Media attacks on Trump only help him.

Democrats in four states file misguided lawsuit against tax-reform law.

Arkes: Abortion and the Brett Kavanaugh hearings, a plan for Senate Republicans.

James Clapper on ‘longstanding’ practice of intelligence officials keeping their security clearances.

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