Monday, July 23rd, 2018

Thank you to the many visitors.  Please spread to family and friends, as 90% of California Democrat voters have never been exposed to 7 conservative news sites for two months of their whole lives.

Breaking!!!  McCarthy: FISA Applications confirm: The FBI relied upon the unverified Steele Dossier…PAID FOR BY HILLARY AND THE DNC!! TREASON!!!

Clapper: Obama is responsible for Russia investigations.  Any reasoning human realizes if the DNC paid for evidence and used it to try to harm the opposing presidential candidate, that is TREASON greater than any other in our nation’s history.

Jesse Lee Peterson: The Democrat party is evil.

Super Size me documentary maker’s past is dubious.  Claims he’s been drunk every week since he was 13.

Bill Federer: Why the Founding Fathers hated paper money.

Chuck Norris: What the media won’t tell you about illegal immigrant crimes.

Stormy Daniels husband files for divorce: Adultery.

BREAKING: President Trump Looking Into Stripping Security Clearances From James Comey, Other Obama Administration Officials

7 ‘Great’ Marxist Leaders young socialists need to know.

Geller: 1,400 years of Jihad, Robert Spencer’s ‘The History of Jihad’.

Imani: Iran and terror as an instrument of policy.

Dinesh D’Souza explains ‘outrageous’ Trump-Lincoln comparison.

Watch: Delusional Democrat NY Governor claims Trump is on ‘Jihad’.

Walsh: Gender Neutral parenting is child abuse.

Watch: Sarah Sanders reveals 6 Obama level officials that Trump is taking clearances from. 

Simpson: Banning books and mind control, it’s all the same thing.

Paulson: 13 Surefire ways to fail as a politician.

Morefield: 5 ways Trump is literally saving the world.

Lott Jr.: Weak evidence for new Gun Control Laws.

Unhinged: Delusional Democrats, most using psychotropic drugs or having sex outside of heterosexual marriage and thus easy to manipulate psychologically by the liberal media and schools, believe Trump is a traitor.

Dr. Orient: Congress and the IRS have stranded patients in Swampcare.

O’Neil: Iran threatens ‘Mother of all Wars’, Trump tweet responds in kind.

Simon: The FBI goes Full Nixon with FISA report.

Kimball: It’s Oakland in Muellerville.

Ledeen: Why are the Democrats and the spooks suddenly so ferociously anti-Putin?

Trump: Using Steele Dossier to open Russia Investigation  is a ‘disgrace’ to America.

York: FISA warrant application supports Nunes Memo.

Trump: Washington Compost has become Mouthpiece for Amazon.

Pompeo: World must help Iranians prepare for revolt.

Conservatives Reject Unilateral Disarmament In The Face Of Liberal Social Fascism

Sen. Gillibrand Says the ‘First Thing’ Democrats Should Do If They Take Back Congress Is Abolish ICE

Schlichter: Conservatives Reject Unilateral Disarmament In The Face Of Liberal Social Fascism

Schaper: Election 2018: Open Border Socialist Delusions—and Reasons for Hope

Scotto: Losing America.

French: This shooting should sicken America’s armed citizens.

Curtis: Erdogan’s Turkey.

Millennial whines about getting by on $4,000 a month while her parents pay her expenses.

Cleveland: 10 key takeaways from the released FISA warrants on Carter Page.

Is The New York Times Hiding A Democratic Candidate’s Obscene Rap Lyrics?

Maxine Waters: Trump Is ‘Putin’s Apprentice,’ Republicans Should Protest Putin Meeting Outside White House

Rand Paul will press Trump to revoke John Brennan’s security clearance.

Bush 41’s doctor killed in drive by bicycle shooting.

Farah: The two things you won’t find at the Museum of the Bible.

Alexander: More Sneaky Things Than You Think Take Place Behind the Scenes in Politics

Lucas: Kennedy’s biggest legacy: Picking a president.

Jackson: Why Cohen’s secret tape won’t hurt Trump.


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