Sunday, July 22nd, 2018

13 Part Series on Antietam on bottom.

Virgil: The President controversial policy towards Russia: The Good guys risk losing if the bad guys are united- Part 1. 

Hirschauer: The President deserves praise for his deregulatory agenda.

MassResistance to show up in Dixon to protest homosexual mafia’s crucifixion attempts on Vice Mayor.

Jeannine Pirro on View episode: ‘This isn’t about me’, ‘A microcosm of what’s going on in our country’.

Trump: Looks more and more like Presidential campaign was ‘illegally spied on by Feds’.

Callahan: Musk is a total fraud.

Arlandson: The Protestant Work ethic and the Founding of America.

Lifson: 10 problems with the heavily redacted FISA warrant on Carter Page.

Hillary and the Housecoat

Showalter: Is that a catheter bag under Hillary’s loose clothing?

Smith: UBI: Universal Basic Idiocy.

Ellis: World Naked Bike Riders, Perverts, in St. Louis Exposed Genitals, Sexually Molesting My Kids

212 Degrees.

Trump tweets that his ‘campaign was illegally being spied upon’.

FBI used anti-Trump media to obtain spy warrants on Trump campaign.

Goldman: American Narcissism and China.

New California: 51st Statehood proceeds apace.

New Law let’s parents veto Sex Ed.

Ahistorical dimwit Ocasio-Cortez: Too many men in Congress.

Air Force’s new career path: Cyber Warfare specialist.

America’s Classified Secret’s System ‘Unsustainable’.

Congress considering Reg’s for Bots.

Study: Rise in riches follows decline in ‘religion’.

Report Extremist Muslim Preachers losing clout.

McMillan: TDS: The symptom, not the disease.

Knight: The Predictability of Barrack Obama.

Chumley: Democrats need to ch ill, but science says they can’t.

Hunter: Liberals get a dose of their own medicine.

Bialosky: FBI you don’t have that right.

McCullough: Calling law enforcement terrorists is proof the left hates America.

Nolte: Hollyweird finds child rape hilarious.

Mark Levin: Progressivism is a form of tyranny.

In Hollyweird: ‘Anything goes’ becomes ‘You’re fired’.

How the Peloponnesian War brought Athens Golden Age to an end.

Feldman: To Democrats, the World is Altgeld Gardens.

Voshell: Why the left resists a reconciliation with Russia.

Zelikovsky: Soviets, Democrats, and the Captive Soul.

O’Brien: Gavin Who? Media not mining for gold in California.

Young, dumb teenage girls form doomsday cult to fight global warming.

‘The Sandlot’ celebrates myth and reminds us to keep the past alive.

High risk of ‘losing control’ of AIDS epidemic: experts.

China targets Apple.

Watch: Leftist Kerry accuses Trump of ‘kowtowing’ to Putin, calls meeting a ‘disgrace’.

Grahamnesty: Trump ‘confused’ about Russian meddling.  ‘He’s changed his mind four times this week’.

DeSantis Rising: Florida congressman candidate now the Sunshine state GOP gubernatorial Favorite.

Horowitz: Teachers and coaches should quit NEA in wake of Kaepernick award.

Alleged cop-killer should have been in jail due to drug charges.

Sodomites go on strike in Israel, march in Tel Aviv.  Angry that they can’t adopt children.  Note: Homosexual pedophilia rates are vastly higher than heterosexual.  Pro-gay publications making lots of money off homosexuality being normalized, like universities and liberal publications such as Huffington Post, The Atlantic, among others, won’t acknowledge this.

Wacko Tennessee Congressman: ‘Survival’ is greatest challenge now for Jewish, Black communities.

Moran: Voters don’t care very much about issues liberals care about.

Will New Jersey send a Republican to the Senate.

China adding ‘significant capabilities’ to nuclear forces

Man dies after throat rots away from Cocaine use.

How Obama years were 8 year hacking nightmare.

Why is Generation Z more open to faith?

Uber driver puts hundreds of passengers online.

O’Neill: Dem. Candidate Bankrolled Effort to Curb ‘Irresponsible Breeding’ and Tax Families With 2+ Kids

Degenerate Schumer:  Brett Kavanaugh’s view of Watergate tapes decision ‘bodes very poorly’ for holding Trump accountable.

CNN’s ahistorical ignoramus Stelter wonders whether chyrons are effective in era of Trump

More ‘wisdom’ from Stelter: ‘Too many’ journalists fell for ‘Trump’s cleanup act’ after Putin presser.

RINO Rubio: FBI did nothing wrong by spying on Carter Page.

Alton: Political Stress: When is enough, enough?

Showalter: Cuba’s Communists taking a page from Bernie and Obama about really being socialists.

SCHAEFFER: ANTIETAM – PART 1: National Crisis/Hobson’s Choice

SCHAEFFER: ANTIETAM – Part 2: The Young Napoleon

SCHAEFFER: ANTIETAM – PART 3: ‘His Name Might Be Audacity!’

SCHAEFFER: ANTIETAM – PART 4: Race To 2nd Manassas

SCHAEFFER: ANTIETAM – PART 5: ‘Maryland, My Maryland’

SCHAEFFER: ANTIETAM – PART 6: The Harper’s Ferry Problem

SCHAEFFER: ANTIETAM – PART 7: ‘All The Plans Of The Rebels’

SCHAEFFER: ANTIETAM – PART 8: Fight South Mountain


SCHAEFFER: ANTIETAM – PART 10: Into The Cornfield


SCHAEFFER: ANTIETAM – PART 12: Slaughter In The West Woods

SCHAEFFER: ANTIETAM – Part 13: Bloody Lane


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