Saturday, July 21st, 2018

Coming Tomorrow: 9 + part series on the Civil War Battle of Antietam!

MassResistance to protest, support Vice Mayor Ted Hickman at Tuesday’s Dixon City Council meeting

Dixon, CA Vice-Mayor Faces LGBT Hate for Supporting “Straight Pride America Month”

Open Letter from California MassResistance to Dixon City Council Re: “Straight Pride Month” Letter

What Gay Marriage did to Massachusetts.

Ackley: 5 recent Golden State inanities.

Facebook facing yet another scandal.

Seattle defies state, sets own gun storage law.

Klayman: Trump owes no apologies for Intelligence community criticism.

Delusional Senator Cory Booker: Visit to Southern Border ‘Will Haunt Me for a Long Time’.  Not haunted by the black baby holocaust going on at his local abortion clinic though.

Bozell and Graham: Showtime ‘fake news’ for the left.

McNicoll: Cruz is right about Space Station.

Obama Denounces Trump’s ‘Strongman Politics’—While Eulogizing Che Guevara and Fidel Castro Lover Nelson Mandela

Eric Holder seriously considering run for President in 2020.