Wednesday, May 23rd, 2018

Watch: Tomi Lauren’s response to attack.

Trump: Spygate could be one of biggest scandals in history.  

Watch: Woman claims she was raped by police, then body cam is released.

Who needs evidence?  Democrat Al Green says the party will impeach Trump if they win back the house.

Flashback: The corrupt Congressional Black Caucus

Newson in huge lead for CA governor’s race.  Will attack 2nd and 1st Amendments.

US staffer suffers brain injury from “sound” incident in China

Cohen partner flips.

Kids, 13 & 14, kill woman for video game and cell phone. 

Man beats dog with a baseball because it ate Whopper.

Clapper admits to spying on Trump.  Sees nothing wrong with his actions.

Liberal Vox: Low birth rate is “progress”. 

Jenner: worst president on gay agenda. 

Unions give $1.3 billion in member dues to left wing groups.

The Transformed wife: Is viewing pornography adultery?

WND to Trump: Make the internet great again.

Williams: Here is some real Russian collusion. 

Harvey: Do kids need to see porn in learning to say no?

Boston police captain’s son converts to Islam, plots Jihad. 

Deep state insiders “want” subpoenas? 

Townhall: FBI agents want to torch McCabe, Comey before Congress. 

Shapiro: Russia investigation helping Trump.

Geller: Islamizing the schools. 

T minus two years for war with China. 

American media: Menace to Society. 

Speech slavery in South Africa. 

Why do many Jews vote Democrat?

As drugs once destroyed China, they are  now using them to destroy America.

Progressives dominating Democrat party.  Spells trouble for America. 

Bill of Rights under attack. 

Implacable media can’t understand spying on Trump was a huge problem.

Russia investigation was bogus from the start. 

Walsh: God doesn’t make people gay.

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