Tuesday, May 22, 2018

The left is shutting down free speech.

The spreading cancer of Islam.

Obama Democrats panicking about Kanye stepping off the plantation.

Inspector General report to hit slow FBI response to Clinton email scandal.

Yale and Harvard and the decline into leftist insanity. 

“The only thing new is the history you don’t know.”  Harry Truman

If only millennials would learn history.

Philadelphia banning Catholic foster homes, upholding homosexual madness.

How the media skews Trump’s words. 

Getting rid of the 2nd Amendment jeopardizes all our rights.

Women taking off their cloths isn’t empowerment.

Obama can still be impeached: Judicial Watch

Book: Muslim conquest through immigration and resettlement.

The amazing advent of steamships: Lessons from history.

Candace Owens on playing the Race Card.

7 things to know on Trump’s campaign to investigate the FBI. 

Meet the Los Angeles Firefighter making $300,000 a year in overtime by working more hours than there are in a year. 

More evidence that Obama spied on Trump.  Trump official says Clapper and other will be wearing orange suits when investigation done. 

Nancy Pelosi: Trump campaign one of the most corrupt in history. 

CNN’s plummeting ratings.

Victor Davis Hanson: The Trump rationale.

Prager: Why the left won’t call anyone “animals”. 

McCarthy: Investigating the investigators.

Walsh: What people mean when they call you judgemental. 

Vallejo News:

Costco potentially moving locations, and 187 new homes to be built in Vallejo. 


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