Saturday, May 26th, 2018

Watch: In honor of Memorial Day: Ronald Reagan’s “A time for choosing”.  

Shaun King slammed for publishing now discredited claims that a state trooper assaulted her.  

After Weinstein; A growing list of men accused.

Brazilian President sends in army as truck protest paralyzes country.

Ireland ends abortion ban, begins to murder it’s own citizens and future.

Antibiotics in meat could be damaging our guts.

Pence tells pastors “Share the gospel”

Celebrities angered by Trump admin separating federal funds from abortion clinics. 

The latest SJW box office crash:Solo.

Zumwalt: North Korea attitude change a sign she is Chinas pawn.

Crickets in the sports media over Trumps pardon of Jack Johnson.

China defends “Confucius Institutes” in American colleges as suspicions deepen.

The Democrats Menendez Problem.

Continetti: The China problem 

McCarthy: Spy Name Games.

Noel: A history lesson for the “Trump is Hitler” crowd.

Sobieski: Jarrett and Obama are behind spygate.

Marcus: Democrats undermining black civil rights heroes Legacies.

Wallace: A graduation address from 1936.

No, I won’t check my privilege.

McOscar: The dangers of tribalism.

Trump: We aren’t going to apologize for America. 

Why are white “bigots” stockpiling guns? 

Limbaugh: The true story: Destroying trump and protecting Clinton

Showalter: “Scandal free” Obama daring Trump to bust members of his administration.


Friday, May 25, 2018

Harvey Handcuffs!

“Tell the truth!” Jay Z’s alleges secret son. 

James Caan: It’s a strange place when men can’t hit on women anymore.

Flashback: It was strange to hit on women before America was sabotaged by Kinsey in 1948. 

Why it’s absurd to say FBI spying on Trump was to benefit him. 

How “Crossfire Hurricane” contradicts the FBI’s Russia story.

Thomas: What to do about school shootings.

Baltimore’s leftist prosecutor, Marilyn Mosby, gets a police officer killed. 

Making Iran mad. 

Fusion GPS close ties to Russian Lobbyist in Trump tower meeting.

Shots fired at Indiana Middle School.

In viral post, 2nd grader wishes mothers cell phone had never been invented.

Farah: The worst fake news: Google!

Keyes: In rejecting God’s sovereignty, we the people reject our own. 

Mercer: School shootings, a moral health, not a mental health issue.