Friday, May 25, 2018

Harvey Handcuffs!

“Tell the truth!” Jay Z’s alleges secret son. 

James Caan: It’s a strange place when men can’t hit on women anymore.

Flashback: It was strange to hit on women before America was sabotaged by Kinsey in 1948. 

Why it’s absurd to say FBI spying on Trump was to benefit him. 

How “Crossfire Hurricane” contradicts the FBI’s Russia story.

Thomas: What to do about school shootings.

Baltimore’s leftist prosecutor, Marilyn Mosby, gets a police officer killed. 

Making Iran mad. 

Fusion GPS close ties to Russian Lobbyist in Trump tower meeting.

Shots fired at Indiana Middle School.

In viral post, 2nd grader wishes mothers cell phone had never been invented.

Farah: The worst fake news: Google!

Keyes: In rejecting God’s sovereignty, we the people reject our own. 

Mercer: School shootings, a moral health, not a mental health issue. 

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