Drugs, Porn, and Hellivision are destroying America, our cities, our churches, and our marriages

America has an epidemic that it is currently facing,  and it’s not being talked about by politicians, our media, or our schools much at all.  Mind altering drugs are an epidemic, pornography is ripping kids and marriages apart, and the average American is blowing large chunks of their lives in front of the  hellivision.  These are detracting from our productivity, and they are attacking America’s most valuable asset, our mind.  Money means nothing if our minds are not functioning.  Money follows ideas, ideas don’t follow  money.  Ideas come from work and ingenuity, and as Edison says, “Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration”.  So let us explore the three threats to the American mind, along with a large part of the solution, a wise and virtuous society.


70 million Americans are on psychotropic drugs, and that’s a conservative estimate.   Additionally, every last mass shooter since Columbine has had one or more of the following three factors in common, with  no exceptions.  While not everyone who uses porn, drugs, or is a Muslim will go off on a mass shooting rampage, the likelihood goes up dramatically with these three choices.  This shows the link between drugs, Islam, and mass shootings.  A brief overview of mass shooters on psychotropic drugs is here.  Another look at psychotropic drugs influence on shooters is here.   America currently pays $700 billion a year for drug, tobacco, and alcohol use issues, compared with $600 billion a year for national defense.  That is very sad.  We pay more to destroy ourselves than to protect ourselves.  A nation that is unfettered by psychotropic drugs is far better off than a nation that is not.  China learned a very painful lesson about what happens when you allow psychotropic drugs to invade your nation.  Foreign invaders are not far behind.


Pornography is a huge threat.  58% of divorces are caused by pornography use and 80% of 11 year old kids are viewing porn.  Personally, it is child abuse to let a child have a cell phone before the age of 18.  There is a ton of new information on the topic.   It is disabling men and making them effete, and this drives women to go into business, careers, education, or even, sadly, other women.  Women view porn too, but at far lower rates.  This was brought on by the Kinsey Report, released in 1948, which opened the floodgates for sexual debauchery, leading to the free love 1960’s, and now, it’s even worse.  Dr. Judith Reisman wrote a great book on the topic called “Sexual Sabotage“.  Also, masturbation used to be severely discouraged and that is no longer so.  While the Founder of Kellogg’s was wrong about his support for eugenics and sex in marriage for procreation alone, he was absolutely right about masturbation being a very emasculating and debilitating habit for men and women.   In successful societies, sex is confined to marriage between a man and a woman alone, and birth control is not allowed.    It’s a very sad day when many men and women honestly consider whether they have money to afford to have a child.  Since when did life become inferior to money?  Life is worth far more than money.


Another threat is hellivision.  The average American wastes 9 years watching it, and that not only is a total waste of time, it also makes us physically and mentally weaker.  Television teaches us to become slavesIt is a plug in drug.  It is turning us into mindless automatons and we are amusing ourselves to death.   The average kid sees 200,000 instances of violence and 18,000 deaths on hellivision by the time they are 18.  This disables them and enslaves them.  They no longer think, they only see, their brains become as soft as cheese.


What we need to do is to read.  Reading is far more taxing on the brain and far more informative than watching hellivision, and far more rewarding than drugs or porn.  Reading is a seeming lost art in America.  Libraries are shrinking at a rapid rate, and people aren’t leaving the libraries to read, they are leaving them to go on the internet.  Most of the people who go to the library, go for the internet, and the books are ignored. The older books are really ignored.  Pop culture rules us, and the biographies are now dominated by the stories of those who have lived in the last fifty years.  That’s sad, because those who lived in the last fifty years are the least wise and virtuous Americans in our entire history.  So people keep revering and idolizing people who are less and less worthy of being admired or idolized, thus making us into slaves.  Those who cannot evaluate truth on it’s own merits, are effectively slaves, easy to manipulate and control.  Few like hearing this, and many become strongly offended by it.  But the truth is rarely popular and often is hated.  As Dennis Prager said, the truth is now determined by feelings, not facts.