Tuesday, May 29th, 2018

Exclusive: German populist MP wants to help grant “political” prisoner Tommy Robinson asylum.  “1984 is now”.

Tommy Robinson jailed for 13 months for reporting on pedophile case involving Muslims. 

Worldwide mass protests over Robinson arrest. 

The Long March: Reckoning With 1968’s ‘Cultural Revolution,’ 50 Years On

…‘Roseanne’ Canceled at ABC Following Valerie Jarrett Tweet…

…Lemon: Trump, Roseanne ‘Traffic in Racism’…

CNN Blames Trump! Van Jones: ‘Moral Collapse’ in WH Emboldened ‘Rank Bigot’ Roseanne

The second coming American Civil War?

The repeal of Ireland’s abortion ban marks a new paganism.

Why it’s very difficult for men and women to be just friends 

People told me to live my dreams, but never to dream of having kids.

Why Ireland’s affirmation of abortion reflects badly on America. 

Viral video: Here’s the heroic act that earned a French immigrant his citizenship.

Farrakhan issues Sunday call for an end to white men. 

Televangelist seeks donations for $54 million jet.

When President testified: People in room recall Clinton’s 1998 interrogation. 

Negative Yelp review turns life into nightmare. 

Porn is rewiring our brains to accept immoral behavior. 

Homo tyranny is upon us!

Ramadan Rage:  Islamic terrorists kill at least 207, wound at least 322 in first ten days of Ramadan!

2020 Poll: Oprah, Michelle O lead for Dems. 

Hillary bundles up like an Eskimo for sweltering Memorial day Parade. What is wrong? 

Goldberg: The racism liberals don’t recognize -their own. 

Buchanan:  What is America’s cause in the world today? 

Victor Davis Hanson: The Post War Order is over.  

McCarthy: The Obama Administrations hypocritical pretext for spying on Trump campaign.  

McCullough: Marijuana: Big Tobacco 2.0.  

State sues to stop illegals from reshaping Congress.  

New video explodes major lie of homosexuality.  

Flaherty: How to fail today’s Starbuck’s racial sensitivity training.  

Cashill: A bloody new stage in Ireland’s Self-Mutilation.  

DeAngelis: Barack Obama’s “World as it should be”.

Sullivan: As Ireland aborts it’s soul, America seems poised to salvage it’s own.  

Trinko: The big abortion lie.  

Saving Tommy Robinson and English Civilization.  

Soros: Spending heavily to defeat law and order candidates.  

Watch: Gaza kindergarten graduation features children staging mock military attack, hostage taking, and killing soldiers.  

Pro Life coalition: If you oppose racism so much, stop supporting abortion.


Monday, May 28th, 2018

Obama’s spying scandal is starting to look a lot like Watergate.

Flash floods hit Baltimore.

Robinson Muffled.  Silenced for “breaching the peace”.  Same offense the New Testament Christians were frequently charged with.  The entire reason why the Founders gave Americans free speech and the First Amendment was to prevent this.   An English judge apparently doesn’t realize this.

Teen robbers run over and kill female police officer in Baltimore.  

Supreme Court to soon decide cases on baking homosexuals cakes, gerrymandering, and unions.

Algerian blogger appeals ten year jail term.

Trumps Memorial Day Proclamation: We revere those who have died in noble service.

Report: Star players considering sitting out season if Kaepernick, Reid not signed.

MSNBC’s Mitchell: NFL “hypocrites” for requiring players to stand for anthem, as many fans don’t stand.

Photos: 1 million bikers ride into D.C. to pay homage to the fallen.

Media double down after N.Y.   Times gets busted peddling fake news.  

Do you have a sexless marriage? 

In the age that gave us Memorial Day, Abraham Lincoln explained why the fallen fought.

Schlichter: Real conservatives refuse to kneel before their liberal overlords.

Why children are necessary.

The rules for a long and happy life.

It begins: church sued for refusing to host homosexual event.

Town sued for collecting three tickets per hour, day and night, collecting millions.

Jesse Lee Peterson: Democrats don’t want blacks to be moral and law abiding, because you can’t control moral and law abiding people.  

Sunday, May 27th, 2018

 U.S. Navy warships in “serious incident” with China after sailing into disputed waters.

Robinson arrested outside London Court, immediately jailed for 13 months, media blackout!! His crime?  Reporting on a Muslim rape trial.   

Judith Reisman: Rape rates up 233% since 1960, due to Kinsey Report in 1948 and legalization of porn in 1969, rape definition changed.

Reisman: Juvenile crime arrest rate up 215% from 1965-1996, most sex Ed started in 1965.  

Hate from your own race.

Farrakhan changing his opinion of Trump.

Watch: A lush has too much adult beverage leading to high tempers at high altitudes.

Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt: Obama claims his administration had no scandals.  Media agrees.

Shoppers step over bodies at Hogg led Publix protest. Cleanup in produce!

Media blackout as anti Islamist activist jailed in England for reporting on Muslim rape.

5 ways to know if you can discuss climate with someone.

Heartbreaking video: 22 week old preemie twins die in their mothers arms.  Doctors refuse to help.  Mothers anguished cries, “Mommie tried, Mommie tried”.

Windy City Misery!  23 shot and four dead halfway through Memorial Day weekend in Democrat Murder Capital of America.


Trump: Talks on N. Korea summit on June 12th going “very, very well”

Bush relative admits to violently attacking family member. 

Democrats go all out to avoid disaster in California house races. 

Ireland ends abortion ban.

Activist against Muslim rapists sentence to thirteen months of jail hours after arrest.  Massive free speech attack.

Waiting list hits U.K. transgender clinic.  Thousands of children referred, some as young as four.

Leftwing campus that booted whites reaps unintended consequences.

Campus “Bias incident response team” chills free speech 

Christians beat homeowners association in Bible study dispute.  

Hair braid fight going to SCOTUS.

Advocate for Chinas girls warns about “end” to two child policy.

Farrah: If you are a bot, please say yes.

Rights, yes, but what about responsibility?

Chicoms set to take over America’s largest port.

Treasonous Chelsea urges Brits to protest the President of her own nation.

Hunter: Liberals put the F in NFL.

Bialosky: Of course Obama knew about the spying on the Trump campaign.

Root: Its time to impeach the President!

Saunders: Commencement season 2018.

McCullough: Dear Democrats, Trump actually loves his country.

Feldman: The Great unmasking 

Powell: The big picture behind Memorial Day. 

Gabriel: Pretend Iran is Israel.

Schmitt: Marjory Stoneman Douglas Revelation.

Did you know that President Trump stood on concrete in the hot sun and shook the hand of every single Naval Academy graduate?

Best-selling Book: Reasons to vote Democrat!

West Hollywood Mayor who gave keys to the city to Stormy Daniels, settled a lawsuit over his homosexual relationship and harassment of a top aide with $500,000 of taxpayers money!

Childless Macron and May celebrate Irish abortion legalization vote.

Holder tells DOJ to rebel against the Constitution, ignore the President. 

Union leaders upset over Trump executive orders to weed out under performing federal employees.

Popularity of the name “Muhammad” in Europe among newborns is an element of Jihad. 

Saturday, May 26th, 2018

Watch: In honor of Memorial Day: Ronald Reagan’s “A time for choosing”.  

Shaun King slammed for publishing now discredited claims that a state trooper assaulted her.  

After Weinstein; A growing list of men accused.

Brazilian President sends in army as truck protest paralyzes country.

Ireland ends abortion ban, begins to murder it’s own citizens and future.

Antibiotics in meat could be damaging our guts.

Pence tells pastors “Share the gospel”

Celebrities angered by Trump admin separating federal funds from abortion clinics. 

The latest SJW box office crash:Solo.

Zumwalt: North Korea attitude change a sign she is Chinas pawn.

Crickets in the sports media over Trumps pardon of Jack Johnson.

China defends “Confucius Institutes” in American colleges as suspicions deepen.

The Democrats Menendez Problem.

Continetti: The China problem 

McCarthy: Spy Name Games.

Noel: A history lesson for the “Trump is Hitler” crowd.

Sobieski: Jarrett and Obama are behind spygate.

Marcus: Democrats undermining black civil rights heroes Legacies.

Wallace: A graduation address from 1936.

No, I won’t check my privilege.

McOscar: The dangers of tribalism.

Trump: We aren’t going to apologize for America. 

Why are white “bigots” stockpiling guns? 

Limbaugh: The true story: Destroying trump and protecting Clinton

Showalter: “Scandal free” Obama daring Trump to bust members of his administration.


Friday, May 25, 2018

Harvey Handcuffs!

“Tell the truth!” Jay Z’s alleges secret son. 

James Caan: It’s a strange place when men can’t hit on women anymore.

Flashback: It was strange to hit on women before America was sabotaged by Kinsey in 1948. 

Why it’s absurd to say FBI spying on Trump was to benefit him. 

How “Crossfire Hurricane” contradicts the FBI’s Russia story.

Thomas: What to do about school shootings.

Baltimore’s leftist prosecutor, Marilyn Mosby, gets a police officer killed. 

Making Iran mad. 

Fusion GPS close ties to Russian Lobbyist in Trump tower meeting.

Shots fired at Indiana Middle School.

In viral post, 2nd grader wishes mothers cell phone had never been invented.

Farah: The worst fake news: Google!

Keyes: In rejecting God’s sovereignty, we the people reject our own. 

Mercer: School shootings, a moral health, not a mental health issue. 

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Harvey Weinstein to surrender to police on Friday!!


“Maybe they shouldn’t be in the country” Trump suggests kneeling NFL players shouldn’t be in America. 

Trump calls off summit with North Korea. 

Trump expected to pardon Jack Johnson.

Pelosi hit with age question. 

Troops on nuclear base used LSD.

Professor: Mr. President, please send troops to Chicago.

Progressivism’s insanity. 

K-12: Conspiracy against reading.

Islam and the west are incompatible. 

Federal Judge: Trump can’t block Twitter users

Misuse of the FBI spy program.

Mueller caught in his own trap. 

Government corruption and the destruction of a great man. 

NFL to fine players for kneeling. 

What kind of nation has to deal with child suicide. 

Doubting McDonald’s documentary. 

Conservatives know how to KISS, and liberals don’t.

Morgan Freeman accused by 8 women of sexual harassment. 

Clapper lies about his lies.

6 ways to help women when abortion is outlawed. 

Study: No. 1 reason Americans are poor is they are not working. 

Victor Davis Hanson: America holds the cards in dealing with North Korea and Iran.

Schlichter: Can we keep a Republic when one party supports tyranny?

Why Trump won’t be impeached. 

School freaks out over pro-Trump shirt. 

No amount of alcohol, sausage, or bacon safe: cancer expert.

Antidepressants linked to dementia.

Ireland abortion referendum turns testy. 

Ben Bergquam speaks out against Sanctuary Cities.  Tulare overturns Sanctuary Cities 3-1.  Vallejo is next.  It’s council passed a lawless endorsement of sanctuary cities too.

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2018

Watch: Tomi Lauren’s response to attack.

Trump: Spygate could be one of biggest scandals in history.  

Watch: Woman claims she was raped by police, then body cam is released.

Who needs evidence?  Democrat Al Green says the party will impeach Trump if they win back the house.

Flashback: The corrupt Congressional Black Caucus

Newson in huge lead for CA governor’s race.  Will attack 2nd and 1st Amendments.

US staffer suffers brain injury from “sound” incident in China

Cohen partner flips.

Kids, 13 & 14, kill woman for video game and cell phone. 

Man beats dog with a baseball because it ate Whopper.

Clapper admits to spying on Trump.  Sees nothing wrong with his actions.

Liberal Vox: Low birth rate is “progress”. 

Jenner: worst president on gay agenda. 

Unions give $1.3 billion in member dues to left wing groups.

The Transformed wife: Is viewing pornography adultery?

WND to Trump: Make the internet great again.

Williams: Here is some real Russian collusion. 

Harvey: Do kids need to see porn in learning to say no?

Boston police captain’s son converts to Islam, plots Jihad. 

Deep state insiders “want” subpoenas? 

Townhall: FBI agents want to torch McCabe, Comey before Congress. 

Shapiro: Russia investigation helping Trump.

Geller: Islamizing the schools. 

T minus two years for war with China. 

American media: Menace to Society. 

Speech slavery in South Africa. 

Why do many Jews vote Democrat?

As drugs once destroyed China, they are  now using them to destroy America.

Progressives dominating Democrat party.  Spells trouble for America. 

Bill of Rights under attack. 

Implacable media can’t understand spying on Trump was a huge problem.

Russia investigation was bogus from the start. 

Walsh: God doesn’t make people gay.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

The left is shutting down free speech.

The spreading cancer of Islam.

Obama Democrats panicking about Kanye stepping off the plantation.

Inspector General report to hit slow FBI response to Clinton email scandal.

Yale and Harvard and the decline into leftist insanity. 

“The only thing new is the history you don’t know.”  Harry Truman

If only millennials would learn history.

Philadelphia banning Catholic foster homes, upholding homosexual madness.

How the media skews Trump’s words. 

Getting rid of the 2nd Amendment jeopardizes all our rights.

Women taking off their cloths isn’t empowerment.

Obama can still be impeached: Judicial Watch

Book: Muslim conquest through immigration and resettlement.

The amazing advent of steamships: Lessons from history.

Candace Owens on playing the Race Card.

7 things to know on Trump’s campaign to investigate the FBI. 

Meet the Los Angeles Firefighter making $300,000 a year in overtime by working more hours than there are in a year. 

More evidence that Obama spied on Trump.  Trump official says Clapper and other will be wearing orange suits when investigation done. 

Nancy Pelosi: Trump campaign one of the most corrupt in history. 

CNN’s plummeting ratings.

Victor Davis Hanson: The Trump rationale.

Prager: Why the left won’t call anyone “animals”. 

McCarthy: Investigating the investigators.

Walsh: What people mean when they call you judgemental. 

Vallejo News:

Costco potentially moving locations, and 187 new homes to be built in Vallejo. 


Monday, May 21, 2018

Pope proclaims God loves homosexual man.    Most homosexuals are that way because of porn exposure that escalated, the absence of a father or a good father, or child molestation.

Flashback.  The Homosexual Agenda.

Trump rips Brennan.

Traitorous Brennan threatens GOP leaders. 

Fake Christian William Barber misleading millions towards a Marxist Hell. 

Flashback: How William Barber fleeces the sheep. 

Conway pushes Stelter to reveal who he voted for, as he doggedly supports illegitimate Mueller investigation. 

Liberals have 4:1 advantage in college commencement speakers.

Bernie Backers deteriorating Army.

NAACP leaders racial profiling narrative challenged after bodycam released. 

Obama begs Jay Z to rein in runaway slaves from the liberal plantation.

China to end child limit as soon as this year.  Economic struggle results from low fertility rates.

More deep state lies: The FBI was trying to “Protect” Trump. 

Women oppress women too.

Victimhood addiction. 

The guilt of German citizens under Hitler. 

Media see only one collusion story.

Americans and Pets. 

The Christian Paradox in America. 

7th graders told to declare submission to Allah in Virginia.

Jesse Lee Peterson interview with Amber Rose.

The amazing Octopus. 

Corruption in the FBI. 

Time to admit Professional Sports are bad for society.

Schlicter: Liberal lies and slanders. 

Overbeck: Five ideas that won’t stop school shootings, and one that will. 

Schaper: Make schools safe again!

Italy to kick out 500,000 migrants.

Walsh: A man went to prison for killing his unborn child.  He should be released immediately. 

Porn causing rising boomer divorce rates. 

Sunday, May 20th, 2018

Venezualan’s voting more crazy in. 

Cambridge professor outed as FBI informant in Trump campaign. 

New York Slimes: the informer was “investigating”, not spying. 

A progressive profane Pastor resigns. 

“Pastor” Al: Royal Wedding proves white supremacy on “It’s last breath”.

Flashback: Booker T on the race baiters.

Sen. Chris Murphy on Gun Jihad again.

Obama Secretary of Education is unfazed by horrific academic performance of kids under his watch, wants dumbed down kids disarmed. 

Man who didn’t get a job until 40 is an actual American senator using brainwashed mindless drones to accumulate a fortune while shrieking about the “1%”. 

Dershowitz: Mueller should recuse himself from illegitimate Trump collusion investigation

China escalating South China See military buildup, escalating for war.

Murder shoots through the roof in Londonistan.  Up 44%.

In wake of latest school shooting, Bernie dogmatically attacks NRA, even though NRA members are never responsible for mass shootings. 

Licensed gun owners open fire on man running over woman repeatedly. 

Delingpole: professor fired after telling truth about Great Barrier reef myth. 

USA Today: Univ. of Michigan speech policies are like those of communist Russia.

Trump to take action in response to reports that FBI spied on his campaign. 

School shooter targeted girl for death because she rebuffed his advances.  A near certain proof positive indication he was into porn, which is one of the three factors present in every mass shooting since Columbine. 

Walter Williams: Kanye and the Democrats.

Democrats lying to hide their corrupt Trump investigation. 

Trump’s first step toward’s defunding Planned Murderhood. 

How Churchill was inspired by the Duke of Marlborough. 

Conservatism is not about preserving “privilege”. 

Democrat bold faced lies about Trump about to cave in. 

The future of Iran’s leadership is bleak. 

Manners or morals: which is  more important?

Where did Muhammad get Islam’s daily prayers from?

Democrat indifference to Clinton’s scandals makes voters indifferent to their wild cries against Trump.

Halper’s history. 

What the left’s war on guns is really about.

Governor Moonbeam: Attempts to lower taxes are “unCalifornian”.  Evidently communism is what California has always been about. 

Hunter: The massive Deep State.

Jacob: How the left tries to silence differing opinions. 

New movie solves School shootings. 

Fox news infected by leftism. 

Flashback: Four Reasons for the elimination of the television. 

Parents go to court to get 30 year old son out of home. 

A virtuous woman. 



Local news:


Benicia Library is indoctrinating kids into homosexuality.  Your taxpayer dollars at work. 

Flashback: brainwashing kids into homosexuality. 

Flashback: After the Ball, how America was brainwashed into accepting homosexuality.